The 5 Steps To a $2000 Monthly Income Blogging

Why $2k and not $10k per month?

To answer your question, I want you to understand that this blog is not for hype or marketing tricks.

John Chow only shares what works for him and how much he makes.

When he says he’s making over $40k monthly from his blogging business, I understand and I’m happy for him.

But I haven’t even earned $20k in a single month myself – so why should I share the 5 steps to making that amount.

Some gurus teach people how to make six-figure income online, when they’re yet to clear their debts or earn that much.

If you’re a blogger, one important lesson that can transform your business and help you captivate your audience and make more money is to be honest.

Don’t use hype or tricks. If you only make $100 monthly, tell your readers how you’re doing it. Don’t go overboard as yet.

So here are the 5 steps to earn $2000 from your blog every single month:

1.       Have a clear plan from day one

I’m not talking about writing down your objective for blogging here. Of course, it’s important as well, but there is more to goal setting.

You need to have a clear plan on how to execute that goal. If you’ve no plan to make it come through, you’re just wishing.

Are you one of those bloggers who wished they had 100,000 monthly visitors and earn thousands of dollars? Stop wishing and start working on it. And the best way to work on your goals is to draw out a plan.

What steps can you take to achieve your goals? This is very vital to your success online as a blogger.

If you’ve been reading this blog and you’re still waiting for a push somehow, you’ve been wasting time. Once your plan is ready, move on to the next step…

2.       You need to reach out

Yes, you can’t succeed in blogging all by yourself. John Chow couldn’t have achieved this kind of success without the support of his amiable readers and email subscribers.

Start reaching out to people who needs you. You already have millions of virtual potential customers globally. Start getting in touch today. But you don’t need a million readers to make money online – you need a portion of that.

For instance, if you’ve just 10,000 readers who are active, supportive and loyal to you, I can assure you that you’d succeed if you play your cards well.

Use guest blogging, interviews, sponsored posts, pay per click ads, direct mail marketing, affiliate marketing and all legit mediums of marketing to promote your blog.

The more people you’re able to reach, the more money you’d make. I strongly believe that internet marketing is a game of numbers. In other words, more readers mean more sales. Although, there may be exceptions to that, but 95% of the time, your success as a blogger relies on numbers. You can use these viral marketing tips to get more traffic and leads.

3.       Create a product of your own

John chow

Many of us started out in affiliate marketing and earning commissions online.

But all that is changing gradually because of the nature of blogging.

Your readers aren’t going to trust you that much if all you do is send an affiliate offer to them.

Since you claimed you’re an expert, why not prove it by creating your own product.

A lot of bloggers shy away from this – because they thought it’s a difficult task to create or own a product. When you’re running a blog, people need to trust you for answers. How best can you proffer solutions when you don’t have a product to sell?

Here’s another wake up call to you. John Chow is succeeding in his blogging business because he’s created “bloggingwithjohnchow” and “IMJohnChow.” He also co-authored “workfromnohome” with Peng Joon.

What valuable product do you’ve for your target audience?

Presently, I’m writing my own e-book and the launch is going to shake the blogosphere. To get a free chapter and updates, visit

4.       Make friends with your readers

Do you see readers as friends or visitors?

There is no way they can influence you if you don’t make friends with them. As they say, “people buy from who they like, trust and believe.” In life, you can only trust your friend and support him or her.

That’s why it’s important that you begin to nurture friendship with your readers and fans. Don’t just see them as visitors who stumbled on your blog by mistake.

Find out who is behind those hits – this is a human being with blood in his or her veins. This person has issues that need solution. That’s why people visited your blog – they want you to solve their problems.

Before creating your product, ensure that you’ve a smooth communication with your readers via their inbox, twitter and LinkedIn environments. Your readers are not just VISITORS.

They’re your real asset online as a blog owner. Make them your friends, and you’d be on your way to earning $2000 monthly.

5.       Outsource and profit

Smart bloggers outsource a lot because they have the mindset that success is a collective effort and not from one man.

If you’ve read Robert Kiyosaki’s Cashflow Quadrant, he stated that the only way you can escape the rat race and jump on the fast track is to either become a big business owner, or start investing.

That book changed my life and ever since, I’ve been doing my best to establish businesses online on several models.

When you outsource, you’d have enough time to reinvest into other channels or models. Outsourcing is not a waste of money or resources. On the contrary, it’s one of the best investments you can make while building your income system.

If you’re just starting out and $2000 monthly income sounds like a BIG DEAL, I want you to stop thinking like a baby and expand your horizon.

Didn’t you know that you become what you think about? Leave a comment below. Share your comment and I’d see you at the top!

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