The Best Products for Bloggers To Sell On The Internet

You know you need your own product in order to stand out from the crown and realize the maximum income from blogging. Now the question is, what is the best product to sell?

Long before I got into blogging, I was an Internet marketing and sold countless things on the Internet. Of all the things that I’ve sold, by far the easiest and most profitable was the information product.

Information products are eBooks, downloadable software, membership sites and any other products that are delivery electronically and have no psychical shipping and handling.

What makes information products so much better than any other products? The reasons are many but they can be boil down to these main ones.

They Are Easy To Create

Most bloggers have enough blog posts to make many eBooks. My first info product was created by taking a collection of posts from my blog and repackaging it.

You may think that your readers would never go for an eBook of repackaged blog posts but you’ll be wrong. If you’ve been blogging for a while and have many pages of blog posts, most new readers are never going to check your archives. As far as they’re concern, all the content in your eBook is brand new. Even if the reader has been a long time reader and read most of your posts, chances are he would have forgotten most of it so to him, your eBook would be new as well.

Cost of Goods Sold Is Near Zero

The nice thing about an info product is the cost of goods sold is practically zero since there’s really no per unit production cost. All the costs are tied up in the initial creation and that can be near zero as well depending on how you go about producing it.

I used to have an online store that sold computer cables and accessories. One of the reasons I chose that niche was because of the high mark up and I was able to pay affiliates a 20% commission and still make money. However, as high as the mark up was, it’s nowhere close to the mark up that an information product can achieve.

Because your cost of good sold is next to zero, you can afford to offer affiliates an insane commission level and still make money on it. Look at some of the info products on Clickbank. Many of them pay up to 80% commission!

Pricing Is Based on Value

Because an information product is all electronic and has no psychical presence, the pricing is based on value instead of on looks and feel.

When you go to a store and see a product, you form a price in your mind based on how the product looks because you’re buying the product you see in front of you. With an info product, you’re not really buying the words in the eBook or the presentation in the video. You based the price on what the information is worth to you. You’re buying the effects those words and images can create if you apply them.

Pricing of info products can be all over the map. They range from free to thousands of dollars. And since the value is in the information and not the form its delivered in, you’ll come across thousand items that can be considered a great bargain to free items that can be considered a waste of time.

Price Changes By Changing The Delivery Medium

The information on most blogs are free. Unless you’re the Wall Street Journal, you simply won’t be able to charge a subscription fee for their content. However, if you move your content to a different medium, the situation changes.

For example, if you repackaged your blog posts into an eBook, you might be able to sell it for a few bucks or use it as a bride to get your readers email address.

Now take that eBook and turn it into a real book and it will sell $20 or so. The information is the same (with a few updates here and there) but because the delivery medium has changed, so has the price.

Take that book and turn it into an online course and the price changes again. Take the online course and turn it into a live seminar and again the price will change.

Through all this, the core information has not change but the price went from free to many hundreds, even thousands, of dollars.

Why would people pay thousands of dollars to attend a Rich Dad Poor Dad seminar when they can get the same information by simply reading the book? Because people place difference value on the delivery medium. A live seminar is seem to be worth more than a book.

By repackaging your information product into a new medium, you extend the life of the product and will make more money.

Scales Easily – Everything Can Be Automated

By far the most attractive feature of an info product is its ability to scale and be fully automated. When you have a physical product, scaling becomes a lot harder. You have to buy more raw good, hire more people, expand facilities, etc. With an info product, you just get a bigger server.

Thanks to numerous software, both paid and free, the selling of information products can be fully automated. And that’s really the key to this whole thing. You want to automate everything so the income becomes passive. This gives you time to do the more important things in life.

51 thoughts on “The Best Products for Bloggers To Sell On The Internet”

  1. Samuel Ho says:

    Great post~~Thanks John!!~~ I had never thought about turning blog posts into many different format in order to change its values.

  2. David B says:

    Thanks John, ALWAYS Great TIPS! – I have been considering this strategy recently and I’m glad you posted this to help me validate my ideas!

  3. jim rush says:

    You are so right. The obvious is sometimes right in front of our faces.


    [email protected]

  4. MyMochaMoney says:

    Hi John! Great info as always! I have a book I wrote and give away on my blog in exchange for email addresses, but I keep thinking of expanding it and selling it. I would then take a chapter out of it and give that away instead.

  5. Repackaging and delivery, very important factors when it comes to information products and pricing them. Thank you for this post John.

