The 3 Elements of Money Making Blogs

A lot of times, we think that making money online is favorable to some pro bloggers and we give flimsy excuses why we’re not qualified.

But does it really matter?

The most vital action step to take this year is to study blogs that are already earning income.

This is the only way you can leverage on other people’s insights, secrets and ideas to become better.

In 2010, I had already resolved in my heart that all those Super Affiliates were wicked. In fact, whenever I see those BIG checks, it makes me want to puke.

In 2011, I discovered how dangerous my thought pattern was and made a decision to change it. Right there and I did.

Fast forward to 2012, I’m already making enough money with my freelance writing business. If your blog isn’t making enough money, the fault is not Google’s.

Neither is it your fault because you didn’t start off early – don’t blame anybody. It’s time to look at the 3 elements that could help you earn a living online if you work hard and smarter.

1.   A custom blog design

Right now, did you know that one of the reasons why you love Johnchow’s blog is because of his custom blog design? I caught you red-handed cowboy… don’t deny it.

Maybe you didn’t think of that.

Yes, quality content is the foundation of every blog that makes money today, but it goes beyond that.

If you run a brick and mortar business, you’d agree with me that most times, the cover or design doesn’t really matter that much.

Haven’t you seen great books on Amazon that are bestsellers, but the cover looks like a 2-year old artwork. That’s for offline and traditional publishing…

But on the internet, it’s different because prospects actually do judge a book by its cover. Even if you’re reviewing LG 3D Smart Television, do that on a simple blog with a professional theme.

If you sell digital products of your own or promote affiliate product, even if the content isn’t ‘that’ informative, you’ll still make a lot of money once the e-cover is excellent.

Don’t get me wrong; always promote helpful products because that’s the only way to sustain your growth and expand your business in the future.

If you want to make money with your blog this year, please customize your theme. It doesn’t cost so much – you could get a good (not great) design for less than $400.

Start from there and when you start profiting, revamp the entire blog – because custom design is a MUST.

It helps you to stand out from the teaming crowd – and when you’re unique, unique readers would flock to your blog…

2.   Vision     have vision

I wouldn’t say all the blogs that are making money now, but majority of them are owned by visionary entrepreneurs – bloggers who are not after making millions today no matter the tricks employed.

The future of your blogging business is very important.

You can’t just be overly consumed with the “hype” out there and sabotage the success of tomorrow.

Run with a vision and you’ll consciously produce better and rich content consistently.

Bloggers who are in this game for the long haul don’t publish generic articles that everyone and their Dog have already published.

Instead, they publish less but spend quality time researching, writing, listening to their audience and developing a content calendar.

A surprise announcement might work in some cases, but don’t bounce on your readers with a new product they know nothing about. If you’ve plans to author a book in 2014, start preselling now.

Tell your subscribers and fans about your forthcoming product. This would ensure that when you eventually launch it, you’ll sell more and impact many lives across the world. Have a vision and write it down. Then start acting on them.

3.   A product or service

Clickbank Sales

The third element you MUST consider is a product or service.

Money making blogs either sell a product or offer a service to the target audience – that’s how it generates income. No gimmick or luck here.

I don’t know about you, but I strongly believe that selling your services as a freelancer is easier, especially when you’re starting out.

Freelancing is hard work and so is affiliate marketing, product creation, guest blogging and so on. There is no shortcut for achieving success when you’re blogging.

Instead of complaining that making money online is all hyped-up, why not monetize first and then scale it through from there.

Do you presently use a premium tool or software to run your blog? See if there is an affiliate program that pays out decent commission.

If so, become an affiliate and recommend the same products that you love. I tell you the truth. Your reviews would be fully-packed with persuasive words and honesty because you’re happy with the product in the first place.

And that’s the secret of Super Affiliate Marketing. Knowing the potentials of the product you’re promoting would open up a new realm of creativity for you. I call this “blog copywriting.”

What other element…?

Do you think I missed out on a vital element that makes a blog profitable? You might say I didn’t mention email list – which is essential by the way.

