The 11 Reasons to Be an Infopreneur

The following is an excerpt from Think, Write & Retire, a new book by Dr. Mani Sivasubramanian. You can get your own copy here. All profits from book sales will go to the Dr. Mani Children Heart Foundation. This is non-profit organization that raises funds to sponsor heart surgery for under-privileged children with congenital heart defects.

1. You need only your own experience. No extra resources are necessary.

Everything you need to be a successful infopreneur resides right between your ears, inside your brain! In this book, you’re going to learn how to extract that precious information, compile it into a product or service, and sell it to the folks who need it desperately. And they’ll be willing to pay you for sharing it with them.

These folks could live right across the street from you, or halfway across the globe!

2. Work from home, only in your available spare time.

Telecommuting is all the rage for corporate employees. But you can’t beat the lifestyle of an infopreneur. Who else can choose to work in a pinstripe suit in a plush office, or out of their bedroom in pajamas – or even both?

And as an infopreneur, you keep no time, answer to no boss, meet no deadlines, except ones you impose yourself. It’s a dream come true for many lazy entrepreneurs.

3. Low start-up cost: affordable for anyone.

Have you ever looked into the start-up costs of setting up a small business in the ‘real’ brick-and-mortar world?

Depending upon where you live, this will vary; but it’s always a sizable chunk of change. There’s office space to rent, equipment to buy or lease, employees to hire and pay, legal formalities to complete, licenses to purchase, inventory to stock, manufacturing costs to incur, and a lot more.

When you combine this with the startling statistic that over 95% of small businesses will fail within three years of launch, the low set-up cost of becoming an Internet Infopreneur begins to appear an attractive advantage.

4. Plenty of guidance available from role models and fellow infopreneurs.

Yes, there’s no need to reinvent the wheel. Almost every facet of infopreneuring has been explored and experienced by others before you. Luckily, many of them have shown themselves able and willing to share their hard-earned lessons with others… for a price, of course. (Infopreneuring to infopreneurs!)

When I got started selling information products on the Internet, there was barely a handful of courses teaching me what to do. Today, the problem lies on the opposite end of the spectrum, with the bigger problem being how to identify the best, most reliable, valuable courses from the glut out there.

Still, that’s a better problem to have than scarcity!

5. Powerful, intuitive, easy-to-use technology available to help you.

Technology has grown by leaps and bounds. At the same time, smart entrepreneurs tweaked and adapted the tools to further their needs, in the process making them more valuable and useful to budding infopreneurs like you.

To take one quick example, look at ‘follow up email autoresponders’. This simple, yet powerful, technology lets you set up a sequence of marketing or customer follow-up messages to be delivered by email – at pre-determined intervals, AUTOMATICALLY.

You don’t need to keep track, and send them out one by one, manually. Just click a few buttons, and you have a salesperson conveying your sales message to qualified prospects on a schedule, 24/7.

It just doesn’t get much easier than that. And technology solutions exist for almost every aspect of infopreneuring today.

6. Can be set to run hands-off, on auto-pilot.

Don’t you wish you could be lying on a beach, sipping piña coladas, while your business chugs along raking in millions?

Well, maybe you won’t be carrying the green stuff to your bank in sacks just yet. But fully-automated income streams running on auto-pilot with zero effort on your part are a ‘dream come true’ for many infopreneurs – including myself.

Don’t get me wrong. I don’t mean all you have to do is wish for it, and checks will magically start appearing in your mailbox. Of course not! You’ll need to put in some effort first: hard work, maybe. But once it’s done, you’ll enjoy the fruits of your labor for a long time – even many years.

7. Scalable: you can take it as high as you want.

Looking to make a few hundred dollars more every month? You can do it.

Want to replace your day job, and make a full-time income from your infopreneuring? That’s possible too. It’ll be a bit harder, but not very much so.

Do you plan on building your own information empire online, creating a huge fortune based on your infopreneuring? Even that is well within your reach. Just know you’ll have to do things better, in a more structured, organized, systematic way to achieve this goal.

In the ten years since I started out as an infopreneur, making many wrong turns, stumbling and groping my way past a steep learning curve, I have still managed to create a business that not only meets my needs, but also helps fund a major project needing huge cash inflows. My business helps sponsor expensive treatment for little children from underprivileged families, who are born with serious heart defects.

Your ambition as an infopreneur is only limited by your imagination!

8. No time limitations. Grow your business as fast or slow as you like.

Tired of punching a clock, turning up at the office ‘on time’, running on a treadmill that’s moving ever faster, yet going nowhere?

Infopreneuring can be your salvation. You work a schedule determined by yourself, depending upon the targets and aims you define for your enterprise. Big or small, short- term or long, there’s a method you’ll find optimal and suitable for your work as an infopreneur.

9. No geographic restrictions. All you need is a computer with an Internet connection.

It does not matter where in the world you live. It doesn’t matter where, or how often, you travel.

As long as you have access to a computer and a way to get hooked up to the Internet, you can conduct your infopreneur operations unfettered. Indeed, within a short time, you’ll learn to set things up so that you won’t even need to check on them too often: maybe once a week, once a month, or even once every year!

