The Biggest Problem Standing Between You and Success

Have you ever wonder why you’re not as successful as you wish to be? How is it that a few people can achieve amazing results on the Internet while most people can barely pay for web hosting? It’s like there’s something standing in the way between you and your dream of financial freedom. Well, the truth of the matter is, there is something standing in your way and until you learn to deal with it, you’ll never reach your end goal.

The Biggest Problem Standing In Your Way Is..

You. When it all comes down to it, you are the only thing that is stopping you from achieving whatever it is your heart desires. Success is a attitude. It is not money, wealth or power. Take away the money of a successful person and he’ll have it all back and more in a few years. Give an unsuccessful person a million dollars (lottery winner) and chances are he’ll lose it all within a few years. The difference is their attitude.

The unsuccessful person blames his misfortune on outside factors – it’s the tax man’s fault, the economy is bad, prices are too high, my wife won’t let me, etc. He’ll blame everything else except the one thing that is truly keeping him down. The success person doesn’t blame outside factors for failing. He accept failure as a requirement for success and learns from it.

They say successful people think differently than unsuccessful people. That’s not entirely true. They don’t think differently, they think opposite. An unsuccessful person hates failure. A successful person welcomes failure. An unsuccessful person works hard for money. A successful person has money work hard for him. An unsuccessful person takes. A successful person gives. An unsuccessful person think a job is safe and investments are risky. A successful person thinks a job is risky and investments are safe. The list goes on, but the point is a successful person has an opposite attitude from an unsuccessful person.

If you want to be successful, the first thing you need to change is your attitude. If you have the attitude of an unsuccessful person, then no amount of reading, couching or training is going to make your successful. Once you change your attitude, things will open up for you.

You Are Where You Want To Be

Making money online really isn’t that hard. So why is it that only a small percentage of the Net make any money at it? Because everyone is where they want to be. If you’re not truly where you want to be, then you would be doing something to change it. I can give everyone the step-by-step on how to make money from blogging and most people wouldn’t do it. They wouldn’t do it because they are where they want to be.

Now, where you want to be isn’t the same as where you wish to be. You can wish to be rich but do you want to be rich? Of course, everyone will say they want to be rich but what are they doing about it? Most of the time, the answer is nothing. You are where you want to be.

Finding Your Why

People stay where they are because they don’t have a compelling enough reason to leave. Everyone wants to be rich but will settle for where they’re at. Until you find a compelling reason to leave where you’re at, you’ll be staying there for a very long time. This is where you need to come up with a really good why. Why do you want to succeed? If you haven’t made much progress in the past year, it’s because your why wasn’t compelling enough. Once you figure out the why, the how is pretty easy.

It All Come Back To You

At the end of the day, it’s not going to me or any other make money online blog that’s going to make you successful. You are the only thing standing between where you want to be and where you wish to be. Stop blaming outside factors and start to take responsibility and change your attitude to that of a successful person. You are the problem but you are also the solution. Success begins and ends with you.

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  1. Allan says:

    1st comment! πŸ™‚

    Anyways – you mean we can’t blame it on high oil prices? πŸ˜†

    1. Eastwood says:

      That’s why you gotta eco-drive, eh? πŸ˜›
      I blogged about it a while back

      1. RacerX says:

        Ride a horse to work πŸ™‚ It will Eco-Drive all over the street πŸ˜†

        1. Graham Lutz says:

          You can blame it on high oil prices all day long. And good for you, high oil prices are keeping you down. Meanwhile John is making out with hundreds of thousands. right?

    2. Steven says:

      That first comment, was it that orgasmic? LOL


      I agree with most of the post but there are some things I think we should include. Not all successful and unsuccessful people think completely opposite. Their actions differ and so does their attitude but besides the black and white of things, there are always gray areas. Although most of what you say is true in general.

      Another big problem is people blame time as in there is not enough of it or whatever the cause. Most people ARE motivated but are too LAZY to really do what is necessary. The other big problem is they look at their effort and THINK it’s actually trying when in fact, it’s not even close to the REAL effort they can actually produce. There lies a huge problem. Mankinds greatest disease is not his lack of motivation or innovation, but rather his strong desire for laziness.

