The 10 Commandments of Affiliate Marketing

Ace Affiliate has done it again. You may remember Ace from their previous “trilogy” of helpful infographics that explained affiliate marketing. The first was the Affiliate Review Report Card. They followed that up with the Affiliate Marketing in Plain English chart then Affiliate Marketing: Choosing The Best Model For You. Now, Ace has release what I feel is their best infographics yet: The 10 Commandments of Affiliate Marketing.

There are a lot of factors that make an affiliate marketer successful. Affiliate marketing is different from traditional marketing because an affiliate will only be paid upon the user taking action. The action may be purchasing a product or signing up a for a service. With affiliate marketing however there a some rules that can help a budding affiliate marketer head in the right direction. Below we have provided some commandments for affiliate marketing that will your keep your business in line for success.

While I think it’s cool that Ace put these 10 commandments on a scroll, I believe the original 10 commandments were on two tablets. Anyway, if you want to make big money in affiliate marketing, then obey these 10 commandments!

The 10 Commandments of Affiliate Marketing

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31 thoughts on “The 10 Commandments of Affiliate Marketing”

  1. Dude, thanks….I was trying one program. Wasn’t interested in trying more but …. what suggestions of other programs do you have?

    1. I would recommend go to those products in which you are interested.

  2. Very interesting take on affiliate ‘ethics’ – Thanks John!

  3. d3so says:

    Useful list to take into consideration and implement. I like how ace affiliate creates easy to understand diagrams.

  4. chexsystems says:

    Nice commandments.Anyway i got curious why is that last character are wearing hat?


  6. Nice commandments and nice graphics to illustrate them. Did you draw them? SY

  7. Very interesting! i like the way you illustrate the 10 commandments

  8. fas says:

    That is a short and simple list out there.

  9. Moon Hussain says:

    Great list there. I think most of today’s consumers are very smart and can smell bs a mile away.

    It’s very important to present value to the customer.

    1. adding value to the user experience will also put u in the good graces of the big G…that’s Google of course 🙂

  10. Thank for this funny and useful article. 10 commandments title is a super joke 🙂

  11. Infographics are a great way of getting your message across, with this particular one being a sterling example. Ace Affiliate sure is making their mark on many levels with these infographics of theirs. Pictures are a good way to communicate messages and reinforce brands and they are using this to good efffect. Good work!

  12. On #4, disclosing your affiliate status…

    I’ve been thinking of how find a balance between a single, site-wide disclosure, and disclosing on every link/every page. One solution I’m experimenting with and am very happy with the results, is to use a footnote plugin with wordpress.

    Adding a footnote number after each link is a subtle, consistent way to always have your disclosure accessible without interrupting the reader’s flow, or distracting them too much and missing out on extra clicks!

    1. That is an excellent idea, I have a site wide disclosure but find repeating it over and over again in blog posts boring, SY

    2. Matt says:

      Yeah got a question about this too, would you put ads on your site related to the content? Say a medical site and pharmaceutical companies?

      I’ve been struggling with professional and “online” ethics…as the two seem to be very different.

  13. jtGraphic says:

    Sticking to the ‘two tablets’ idea – they should have used 2 ipads… Just sayin’

  14. huh! interesting commandment to implement….

  15. Wow! That is very nice way to send a message. The commandments are really good advice that affiliate marketers can follow.

  16. Yes emmanuel i totally agree with you

  17. This shall my new daily declaration for my online business. Thks John for sharing such good resource

  18. Free Picks says:

    good list with good presentation

  19. I’m not sure #2 is completely true. Some targeted audiences can’t tell real from fake because what they want to see is blurring what’s really there.

    But being legit in the long run will make for sustainability.

    1. I’ve certainly seen people buy products that I couldn’t imagine were very good, but it was what they wanted.

      But I also wouldn’t want to make a living like that over the long run. Plus with how things stick around forever online, it’s too risky to attach your name to inadequate products.

  20. Stefan says:

    Just put it up on my site:

    Really Cool John, thanks for sharing

  21. Apple says:

    I’m more interested in Aceaffiliates … Does any of you make killings over there ?

  22. scott says:

    In other words, if you work hard, and stay relevant and creative, you can succeed. There aren’t any free passes in this world, even though everyone has a million promises of “easy cash”.

  23. this is so useful. cheers John

  24. Interesting infographics. #0 Have realistic expectations. Most people don’t have realistic expectations, hope to make money overnight, and quit when it doesn’t work that way.

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