The Arbitrager – Sex, Drugs and Lazy Internet Millionaires

Over the years, I had the fortune of meeting and becoming friends with some very big super affiliates. Guys like Zac Johnson and Jonathan Volk are pretty well known because they maintain very popular blogs. Then there is my friend Aymen. Chances are, you’ve never heard of him. This is because Aymen is of those super affiliates who likes to maintain a low profile. And when you’re making over $100,000 a DAY, I can’t really blame him. Aymen doesn’t take pictures, doesn’t do interviews and I’m not allowed to tell you if Aymen is his first or last name.

I first met Aymen at the 2008 Affiliate Summit West in Las Vegas. We’ve kept in touch over the year but in the past few months, I’ve been seeing a lot more of him because he recently moved to Vancouver. Aymen purchased a suite in Vancouver’s tallest building, the Shangri-la. The first thing he did after landing at Vancouver International Airport was take a taxi to the nearest Audi dealer so he can pick up a new R8. When you’re making over $100K a day, a car is just an impulse purchase.

Sex, Drugs, and Lazy Internet Millionaires

It was over dinner at Gotham Steakhouse that Aymen was telling me about how sleazy the world of Internet marketing can be. That recent post you read on Tech Crunch, the one about the affiliate scams being run on social gaming, that’s not even the tip of the iceberg. During dinner, Aymen told me he was going to write a report that will expose the dark side of affiliate marketing. That report, titled The Arbitrager – Sex, Drugs, and Lazy Internet Millionaires, is now available for download. The best part. It’s FREE!

The Arbitrager

Nobody has ever revealed anything like this before. Aymen has spent this entire year immersing himself in a dark underworld very few people even know exists. This report is not for the faint of heart. It contains sordid stories and details that are quite alarming, to say the least. It was one of the most eye-opening reports that I’ve come across in a long time. I can’t imagine being without this information. I recommend you grab a copy right away. Aymen is sure to ruffle some feathers with this report and I wouldn’t be surprised if he’s forced to take it down.

Download The Arbitrager – Sex, Drugs, and Lazy Internet Millionaires

101 thoughts on “The Arbitrager – Sex, Drugs and Lazy Internet Millionaires”

  1. Anyone making $100k a day is my hero. I’m going download that report ASAP!

    1. Would love to read about him.

      I clicked and this one is taking time, seems to me that many people attacked the link of download.

      1. 100K per day isn’t bad when you don’t even need to go to work..

        1. fas says:

          100k per month is also awesome.

        2. Lee Ka Hoong says:

          But how long you will take to achieve 100k per day? Not much people can achieve this goal, that would be pretty good if you can just make 1k per day from online.

    2. Hehehe… surely worthy hero. 😀

  2. Wow bang bang … two big affiliates back to back. This one is more big infact 10 times bigger than Jonathan.

    1. I’m a bit skeptical on the amount of money he claims to be bringing in.

      But even if he’s 1/10th of what he says he is (still $10k/day!), I’m willing to have an open mind and learn a bit from this guy.

      1. I just wonder if this is a link bait marketing post or for real?

        1. Great minds think alike or fools never differ? SY

        2. Ricky says:

          I was asking the same question in fact…. maybe the best way to create an e-mail list quickly……. I mean 37M$ ….. but it is possible…. you can do a lot of shady stuff to generate money quicly too…..

          1. Benjamin Cip says:

            Tell people you’re making 100k/ days (even if you don’t) and you’ll gather a lot of people and start making that amount of money…. that’s called MIND CONTROL

          2. Benjamin for that also you need some weight, here we are giving serious thought to him (for making that much money) because John is talking about him …

            Try yourself once 😉

      2. PPC Tips says:

        Even if it was 10k a day that is still great. Can’t hurt to see what he has to say.

        1. When John is saying that he is earning $40000/month and so many people are visiting him every day than just have a though of 10000/day means in only 5 days he will cross John income.

          Would love to read.

  3. izzat aziz says:

    forget internet programing book.. here come new book for my reading list.. thank john.. 😀

  4. Fazreen says:

    How can sex be relate to internet marketing. Gonna check and read this out. Sound interesting

    1. Hey, that pic looks like the ad from Calvin Klien that cause all the controversy.

      1. Benjamin Cip says:

        I didn’t know Fazreen was posing for Calvin Klein…

      2. Lee Ka Hoong says:

        Oh really? Never see that before.

