The 6 Essential Traits of Super Successful Bloggers

Have you ever thought about what separates the superstar bloggers from the mediocre bloggers?

I know you must be thinking that maybe they are a genius, or that they eat something entirely different from you? Well, it’s not that. They are created in the same way as you are, and they can hardly do anymore than you are capable of doing. The real difference is that they have learned to cultivate some essential traits over the years, and some of these traits aid them in making their blog a success.

In this article I will be sharing with you the 6 essential traits you should learn from successful bloggers if you want to build a super successful blog.

1. They Write for Readers

No. They don’t write for Google, and they don’t write for the next big social media site.

Contrary to what you might believe, the reason why most successful bloggers are successful is because they have their readers in mind, and as a result their content is always tailored towards their readers. Try to take a look at the most successful article on any of your favorite blogs and you will understand what I’m talking about.

A lot of people will like to believe that being successful as a blogger is easy, but if you calculate it you will notice that it isn’t. Most of the bloggers you look up to have been in the game for over five years now, and within this period they kept on writing quality articles for their users without thinking about the results. By this, I mean they didn’t use big grammars to make their readers think they’re professors, instead, they focused on making their articles easy to read in a way that appeal to all readers, and their blog ended up growing as a result.

2. They Are Ready to Market, Smartly

Another thing you really need to know about super successful bloggers is that they don’t just write great content and expect it to get a million hits. Instead, they are always out there marketing themselves. And by marketing themselves, I’m not talking about spamming forums and building a million links, I’m talking about marketing themselves in a very smart way.

The big bloggers focus on building successful relationships with each other, which is why you see all of them blogging about each other if there is a big event. Big bloggers are also always building their base for so many reasons, especially because it can be a great source of leverage. For example, if you have 150,000 people subscribed to your blog you don’t need to depend on others to help you sell your products or make an article go viral, and by having that much subscribers you will also be able to move influencers in your industry to help work with you.

3. They are Highly Analytical

Successful bloggers are also very good at one thing, and that one thing is analytics! They are always on the lookout for better sources of traffic, and as a result are always studying and optimizing existing traffic sources.

If you want to build a successful blog, the most dangerous mistake you can make is not caring about where your results are coming from. It doesn’t matter if it is studying which kind of blog post brings the most comment or generates the most traffic, or if it is looking at how that new traffic source you tried Yesterday converts, analyzing your blog on a constant basis can help make your blog a success.

You need to know where your visitors are coming from, and as a result you should also be ready to improve your existing traffic sources and gain new ones.

4. They are not Afraid of Failure

Yes. That’s why you see those big bloggers launching products upon products every time. Does that mean the products they are launching are always a success? No, and they know that already.

Big bloggers aren’t afraid of failures, and as a result they are always ready to test the new waters. You need to be prepared for anything and you should make sure you don’t allow your fear for failure to cripple you.

As a blogger you will face a lot of challenges, you will have to take a lot of new steps and go on a lot of daring adventures, but the only way you can succeed is if you can realize that failure is inevitable, and instead of running away from it, embrace it.

5. They are Always Ready to Learn

But…aren’t they big bloggers?

That’s exactly the point! You might think they are always creating new concepts and are not ready to learn because they have achieved great success, but just take a look at Brian Clark’s twitter page and you will know what I mean. Even though Brian has around 100,000 Twitter followers, over 150,000 blog subscribers, and one of the biggest blogs online, he still shares links to several quality blog posts on the web, and he only shares what he reads. Can you now imagine how much he can achieve with the knowledge he gains every day?

Don’t ever make the mistake of thinking that the fact that you have achieved a little means you should stop reading. Education is the friend of the successful, so make sure you are always ready to learn new things and improve your knowledge.

6. They Have Respect for their Readers

One of the major mistakes any blogger will make is to start thinking he is greater than his readers because he has a great blog and a big audience. Don’t try to deceive yourself; you are nobody without your readers.

You might think it is just one of your readers, and that if they minus one person from the thousands of readers you have it won’t make a difference, but imagine what will happen if each of your readers start to leave one by one.

Don’t ever be too big to a stage whereby you lose your respect for your readers. Successful bloggers know the value of their readers, and as a result they respect and are always on the lookout for them.

John is an expert blogger and writer that writes for Weight Loss Triumph. He also helps his readers find the best weight watchers promotion code and nutrisystem discount code.

78 thoughts on “The 6 Essential Traits of Super Successful Bloggers”

  1. fas says:

    Awesome tips there, all of them are very valid and must be used regularly.

  2. Enstine Muki says:

    Solid points there John. Each time I visit john chow dot com, there is always a solid post by him or a refined quest poster.