      1. Ty Hurd says:

        I agree with John and Steve – It’s all about TAKING ACTION! I read another post of John’s about how people that say they want to start a blog or online business, someday, but the fact is; someday will never come. If you just realize that today is someday and take action now you will find success. I take action everyday to work on my blog. It’s less than one month old, yet it’s Alexa rating was 89k yesterday – not too shabby, why? Because I take action. My goal for the next 6 months is to break 25k, and I’m sure I will because I will continue to take action…

        It’s sooooo simple: Action = Success.

    3. MoneyNing says:

      Of course you can blame it on the oil prices. It’s always about the oil prices πŸ™‚

    4. Mayank Rocks says:

      lol @ Oil. Here oil prices doesnt rise so fast :p

    5. Syed Balkhi says:

      price of oil yeah blame that because you know some time back everything else to be cheaper, and now it is getting more expensive. It is just a cold hard fact so you gotta live with it.

    6. Oil is only part of the equation, but some think it’s all there is. So no, we can’t blame it on oil.

  2. Great post John. I’m currently working hard to be become successful and it’s showing every month.

  3. This is so true! Reading your book over the last few weeks has shed some light on what I can achieve. I have set goals and will be successful with my efforts. Thanks for the kick start!

    The Little League Coach.

  4. Thank you for inspiring me to take the leap! Your book and your blog has been very inspirational to me.

  5. Eastwood says:

    😈 😈 😈 😈
    success – here I come!

  6. Joe says:

    I agree, great post John. Thanks for all the information you give us. I’ve read your eBook and it has inspired a friend and I to setup our own blog. Now we need to learn more about how to get our blog seen. I better do a search in your archives.



  7. Trevor says:

    Great post John. You hit all the right points! Success, attitude, goals… πŸ˜€

  8. MoneyNing says:

    Hmm how come I feel like I’ve seen this post before.

    Anyway, this is always true no matter it is making money online or your job or your family. It’s all up to you.

  9. Money….. meh…. ruling the world is better! First step – I’ll take over Hollywood! 😈 (is that the right attitude to have? :mrgreen: )

  10. I have a friend who recently lost a high paying job and now he has to go out and find another high paying job. Bummer, they aren’t that easy to find. Sounds kind of risky to me.

    1. MoneyNing says:

      But it’s dangerous to look for a low paying job though since he’s going to go back to the low paying job’s salary as a reference if he ever looks for another job.

  11. Shaun Carter says:

    Congrats, John on hitting 20,000 RSS readers!

  12. Mahdi Yusuf says:

    i blame the holocaust 😈

  13. Azrael says:

    This only shows that you can break or make your business!

  14. Mayank Rocks says:

    Very Very Very Nice article. The article gave a lot of information and ofcourse a true fact revealed. I know a lot of unsuccessful people who put blames on many factors and a successful person, even if you make him poor by taking all the money, he will land up soon being richer than that person who stole all his money. Finally. Yes. Thanks for such a great article John. I loved it.

  15. Makes sense. Heard this many times. But still holds true.

  16. Mike Huang says:

    Wow! This is my read of the day πŸ™‚ Keep up the good work!


  17. Great article John. Too many times you find that people try to copy someone else success. To add little twist to your post John, the reason why people are not successful online is because they fail to use Creative Visualization.
    Creative Visualization is the technique of using your imagination to create what you want if your life (not someone else’s). You are already using it every day, every minute in fact. It is your natural power of imagination, the basic creative energy of the universe which you use constantly, whether or not you are aware of it.

  18. joe says:

    Hmm… everyone is in agreement with this article, but I’m going to go out on a limb and agree with it BUT… external forces are definitely at work. Economy goes down, ad sales go down and so does yer income. But, of course the successful person will adapt and find a way to turn lemons into lemonade. πŸ˜€


  19. vutha says:

    We cannot blame the corrupt government officials who make our business go forward slowly?.

    1. Syed Balkhi says:

      no because there is always way around things …

  20. Good post… thanks to you I’m slowly inching towards earning some serious bucks thru my blog. πŸ˜‰

  21. Ya true but hard to figure out 😐

  22. Niro says:

    Yea.. ofcause this is really true.. Very nice post.

  23. You are just so right. I haven’t really thought about it that much earlier but now when you tells me. I don’t just thinking about “making money online” but also about my athletic carrear. I am the reason I haven’t more successes and I have to get me where I wanna be.

    Thanks alot John! πŸ˜€

  24. How to Blog says:

    I know a few of the “wife wont let me” people but I’m sure its never been the case where money is involved.

