The 2011 Affiliate Stat Report

As part of the head up to the Affiliate Summit East show in New York city, affiliate Summit has released their 2011 Affilate Stat Report, which shares the survey results of 1400 affiliate marketers. The report is the most objective and comprehensive survey of its kind.

For the last nine years, AffStat has delivered annual affiliate marketing benchmarks that are crucial to the development of any affiliate marketing program.

The research has been designed to increase awareness and foster best-practices in the affiliate marketing industry.

The annual AffStat report is available for the entire affiliate marketing community to benefit from and data from the AffStat survey will be published in future editions of FeedFront Magazine (get a free subscription).

You don’t really need a subscription to FeedFront in order to read the report. Affiliate Summit co-founder, Shawn Collins, uploaded a copy to Scribd. It’s well worth reading, especially if you like pie charts.

The 2011 Affiliate Stat Report

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  1. Thanks for the heads up john. Will check it out.

    1. Now this kind of datas and stats are quite useful to make any decision.

      I really believe in datas and stats … It can give clear picture to you, if you do your permutation and combination right.

    2. Kevin Kimes says:

      Allow me to, again, be the first to comment on the content of the post. 😉

      Most interesting to me is how the greatest percentage of affiliates started out LAST YEAR over any other year going back to 1996. This year is on track to be on-par or outdo last year (can’t tell since they don’t mention the survey dates)

      Anyone who thinks there’s no room in the “how to make money online” niche should take a look at those numbers and realize (as I’ve posted recently) there is room for “everyone” right now.

  2. Very cool! Thanks for the link, John.

  3. Thanks, I will have to go and check that out on Scribd. I think I actually took part in this survey so it will be great to read.

  4. Abhik says:

    Going to check it out.

  5. This is cool link as lot of quality information is found here. These stats are very helpful in studying the affiliate marketing in detail as well.

    1. Yes datas of various years saved and shown in proper format is easy to read and compare.

  6. Keith says:

    Nice, that will help me brush up on the trip to NYC!

    1. Yes this post and dat came at the right time.

  7. fazal mayar says:

    will check it out for sure thanks john

  8. RichardM says:

    So John I wonder what you think about the new law passed out here in California dubbed the Amazon Law. Do you think it will kill affiliate marketing here or what?

    1. Kevin Kimes says:

      My amazon affiliate account was terminated a few hours ago when Jobkiller Brown signed the bill into law.

      It’s despicable because 1) it’s unconstitutional, 2) will not actually increase tax revenue, 3) is hardest on small businesses (backed by big box chain stores, what a shock), 4) most importantly of all shows that the government WILL NOT work to decrease the insanely inflated spending, ever.

      Every time there’s a budget crisis, they pretend like firefighters, police, teachers and prisoners are the first things they have to let go. The reality is, there’s huge barrels of money being wasted in untold thousands of areas of the budget that are not associated with critical services. But they don’t want to let those go, they’d rather threaten us with what really matters in order to keep all their “pets”.

  9. Thank’s For Sharing.

  10. Really helpful, Thank’s again.

  11. Shawn Collins says:

    Thanks for mentioning the AffStat report, John.

    Yes, we’ll be including some of the data in Feedfront, but it’s all on Scribd for free for anybody that wants to jump into it.

    LOTS of pie charts.

  12. I think it is the responsibility of every government to take care of people who are the real stakeholders. If law makers take some measures, there must be some solid logic behind all that. That is my personal opinion.

  13. Samuel Ho says:

    Good information and data “pie chart” I like reading pie chart that it showed the data significantly more clear. Thanks for sharing, John!!

  14. fas says:

    This a must read for all affiliate managers.

    1. yes it will help them to update there affiliate programs

  15. Yes. People are confused about the future of Affiliate Marketing but I am pretty much sure that is has very dynamic prospects and we need to explore it as much as possible.

  16. d3so says:

    Oh boy, aff tax was passed here in CA. what should I do???

  17. Rufus Leonek says:

    Great post!!! These infos are very helpful in understanding the affiliate marketing in detail as well.

  18. Enjoy yourself buddy

  19. PPC Ian says:

    Thanks for sharing, John! I definitely like pie charts. I bet most data driven online marketers do!

  20. Louie Sison says:

    All the best on your endeavor. Enjoy the summit

  21. Thank’s for the report again.

  22. Great information, Thank’s for sharing.

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  25. Forex News says:

    Very cool! Thanks for the link, John.

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