  6. doablefinance says:

    I have a blog Doable Finance. I have written quite a few articles – more than 1,000 on almost a daily basis. So I have enough information on Careers, Credit, Debt, Savings, Retirement and other related categories. I would start working on building ebook on these subjects.

  7. Another term for this process is “re-purposing content” and if you do a quick search within your WP Plugin Admin for “convert to pdf” or the like and you will find several free plugins that actually turn your blog posts into ebook formed documents (you will notice a Convert To Pdf link above my posts at MSB) which proves you can actually have ZERO production costs for producing your own unique infoproduct!

  8. torn says:

    I want to be a succesful blogger like you all but I cant even buy a single domain and I cant even construct a better english article. I’m not fluent in English. I created a blog about movies but adsense warned me about copyright violation. Is there any alternative way for me to earn money by blogging? I need help. Thanks!

    1. azmanyu says:

      @torn Torn, there are ways of making money from the internet. tons of ways. what you need to do is sit and write down all what you have. list down your skills, hobby etc. just think about what ever niche that you have. I’ m very sure you have something that others dont. and focus on that particular area.

  9. Kenyancurios says:

    Hi John, I guess I feel like a studentin a marathon class in which i ssem to learn everytime i turn around. I guess this answers my earlier question on the issue of selling a physiscal product. An info product definitely sound much better. Hope to learn as I grow in this field. Thank you so much

  10. Wilson says:

    The price changes with the delivery medium point is absolutely bang on.

    That’s really a great way to create multiple revenue streams from the same content.

    And i can’t agree more on the ‘Easy scaling up and automating everything’ point as well.

    Thanks for sharing your insights. I certainly need to work on the different delivery medium part.

  11. Robin Henry says:

    I’ve been selling a handful of my own ebooks since 1998 and although sales have dropped off in the last couple of years, I still make a few sales weekly. I also sell ebooks and software by others on commission. Unfortunately, the quality of many ebooks available is pretty mediocre or poor.

    With increasing sales of the Kindle and other ebook readers, the market for ebooks will increase. It’s a good time to share what you know.

  12. Cashinghub says:

    The main reason of dropping ebook sales is republishing of contents. Most people here would agree with me that most of the content in ebooks are old. people wants something interesting and latest. Those who are providing it they are making money, but their numbers are few in the market.

  13. fas says:

    So true, that is why internet marketing is so profitable.

  14. Robin Henry says:

    @cashinghub … I agree, there is a lot of recycled content, however, all my personal ebooks are originals about topics that are relatively unique eg, writing responses to selection criteria in job applications. I think the main reason for my sales decline is that I have neglected to continue marketing and updating of the products because I’m doing other things. A couple of the titles need updating. Although the content is still current, some of the graphics and links etc are out of date. Thanks for your comment.

  15. Cashinghub says:

    @Robin Henry ….Yes, That might be the reason, The time has changed and In today’s business you need to do marketing properly and reach your potential customer. Anyway its just a tips for new comers.

  16. Robin Henry says:

    @Cashinghub … I always tell my students that when large firms like K Mart spend millions per year on advertising, it means that everyone has to advertise. Even though they have a well known brand and a captive audience, they still recognise that they must advertise to keep selling. If they thought they didn’t have to advertise, they wouldn’t.

  17. Garen Thoms says:

    So ture john well said…

  18. Isaac says:

    Does anybody know if this commenting system has language support?

  19. Wow, is amazing. Thanks for introducing us to it.

    Thanks again.

  20. sandytmoore says:

    Creating your product to share information and monetize your site is an easy way to make a living online. However, you really need to know the concepts of marketing to do this…. many people starting out are not aware of this, go full force into it without any knowledge and wonder why they are broke after not making a dime online… common story.

  21. I like the point you make about reusing past posts. A lot of people who have been blogging for a while may not feel they have it in them to dig up even more fresh content. Finding a new way to present your older ideas can be all that needs to happen.

    1. Robin Henry says:

      @Christelle Hobby Yes, you can provide old info for new visitors, reinforce the topic with old readers who have perhaps forgotten, and perhaps update it if that’s necessary or possible.

  22. Tu Michael says:’s kindle and ebook era.could u pls write more on this subject?like how to make ebooks for kindle easily. or makerplaces besides clickbank to sell ebooks

  23. desktop mall says:

    which is better, john? selling own product or selling someone producs as an affiliate? in affiliate we don’t need make a product, just promote someone’s and get earning.