  25. Tom Beaton says:

    It just takes a breakthrough in your mind to make you see the light.

  26. Excellent article! If you want to be successful, change your mindset to success. John you should write a guest post for my blog. You’re a great writer.


  27. Robert says:

    Good points, John. Success depends on the individual. No one is going to do anything for you. Not your boss. Not your friends. Certainly not the government. Success depends on the person and how badly he or she wants to move up in the world. Making money online, investing for financial freedom, etc…..if someone really wants to, he or she can achieve it.

    1. “Certainly not the government.” Exactly, it kind of makes me wonder why people get so excited about one politician over another, when it is in fact, you who are going to make the difference in your own life.

  28. Jack says:

    hey John. this is my first time at your site. just wanted to say that I enjoyed this post. its probably the most inspiring thing I’ve ever read that didn’t try to sell me something at the end!

  29. Well said John. I am new to your website and reading things for past few days. Ultimately one has to blame himself if he fails and sucess has many fathers πŸ™‚

  30. natespost says:

    I agree 100%, John. There is nothing between me and succes but myself. And those [email protected] Amish holding me down.

  31. Hoodia says:

    Great post John. Certainly thought provoking. Time for some of us to get the proverbial finger out and start looking at the meaningful things in our ‘online’ lives instead of bemoaning our bad luck all the time!
    Is this what you meant in your post πŸ˜†

  32. I tend to agree. I have found that there are simple ways to make money online, most people just don’t want to act on it. I’ve rarely seen people accomplish making money online by doing nothing. Good Read! πŸ™‚

  33. Walter says:

    John, I’m sifting through your archives looking for answers, but I thought I might save some time with this question. What’s the quickest way to earn(net) $500 on the web? Or, how quickly can $500 be earned? No doubt it takes time to earn high dollars, but I don’t require high dollars. I understand it’s not just about the money. Anyone?

    1. Joe says:

      “What’s the quickest way to earn(net) $500 on the web?”

      Sell a review on your blog. That is the magic number for this blog.. which is utterly ridiculous.

      1. Walter says:

        Why is $500 utterly ridiculous? I catch on, I just catch on slow.

  34. hyms says:

    That’s the point…the success ppl let the money work for them.

  35. Rob says:

    This post made me think of being successful totally different then what I thought 5mins ago before i read this. Was inspiring in a sort of way to read this.

    Thanks Johny.

  36. Jim says:

    Very inspirational post John. It is definitely true that most bloggers are hurt by the feeling that they simply can’t acheive what the “big dogs” have done. It is very possible, and you have really demonstrated this quite well πŸ˜›

  37. kevinlow2u says:

    I believe some people might know this. If A=1, B=2, C=3…Z=26, Attitude add up will be 100. You guys can try it. Success lies down not only mindset, attitude also is very important factors. Attitude is exactly how a person expressing or doing something. It is the expression of how a person behave base on his thought and mindset. Successful person with right mindset and right attitude, he or she will be in the right track to be successful in life.

    For myself, it took me some time to be in the right track and fine tune my own attitude towards the journey of being successful in life. Continuous learning and take action are important to assist me to be successful in life. Life will never be the same again. πŸ™‚

    Kevin Low

  38. Josh says:

    Very well put. Keep up the good work.

  39. BruceGibson says:

    Brilliant post. Right on the money.

  40. Mike says:

    Another great article, both refreshing and relevant. Very true on figuring out the “why” first, the rest falls into place.

    Also its great to hear how you endorse failure as a learning step. Being afraid to fail holds so many people back.

    Future article suggestion: Frequently people talk about setting up a mastermind group to build success. Perhaps you want to talk about the thoughts and strategies behind setting one up.
    Additionally, how outsourcing and automation can be applied to bloggers.

  41. Mike says:

    John great article,
    Love how you endorse the mindset of treating failure as a learning opportunity. Growing up, school systems teach us not to make mistakes, hence the reason why C/B students become business pros.
    Keep up the refreshing and relevant articles!

    Suggestion on article: So often masterminds are a way to achieve greater success and focus. Perhaps you want to explore the strategies and steps required.

    Also would be great to hear your thoughts on outsourcing and automation in respect to bloggers.


  42. Nice post John, you only get out what you put in. That’s why you should do everything you can and you’ll get everything back and more!

