The $400 Rice Cooker

$400 Rice Cooker

I went to pick up a new rice cooker today. My wife had told me the model she wanted. Now, I have never purchased a rice cooker before and therefore had no frame of reference as to what is good and how much they cost. The model Sarah wanted was the Zojirushi NP-HTC18 with the “Induction Heating System.” I found the cooker at Osaka Supermarkets at the Yaohan Centre. The final price came to a bit over $400. As I’ve said, because I had no frame of reference, I really didn’t know if this was expensive or cheap. I just bought it because Sarah wanted it and I know the secret to maintaining a happy marriage is to always give the wife whatever she wants.

As I do with most new experiences, I sent a tweet about it to all my Twitter followers, who seems to know a lot more about rice cookers than me. Their reaction to the rice cooker ranged from shock and awe to are you nuts? From the replies, I can now safely conclude that $400 is indeed a high price to pay for a rice cooker and my wife has very expensive taste buds.

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@Alyoung (Alyoung) says:
@JohnChow I love rice but always wondering if this is worth the $. Tell us if it is worth it.

@shazron (Shazron Abdullah) says:
@JohnChow bah, I still cook rice using the microwave 🙂

@EverydayShopper (Gina Lee Wong) says:
@JohnChow That’s a spiffy rice cooker you got there! Zojirushi is an excellent brand.

@RainShadowVA (Sharon Trombly) says:
@JohnChow $400 for a rice cooker…what kind of rice are you going to cook in it?

@erichudon (Eric Hudon) says:
@JohnChow Wow! It looks like a time machine! lol 🙂

@Glennia (Glennia ) says:
@JohnChow: Please don’t tell my mother about that $400 rice cooker. I was planning to send her a pot with a lid.

@kpslover007 (Uthman Baksh) says:
@JohnChow That looks awesome! I hope the rice made from that tastes great.

@_MissPretty_ (megan koeller ) says:
@JohnChow WOWO you must really love you sum rice!!!! sorry dosent look like its worth $400 to meeeee…… better make sum damn good rice

@PeacefulWmn9 (Karen Chaffee) says:
@JohnChow Sheesh, for $400 I was expecting to see diamond-studded controls, or at least some gold plating lol.

@SleekDirectory (Sleek) says:
@JohnChow Are you cooking? I need some quality food though , Very picky on what i eat =) Looks good… lots of buttons!

@DawnMarie_XO (Dawn Stonestreet) says:
@JohnChow reminds me kind of like a bread-maker…

@aerobroken (aerobroken) says:
@JohnChow What are you going to do with it John? You don’t cook! lol I like it though, Bit pricey though..

@AffConfession (Alan LeStourgeon) says:
@JohnChow You must be serious about your rice.

@camcavers (camcavers) says:
@JohnChow Zojirushi is good; I had one before our current Mitsubishi. They say the thicker the "kama" (inner pot) the better the rice

@DreeEllie (Dree) says:
@JohnChow that LITTLE thing is $400 man you’re crazzzzy! Bring the rice to my house, I’ll cook it for ya!!

@TariAkpodiete (TariAkpodiete) says:
@JohnChow 400 bucks for a rice cooker, John? probably no better/worse than a twenty dollar one. just saying.

@billyfung (billyfung) says:
@JohnChow wow $400 is a lot for a rice cooker

@laura_dolcepics (laura) says:
@JohnChow Is it the induction heating one? Never made a bad pot of rice no matter the water level. Awesome congee too!

@Woywegian (Greg Lawrence) says:
@JohnChow For heavens sake John just put the rice in a pot,millions of Asians can’t be wrong.Why complicate?

@motolinus (H Fan) says:
@JohnChow don’t ya mean Zojirushi, the one with the elephant? they’re REALLY good. we have one at home.

@vomviersen (kathi) says:
@JohnChow As long it’s one of the Zojirushi cookers with Neuro Fuzzy Logic, it makes FANTASTIC rice!

@BooKooGuru (BooKooGuru) says:
@JohnChow I cook perfect rice in a 2 qt saucepan, 2 cups water, 1 cup rice, simmer 20 min covered, let stand 10 mins. Voila!

