The 100th Annual Pacific Nation Exhibition (PNE)

In 1910 Canadian Prime Minister Sir Wilfrid Laurier officially opened the first annual Pacific National Exhibition, known at the time as “The Industrial Exhibition.” The Fair was seen as a showcase of British Columbia to the rest of Canada and the world, and was the second largest event of its kind in North America, behind the New York State Fair.

One hundred years later, the annual event has become the largest annual ticketed event in the province, and continues to draw in excess of 900,000 visitors during its 17 day run.

Many significant events in the history of this province occurred during the annual Fair at the PNE. Throughout the Fair’s long life numerous technological firsts debuted at the PNE, including the first rotary telephone in the Pacific Northwest, and aircraft and rocketry displays. Many of today’s largest consumer shows got their start as a part of the annual Fair including: the Vancouver Boat Show, the BC Home Show and the Pacific International Auto Show, which all began as displays at the PNE.

To Celebrate its 100th year, the fair is staging a summer night concert series featuring well known artists like Terri Clark, Trooper, Cyndi Lauper, Huey Lewis, Michael Bolton, Loverboy and many more. Traditional favorites such as the President’s Choice Superdogs Show, created at the PNE in 1984 continue to thrill over 300,000 fair-goers annually.

The 100th annual Pacific Nation Exhibition runs until September 6. It’s great fun for the whole family. I highly recommend it.

100th Annual PNE

100th Annual PNE

100th Annual PNE

100th Annual PNE

100th Annual PNE

100th Annual PNE

17 thoughts on “The 100th Annual Pacific Nation Exhibition (PNE)”

  1. PPC Ian says:

    Looks like an absolute blast, thanks for sharing John! I bet there’s a lot of great food there!

    1. I think credit should go to Sally because of her we saw this kind of events.

    2. I agree. Looks like a lot of fun. The food must be great too!

      1. d3so says:

        Another fun event in canada lol. I wish i could visit

        1. I think that it’s entirely possible for you to visit sooner or later. It’s not that far from where you are and it’s the same time zone on the West Coast.

          1. Hey D3So …

            Just pack your beg and come … you have many friends here and there will be no problem of accommodation I think.

    3. You know there had to be great food! A fun event and great food – what a wonderful combination!

  2. Saw these photos tomorrow and I was looking for this post, as photos were looking attractive and fun.

  3. Hey John,

    You must have done some reading up on the history of PNE. Thanks for putting it up.

    Great stuff. I always enjoy the Superdog show.


    1. Great comprehensive post about PNE. Thanks.

  4. Nice post John. Wish I was there. It would be a great event to spend some time.

  5. Looks crowded but definitely fun. They have some crazy rides! Usually fairs just have dinky little roller coasters and ferris wheels. Definitely looks like a fun time.

    1. d3so says:

      Yeah, Im not a big fan of huge crowds. It’s tough to get around.

      1. It’s not always this crowded. This was the first day of the fair which is always with no entrance fee so the crowds are bigger.

        Everybody likes to get in free. The rides, however are not free even on the first day.

  6. SEO Cat says:

    It’s a pitty that I’m too far from Canada, but it’s sounds really good, crowed (I don’t like it!), but this kind of evets are always in that way…

  7. My Son still watch last year PNE because of that Dog show.

    This is really colourful and full of life.

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