    Carl –

  43. James Wilcox says:

    This is similar to the post I made back in October 2007. You are always your worst enemy when it comes to success, so get out of your own way!

  44. Syed Balkhi says:

    excellent post john

    Words of wisdom at use.

  45. Robert says:

    I think the mentality that “oh I’ll do this someday” is what holds a lot of people back. They keep putting off. Then, they’re 50, still working 8 to 6, making a paycheck, and dumping a whole bunch of money into a risky 401(K) that the market controls.

  46. Robert says:

    Syed, are you the guy from Lost?

  47. One area I see people getting in their own way is when they analyze things too much. Paralysis of analysis is a serious disease.

  48. Career Quips says:

    Thanks for those nice posts.
    But tell me why your Alexa rank is slipping for the last 3 months as can be seen from following URL:
    Career Quips

  49. natespost says:

    The biggest problem most people have is not in a lack of good ideas, but a lack of drive to make those ideas come to fruition. Hey John, could you plug my first contest? I’m giving away $50 on my blog. starts today!

  50. The post is fair in its assumptions, but I do think there is a little luck involved along the way. The “right place, right time” mantra is always applicable. Other than my $0.02, great article!

    Justin – http//

  51. Amen. Thank you father John for that sermon.

  52. Ronald Su says:

    That is a very good and educational post. I totally agree with you with the attitude part, but can you please expand a little bit and educate us a little more. What exactly is the desired attitude? How can we change our attitude in order to head to the right direction?

  53. Fantastic post, John! I completely agree with you. Some of the components to one’s “attitude” regarding success, money, and wealth are somewhat hard coded, so it can be a real challenge to change them. By that I mean, some people who grow up with very little have a subconscious belief in lack and scarcity. It can be very difficult to overcome those when you don’t fully understand where the root of the issue lies (trust me, I know!).

    To your continued prosperity,

  54. Robert says:

    Great point by Create Wealth Online. I think people who look at the world around them and see scarcity will never succeed. We have to look around us and see opportunity. And there is plenty of opportunity around us. That kind of positive outlook breeds enormous success.

  55. Great point. We must accept responsibility for our actions and our circumstances. I remember my favorite definition of insanity – doing the same things over and over again and expecting different results.

  56. Jake Cohen says:

    That is half correct, but not completely… Although “you” are a major barrier in your own success, many other obstacles can be too. It is wrong to say that when you aren’t successful, it is completely your fault. There are many reasons that could lead to being unsuccessful. What you said though about the successful man learning from his mistakes is very true though. How he can quickly make his money back and looks kindly upon mistakes. This was a good post, thank you!

  57. Robert says:

    Jake, there certainly are many reasons for being unsuccessful. But the point is that there are a lot of people who don’t even try. There are people who don’t even take chances or try to improve their lives. They keep working their daily jobs over and over and over again. With those people, it’s completely their fault for not succeeding. For other who try, and then fail, only then can they attribute their failure to something outside their control.

  58. Granny Smith says:

    If you think you can – or if you think you can’t – You Are Right.

  59. Motivational post. And very true. But imagine of all people actually did make the move to become rich? We’d be pretty crammed.

  60. roffi says:

    A successful person would help an unsuccessful person.
    but there is so many unsuccessful person out there.
    It’s got to be the oil prices.

  61. Terry Tay says:

    Great post! We can only look in the mirror when we want to find out who is holding us back from our goals and dreams. We all have the ability to take charge of our lives and reach our goals with a little hard work. Take it step by step, day by day. Don’t expect to get where you want to be overnight.

    There is one person I’m going to blame for somethin though, I am going to blame John for my addiction to this blog. πŸ˜›

  62. Terry Tay says:

    will u help me become successful john?

  63. Chris says:

    Awe Geez John,

    You shouldn’t be telling just half the story! You know better! You have a top notch blog, a loyal following, and some pretty good ad revenue. Obviously you are doing a lot of things right!

    Your article reminded me of a couple of contract house painters I knew. They were good workers. They showed up on time and had the right equipment. They were always courteous and neat about their work. You could tell they knew that their income was directly related to their “production” by their hurried pace and the spring in their step. It was easy to see that they were willing to work hard to make their business succeed.

