The $10,000 Blog Post

Back in April, I made a blog post about Brian Campbell and his quest to make $10,000 in 37 days from Facebook. I’m still wondering why Brian felt he needed 37 days instead of 30 but that doesn’t matter since he did it in 16 days.

Anyways, Brian felt that my blog post was the catalyst that enable him to make $10,000 from Facebook and because I “paid it forward” by featuring him without expecting anything in return, Brian decided to pay it forward again and give me the $10,000!

Brain Campbell

When Brian emailed me to say he had made the $10K and wanted to give it to me, I was more than a little shocked. I’ve never received $10,000 for making a blog post before. Brian will be flying to Vancouver this week to present me with the check.

Meet John Chow and Brian Campbell Live

If you wish to meet up with myself and Brian for the check presentation and maybe learn how you too can make $10,000 from Facebook, we’ll be meeting up this Tuesday at Starbucks. Here’s the meet up information:

Date: Tuesday June 24, 2008
Time: 1PM – 2PM
Place: Starbucks inside the Chapters bookstore.
Address: 8171 Ackroyd Road, Richmond BC, V6X 3K1 (Google map).

I look forward to meeting Brian and some of my local readers. Coffee is on me so please come out. We would love to meet you.

85 thoughts on “The $10,000 Blog Post”

  1. Shawn Knight says:

    This will make June the all-time highest month in terms of blog income and will be tough for you to beat for a long time. I’m sure you are devastated! 🙂 You should stream the meeting on JustinTV or something similar, that’d be neat…

    1. Wow didn’t think of it like that – John’s highest earning month ❗

  2. Dear John,
    I think the $10,000 was the BEST advertising that I ever spent. I know that you gave me the post up front without charging me for it, but I’ve gotten a lot more than $10,000 worth of value directly from your post.

    A core component of the message that I want to teach people by the example that I lead is to “pay it forward.” When you’re willing to do things to help people without always looking for a financial return directly from all of your efforts the rewards come from unexpected sources.

    I’ve been extremely inspired by your generosity in sharing “link love” with people and that you are willing to help people. I admire and appreciate you and I read your blog daily!

    I’m a fan for life!
    Brian Campbell

    1. Tyler Cruz says:

      Uh oh.. a Dear John letter…

      1. Ha. Positive thoughts!

      2. Just showing his appreciation tyler 😉

    2. Hi Brian. I’m seeing that social networking site have real value in marketing products and services. The trick is trying to build them up. I signed up for your 10 hour course to get started.

      1. Give it a whirl but most of the stuff which is paid for systems can be found free online or with a little trial/error.

    3. Abdul says:

      Now i see, what’s going on!

    4. Thiago Prado says:

      It had to be the best. spent 10k in advertisement is a big deal. I hope it was worth!

    5. nickycakes says:

      a fool and his money are soon parted

  3. I am sure that specific blog post will be the best ROI for your time. This means your June monthly income will be 30% higher with $40K levels. Cool..

  4. Paying it forward is pretty awesome. I’ve gone out of my way to help newbies get going online and it has only benefited me 100%. I’ve even created a few friends I’ll keep in touch with forever. Cheers to you Mr. Chow.

  5. Thiago Prado says:

    I need a sponsor like that. I might write about someone and then maybe he give me $10,000 in the future.

    1. Well you’d need 30k subscribers for a start to give him the same kind of promotion 😉

  6. B. Martin says:

    Brian recommended that on one of his face books groups I come read your Blog daily. I am glad he did. I have learned from a master that you always give more value that what is advertised.

    I am flying out from Chicago and look forward to meeting you and all those that will be there to celebrate with you as Brian gives you that check for 10k setting a new personal record for your highest earning single Blog post.

  7. Shanel Yang says:

    Fantastic story! But, paying it forward works best if you don’t overextend yourself beyond your own means (of time, effort, and money) to help others, especially when the others take advantage of you. Here, both John and Brian had something valuable to offer each other b/c both of their services/business complement each other (it was a good fit), and both got a lot of great publicity as well as tremendous financial benefit from it. It’s not hard to see that was going to be the likely result, a true win-win situation!