But I’ve seen successful bloggers who don’t have a list as yet. I also earned my first $500 even when I had no optin box on my blog header.

List building is important if you’re an online marketer. But you MUST captivate the readers first to come in and have a look at your exclusive content. And you can easily do that with a sleek custom blog design.

Then quietly channel the readers to your landing page, via the subscription box and get them unto your list… Please write a valuable comment below… Let’s chat…because you’re awesome!

31 thoughts on “The 3 Elements of Money Making Blogs”

  1. I have all 3 and I’m doing exactly the same way as you do. The only problem is that I don’t have that much traffic and don’t make money, but I hope I will if I continue working hard on my blog! Any ideas about boosting my blog’s traffic (I just started it)? Thanks!

    1. Louis says:

      Add backlinks. You can use tools like to bookmark your articles in shorter time.

    2. Yep. backlinks will get you more traffic. You have laid the groundwork with a good looking website, good content, and passion for what you do. Now you need links to your site to drive free organic traffic to your blog. Try blog commenting daily, 10 per day or so, to generate backlinks to your site for free.

      Guest posting may be another option for you as well.

      Good Luck

      1. Thanks for the advice and positive words about my blog!

  2. Richard Ng says:

    HI Michaal,

    Your points are spot on. I still think that valuable (and preferably unique) content is still the most important element of a making money blogs. Without the regular and good content, the design might appeal to the visitors for awhile but they would not return so often.


  3. Edson Hale says:

    It means if I have to become a money blogger either I should sell a product or offer a service it means Adsense as a source of earning is not significant.

  4. Wow! You killed it here Mike.

    Custom design is a must fo every blog–especially if you want to establish you expertise and make people see you as a professional. There’s more to say than what I’ve said.

    But what I’ll just say is, this post is awesome.

    Thanks so much Mike


  5. Chetz Togom says:

    Hi John,

    Besides those 3 things I think you also need to be authentic. I’ve seen a lot of blogs that are promoting the same things but they have their own readers who relate more to them.

    Like your blog, we can see you, we know you by your pictures and videos. Not just your writing. You also shared your family story, we even know how your daughter looks like. It’s like we know you in person.

    I think this what makes people come back to your blog too other than your awesome content.

    I’ve been to blog that have awesome content, nice theme but I don’t even know who the person writing the article or behind that blog. That’s the last time I went on that blog.


  6. sumit says:

    but if anyone who do not have time for internet marketing strategy, then he can go with Google adsense ads.

    put these ad code from adsense account on your post and forget, Google will automatically put ads on your site. with this you can earn a good income.

  7. Benjamin says:

    Great post John. I will keep all this in mind and start to build a money making blog.

  8. Tony Nguyen says:

    No word to say, Mike.
    Your writing is so clear and supportive that I agree with all 3 factors of a money making blog. Not only are all elements named out clearly, but the explanation is straight to the point.

    I used to think that only few talent bloggers can earn profits online, however, thank for your useful writing, I think I can try starting a money making blog. And the first step is to brain storm ideas for my blog design.

    Thank you very much for such a helpful writing.

  9. Hi Michael,

    Those are all important points. I believe that number 2 about your vision is especially important. The temptation can be to try to make money quickly and do so by whatever means, but it will be much better for your business in the long run if you look to the future and plan for it now, allowing your actions to reflect that.

    I think that other vital elements are good, relevant content and engaging your visitors, getting them to know, like and trust you and see that you are a real person. If they can relate to your and your writing then it will be much less effort to sell to them. Furthermore, you can create long-lasting relationships with people, whether they be repeat customers or business partners.

    Keep the great content coming, Michael! 🙂


  10. Erwin says:

    Hi everyone,

    the three things are very important and we really must stand out because there are millions of blog on the web only the few are successful.

    So keep working on our blogs to make them successful but it takes time.

    See you on top.


    Great DVD:

  11. Phemelo Khunou says:


    I would like to start blogging but still not sure how to start. My research has, thus far, tought me that for me to be successful i need to have a good foundation. I don’t want to rush it as I believe that it can be frustrating without proper planning. I would appreciate all the help i can get.


