The Car Tent – A New Twist On Urban Camping


At first, I thought the above was a very ugly car cover. Then I noticed metal bar at the base and the fact that the woman is standing inside the “car” while zipping up the door.

It turns out the car cover is really a tent. I heard of urban camping before, but this is taking it to a whole new level. As long as there’s not parking meters near by, I would imagine it’s a pretty cheap way to camp. However, I’m not sure about sleeping on bare concrete.

I doubt the urban car tent would work in Vancouver. We have parking meters everywhere. Also, if you camp on a busy street, the noise level will keep you awake at night.


Source: Autoblog

36 thoughts on “The Car Tent – A New Twist On Urban Camping”

  1. Peter Koning says:

    It looks too good. People would be peeking under that thing all night long. Better to get one that looks like an old clunker.

    1. Haha the peeking part can’t be good, I agree.

  2. foodette says:

    That is so weird – why would anyone want to do that? The only “urban campers” that I have seen in LA are called bums. If I wanted adventure, I’d stay in a seedy hotel.

  3. Santosh P says:

    Good way to fool people.. Stay where ever you want for free…. But that lady got guts to do that in the middle of parking lot. 😈

    1. This is awesome! I have to try that :mrgreen:

  4. Ankur says:

    Cool ……. why cant you just live in a hotel?

  5. Bryan says:

    why would you want to camp in a car tent on a city street anyway? Guess you can get wi-fi atleast…

    1. Brilliances says:

      With property prices going through the roof, this might be the only viable alternative.. Trouble is that I can’t see this being ‘legal’ since it’s not a motor vehicle so it shouldn’t be able to ‘park’ there.

      Road to Mega Millions

  6. It could come in handy when you want to save your favorite parking space. 😀

  7. kelly says:

    That is neat!! Cheaper than a hotel!! 🙂


  8. Shawn Knight says:

    I certainly wouldn’t want to try this in Memphis… you would either get A) car/tent jacked or B) run over!

    1. SEO Blog says:

      Yeah, run over was what I was thinking. I mean one person trying to parallel park and you’re spent.

  9. Maybe I can finally afford a trip to Vancouver. I want to see the cast from Smallville and Battlestar Galactica.

    1. Joshua says:

      If you bring the girl in your avatar, you can stay at my place! If not, I’ll save some parking space on the street out front! :mrgreen:

  10. Mike Zak says:

    That thing is not for urban camping, that thing is for pirate-camping, a.k.a. when you camp in the wild, usually a ranger would wake you up in the middle of the night and will give you a fine, with this thing he’ll just thing that’s a car 😉

  11. browie says:

    Funny, You may not want to “park” that in a bad neighborhood. In a big city people would get pretty pissed that you’re taking up a parking spot. Funny invention though.

  12. kenny says:

    If theres really crappy drivers on the street, you’ll get “nudged” many times throughout the day as people try to parallel park! haha

  13. Yup, strange camping with gaz, polution and…

  14. shaun says:

    haha yeh i wouldn’t want to get hit by someone trying to parallel park or something. But thats a cheap way of living lol

  15. Ashxx says:

    That’s too cool. I’m going to have to get one. But like kenny said I’d be afraid of getting nudged

  16. Casey says:

    Haha. That is so genius.

  17. Marc says:

    spelling mistake says ‘concert’ when i think should be ‘concrete’?

    1. Brilliances says:

      Spending too much time in Taiwan does that to you I reckon.

      Road to Mega Millions

  18. CatherineL says:

    Cool – it really just looks like a car cover. I didn’t believe it was a tent until I saw inside.

  19. The police would probably make you move it. It looks pretty big and heavy too – like it would be hard to carry.

    1. Could’ve been designed that way so it would be difficult to steal. 😆

  20. I would be worried about someone running into the damn thing if I was the first car in line. Then the possibility of the car crush if I was in between two of them.

    Either way it is a rather cool concept for camping though. . . .

  21. Brilliances says:

    It needs a water proof base.

    Road to Mega Millions

  22. Wallace says:

    it is cool but seems not work well when rain day.

  23. dotnetnuke says:

    Good idea 😀

  24. Joshua says:

    This would actually work in clean and progressive places like Europe.

  25. James says:

    Perhaps it is for those people who camp outside stores for the big sale the next day?
    I agree with Stephen, I’d be afraid of getting run over.

  26. Marvin says:

    I go camping myself. Not in a parking spot like the one shown above. But in the woods. You can put a tarp on the bottom and an air mattress on top. It’d be very comfortable. Interesting idea to if you don’t have anywhere to stay.

  27. marcel says:

    Beware of drunk drivers who can’t parallel park !

  28. This would be great to use in the wilderness. Some hikers see a car on top of a mountain from afar. LOL

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