    Congratulations to both of you on such forward thinking and generosity, not to mention a wise investment in each of your businesses! And, for the rest of us, it will pay to pick our gifts of time, help, and money just as wisely. 😛

  8. AJ says:

    I guess it was your generosity that got you the money John. Like you mentioned, you didn’t expect anything in return. Good work!

  9. James Wilcox says:

    So is John Chow paying this forward? It’s a nice gesture of thanks on Brian’s part. Do something good with the money.

    1. Yea, like hold a contest and give it to the charity of your loyal readers.

  10. tyna says:

    Very good gesture from both of you.I will be paying forward too to anyone who helps me most in making money online.That is when i make it.

  11. I only wish I could find a better way to present myself to the public. I feel like I put a pretty good Humourous product out there for the public. Its been really tough though, the results are not good and my fiance is losing faith in me.

    I don’t want to quit this and it will always be a hobby of sorts for myself. I just wish I could get some sort of break. I think I need to get on with my life and stop dreaming of ways to try and become profitable online.

  12. Ronald Su says:

    Very nice. If I have nothing to do on Tuesday, I might go there to see you guys. This is a great example of friendship over money. Good job!

  13. Ken says:

    Just ….. amazing .

  14. I plan on being at Starbucks on Tuesday to meet Brian and get a coffee…hope to see everyone there! 😀

    1. Stephen says:

      I don’t know what I’m getting, but it’s going to be REALLY expensive, and I might not even drink it because it will probably be gross. $10,000 in coffee goes fast at Starbucks 😈

  15. Drink a latte mocha Grande for me. Cheers!

  16. Geiger says:

    Do I smell a $10,000 contest?

    1. I think it may smell like Starbucks coffee.

  17. James Wilcox says:

    I’d come up to see you, but unless you were giving me the check…flying from the San Francisco bay area to Vancouver ain’t cheap.

  18. 4ALL2ALL says:

    It sounds great!

  19. Eric B says:

    What don’t you, or the guy giving you the money, donate it to a worthy local charity? That’d be impressive.

  20. MyBlogStore says:

    Will get into the program

    good post

  21. Ronald Su says:

    John and other Mac users:

    I’ve just switched to Mac and trying write some posts.

    I’ve noticed that the “Add media” function in WordPress’s editor won’t upload properly. It works fine with PC, just it won’t upload with Mac.

    Any advice how to fix this?

    1. Doug says:

      have you tried firefox? firefox should get it done for you. safari just does not work great with wordpress IMO. you might want to also try this plugin for firefox. you might like it:

      1. I can’t even get to load in Firefox on my Mac. Don’t know what the deal is.

        1. Stephen says:

          Ditto. I always have to boot into VMWare and run IE to look at this blog. It always hangs on those TTZMedia ads.

    2. Ronald Su says:

      Yes I am using Firefox.
      After I’ve selected the file, it does nothing.
      Usually it starts “crunching” after I’ve selected a file on PC.

      1. OCGolfCourse says:

        No problem for me. v2 or v3. Try to upgrade if you haven’t. Maybe that would fix it.

        1. We’re talking about on your Mac, I assume?

  22. Doug says:

    I have not seen this program, but it sounds like typical too good to be true internet deal. carlton sheets on the internet….

  23. Abdul says:

    The HTML title for this page says: “The ,000 Blog Post”
    You might want to change this John!

    1. John Chow says:

      I think that’s a glitch in the All In One SEO plugin.

  24. Hugo Santos says:

    why don’t you give those $10000 to a charity institution?

  25. Ash Haque says:

    That’s awesome!
    But I do hope the money ends up going to charity or something, that would really take this whole thing to the next level 🙂

  26. Brian, you can write on my blog anytime bud :mrgreen:

  27. US$ 10.000 is a bit of money. I wonder what you invest all this online income on ! This month will be around 40,000 $. Will it be real-estates? I would do so..


  28. John, if you want to say…what do you plan on doing with the money?

  29. Pete says:

    Not sure if my will ever make so much in 37 days (not even mentioning 16)…

  30. Mary says:

    Wow! That is crazy awesome.

  31. liciece says:

    Wow…US$10000,depending on my current online earning speed,it will take me hundred years. 😯

  32. countyinfo says:

    Is facebook a money machiner?

