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There can be a certain level of mystique surrounding the running of an advertising network. While so many publishers make use of Google AdSense on their websites, they really don’t know the revenue share, among other finer details. The Google office is locked up like a vault and this can make for a certain level of mistrust. The same can be said about many other ad networks.

Meant to be a sharp contrast to the other networks on the net, the aptly named Run By Affiliates is a CPA-based ad network that is, as its name implies, run by the affiliates. The focus of this review isn’t so much on the network itself as it is on the community involved encouraged by Run By Affiliates.

A Network Run By You

On the surface, RunByAffiliates may appear to be much the same as the countless other affiliate networks that populate the Internet. Advertisers post their offers, publishers promote them, and payment is issued when an action is taken by the site visitor. This could be a generated lead or sale, for example. That much should be familiar with most John Chow dot Com readers.

What makes RunByAffiliates different from its competitors is that the network is completely transparent and they offer “full disclosure on affiliate spending, revenue, management, and performance, so affiliates can be certain that the day to day activities of the network remain in the interest of the affiliates as a whole.” The overview page provides a further discussion on this approach.


After a 10% management fee is paid to Webtistic, the remaining net profit is split across the affiliate community, staff positions, marketing, and other spending. The ratio is determined by the network. Logging into the community page (above), you immediately get this sense of collaboration. You are encouraged to communicate and participate.

Communicating with the Community

In essence, the community side of the Run By Affiliates network has two key components.

On the one hand, it gives you an opportunity to directly affect the direction of the network. Affiliates are encouraged to “vote on policy and budget spending using an online voting system.” Not happy with the direction the network is taking? Make your voice heard and changes may be made.


On the other side of the equation is the true “community” aspect of Run By Affiliates. With most other affiliate networks, the only relationship you have is with your affiliate network. With Run By Affiliates, you have a direct link to other affiliates (and advertisers) on the network. For example, you can see our good friend Tyler Cruz above.

The community may not be quite as robust as Facebook, but it is much more targeted. The people here are all interested in making money with affiliate marketing, so you can share your insights, advice, and pointers. Further still, you earn “activity points” for posting articles, participating in the forums, uploading templates, and so on. How many of your secrets you are willing to reveal is completely up to you.

Working for the Man

Want an even more direct way to influence the direction of Run By Affiliates? They’ve also got staff positions available for affiliates.


At the time this review was written, Run By Affiliates had four positions available: Marketing Manager, Advertising Executive (x2), and Campaign Performance Reporter. These are paid positions that go above and beyond your affiliate commissions. Is there a conflict of interest if you’re also an active affiliate? Perhaps.

The Growing Affiliate Network

Are you tired of feeling left out of the decision process? Would you like to have greater control over how your affiliate network is being run and how the net profit is being spent? Run By Affiliates may be a good option, since they allow the affiliates to have a much greater sense of control over the day-to-day operations and spending.

I can’t speak to the direct success of the affiliate network itself, but it is powered by Direct Track, so you should have a healthy array of offers to consider. With the help of the Run By Affiliates community, you should be able to make a few bucks.


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  1. Very cool! Nice to see something like this come along.

    Steven-Sanders’s last blog post: Branding Your Blog For Success – Part 2

    1. Blog Expert says:

      I agree. It is about time.

      1. Ryan McLean says:

        I definately agree that this looks cool,
        But it isn’t actually run by the affiliates
        It is just discloses information to the affiliates

        …Just an observation

        Ryan McLean’s last blog post: Drive Traffic To Your Website via Adwords

        1. Right, I’d also say that this open-affiliate-program is definitely an interesting approach, but as all the other web 2.0 projects it will need your attention and time as well. So it’d be great to see if the time/value-relation is worth it.

          1. fas says:

            Well you get better control so that is a positive thing, lets see how it pans out in real life.

            fas’s last blog post: Samsung SSD Awesomeness

  2. blackysky says:

    great idea and everything but there is one problem… affiliates are selfish… dunno a tons of them that will give tips and templates like that…

    blackysky’s last blog post: 100% of Internet Marketers are liars and I will tell you why

    1. Melody says:

      Yea, I mean there is already such supposed controversy over what some affiliate networks will do to make money…what will keep this one from being any different..

