The Difficult Part About The Secret a.k.a “The Law of Attraction”

“All that we are is the result of what we have thought.”

I live a very blessed life. I have abundance, I write about topics I’m passionate about, laugh often, and find the most amazing things in the smallest things in life. It seems like people that I need to connect with appear to me when the time is just right for them to appear and opportunities come at the perfect times. Life is moving along nicely.

As a matter of fact, one of the intentions I have set for myself at the start of 2010 was to do more traveling. So I’m actually planning a trip in the near future to Costa Rica where I will document my stay there via this blog, and also video.

I have found that applying the tools found in the book/movie The Secret has really changed my life in a positive way.

Is That Real?

When I first introduced this “secret” a several years back to some of my friends, I was met with some enthusiasm, but a lot of skepticism as well. Applying the tools such as creative visualization, thinking positive, and making vision boards just seems “to good to be true.” The mere thought of simply thinking about something you desire and making intentions for it to arrive and sitting back watching it physically come in tangible form, sounds like something good on the surface, but not something that is “realistic.”

Logic Vs. Intuition

When I use my logical left brain to truly make an effort to analyze the law of attraction, or the power of intention, I admit it I too find it very hard to believe. How can I just think of something that I want, and all of a sudden it will manifest into reality? Don’t I have to work really hard and face many challenges to get that thing I wanted? The challenges may come up at times, but after I’d say about 4 years of actively practicing how to work with the universe in a natural way, versus against it, I have found my own little space of creating positive outcomes for myself by going with the flow.

Once again, the concept as I understand as the Law of Attraction is something I probably am best just living out instead of trying hard to describe in words. After all, it isn’t something very logical, and if I step into the logic of it, I may just be doing myself and my readers a disservice because both logic and how law of attraction work don’t really go hand in hand.

Example 1

It’s very similar to trying to logically explain how intuition or how synchronistic events work. For example, have you ever been thinking about someone and all of a sudden that person give you a call on the phone, and you are surprised and with excitement tell that person “That’s a coincidence! I was just thinking about you!”

Can you logically explain how that process works? If you can, please leave me a comment below I’d love to read your feedback. But, for the majority of people trying to logically translate the reason that “coincidence” happened would prove to be very difficult right?

The same is true for applying the principles that the law of attraction can help you manifest in your life the things you want, versus the things you don’t want.

Example 2

Let me give you another example, have you ever jumped in the air in this (physical realm) and just stayed up in the air and began to float? Just decided to stay up there for a few minutes, and hang out?

No. The reason you can’t stay up in the air for a few minutes or however long you like is because, there is this law in the universe called gravity that exists. This law of gravity is always there. You throw a ball in the air, eventually it comes back to ground level. Any object that consist of matter will come back down to the ground level.

How many of you actually go into the books, and research logically why this happens? I am sure that if you really tried your very best, you can quantify this law in numbers, words, and the like.

So why can’t I logically describe the law of attraction? Which says that like energy attracts like energy, or what you think about your attract in into your life.

The reason I can’t logically describe it is because that’s not my life path or job here on earth. It’s like when I jump in the air, (I jump very high by the way) I know that I will come back down and land on my feet. It is something I just accept as the reality. I don’t feel the need to go to the books, and find the numbers, theories, or exact logic to define and explain to everyone I know why this happen, it just happens.

The difficult Part About it: Teaching It To Others. The difficult part for me at this stage in my manifestation, is teaching why and how the law of attraction works.

It’s not difficult for me to apply these principles with success, because I have trained my mind and my perceptions to just accept it as real. Therefore what I experience in life at this stage in my life is really amazing and spectacular. The more I apply the law of attraction principles, the more I learn about myself and to be honest the more better results I receive. It’s like a little game I test myself with. However, in my case, this is the game of life. So it’s a serious matter, but at the same time very fun and exciting. Life is an adventure anyway, so I decide to experience it that way.

Furthermore, the second difficult part about explaining I also think is because, once you start applying things like creative visualization, affirmations, you begin to see it more of a way of life, versus a “one time thing.” I have found that it allows you take more responsibility for your life, because in essence it is you creating your life.

Law of Attraction as a Way of Life

Seeing the law of attraction is a “one time thing” I think is where a lot of people get hung up on. They start to think that this whole idea is some “hocus pocus” stuff that they will try once and if what they intended for doesn’t come immediately, than according to them it most not work and they begin to slip back into their normal comfortable life where things made more “logical sense.” It’s interesting if you look at very successful people today, they are people who are persistent, and persevere through rejection or failure. How is this idea any different? It really is about alignment. You have to be in alignment with what your life’s purpose is. As you begin to come in alignment with your life’s purpose you will see that the law of attraction is something that is very natural and real in your life.

I have found that people that are out of alignment with their life’s purpose, or have no intention on searching for their life’s purpose, are also those same people that find the need to logically find the reasons why the Law of attraction doesn’t work. Unless of course, their life’s purpose is to be critical, but you get my point.

Have you been applying the Law of Attraction/ The Power of Intention in your life?

Kevin Jacinto is a 26 year old blogger sharing his inspirational thoughts at Braker’s World.