@jacky_brown (jacky_brown) says:
@JohnChow What kind of rice is used in a $400 rice cooker?

@Eiscrememann (Eiscrememann) says:
@JohnChow 400$ for rice-cooker? Gee, I need to read your newsletter more thoroughly… 😉

@TracyeLynne (Tracye Williams) says:
part 1 RT @JohnChow: Picking up a $400 Sojorushi rice cooker. This thing better make good rice!

@mjmutuma (Mushambi Mutuma) says:
@JohnChow that betta grill vegetables an chicken too!

@TracyeLynne (Tracye Williams) says:
@JohnChow good grief! mine cost 20 bucks and makes great perfect rice. Thats BEYOND ridiculous dude… get a 20$ one and donate the rest!

@DJWildWagon (Jeff) says:
@JohnChow Holy Smoke better put that Rice Cooker in the Vault or Chain it up to the Kitchen shelf he he

@LoveDiva (Ivelisse Calderon) says:
@JohnChow Hey!! I have on that I bought in Wal-mart (Black & Decker) for $15 a make really good rice.

@Jazmine376 (Suze) says:
@JohnChow $400 to make rice..for that price, it better go to the store to get the rice

@MoneyNing (David Ning) says:
@JohnChow The oldest metal rice cookers actually make the best rice.It’s also the quickest. Technology sometimes just complicates things.

@princessbowie (Sarah Bowie) says:
@JohnChow Does the cooker at least come with a free bag of rice?

@thesolowriter (Tammie Dooley) says:
@JohnChow it better grow it, harvest it, and make it into something divine! LOL

@srpsco (srpsco) says:
@JohnChow for that price it should grow it and harvest it as well

@DreeEllie (Dree) says:
@JohnChow hahahahahaha.

46 thoughts on “The $400 Rice Cooker”

  1. Akmal Wardak says: is working quite well, john.

    Akmal Wardak’s last blog post: Make Your Face Work as Your Password

  2. LJP says:

    Hi John,
    Just wondering how you did the Twitter screenshot thing? It looks quite useful…

    LJP’s last blog post: Mr T and The Flavor Wave Alien Incubator

    1. John Chow says:

      It’s a custom coded script by Shoemoney. I’m not sure if he plans to release it.

  3. Yes, it’s an expensive cooker but it does make excellent rice. Each grain is perfectly cooked and my friends have commented on how good the rice is. There IS a difference. But is it worth $400? I dunno about that. 🙂

    laura-dolcepics’s last blog post: What’s Your Play? – no. 43

    1. To see the worth of cooker … ask John to invite you on dinner. You will check his kitchen skill and cooker as well.

      ZK @ Web Marketing Blog’s last blog post: SEO Marketing by Digital Third Coast

  4. iSSa says:

    dang!! $400 rice cooker?? you can buy at least 10 ordinary rice cookers with that john, LOL! but as u say, if the wife wants it, no sense in not giving it to her. HAPPY WIFE = HAPPY LIFE! 😉

    iSSa’s last blog post: Swine Flu 101

    1. Every man should agree with this slogan which you have just given …


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  5. Sohail says:

    wow that looks good but eah 440$ is a bit too much

    Sohail’s last blog post: Top 5 Free Blackberry Storm Games

  6. Oh, but I have to say, the rice scoop that it comes with is the best. “Sticky” rice doesn’t even stick to it. Awesomeness!

    laura-dolcepics’s last blog post: What’s Your Play? – no. 43

  7. Hawaii SEO says:

    That would work perfectly with the $200 pair of chop sticks I’m selling.

  8. Rick Vaughn says:

    You know what the thing is John is that yeah its expensive upfront. However, that machine will probably last forever. Happy rice cooking!

    Rick Vaughn’s last blog post: Swine Flu Mania!

  9. Interesting to say the least. I can cook rice in a regular pot and just use that $400 on buying actual rice. I’m sure this can meet the needs of some, but looks more elaborate than anything else.