  33. Brian Campbell looks like he’s on the can in that video still with his elementary school comb over.

    1. Stephen says:

      Some of my best thinking is done in the can with bed head 😀

  34. Chicken Say says:

    why don’t brendan use the same method to earn his MBA fee instead of asking ppl to donate…sichuan and other less fortune people need donation more…

  35. Ian Chapman says:

    Hi John,
    Brian was the one who turned me onto your blog and I must say I am very impressed. I have been looking at how you structure things to see if I can pick up tips to improve my Blog. I have been closely involved with Brian right from the start and so I guess I need to thank you for helping make Brian successful which in turn has passed down to me. Maybe you are my success grandpa of something like that. I will be checking out your blog regularly in future and hope one day to achieve what you have done. Iwould love to fly over to meet you guys but its a long way from Denmark.

    Ian Chapman 😉

  36. Thanks for the great Pay it Forward story! A true inspiration for all!

  37. Chicken Say says:

    I’d like to go to have a look but it takes me few thousand bucks to get there… 😐
    it’s best if u will show it thru youtube… :mrgreen:

  38. Biggest. Publicity. Whore. Ever.

  39. igizmore says:

    Please capture the event on your flip …. PLEASE ❗ ❗ ❗

  40. Having fun says:

    give it to charity you greedy bastard, all you ever post on this blog is your fine dining and personal crap. 😈

    1. Yeah why don’t you give it to the charity you make hell lot of money man can’t you just giveaway the money to charity 👿

  41. stocks says:

    I smell a linkbait coming on….
    anyone else smell it?

  42. Forumistan says:

    Man how can you get this money ?

  43. Nathaniel says:

    That;s interesting, funny how he gives it to you, you already have plenty of money…I asked one of my friends in Vancouver if he would like to meet you, he might but for him it is a bit of a long drive especially with a car uninsured. Forgot to tell him you would buy the coffee, but oh well.
    Nathaniel Kenobi

  44. Unbelivable!!!! That´s crazy awesome.

  45. Good ploy there. I’m sure it works for your fans and noobs!

  46. Austin says:

    Maybe you could post on your blog how he made the 10k so those of us who are not close to you can read how to do it?

  47. Kelly Neuman says:

    I think it all sounds suspect. The whole thing is plastered over on his facebook page and $10,000 for something he could have paid John $400.00 for an article to get more traffic.

    If it is true that he gave $10,000 I am sure he is expecting John to give him more publicity that what he already has given.

  48. It’s show biz, you give me this, i give you that, buzz talk… But congrats on 10k$ 🙂

  49. B. Martin says:

    Dear John and Sarah,

    I was so honored by your graciousness to be your guest at dinner. John, you made the evening extra special with your excellent reviews and explanations as we where served a delightful eight course meal at WEST the finest restaurant in Vancouver.

    Again thank you so much for making my stay in Vancouver a most memorable one…!

    Please make sure when you are coming to Chicago you let me know. It would be an honor to host your family.

    Barry Alexander, President
    Global Trade Ltd.
    Direct Phone: 1(773) 649-6195 ext. 101
    Direct Mobile: 1(773) 710-8474
    Direct Faxline:1(773) 938-1926

    One Candle Loses Nothing Lighting Another One

  50. Binary Ant says:

    Wow! Double WOW!!! This is the best paid review ever 😯 . Brian has been very generous giving you the check. Incredible, I have no words…

  51. chetan says:

    Wow, that’s a nice amount of money even when you did not expect to get it. I think recieving 10000$ like that is much better than recieving 15000$ from Adsense.

  52. chetan says:

    And one more thing, I must say Brian is so generous.

  53. Looks good 🙂 A Post worth $10K hehe 🙄

  54. Wade says:

    That was very nice of him. The followers of his cult still wreak havok on facebook and annoy the holy crap out of me. Basically he used all of them like puppets. Sad part is, majority of them are trying to duplicate what he did. It is obvious guys, you won’t succeed at what he did with out the publicity.

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  55. work at home says:

    That shows you right there…if you do something good for someone without asking for return something good will happen to you, and this is a good example.

    work at home’s last blog post: Work At Home Job Or Business?

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