  3. KevinTH says:

    great article thanks for the tips John! 🙂

  4. Hi John

    I have a question, well actually 2, about point #2. You talk about building relationships with other bloggers as being important.

    The first question is whether you should focus on bloggers who are in the same niche(s) that you are in, or does that matter?

    Secondly, what are some ways that we can network with others when we’re just a small guy with not a lot of readers to offer yet? How, for example, would I network with someone like yourself or Darren Rowse, etc?

    1. matthewpap says:

      Hi Bill,

      This is a great question. Speaking from my personal experience, one should not build relationships only with bloggers of his own niche. You can learn a lot and benefit a lot from bloggers who are in different niches.

      In answer to your second question, one way to network with any blogger (including the ones of the Darren Rowse caliber) is to carefully study their blog and offer them a well-written article that provides value to their readers. Yes, the traffic that you will re-direct from their site to yours may not be targeted and nobody may subscribe to your newsletter, BUT, you get some good quality links which boost your rankings for certain keywords, which is ultimately what brings you the targeted traffic.

      Regardless of how new you are in the blogging field, the secret to successful networking is this: Find a way to add real value to the other blogger’s site, and you will get rewarded.

      1. darinholic says:

        @matthewpap Hi matthew.

        That’s awesome. I just wanna ask the same question, and your answer was delightful. Thanks! 😀

        1. @[email protected] He’s a good and professional blogger, i’ve learned a lot from him.

  5. MMoss22 says:

    Bill- Thats a great question- How does one build relationships with bloggers when just starting out. I have wondered that myself.

  6. Topstuff says:

    A very rewarding read. Do it well and let it known.

  7. blogging24h says:

    Thanks for the great tips

  8. hypnodude says:

    Well, I think you’ve detailed pretty much why great bloggers are so great, and I agree with your explanation. With time, practice and relationships being the building blocks of their success. Quality content is obvious. 🙂

    Thanks for such an interesting read.

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  10. judimmoore says:

    Good choices for the most essential! I enjoyed your session at ASW12 and learned several things from you. Thanks!

  11. Chiprang says:

    I think i have some of these traits 🙂

  12. ogahpro says:

    I want a be success bloggers and 6 essentials traits in this post bring me to achive it

  13. HopefulIM says:


    I enjoy your posts very much. You are very inspirational and always make people think that they can do this too. Thanks for writing!

  14. Marcie_Hill says:

    All me to add that successful bloggers are consistent with their efforts, even if it’s only once a week, and they take their online relationships offline.

  15. Danno says:

    Great post, thanks for writing this! Maybe if I learn some of these things and become a successful blogger I can move to California too!

  16. Allen Y says:

    Great post. I think #4 is holding me back.

  17. Wayne says:

    Great list, and I am sure that all of us starting out with with a blog have given thought to each of your points, even though we may not have acted upon them.

    Writing for your readers is correctly listed as number one on your list.

    Be yourself in your writing. Write as you speak.

    As for not being afraid of failure, Winston Churchill said it best:

    “Success is the ability to go from one failure to another with no loss of enthusiasm.”

  18. Robin Henry says:

    I think they also have to be regular posters. Readers need to know that every Friday there will be a new article, or every day … some routine.

  19. MatthewNewton says:

    7. They produce consistently

    8. They are highly knowledgeable in their field

    1. askcoachpete says:

      @MatthewNewton Agreed — consistent, expert advise is key

  20. TaylorG says:

    writing for readers and tracking the data I think are the most important things

    1. MoigioiForex says:

      @TaylorG yes, writing skill plays important role to develop ideas and build prestige on social

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  22. SurmingaWN says:

    And they produce great quality articles time after time.

    Great couple of points

  23. darinholic says:

    I know it! This article reminds me that blog post isn’t always about how it’ll appears on the first page of google. Instead, write for human is more interesting. That gives us much more benefit if we could write from the heart..and also smart. May be story-telling is such a big escape. But I still wonder how those great bloggers manage their productivity and still keep learning…

  24. zeus says:

    I recently wrote an article on my blog called “Blogging Secrets To Succees Revealed” and a lot of the advice here is true.

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  26. CutePets says:

    Thanks for the insight JC. Great post, although it’s sometimes hard to keep these traits in mind 🙂

  27. cashinghub says:

    Motivation makes a guy successful. Blogging is not apart of it. If you have interest to learn and read articles and respect to other writers. Then you will definitely be a successful blogger one day. Learn and implement innovations to your blog.