  12. Hi there. I’m inclined to agree with Richard. Content is the most important. If I come to a blog, I’m coming to learn and/or give value. As someone who is blind, design is a very tricky thing. I cannot see what looks good and half the time I can’t design either as the software I use doesn’t really work well with graphics or images. I think that too many bells and whistles can often be distracting and I’ve read research that says that putting imagery or anything fancy on the left-hand side will naturally attract a reader to it and they will not read your content as thoroughly. Is there any truth in this?

  13. faisal says:

    And all three in a good ratio, blended well and served hot.

  14. Dean says:

    As for a custom design, I think that you have to be careful about how it is presented to the visitor. If there is too much going on with your site, or navigation is difficult, you are going to lose them quickly. Personally, when I visit a site I like to quickly get to what I need and if I cant, it’s on to the next website.

  15. Excellent post, Mike. It’s good to know that I’m on the right path. I definitely have number 3 down and number 2 is currently in progress. I’m working with a writer who has written for John and Peng Joon before. His stuff is excellent. He’s a little more expensive than what I used to go for but his blogs have that little extra, that stand out personality that I’m looking for.

    As far as the custom design goes, I’ve gone back and forth with this for ages. Where is the best place to get a custom design website? You say a good one costs around $400 but where should I go to get it? Who can I trust?!

    Many thanks

    1. You can trust He actually designed mine for me… great guy by the way with a cute customer support.

      1. That’s great Mike, thanks very much for your advice. My website only gets around 1,800 – 2,000 unique visits each month but I’ve hired a quality writer to flesh it out a bit. Do you think getting the designer to add in loads of private advertising options (like this site) is the way forward?

        1. I think it all depends on how targeted your traffic is. The truth is, professional design plays a vital role in engaging with the “1.800 – 2000 unique visitors you already attract.

          So, if you’ve the budget for a custom design, I’d advice that you go for it. Thank you.

          1. I do get some useless spammers but I check Google Analytics every day and would say that 90% of the traffic is highly targeted.

            I have a budget for a custom design but I don’t want to spend more than around $700. Do you think I could get a design similar to this one, with emphasism on the ads? I heard John paid over $3k for this design or was that a dream?!

            Thanks for your help. I checked out your site, great writing. I”d love to hire you to ghostwrite for me but your prices are too much for me at the moment! I’ll call you when I’m loaded! 😉

  16. Thanks for your article, i will study to Make money online today.


  17. Denzil says:

    I’ve got 2 out of the 3, but as time goes on I’ll develop all three, as I learn more about making money. Nice article.

  18. Dani Montoya says:

    I am still having trouble getting traffic. I try to write an article weekly. My blog is pretty niched and its purpose is to send visitors to my ecommerce site. I am having a blast writing blogs though.Offering space to guest bloggers wasn’t working out for me because these blogs are too generic. I love what you have to say, Mike and I will continue to be inspired and too move forward!

    1. Are you using Google Analytics? What type of articles do your visitors mostly read? What is the number 1 for traffic? I use the content from that as a guide to what my readers want and base my writing around that.

      My traffic has improved and I get more return visitors.

  19. Piet87 says:

    Making a money making blog requires lots of dedication and a great strategy,

  20. yogesh says:

    Hi Michael,

    I agree with the second point you have made here. A clear and persistent vision is necessary. And any blogger must prioritize his vision before falling prey to the tactics that will generate visitors (and revenues).

    Of course I am not denying that visitors and revenues are not welcome, but merely working with this vision will not sustain the blog. it should be more like quest to venture into blogging and give out that others cannot.

  21. I. C. Daniel says:

    Making money blogging is going to be a tough job if you don’t have some online experience. A step by step guide like Blogging with John Chow is worth buying.

    Best regards from I. C. Daniel

  22. Abhik says:

    Nice read there.
    I’d like to add another element, consistency. No matter how focused you are, without consistency you are going nowhere.

  23. Moin Ramiz says:

    should we be on blogger or wordpress platform?

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