10. No barriers to entry, such as language, social status, physical handicaps, or anything else.

The World Wide Web is a great leveler. A one-man show can compete on its merits with a Fortune 500 corporation. That’s within limits, of course; it’s getting harder than before. But it’s still very possible – just not as easy as it once was.

You do NOT need expensive tools or equipment. You do NOT need a big marketing and advertising budget. You do NOT need an office, staff, or employees.

You can launch your information business with a story. Try one based on your own experience, education, or expertise.

11. Potential for passive income for the long term.

To me, the biggest advantage (and one that is often overlooked) is the potential to work once and get paid over and over again. Many people who read about the potential in becoming an infopreneur give up too early, thinking it sounds like too much hard work.

You write a report or book once: and yes, it can be hard work. But guess what? You get paid for that work a year later… four years later… even ten years later, or more! That’s FUN.

One of my specialty info-products was created in 2002. Seven years later, I have sold 259 copies at a price of $39.95 each – without lifting a finger, doing nothing except renewing the website domain name every 2 years! That’s over ten thousand dollars in PASSIVE income. Sweet!

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  1. Its obvious this book is chock-full of beneficial information for anyone who wants to take their infopreneurial efforts to the next level.If I could afford it at the moment it definitely would be a must have.Thanks John for sharing this excerpt it is much appreciated.

    1. SportsNub says:

      Yeah, the book is surely full of much details!

      1. Frank says:

        It is but one thing I didn’t understand was this bit:

        – No barriers to entry, such as language

        The rest is great but there are barriers to entry for those guys that can’t understand English so well.

  2. Skye Diaz says:

    Wow John, two posts on this book?! Are you getting a big cut on the sale of this book or just a really big review fee? LOL

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      1. Aweber also works great for me, with hostgator no BIG luck yet,

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          HostGator does well for me, have no luck with Aweber till now!

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            I’m not really familiar with aweber yet. But I agree that hostgator is just the best web host there is.

          2. PPC Ian says:

            Both HostGator and AWeber rock! I use both and am really happy with them.

    2. John Chow says:

      Dr. Mani is a friend of mine and I really support his cause. All profits goes to his foundation. I’m big on helping charities. 🙂

      1. SportsNub says:

        That’s a great thing, John!

      2. Arun says:

        Well said john, have already bought one. Really a good book

        1. SportsNub says:

          I knew that the book is going to be good. I am going to purchase it soon!

      3. That’s the best thing, you are doing great john. I wish I support that much.

      4. Amani says:

        You are great John.

  3. The main benefit is very less investment to start

      1. almost NIL investment. Thats the best thing about being an infopreneur. I like this term INFOPRENEUR.

    1. SportsNub says:

      Yep, that’s the key point.

    2. Erwin Miradi says:

      You got a point there ZK. Nothing better than less investment with high probability of nice profit..

  4. Skye Diaz says:

    Btw, how come no discount code or anything?

    1. Virtual Tour says:

      Cause you should just buy it!

  5. Skye Diaz says:

    Sorry, last question, how detailed are info products? I.e. # of pages, how many solutions do u have to supply, etc.

    1. John Chow says:

      The book is 192 pages long. Very detailed. As for a coupon code. Don’t have one. The price is low enough and all profits goes to the foundation.

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  6. Start up cost is low and sometimes we do not need any start up cost to get started. Writing articles and make money from articles are very good long term income. 🙂

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  9. Marcie says:

    This is very timely as I was just wondering how I could write something that is needed by a group of people and generate a massive cashflow from that one product. Thanks for this.

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  13. craig says:

    thanks john…this should help me retire soon, and only in my 20s..

  14. “And as an infopreneur, you keep no time, answer to no boss, meet no deadlines, except ones you impose yourself. It’s a dream come true for many lazy entrepreneurs.”

    I like that

    1. Erwin Miradi says:

      That’s it! That’s just the best way of living: Making money by doing what I like and only when I’m in the mood.

  15. This is a great article! Passive income is the best income.

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      I agree. Passive income is all I think about. All day, every day! It’s all about multiple streams of passive income.

  16. This is really a worth to read, all you need are include at the 11 reasons, but I think we must put one more, are we have enough guts to become an entrepreneur? Sometime we are all love to become one but we never have any guts to start?
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    Nice list of reasons. I can’t think of a better type of business to start for anyone who has a desire to make money, has a long term outlook, and has more time than money.

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    It is quite heartening to know that successful Internet marketers find ways to promote welfare and charity so much needed by many none profit organizations. I guess the more we give the more we receive so to speak. This reminds me of one motivational speaker ( I think it is Zig) who state that by helping others you help yourself.
    Thanks for the great post on reasons to be an infopreneur. It is truly the dream job of the 21st century and beyond..

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    Number 11 is my favorite. It’s all about passive income. 🙂 Passive income is tough, but once it’s built you don’t have to work!

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    A better strategy would be to have a job and at the same time start an online business and develop it slowly and carefully.
    Earning money through a blog or website for ‘normal’ people takes a lot of time. People may say that you just need to buy a domain name and webhosting space and that it doesn’t cost much but the time that you need to invest in an online business is very large. Sure you can work in your pyjamas on an empty stomach!

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