    Eager to expand, they agreed to paint a large mansion in a neighborhood adjacent to the area they normally serviced. This house was more than three times the size of anything they had worked on in the past. Their task was to treat and paint all the siding and trim on the additions of the home. The original structure was brick, but the two-story additions on the side and back of the house were covered with redwood siding. Being a big project, they agreed on a price and a firm start date (including bad weather clauses) with the owner. They ordered, mixed and purchased the required paint and supplies and had everything ready to go well ahead of their scheduled start date. True to form, they arrived at the project on the scheduled date and began what they had figured would be a five day job.

    During the first three days, they didn’t see anyone come into or leave the house and figured the owner must have gone out of town on business. None the less, they made sure the area was cleaned each evening and hauled their ladders, walk boards and supplies to the back of the house each night. Their activities impressed the neighbors. One neighbor even signed a contract to have his three-car garage re-painted.

    They were happy with their progress until they spotted some paint pulling away from the siding. On closer inspection, they found that the paint did not adhere well to the surface of the old siding, even though the siding had been scraped and primed. By the end of the day they were frantic as it looked like the new paint was simply falling away from the siding. They could not understand why the paint was peeling in big splotches so they called their paint store representative.

    The representative came to their job site to help identify the problem and handle any warranty issues. After looking at the siding, and checking their brushes and spray equipment, the representative asked to see one of the un-opened cans of paint. He assumed there was a problem with the paint itself. To his dismay, the painters pulled a couple of un-opened cans of paint from under the back porch. The paint representative immediately saw the problem. The paint had been stored outdoors and had been allowed to freeze and thaw. According to the manufacturer, the paint had to be stored above 45 degrees. As a result, the painters had no recourse. They would have to repair the damaged areas and purchase more paint. There was no warranty for paint that was improperly stored and allowed to freeze.

    Thinking they would lose a little money, but maintain their customer and their reputation, they decided to make the necessary repairs and ordered more paint. They scraped and re-painted all areas of the home that looked suspicious, and made sure the final product looked first-rate. They were losing a little money on the job, but they figured they were breaking into a new neighborhood and had already acquired another customer.

    At the end of the job, they picked up their gear, checked the entire building and left their completion certificate and invoice.

    Losing a little money on a job is one thing. Suffering from a damaged reputation is quite another. Unfortunately, no good deed goes unpunished.

    Two days after they had completed the job, the painters received a phone call from a very angry homeowner. The homeowner wanted to know who authorized the work on his house, and explained that he had been out of the country for the past month. He said he gave his brother-in-law access to the home and security system to pick up mail and newspapers and to check the premises every few days. He had briefly mentioned to the brother-in-law that he was considering painting the addition, but had made NO commitments and had not requested any work be performed.

    The homeowner reminded the painters that they didn’t have a signed contract by the legal property owner and didn’t require a down payment. He also mentioned that they hadn’t bothered with the other legal formalities of a high-ticket job (UCC-1, right of rescission letter, job scope description, insurance forms, and positive ID through a driver’s license or state ID card.) Worst of all, the homeowner didn’t like the color, and had planned on painting the siding a much lighter shade. In short, the homeowner was not going to pay for the job and was considering a law suite to force the painters to restore the siding to its original color.

    The painters soon realized the jam they were in. Initially they felt a little smug since they had a signed contract and figured the job would be “money in the bank.” What they did not do, was compare the signature on the contract with the owner’s property records or looked at the address labels on the US mail that had accumulated near the front door of the house. Because they felt secure with a signed contract, they didn’t bother with a UCC1 form, and had not obtained a customer signature on a “right of rescission” form. Legally, their only recourse was to go after the brother in law. This would be a neat trick since they didn’t have any contact information, phone numbers or any other form of identification.

    To sum up — they got out of their own way … straight to bankruptcy court. Since they didn’t get paid for the job and lost more than five working days of income, they didn’t have the cash to pay for their paint and equipment rental. Once they were on COD with their vendors, it became hard to bid work since they always needed a down payment to purchase material. This put them at a disadvantage when their competitors were set-up to handle financing, would accept a contract with only a signature and no down-payment and handled the appropriate credit and security forms with ease.

    What’s the morale of the story? All this stuff about “positive attitude” and determination and getting out of your way is a bunch of hooey.