    Have you tested it out? Did the rice come out any better?? Whats your final verdict John??

    [email protected]’s last blog post: Freebie Monday #21 – Free Birthday Deals!

    1. John Chow says:

      I’ll be testing it tonight. 🙂

    2. I learned and yes it was a learning experience, to make good rice with just a pot. Although if it turns out like the restaurant then money well spent.

      [email protected]’s last blog post: Reasons To Create A “Best Of” Post

      1. Tran Harry says:

        Rice cookers are excellent tools as set it and forget it cooking ware goes. Especially since we eat rice daily waiting by a pot for rice to cook every night would cost more in energy bills and time.

        But $400 is extremely expensive for a cooker.

        Tran Harry’s last blog post: Daily News Feed April 30, 2009

  10. Peter says:

    I’ve cooked rice in a pot, using cheap rice cookers (less than $30) and using a more expensive rice cooker (Tiger brand, less than $100 in Hawaii).

    Quality of rice in a pot depends on the rice you use. Problem is you really have to watch it or you can screw it up. Cheap rice cookers only cook, but don’t warm. A more expensive rice cooker has the “keep warm” feature which is nice if you don’t want to cook rice everyday.

    My Tiger is pretty good, but sometimes the rice is not cooked evenly, and the condensation build up makes my rice too wet.

    If you want perfect rice all the time, you have to buy the best. Your wife deserves it right!

    Peter’s last blog post: My Inspiration and My Motivation

  11. Holy sh*t! $400 is like over 1300 Ringgit Malaysia! That must be a really high-end rice cooker.

    Exposing SEO Techniques’s last blog post: “Jakarta Undercover” English Version?

    1. Ekey says:

      Unless it is producing and serving rice by putting it out in a plate and bringing it to the table, I am not paying that much.

  12. I hear that to get a decent one, you really have to spend at least $5000. You got a bargain.’s last blog post: Copywriting for the Web – Unique Selling Propositions (USPs)

    1. $5000 on a rice cooker!? It better clean itself and sing to me while it cooks too!

      [email protected]’s last blog post: Freebie Monday #21 – Free Birthday Deals!

  13. It is really a very expensive rice cooker. The average price of a rice cooker here is around 20 to 30 US dollars. I don’t understand why the manufacturer charge so much money from this cooking equipment.

    Charles Roring’s last blog post: Women emancipation Movie in Cuba

  14. Miss Right says:

    I, like you, don’t know a thing about rice cookers I cook rice on the stove top… What I do know is that I would not spend $400 on an appliance that doesn’t stand alone on the floor (i.e. stove, refrigerator, washer, dryer). Your wife is very fortunate that you don’t seem to get rattled about such a purchase; she does indeed have expensive taste buds and now it is NO secret since you tweeted it.

    Enjoy the rice John.

    Miss Right’s last blog post: Where can I find Private Label Right or Resales right on ebooks, topics on early childhood cultivation?

  15. oh my my ; $400 for a rice cooker { Equilent to INR 20,000] , we can have a big LCD TV for this amount in INDIA.

  16. Quite Expensive rice cooker

    After giving so much of $$ one can actually enjoy test of Rice ??

    Ricky Peterson’s last blog post: Tips for Curing Blogger’s Block

  17. Bati says:

    A little powerful machine….:) But a little expensive

    Bati’s last blog post: Why could John Chow could write Article every day?

  18. Melody says:

    [email protected]–cooking rice in the microwave sounds nasty…besides, I don’t even own a

    Just invest in some good Le Creuset cast iron pots–LOVE EM! 🙂

    Melody’s last blog post: How to take advantage of small press

  19. says:

    0_0″ $400 rice cooker? Wonder what the rice ll taste like. Tell us more after you try, John.’s last blog post: – You’re Just an Asshole

  20. A bit too expensive as for me

  21. Darron says:

    That is an insane price to pay for a rice cooker, over here I could get the same one for roughly 1800 Baht (about $60).

