The 4 Keys To Unlock Your Blog’s Earning Power

Is your blog earning more money than you can spend?

If yes, that’s the internet lifestyle we’re talking about.

Look at the life of John Chow, you’d see he’s truly living what he preaches.

He makes a living off his blog and uses the JC blog to educate others.

But the question is, what have you done with all the tips, strategies, secrets and recommendations you get from reading other people’s blog?

If you could apply the tips to your blog & business and follow them religiously, your blog would start to make more money, than you can spend. I’m not joking…!

So, what are the 4 keys to unlock your blog’s earning power?

I’ve four highlights and I encourage you to take action quickly.

1.    Monetize your time

I’m supposed to say, monetize your blog, right?

But I don’t want to say that because 75% of bloggers I know have monetized with affiliate offers, paid advertisements, pay per click offers like Adwords. Blog monetization goes beyond slapping a few ads on your blog, the greatest and most profitable is your time.

How do you monetize your time?

Simple – sell a part of your time to someone via consulting. Better yet, become a contractor and help small, mid-sized and corporate firms to recruit freelance writers, web developers, virtual attendants and so on. Be the middleman/agent and earn a passive income.

Tele-consulting is another way you can monetize your time. You could earn a decent income for every hour you work with someone. I usually charge $50 – $300/hour as a content marketing consultant.

2.    Learn how to write quality content     learn how to write quality content

In 2010, I was privileged to meet one of the Super Affiliates in the world.

I actually interviewed him and asked “the one thing that made him successful.

His answer was simple, “learn how to write quality content.” Notice that this advice was before Google Panda and Penguin updates.

The same rule and principle still holds today. A lot of bloggers and website owners see Google as wicked and heartless – just because there sites were penalized.

But it’s not new, Google has always advocated for quality and evergreen content.

The truth of the matter is, if you learn how to write cornerstone content, you’ll make more money online. “But some great writers are broke,” you say?

Yes, being a great writer doesn’t guarantee more money, but what you do with your skill is what can bring the money. In all, sharpen your writing skills and gain traction by being everywhere.

3.    Work on your core objectives

Taking baby steps with your blog is the best way to discover amazing opportunities around you.

When you set out to make profit with your blog, make sure you’re working on your core objectives. Don’t do tasks that wouldn’t affect your objective in a positive manner.

And it’s important that you set a clear objective as a blogger. Truth is, a blog is not actually a business, but you can build a profitable business around it.

Take one step at a time – don’t try to digress out of the good way. The principle of blogging is to create compelling content continually and promote such content like a maniac.

Let other people know about your blog. Don’t hide under the shell and expect miracles to happen overnight. Stop complaining, and start taking action today.

4.    Don’t sell to strangers yet

Is selling difficult?

No, I don’t think so. In fact, selling can be a lot rewarding and fun when you follow the traditional marketing principles. Don’t try to sell to strangers. As they say, “people buy from who they trust and like.”

No matter how many fans you’ve on Twitter and Facebook, most of them are still strangers until they join your email list. It’s hard to believe, but it’s the reality!

Oftentimes, bloggers complain that they aren’t making any money, and when you ask what’s kept them bound, the same reasons always resurface.

What I’m I saying? Capture your prospect’s email address and name (for personalization) and follow up with quality and exclusive content about your product.

Allow me to paraphrase this quote from Ewen Chia, “The success of your blog is determined by the number of people you’re able to reach at the click of a button.”

Unlock your life!

Blogging has a lot more to do with who you’re on the inside. Just like social media marketing, the “social” is the key to winning the hearts of others and making money.

Don’t try to trick or cajole your readers to do something that’s out of the way. Relate with them on a personal level – you’d unlock your blog’s earning power easily. Follow these 4 key points and let’s meet at the top. Will ya?

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