    If you don’t know how to conduct business, you need to learn. And it would be wise to learn before committing large blocks of time and money. If someone hands you a “blueprint” and says this is exactly the way to make money … you’ve got two choices. Either believe them and follow that blueprint religiously, or don’t believe them and move on. Forget the “blueprint”, stop looking for the short-cuts and get an education on operating some form of internet business. That means you need to learn all the ugly things; the technical stuff like building web sites, copywriting, graphics manipulation, marketing and traffic generation, accounting and insurance.

    I have to laugh every time I hear some “guru” say, “Yep, I made four gazillion dollars last year and I don’t even know how to work my computer! I couldn’t do a web site if my life depended on it. I hire it all out. And that guy in Guiana knows exactly what I want.” There are a lot of people throwing a lot of BS against the wall looking for suckers like the rest of us (me included) to bite and cough up some cash for the “next big secret.”

    If attitude and determination were the only requirements for being a successful blogger or internet marketer or business person, everyone would be on easy street cashing the big checks.

    Whether you want to or not — someone should tell your readers that the all the “mental gymnastics” in the world won’t earn them a dime if they can’t or don’t provide some kind of actual value to the marketplace. For every blogger with a big check, there are 10,000 who can’t make a dime, and another 50,000 who haven’t tried.

    I applaud your success and envy your apparent ease at generating income. I think it’s terrific. I just don’t think someone who can walk a tightrope across Niagara Falls should be selling tightrope sneakers to all the folks who are scared of heights. It’s not having the sneakers that get you across the tightrope; it’s having the skill and balance.



  64. mahei says:

    If you know why…..will that really make the HOW easier? or are you saying that if you know WHY, you will succeed no matter WHAT and HOW many obstacles you face because your WHY is a stronger force to succeed? If yes, I guess you’re right. I’ll tell you WHEN I get there πŸ˜‰

  65. rubeina says:

    Ah very inspiring post, the starting up is always the most difficult part imo. I don’t know if I have the good “attitude” yet but all I know is am too shy to go forward! :O Now that I know what’s my problem I need to work on it :mrgreen:

  66. Tech Blog says:

    This sounds rather to evangelical or gospel like and is full of myths. But as usual has everyone “cooing and ahhing” like sheep following a sheperd. It doesn’t matter how much you believe in yourself – of course you need confidence. But what needs to be discussed is business. Business planning, business strategy, marketing, postioning, finance etc. To complain that people simply blame outside factors is wrong to, because this is part of PEST, it’s like when Vodafone entered the Far East with their cell phones, because they didn’t look at their PEST properly they ended with products which were already 1 year old for the market. So in essence they did blame outside factors, which they should have done to start with, or actually looked at them. Theres nothing here worth reading, it just keeps the sheep following.

  67. Negative thoughts is your worst enemy. For example – When you think that a certain project doesn’t work out, most likely you will pick up a new project. There is a big change that this new project gives you the same negative thoughts after a while and you ending up in a circle which never ends!

  68. I read about this in Entrepreneur Magazine about six or seven months back. Thanks for the reminder and the kick in the pants.

  69. Easy to say, eh! “A successful person has money work hard for him” How do you do that? could you expand on that?
    Cheers from sunny Spain!!

  70. Tom says:

    You hit it on the head John. Making money online is SO easy if you have the drive, you take action, and you have self-discipline. I think so many people on this earth lack this and just want the easy road and are happy making $9/hr ringing up groceries all day.

  71. natespost says:

    I’ve written about the 5 problems standing in my way, from a 3rd person’s harsh perspective:

  72. Wakish says:

    John, having that kind of attitude is one thing, but what if there’s no “vehicle” to help you cross the road? You can have top attitude, but what if you don’t have the means to do it.. you get my point?
    I think success is much more than just attitude, it a combination of “attitude + means + luck + will”..

    – Wakish –

  73. Michael says:

    I usually blame it on the rain.

  74. John, to be successful one needs to really work hard, initially. But I have seen with the greed of earning money on the spot, they tend to lose the way towards success and these type of people, then, keep blaming the family and relatives for not achieving anything. Also, in the process, they seem to lose whatever they have. Nowadays, in the rate race, people seem to hurry up in everything.

  75. Chip says:

    You are definitely right. I am my biggest problem. So what should I do with me? Throw myself away? No, I am reeducating myself by reading your blog. Wow, that was a nice one.

  76. Lee says:

    Ok you sell all your investments, projects etc, send me your money, change your name and start from scratch and let’s see how long it takes you? πŸ™‚

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