        Fazreen, you’re going to be famous, watch out! 😀

  5. soon you will be seeing someone making 1 million a day.

    This stuff won’t change you a bit. I gaurentee that.

  6. Zac Johnson says:

    An excellent job was done on making this read interesting and out of the ordinary. Even if you don’t have the time to read it, it makes for an excellent example of how ebooks and newsletters should be written/seen.

    1. No kidding. Just reading what John said and then the promised content, I’m overwhelmed with curiosity. I’m dying to find out what is in that book.

      (I have no idea why I don’t always get the “click to confirm” e-mails instantly)

      1. John Chow says:

        It should be instant. Did you check your spam folder?

        1. It was in my spam folder. Hmm, that’s interesting.

  7. web hosting says:

    Yeah i think i will download also.

  8. khalid says:

    Its a dream for most of the affiliates,

  9. Sean says:

    It always amazes me to watch what money does to people. Even those who say…’it wouldn’t change me…” Large amounts of money that are inherited, won (or come residually) are difficult for people to handle. Much respect to those who do handle it responsibly.

  10. Wow. I’ll give you this, John: you got me to click. That said, can I please have the three minutes I spent reading this “report” back? This is awful sales drivel.

  11. Ad Coffee says:

    oh God! 😀 you’re crazy John! But I’m going to download it too…

  12. J says:

    A nice ebook written following most of Frank Kern’s rules. Too over-the-top, which ruins the deal.

    Nothing new, just the old “Traffic+Monetization=Money”.

    And all those people he describes must be really insane to spend THAT much. They’ll be out of business by the end of the year if they keep doing that (UNLESS they work really hard the rest of the time).
    I mean come on, 60 x $1000 per bottle of “Cristal” vodka (Must be some fake knock-off, cause the real English version of it has “CristaLL” written on it; or maybe he’s talking about the Russian version…)

    I’d say this is either Bullshit, or the guy’s been over-impressed (and possibly drunk) by a MUCH cheaper party… probably the first he’s been to…

    I don’t know if this’ll be posted or not, but I just felt the need to say this.

    1. big jason says:

      actually, aymen doesn’t drink. speculate something else

  13. kelvin says:

    This guy make 100k a day, it was amazing..
    well his going to reveal some secret…good luck !

  14. Marco says:

    If he is making $100,000, does he really need to bother harvesting our email addresses?

    My guess is that it wont be long until we are receiving emails from him trying to sign us up for some affiliate course or another!

    1. big jason says:

      good thing there is a working unsubscribe button eh?

      1. Marco says:

        Yes, & I have already used it!

  15. Doesn’t matter if that is the best sales pitch written so far on this blog or a serious recommendation, I am going to download this report – in the end, it is free, what do I have to loose, apart of an email address? SY
    PS I know, curiosity kills the cat 😉

  16. Just downloaded and started to read the report and had to lol and to rofl the whole time! Good grief, this thing was truly written for a male readership 😉 Does this guy not know that there are also a lot of women around that make money online??? SY

  17. Asswass says:

    hmmm how dark can affiliate marketing be? I need to read this. Nice way of selling it John.

    1. Dino says:

      Hello, ass wass havent seen you inawhile. Downloaded as well to check it out.

  18. David says:

    eh… there was nothing really there. just a big story about how crazy this underworld is. ok… so how crazy is it? need to buy a coarse or something to find out. I have to go to lunch. Interested in how its being marketed, but I’m hungrier. Maybe I’ll look at it later, but I aint buying.

    1. I’m interested in free stuff if he actually puts anything out free. I read the whole thing and there was nothing but story.

      Interesting story. Sounded like Boiler Room to me.

  19. $100k a day would be some serious bucks. I proly buy a ship, after I fed all of Africa first though.

    1. Feeding Africa is a much more noble cause than a boat. It is crazy that these people have so much money and yet so many have nothing… Good call.

  20. Wow this sounds really interesting!
    It makes me wonder how dark affiliate marketing can get.
    I’m ready to start making $100k a day!
    Thanks for sharing this John! (y)

    Make Money Mentor

  21. Jonas says:

    So lets see, there are only 2 reasons a person making $100k a day would take time to try to build an opt in mailing list by writing a free ebook.

