The AGLOCO Effect

We have all heard of the Digg Effect or the Slashdot Effect, but the AGLOCO Effect? It seems AGLOCO recently sent out an email update to all members. The update highlights AGLOCO’s growth and goal of 10 million users by July 1st. 2007. In addition, the email ask members to sign up at least 5 more members in the next 30 days. That really shouldn’t be a problem. To help you in referring ways, AGLOCO listed a few sites to check out.

To help you we have also listed a couple of blogs that our Members have created to share ideas on how to obtain referrals, as well links to two successful Members who have over a thousand referrals.

Ideas site for ideas for obtaining referrals – sample emails etc.)

Two successful recruiters: (over 6,000 referrals) (over 1,700 referrals)

Two ‘fun AGLOCO sites’ (a Malaysian video in English) (A newbie diary)

The email, which is being sent over the next few days to an estimated 100,000 members, has provided a nice increase to blog traffic. I hope that the information on this blog will help you guys out.

I first wrote about AGLOCO back in Nov 22nd and is on track to hit 2,000 referrals within the next two days. That puts me at 2,000 sign ups per month. I am aiming to have 5,500 to 7,000 referrals by Viewbar release time.

I may do a blog series on referral methods if there is enough demand for it. I learn a lot from my AllAdvantage days and those recruiting ideas still work today. If this is something you want to see, leave a comment.

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36 thoughts on “The AGLOCO Effect”

  1. Steven says:

    I just started referring people, but I’d love some of your tips!

  2. Raghu says:

    Made a couple of postings related to the update I received from AGLOCO

    Read my blog for these postings …

  3. Michael Kwan says:

    And here I am with just one referral. 🙁 sign up with AGLOCO under me instead. John still gets his referral, because I signed under Ed, who signed up under John.

    sorry for the comment spam :p

  4. OneLoveNet says:

    What about the cookies with Agloco? I already added this “Why no cookie is saved with the Agloco referral id? What if the referred person decide to signup later?” John, maybe you have better relation with their management, can you ask them to comment why no cookies are placed with referral ID?

  5. Nomar says:

    it is not working good for me.. only 1 guy signed up under me.. what are your techniques…… probably.. just your amount of traffic 🙂

  6. John C (not John Chow) says:

    I too would like to hear some tips, if they are more than just your rugged good looks and having a popular blog/site/empire. 😀

  7. Raghu says:

    Folks – I don’t have a very popular BLOG but just chasing my contacts has got me 20 contacts in my network.

    Suggestion 2 – Get you members of the network to also work for you – any pyramid scheme will hardly work if you work alone

  8. I will look forward to all the tips you want to provide!

    As you said, you already have experience with this type of business model, so I appreciate you being willing to help other people out who are not as well-versed in the area as you are.

    Thank you.

  9. Brad says:

    Screw ’em for not putting my site in that email. I don’t mean any disrespect by this, but like you need any more publicity, Mr. Chow. I love your site and you’re obviously a good man but I just don’t like it when the “haves” get attention and the “have-nots” get left in the dust. But life is such. You pull weight, and most of us do not.

  10. OneLoveNet says:

    Couldn’t resist and I also added a message about AGLOCO to my blog:

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  12. soj says:

    Ive just started with AGLOCO so any help and tips would be great

  13. Frank says:

    Didn’t make the list :(.

    The Official blog updated with a post saying they want to make a page listing blogs dedicated to AGLOCO.

  14. Zoltan says:

    Yesterday night, I also started an email campaign. So far, 5 members signed up under me, not complaining but would like to read some other promotion tactics. Come on John, teach us.

  15. Paul says:

    Hey John

    Congrats on making the email. Lets keep things rollin’…


  16. Pedro Pais says:

    John, I’d love to read your thoughts about referral methods.

    I’m having no success. I’ve told most of my friends about it, but they all think that’s a crazy scheme or too much of an hassle. Maybe my communication skills aren’t so good…

  17. alpha says:

    i also want some tips, currently i have ZERO referrals

  18. Zoltan says:

    I already have 22. 🙂 Just sent out an invitation to one of my sites’ members.

  19. Hi John,

    So far I have 189 people in my AGLOCO network, and I am aiming for 1,000 when the Viewbar is released.

    I would love to get some tips from!

    And congratulations on having almost 2,000 people already 🙂

    Merry Christmas Everybody…


  20. Dejan says:

    Btw: I just registered and got this ID:

    Just letting you know.

  21. furst says:

    A post referrals should be interesting.

  22. furst says:

    Wow, did I really just write that? Man, I’m tired. Anyways, what I meant to say was that I’d be interested in hearing what have you to say in terms of getting some referrals. It’s something I’ve always had a bit of trouble with. I hope you don’t write the article too sparingly, keeping your best tricks for yourself. You seem to be the master of subtle persuasion. Put it all down on paper and let us learn the science.

  23. Kaimor says:

    Hi! Very helpful blog. I’ve got a blog of my own: http:// It would really help if I exchanged links with you. Thanks and nice working with you !

  24. Looks like Agloco will hit a big wave around the net.. And until the Viewbar is out and people gets the paychecks, its still a mystery for that matter.

    For latest non-biased Agloco news. Visit Agloco Non Biased News And Updates

  25. Mubin says:

    Well John are you going to update us on:

    1) How many referrals you now have.
    2) How much traffic the email bought you.
    3) Did the number of extended referral increase when the email was sent out?

  26. Kench says:

    This company will be big and those who gets in early and have more referrals will benefit the most!!

  27. Martin says:

    I signed myself up to use it at work, and I was going to sign my wife up to use it at home. Funny thing is that my wife’s e-mail address was already used, but she didn’t sign up. Looks like people are signing up a bunch of e-mail address and names and getting as much 5 hours shares as they can.

  28. Hi everyone. I’m a Belgian Student and I signed up too. I’ve made a website about AGLOCO and created a blog too. I could use the money I’ll earn from AGLOCO, after all I’m a student biosciences and these studies aren’t really cheap.

    If you’re interested, please visit:

  29. Dan says:

    ive been a member of agloco since last week and was wondering if anyone had tips for advertising? Ive tried ebay but didnt have much succes, any ideas?

  30. Zupo says:

    Hey guys!

    I am setting up a whole network of localized sites for Agloco! is the crown website of a network of local AGLOCO websites in Europe. On the page you can find a Help Center with guides, hints and tips to build your own AGLOCO referral network. All the content is then translated and posted on local AGLOCO sites!

    At the moment we have this local sites:

    …and are preparing many more!

    There is also a global forum with local sub-forums available on

    Go Agloco!!! 🙂

    ps: If you’d like to have your localized AGLOCO site, contact me on [email protected]

  31. IndoDX says:

    Hello John, I was made some cute banner, maybe some Agloco member need it, download it here

    Enjoy it 😉

  32. José Beato says:

    “I may do a blog series on referral methods if there is enough demand for it. I learn a lot from my AllAdvantage days and those recruiting ideas still work today. If this is something you want to see, leave a comment.”

    Of course everybody wants some help from you to increase their network, including me 🙂

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