  28. Tejash says:

    Hi Jhon , it is only less then 10 days i came to know about you and read your ebook ultimate blog profit as well.well i loved the book and the best part is bonus lesson on why you should be happy.

    well i have one confusion that how to market well my blog. i have niche cust base but i am failing to market it well.can you please help me?

  29. I am blogging for almost 5 years now but I couldn’t consider my self a successful blogger. I am still struggling until now and maybe the cause is: I don’t possess most of the points you mentioned above. So, it’s a lesson that should be learned specially if one should aim of becoming a successful blogger…

  30. MoigioiForex says:

    Grow your experience – Do new things, broaden your horizons, stretch yourself

    Share your experience – When you learn something new, tell your readers about it

    Explore and experiment – Keep trying new things, never stagnate

    Be unique – If you are the same as everyone else

    why would anyone visit your blog?Look good – Appearances count, both in terms of your blog design and your posts. Make your content zing!

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  33. Writing for readers but also thinking about the SEO

    1. parasmani says:

      @Seo de blog y Youtube Writing for readers takes care of some aspect of SEO. It increases stickyness.

    2. MoigioiForex says:

      @Seo de blog y Youtube sure, the content should be optimized for google bot around keywords

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  36. Rajamanickam Antonimuthu says:

    Nice article. I believe I am following all these things, So I believe I will become a Super Successful Blogger Soon.

    1. MoigioiForex says:

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      1. Rajamanickam Antonimuthu says:

        Thanks @MoigioiForex @Rajamanickam Antonimuthu

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    Wow another great tip for starters to make great blogs.

  38. Tu Michael says:

    great!i’m inspired to write more and blog is improving much! 🙂

  39. stavgeor says:

    Business and marketing plus seo are tough.Nice views.

  40. TheOracle says:

    Good research here, you’re absolutely right. Success is about personality and the only way to turn failure to success is to change personality. Check out, its my blog, and Im blogging about many of the same things as you do.

  41. Tom says:

    It sure does not happen overnight. It takes a lot of time and patience. If you love what you are doing, you won’t mind the time. Now patience is another thing. You have to work at having more of it.

    1. RichBlogs says:

      The best quality a new blogger can have is patience. 🙂

  42. It really is all about the readers. Treat your blog like a business, and your readers like guests. Trying to manipulate Google or write for technical reasons will leave anyoen bored. Content is King!

  43. ChikaNadyaPutri says:

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    1. itsjustbrian says:

      @ChikaNadyaPutri More important than having a website is properly promoting it through SEO/partners/ or whatever traffic stream you can find.

  44. gerafit says:

    Great Idea. Create more concept and More learn to great success

  45. notagrouch says:

    excellent list, good reminders.

  46. Mike Patty says:

    John Chow dot Com rocks.

  47. Very good list. All points are so true…Super successful bloggers are pro-active, Engaging, very helpful and generous towards their community and they know how to smartly push their call-to-action on site. It’s all about adding values – to your own blog, to your user’s life, to the community. And a strong marketing is also required to support this 🙂 Thanks for such nice post.

  48. RichBlogs says:

    Bloggers need to take a step back sometimes I feel before they try to make money. The key to a successful blog is in consistently producing high quality content, and not treating their output as a route to over night riches. The success will never come unless there’s something half decent to read!

  49. RichBlogs says:

    True. You need to engage your audience everywhere!

  50. wmwebdes says:

    Hi John

    “you are nobody without your readers.”

    How true is that.

    I’ve always tried to build my community of readers and that’s not always easy.

    It takes time and patience.

    Thanks for the check list.

  51. wmwebdes says:


    I just tried to subscribe to your email subscription – no joy.

    Tells me fields are missing!

    Only a field for email, which I filled in.

  52. swapnil says:

    very true., #1 being very essential

  53. I think #4 is one of the more difficult elements to embrace. Blogging is about sharing yourself and your knowledge with the world which can be scary. However, readers can feel it when you’re holding that back for fear of failure. I think everyone blogging should throw up a “Hail Mary” every now and then. If you’ve built a solid readership, a flop or two won’t scare them away. Thanks for the tips!

  54. seonow says:

    @CindyJoHolbrook Thanks for the RT.

  55. LathaLukose says:

    John, love your tip of not being afraid of failure…

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  59. KennyFabre says:

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  61. LyricsEpoch says:

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  62. Chitamm says:

    That ‘s the one i ;ve ever known about the successful principles.

    But i still be fall with my business of my goal. I would like to be rich but it ‘s like to be impossible!!!

  63. I do agree with the “not afraid of failure” point. Lots of people never make it big because they are afraid of even trying.

  64. Chitamm says:

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