    Darron’s last blog post: Bangkok Diaries

  22. goutman says:

    I learn many things about internet marketing from your blog, thank you and good luck…too expensive for me

  23. Haha, the “Your must be serious about your rice” comment cracked me up.

    As for the rice cooker, I say quality over quantity. I’ve come across rice cookers that are in the $30-60 range & were pure crap. Sometimes you have to pay more for something to work real good.

    I also wonder how many of the people saying it’s too expensive are living the Dot Com Lifestyle.

    TYCP Entertainment Magazine’s last blog post: Courtney Van Dusen Interview

  24. The cooking show America’s Test Kitchen on PBS television last Saturday tested rice cookers. Believe it or not, they said thumbs down on the programmable cookers, and voted for an inexpensive brand. But they didn’t test your brand, John. Bon appetite !!

    I hope you have a very happy day.


    FunnyChixDotCom’s last blog post: Outrageous Funny Picture for Today. Bizarre, Weird, Wacky, Whatever! FunnyChixDotCom

  25. Joy says:

    I hear it rolls the sushi for you. :p

    That is one expensive rice cooker! I expect some mind-blowing rice on the table from that. Definitely let us know if it’s worth it.

    Joy’s last blog post: Bailey’s Cafe Mocha Cheesecake

  26. Is it expensive? I dont guess so . ..

    To make your wife happy I think its really really cheap so you better dont complain 🙂

    Wonder if your wife would ask you for an Aston Martin 🙂

    Olgi Zenullari’s last blog post: What To Blog About When You Are Out of Ideas

  27. Ron Givens says:

    I bought one for $25.00 and I can honestly say I don’t know how I lived without one before that.

    I think my next cooker will be a BIG jump.

    Like $30!

  28. Tran Harry says:

    Expensive yes, but definitely worth its price. We went on the lower end of rice cooker, it cooks but it also occasionally leaks water out the sides.

    I would say anywhere between the $100-$200 range is perfect for a rice cooker as it may be the only one that you will ever buy for years.

    Tran Harry’s last blog post: Daily News Feed April 30, 2009

  29. Interesting discussion……starting from rice and rice cooker to be long discussion

  30. fas says:

    You can eat rice 400 times in China with that much money.

  31. Glad I found this post, because we just reviewed this model a couple of weeks ago, along with the small np-htc10 model version. Before posting we wanted to hear what others on the net think of the larger one.

    On our site we state that this is only worth it for folks who are going to use it constantly and of course absolutely love their brown rice.

    Probably not worth the investment if white rice is on the menu more than harder grain types so as to utilize the IH and GABA benefits.

    For white rice, no one should spend more than $100. A Tiger rice cooker is the best route for that at around that price range, but any Aroma model for around $20 is also good (once again…just white rice).

    Anyway, helpful blog post here!


  32. Lee Ka Hoong says:

    What? $400 for a rice cooker? I can buy few of rice cookers in my country with $400. It’s kinda pricey, but John you learned it now, right? So you know $400 is expensive for a rice cooker. 🙂


    Lee Ka Hoong’s last blog post: Beginner’s Guide to Improve Link Building

  33. Thats a very expensive pot to just make rice. It better be the best on the planet.

    Marketing Business Review’s last blog post: How I Got 250 Twitter Followers In 40 Minutes And Reach Over 2000 Twitter Followers

  34. until now I didn’t have a rice cooker 😀 I purchase cooked rice outside home. hehe 😀

  35. Ekey says:

    This is a freaking expensive rice cooker. I got one for under $40 that even have a baking option in it. I can make cake in it…

  36. Zojirushi is one of the top-end rice cookers and since you and I are both Asian, we need rice all the time 😀


  37. Michael Zhao says:

    Nice…nice…but Damn! It better be solar powered and keep my rice fresh for a months if I am going to pay an outrageous price like that! Chump change for you John!

    Michael Zhao’s last blog post: End of Second Week.

  38. If wife will see this that you have spend $400 to make your wife happy than believe me I will have to loose my wallet as well and reason for this will be you only and your rice cooker. lollz 🙂

    ZK @ Web Marketing Blog’s last blog post: Oprah reaches 1 million followers on Twitter

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