  24. John Chow says:

    Do both. There’s no rule against it.

  25. Dzulhelmee says:

    Whether you sell your own product or promote someone else’s product, the main thing to focus is how you plan your marketing strategy. Doesn’t matter how good the product are, if there are no proper marketing planning, you won’t get far.

  26. Thad P says:

    How many posts on a given topic should be considered enough for an eBook?

    1. John Chow says:

      @Thad P I’ve seen eBook with as few as 5 pages. If that was a blog post, it would be one post. lol

      1. EntreprenKorner says:

        @John Chow @Thad P Not really, because your blog posts aren’t necessarily 5 pages. They are more like 1-2.

  27. Manu says:

    John if I launch a product that solves once and for all my reader’s problems, how can I keep launching new products over the long term if the needs of my readers were all satisfied?

    1. It’d be almost impossible for any one product to solve all of everyone’s problems. Even the most perfect product in the world would still leave a customer with other problems – and that problem might come from the customer himself, his personality, his learning style, his ability to comprehend and use the product. That might be an opportunity for you to create another product, a Lite version or an add-on guide. Possibilities for new product ideas are virtually limitless, just as much as human problems are virtually limitless.

      1. Manu says:

        That does make a lot of sense. Thank you very much!

  28. RobTew says:

    Great post John. I’m actually working on creating a product for my website

  29. Kenny Boger says:

    Wow , didn’t know that ebooks can be made from old blog post, I always think that ebook is made from scratch and will took alot of time. Good post, thanks for enlighten me John.

  30. Enstine Muki says:

    Ebook creation used to be like a mystery but these days, it’s becoming quite easy. From this post John, it looks like all good bloggers should be able to create ebooks

  31. This does not apply to you John, but most of the eBook on the market are copies of one another, or pick up from other people’s blogs. This applies to most things on the internet. Should you buy an eBook, so make it from one of the best bloggers to get value for what you buy.

  32. Robin Henry says:

    This morning I received one of Jim Daniel’s regular newsletters titled: “Info Products: Your Path to Riches?” which fits very well with the topic of this conversation. It’s not very long. If you’d like to read it, it’s here:

  33. Robin Henry says:

    Don’t forget that your ebooks can be used for viral marketing. Ebooks used for such don’t need to be lengthy and could be five or six blog posts. The key is to provide something useful that isn’t simply a sales blurb.

  34. This post is simply great, really I’ve never thought about an ebook becoming a book becoming a course and then a seminar. I don’t have one made by myself but this idea is something I will keep in mind for sure. Thanks.

  35. Tu Michael says:

    May I have a question: i m a Moondancer and i have some good video tutorials on moondancing. how do i sell video? because popular sharing sites are disabled now:

    how m i supposed to host and deliver the video files?

  36. ShankerBakshi says:

    “stand out from the crown”

  37. A lot of products get the reputation of being repackaged/rehashed. How do you stay away from this? The problem of constant product creation is the ingenuity that seems to be required. Most of what I learn can be found elsewhere, so the ingenuity really needs to be there as I don’t want to be another “guru” who sells information that’s everywhere already. I think my first product sold well because it wasn’t widely available. How do you scale with the product creation process? Hire out the content creation?


  38. Kenny Boger says:

    I see. That’s how Internet Business works.

  39. Robin Henry says:

    @iPyxel Creations, look for a complementary product (not complimentary) for example, when Apple introduces a product, there is a host of third-party gadget providers who make covers, speakers, all sorts of complementary products. They are riding on the horses back, Apple being the horse!

    Look at the existing ebook stuff. What doesn’t it say? What additional information might have been provided? That’s where you find the uniqueness that makes your product not just another rehash of someone else’s product. Find the gaps and plug them!

  40. Ian says:

    Hi John:

    A great post, and very relevant to want I m trying to do. I am writing a blog about making money through the print-on-demand company Zazzle.

  41. Stefanie says:

    You sly dog, you never cease to amaze me!

  42. I’m working on my first of 4 info products I want to release in 2012.

  43. Good advice here. Info products is genius!

  44. Thank you very much John.

    You give us always good ideas of how to write posts. Because I am new in blogging, i was accustomed to copy others posts. So, in the future, i will write my own way.


  45. good article, it is true, making your products is the way to go, i made several dvd and earned a lot of money

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