    1. Whatever he was doing stopped working.
    2. It never worked to begin with.

    1. Now that are two good points! SY

    2. Heheheheheh! He is working on his mailing list, that much is for sure! The old mantra of “the money is in the list” definitely applies here! I’ll be reading the report this evening, and will reserve final judgement until such time as I’ve finished with it…..

  22. Oh my God, just read that book. The guy is EVIL.

  23. austin says:

    seems like the signup is down

  24. Diabetis says:

    I don’t think that I could trust someone who is hiding their real name or face from us. Just because you have mentioned that you know him is just not enough. He got to show his face and share his real name so that we would know that we could trust him.

    1. John Chow says:

      His real name is Aymen and I do have pics of us at Gotham Steakhouse but he asked me not to post it.

      1. Benjamin Cip says:

        Maybe he’s just shy and don’t want to show his face to anyone except his friend, the problem is that it makes him loose some credibility… In some ways, it sounds like he is not sure about the quality of his products and doesn’t want to take more responsability.

  25. Okay, I bit, I donwloaded the report and will read it tonight. Hope it’s not all hype.

  26. Shane says:

    I’m starting to get the feeling that each day I am being “sold” here rather than learning how to sell. Everyone seems to be making money except us readers

    1. The trick is to observe what John does and to learn that way 😉 SY

  27. Maybe the server is pretty loaded at the moment, or maybe I am just unlucky, but even though I tried, I cant get to the end of the process.. Tried a few “tricks” too, so we’ll see if I recieve an e-mail sometime…
    But damn, if he really earns that many money and pulls of a list-building / link-baiting stunt like this, he should make sure that the servers work 100%.

    1. big jason says:

      icontact was down yesterday

  28. kumo says:

    Perhaps making 100k per day is not the actual reason that he’s being low profile. I’m too likes to be low profile, just don’t feel comfortable under the big spot light.

  29. I just finished reading the report and I’m going to have to call “complete bullshit” on this one. What a bunch of crap! it’s hyped out garbage like that, that makes me hate this industry and really feel for all the suckers who will buy into this POS!

    1. right on alan…
      Finally good to see such honest comment from you.
      Yep …its crazy.
      Yes there are suckers out there who dig this stuff.

      1. Unfortunately those suckers will end up wasting their money.

    2. I am also not quite convinced here. The man is trying to get buy-in into “his” unique program. Nothing new here, I’m afraid to say.

      1. The only thing unique is the pitch. It’s original, I’d give it that.

  30. elmot says:

    A big bang…the dark side of internet marketing with all the sleazy schemes and scams. Good thing a blogger with real knowledge of the issue wrote and is exposing this thing.

    1. “Good thing a blogger with real knowledge of the issue wrote and is exposing this thing.” ummm..John actually knows the guy, so I m not sure you would call that exposing…

  31. Aymen curiously sounds just like Amen….Amen to that! Attention grabbing headlines are bound to help ensure buy-in, and I’ve subscribed to the email mailing list required to gain access to this “sensationalist” information. I’ll reserve judgement until I’ve read the report, but this is a classic example of really good marketing, nevertheless…..

  32. So, I finally finished to read the hype and what is the result? Traffic+Monetization=Profit
    Wow! Really? Wouldn’t have thought that (insert sarcastic grin here) SY

  33. Moulinneuf says:

    John , is it the same guy with Titanium Business Card with an Octopus on it ?

    1. John Chow says:

      No but I do know of the guy you’re talking about.

  34. videostar says:

    What is he afraid of?Publicity?Maybe he is not sure of himself.

  35. Neil says:

    Lol John, you are a douche for posting this bullshit. Wonder how much he paid you to endorse this garbage.

    1. John Chow says:

      I wasn’t paid anything for this post.

    2. Marco says:

      John will get paid a commission for each person that signs up via his link.

      When you read Johns posts, it is best to think of them as advertisements rather than informative articles.

      1. john says:

        Good aff’s like john wouldnt be making much dough if the content wasnt good still though. He’s got a good rep to keep up. Good reputation = money.