      Melody’s last blog post: Logo Design Process for Trudy Thomas

    2. How about dumping you from the program for no reason and no explanation???

      [email protected]’s last blog post: What Should I Blog About? – Choosing A Blog Niche

      1. Melody says:

        Really? did that happen to you?

        Melody’s last blog post: Photo Restoration and Gif ad for Trudy Thomas

  3. Lee Ka Hoong says:

    I’m signing up right now, seems fresh but I’m trying to understand how is it working. Not really understand even though I’ve read the review, so I’m hanging around the site and check out for these.


    Lee Ka Hoong’s last blog post: 12 Steps How To Build A Profitable Niche Blog

  4. this seems like a fresh take on all the new affiliate companies out there…I guess some others will try to emulate this strategy or even question why they never thought of it first…its a really cool idea worth looking at.

    [email protected]’s last blog post: Simplified Sunday #14 – Picking the right online broker

    1. tugas akhir says:

      i am not yet try this, i will try and then give my opinion. thanks.

  5. Joe Gelb says:

    Great article. Adsense is deffinitely low conversions for most people. This looks like a great opportunity

    Joe Gelb’s last blog post: Getting Links For Your Blog

  6. Roseli says:

    This is worth a try.

    Roseli’s last blog post: How To Earn Money Online as a Freelance Writer

  7. Well most affiliates are selfish, but not all of them. But it is worth a try. 🙂

  8. so nice, i would sign up soon,thanks for johnchow work

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  9. blinkky says:

    I still not sure how it work. Maybe I need some more view on that site

  10. Bati says:

    Really run by affiliates.And i think it also run by time.I have notice that blog to make money need time to archive

    Bati’s last blog post: 50 best wordpress plug-ins

  11. Looks cool, just about time for something like this

  12. This sounds a bit confusing John…adsense is easy, and that is why most of us use it. To your point though, I’ve often wondered how much revenue Google is actually sharing…we may never know.

    The Almost Millionaire’s last blog post: Blog Income Report

  13. diabetic man says:

    better to try to know how effective…..

  14. It will be interesting to see just how this takes off.It could be very good for affiliates if ran right.

    Steven Wilson’s last blog post: Place Your Bets on Twitter Being Sold In 2009

  15. Brad says:

    Their are soo many affilate networks popping up nowadays. I have a hard time trusting affliate networks as some in the past wanted access my my keywords information…

    Brad’s last blog post: How to Maximize Your PPC Advertising Budget

  16. Looks like an interesting concept… will have to check this out!

    Chris Jacobson’s last blog post: Are You Marketing Outside North America? You Should Be!

  17. Ah I see this site is running phpfox cool little network think affiliates wont spend much time on there but I could be wrong!

    Nick Throlson’s last blog post: HostGator By Far The Best Web Hosting!

  18. I’m going to give this shot. I’m interested to see how this turns out.

    TYCP Entertainment Magazine’s last blog post: Courtney Van Dusen Interview

  19. Great idea and it’s very true about not trusting other Networks and Google and Google and Google.

    [email protected]’s last blog post: What Should I Blog About? – Choosing A Blog Niche

  20. Paul U says:

    Too bad they are only accepting affiliates coming from the Europe.

    Paul U’s last blog post: Monetizing an entertainment blog

  21. Moola Days says:

    Hopefully this will be an idea for the better and will change things. The idea sounds pretty worth while, I will see how it goes.

    Here are some affiliates that I believe will help Bloggers find affiliate networks that fit for them and their blog.
    46 Affiliate Programs to Consider

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  22. Ankit says:

    There are too may Affiliates Network in the Web World, So Having this type of Network will be a good concept.
    Thanks John For this excellent Article.

    I use for making money on the web and I am satisfy with its performance.

    I hope that It will be a very useful medium for Making more bucks on the web.

  23. This is a very different way to make money. Seems like a Social site but you can make money out of it. Something like I guess.

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  24. says:

    Looks interesting.’s last blog post: Apple New “Get a Mac” Ads

  25. John, you seem like someone who is very daring to take chances. No wonder you’re so successful. 🙂

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