The $365 iPad Case – For The IPad Owner with More Money Than Brains

I’ve been searching for a new case to use with my Apple iPad. I wanted something that was stylist and offer good protection in case of a drop. I had my mind set on the Eco-Vue case but then I came across the above case being offered by Lous Vuitton.

Louis Vuitton’s iPad case is a simple sleeve in the label’s signature Monogram or the monochrome Damier Graphite. The case lends the device the feel of a lightweight, ultra-portable attachรฉ case – appropriate given that it is superseding your offline files and folders. It also gives your iPad some much-needed protection (a really good thing considering that Sally has already dropped her iPad more than once).

There are two drawbacks to the LV iPad case. The first is it won’t be available until 2011 so I may have to get the Eco-Vue case while I’m waiting. The second drawback is the price. At $365, the LV case cost almost as much as the iPad. Then again, when you consider how much Louis Vuitton sells their handbags for, it almost seems like bargain.

Do you think I’m crazy for spending $365 for an iPad case? Would you pay $365 for an iPad case?

LV iPad Case

38 thoughts on “The $365 iPad Case – For The IPad Owner with More Money Than Brains”

  1. uh oh…all the girls out there are going to be all over this…actually, i know some guys that will also ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. SEO Results says:

      This definitely is a status item for the discerning iPad owner. And here I was thinking the economy was in recession. I suppose there will always be a very lucrative and exclusive market right at the top where items such as these will be peddled to. Personally I’ll rather go for the 3M clear sleeve.

      1. Well $365 for case, what is so speciality about this except the brand name ?

  2. Sharon says:

    Love it ….. the price for an LV is so good also. Makes me want to go and purchase an iPad so that I can just buy this case……

    oh, my. Ashley’s a lucky girl. Looking to adopt another kid?

  3. Vance Sova says:

    Hi John,

    You could be crazy if there is no other reason behind you buying the LV case and you just want it because it’s LV especially since you will need to get another case to use until 2011.

    I’m sure that with your deep pockets it would be more practical to have your own custom case made and it could be made for you within a month.

    Just because the band name is famous and expensive doesn’t make me want it. That is doubly so for fashion items and accessories like bags and cases.

    Paying through the nose just because something has a particular label on it and where a comparable quality item without the label can be obtained for much more reasonable price is something I consider at least extravagant if not downright crazy.


  4. Vance Sova says:

    Hi John,

    You can erase this comment but I can’t get past your verification code when I try to use your contact page. It keeps saying that the verification code was not generated repeatedly even though I keep putting in the correct code as it changes and displays.

    Also, isn’t there a plug in to stop presenting the pop up squeeze page to your current subscribers?

    Every time I go to comment or to read another page the pop up keeps coming up. I have already subscribed so I don’t see the point of having to see it repeatedly.

    How do I contact you if the contact page doesn’t accept the correct verification code?


    1. Vance says:

      Hi John,

      Regarding the verification code what I wrote holds true for the browser I was using, I tried it again and it didn’t work. However, I tried a different browser and it worked.


      1. I have similar issues…what browser are you using that does not work?

  5. There must be a reason as to why it costs that much. Live life John, while you can.

  6. scott says:

    LV has always had prices like this. They’re targeting female’s who are addicted to the LV name. Please don’t tell my fiance about this case because first she’ll ask for a iPad, just so that she can also ask me for a LV iPad case.

    1. Boy two big hole in your wallet … lollzzz

  7. Gary says:

    Not for $365, but I will be watching for the fakes to show up on Fifth Ave, as most people do not seem to be able to tell those from the genuine LV: most think my genuine billfold (acquired during a more affluent century…) is a fake..

  8. Simple answer: NO!
    Why would I pay so much money just for the name “Louis Vuitton”? I mean what is the point? SY

    1. it is hard to understand man.

      1. When you have billion $$$ to spend than your answer will be YES …

        This kind of product is for them who want to maintain their class and status and company capitalise that mentality. ๐Ÿ™‚

        1. Yes that is the fact and that’s why you can see luxury watches, luxury cars are so in demand …

          This is nothing but a status symbol.

  9. Melissa says:

    Well if you wait for the LV case to be available, what will you do in the meantime? You need a case now, so maybe buy the Eco-Vue case now because you need it. Maybe after awhile you won’t want the LV anymore, and if you do, great, you can get it when it becomes available.

  10. d3so says:

    If I were John Chow, spending that much on a case would be sane. If I were to buy it myself, I’d be crazy because I’d be driven into debt lol.
    They seem like pretty good cases nevertheless.

  11. I don’t care about the brand since it is just a lawsy ipad case.

  12. David Walker says:

    I personally think that spending that much money on an ipad case is a little bit on the crazy side. But that’s for me. However, if it is what you want, then I say go for it! We all have something in our lives that we tend to spend a little too much money on. Whether it is crazy or sane is really not for anyone else to judge. The important thing is whether or not it makes you happy. If so, then why not?

  13. Melvin says:

    Both yes and no. First is that $365 is almost close to the price of iPad so its crazy. but I would do the same in your case since I dont really have good track record of taking good care of my gadgets and stuffs. and Louis Vitton is a pretty big name to consider as well

  14. Saksham says:

    The $365 i-pad case looks nice especially the second one. The first one looks quite classic!

  15. M. Walker says:

    Yes and no. You may put those simple answers into a Gucci simple answer clutch for 450 USD. Accessories: 18K gold shoulder chain for 600 USD.

  16. Austin says:

    Of course NOT. Buying a case that costs almost the same as an iPad. Its just a matter of time and you’ll have other options that you could consider in the market.

    OR you could buy another iPad with that money and have a contest here — winner takes the iPad ๐Ÿ™‚

  17. fas says:

    Does not look that much worth but then its a LV.

    1. The cases look good, but are damn costly! So worthiness goes away!

  18. Jon says:

    LOL – yes, go get it when it comes out but makes sure you can find an affiliate link b/c everyone else will want to know where you got it

  19. If I bought one of those cases, I’d need a whole new wardrobe to do it justice… then I’d probably need a new car, maybe a new house, and probably a new personality…

    It’s a slippery slope…

  20. B. Durant says:

    I wouldn’t pay $365 for an ipad let alone the case. But if someone felt a need to give one to me… well who am I to turn down a gift?

  21. marita says:

    I think you’re getting all caught up in materialism John! Brown and grey vinyl?! Ugly!!!

  22. jtGraphic says:

    Are you saying you have more money than brains? Or really you’re just asking us if we think you do?

  23. Chris says:

    If I saw someone with this case, I would immediately dislike them. Not only does it prove the person is unintelligent and shallow, but also that they’re arrogant and conceited. $325 for a case just because of the logo? Anyone that buys it is a jackass, and anyone who buys the even more ridiculously priced handbags are worse.

  24. Free Picks says:

    only those who has extra $$ will buy this case :p

  25. Oi. That is just a tad too ostentatious for me. I’ll personally quite happily settle for the Eco-Vue case. Paying way too much money for some over-inflated brand name is something I very seldom do.

  26. don’t have iPad yet, no cover needed.

  27. Well personality like you also need such kind of name but when I remember how you go for free things than I think you should not invest that much money on this.

  28. Roshan Ahmed says:

    With an extra $100 I can get an iPad. We can lots of great stuff for $365 rather than this iPad case.

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