  36. flyssy says:

    That report is total bulls*it. The usual bling marketing imagery, tedious talk of Hummers and nighclubs, blah blah blah, and just a lead in to another high dollar “system” sales page to be announced soon.
    I’m getting really bored with John punting this crap over and over again. Nice earner for him though when all the mugs sign up.

  37. Lee Ka Hoong says:

    This might be a great ebook for everyone since it’s free for download. I’m going to steal one. Thanks john!

    1. dream on Lee…You don’t have to steal this…Its free..remember????

  38. What?!!! is there a dark side of affiliate marketing? *just kidding*

    Yeah, there are surely many dark side in affiliate world. It is interesting to know how the dark side from first hand. 😀

    1. Yea, there’s def a dark side to this business.

  39. A freebie is always a good deal, and if the book points us in the direction of becoming an internet mllionaire, even better!..x

  40. Great writer, but the concept he introduce is nothing new. I enjoyed reading it though.

    I want to meet this guy to say the least — I’m from Vancouver too!

  41. Eric says:

    I found Ironic that the title in the first page is that
    “we absolutely do NOT endorse any of the scandalous corrupt or immoral behavior exposed inside”
    And that he ask to thrust him 😛

    And it’s taking him 15 page to tell you that Traffic and monetization is the key to success in marketing o.O

    You need to read all the page to find out what important in that report and to find out that it’s nothing…

    My best part is this quote
    ” Still, I’m not here to write to you purely about CPA marketing – or about the Arbitrage Conspiracy.” on page 7.
    Browse down till page 14 and Here we go big logo of Arbitrage Conspiracy, that selling his “new” way of making money 😛

    Anyway was a good read to learn what not to do in marketing 🙂 And the worst is that He’s probably making the amount he told he’s making…

  42. Chino says:

    Anyone who thinks it is possible to make $100k a day is a fucking retard.

  43. money online says:

    making money like crazy 100.000 a day….. still in my dream

  44. akuchey says:

    there no is lazy millionaire…dont use such word in your life to become millionaire!peacee

  45. EarningStep says:

    excellent earning… 100k is not a small number , it takes 100 days for me to earn that number…lol… i have downloaded the ebook. read it and learn it

  46. H says:

    I just followed the link to download this, and well, let’s say I want the last 10 minutes of my life back. This is totally useless.

    John, usually your posts are all a mere attempt at rambling about the same stuff over and over again, but usually there’s some truth to it and it leads to some decent content. Did you have a low day today? I mean, come on, I’m sure this was worth it for you and for whoever is involved in this, but if you keep using things that are so low, even the network of loosers hovering over here won’t be enough for you to generate enough revenue.

    Get back to writing better articles, would you? I miss the old times.

  47. geesh 100,000 a day.. wheres the rest? Nah this sounds like good money, just kidding. John you’ll be there any day soon right?

  48. Mikey says:

    About to read it now. Anyone who can make $100k a day is someone that you need to read everything they put out about the industry of marketing period.

  49. videostar says:

    That is the result I would like to have got.

  50. Sane brain says:

    Looks like a perfect scam to collect E-mail IDs by some asshole and John Chow promoting it as usual. Now why can’t this Aymen or Asshole or whatever show it’s face you scum? Who are you trying to fool here chum? People don’t get caught to this nonsense. Its a scam. They want to collect e-mail IDs. Get a life John Chow. God will punish you for taking people for granted. But did you notice, not everyone is a fool like you?

    1. big jason says:

      hmmm…. not a lot of rational thought or facts there. you could be a scammer for all we know.

  51. Zee says:

    So… Should I read it or not?

  52. Jason says:

    Damn that is a lot of money he has to be up there with Google lol. I agree with previous post above, if he’s making even a fraction of that money, he’s doing incredibly well. I’m gonna check out his report out of curiosity maybe I will learn a few tips. It can help me with my affiliate marketing business! Great blog, thanks.

  53. says:

    its hard dude, ye yea, it is so hard 😀

  54. hokya says:

    $100K a day?
    that’s really are AMAZING !

    even i got ‘only’ $100 per day with blogging, i will decide to abandon my job and keep in doing this 🙂

  55. Making 100 k a day is really an impossible dream for me. But I just knew there is someone named Aymen who makes it. Thanks, John, your story encourages every blogger to be more active in building and improving their websites and blogs.

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