86 thoughts on “The Difficult Part About The Secret a.k.a “The Law of Attraction””

  1. Dino Vedo says:

    I dont think everyone has a life purpose. In fact, I think its your job to create your purpose as you go along with life…

    1. salesfist says:

      I tend to agree with you.

      1. d3so says:

        No one knows if we have a set destiny or if our purpose in life is chosen by ourselves.
        I tend to believe we’re drawn into becoming who we’re meant to become.
        Most people would like to be famous but very few actually do.
        You want to be a basketball player though you’re more skilled and a natural in playing baseball.

        1. You’re right. Not all what we want actually happens. We have an idea about the destiny that we are wanting to have, but there are some plans that we are not aware of that will lead us to find the path.

        2. There may be a little of both but destiny is usually something that happens when you keep doing certain things repeatedly without changing direction.

          We can change direction any time. It is when we go to a default mode that the so called destiny takes over.

          Having a mind and not using it properly leads to that.

          1. d3so says:

            I believe that we need to be content with ourselves to truly find out the person that we’re supposed to be.

          2. I simply believe … if you have courage and determination than you will get what do you want to.

          3. Well put ZK! I firmly believe everything happens as it must, and how we react in given situations determines the outcome. Life is like an initiation school with our choices influencing the ultimate outcome…pass or fail….

    2. Scott Ford says:

      I strongly agree with this

      1. You strongly agree with what and why?

        It could be anything. A comment like this could apply to anything and therefore should be expanded on.

    3. Chris says:

      The “secret” to the law of attraction is how much “charge” or emotional intensity you are putting into what you want to attract. The more intense the emotion… the faster the result. This works both ways though. It’s a primary reason why those who are stuck in “poverity consciousness” remain there. They are always trying to “feel rich” but they are just feeling what “poor people who want to feel rich” feel and they attract more of what they don’t want.

      The law of attraction works… like all great things it’s simplicity is too complicated for many to grasp.

      1. Baker says:

        Hey Chris,
        In my experience yes, I have found that the emotional intensity that I send out via my thoughts aligned with my emotions does attract that like energy towards me. Broken down, it is just an energy thing and simple.

        1. Does you thought process help you with whatever you want to do? Yes. If you think positively about becoming a dot com mogul and outline the steps you need to take to achieve those goals, and THEN implement them, you have a better chance of achieving that goal. Sitting at home and thinking positively about becoming a dot com mogul will get you nowhere. These things do not happen by accident. You network, plan, and implement to achieve these goals. If you think anything else is happening, you’re deceiving yourself.

    4. Nigel Chua says:

      Mmm, it depends. I believe strongly in pre-determination and destiny, so I’d rather term it as Undiscovered Purpose…to be found out along the way as the story unravels.

  2. Interesting take. I think you must also consider that simply wanting or willing something won’t make it come true. It takes hard work proportionate to the goal as well.

    1. Baker says:

      Hello SEO!
      Yes, In this post the goal was to really present the right mindset, of getting what you want. Hard work is required, but you have to know why you are doing what you want and lay a good foundation before just going out there and “working hard” all day. What you focus on expands.

  3. Kevin,
    Great post! And you could say that even this blog post was a synchronicity for me – I have spent the last 2 days deeply in study of the Law of Attraction/Vibration. Then, I visit JohnChow and here this is!

    To answer your question about how synchronistic events work in terms of logic/science I think I can do that… A synchronistic event happens due to the same vibrational laws through which everything happens.

    EVERYTHING sends out a vibrational frequency, everything that exists (thoughts, people, places, objects) is sending a frequency directly into your life. (Think radio signals). And it’s your job to get into a place where you also vibrate on the same frequency (i.e. tuning your radio dial) to allow those things into your reality. This is done with your thoughts – what you think about determines what you “vibrate about” essentially.

    So, if you can accept that, you know that your buddy “Chris” has a distinct frequency that is flying towards you, right? So when you think about Chris, you are vibrating on that frequency, essentially allowing that frequency into your life. Then, Chris has no choice but to call you or show up somehow. It is law.

    1. Baker says:


      Good explination. I tend to see more synchronistic events when I am working within the laws of the universe, instead of trying to resist it and find ways that don’t work. Like energy attracts like energy.

      1. It seems to work when we don’t get too caught up in it and start to think that we can control it.

        1. Baker says:

          Yes. I would agree. A lot of it has to do with trusting that the universe has it in control, letting go and knowing that which we are asking for comes at the right time.

          1. Very well put. And all doubts have to be removed.

          2. Nigel Chua says:

            Well, sometimes even when doubt hadn’t even existed, it has already come to pass ie thinking about a friend and that friend calls *I don’t think we would be deliberating “I wonder if she/he will call me out of the blue like the law of attraction* but more like “I wonder how this person is”.

            I think visualisation enhances it but simply thinking, declaring, visualising works too.

      2. Glowing with the flow is key. Resisting will lead to more and more serious occurrences in your existence directing you onto the right path until you comply….or die….LOL

        Couldn’t resist the poetic bit at the end, LOL

  4. d3so says:

    The law of attraction is a powerful thing. Surround yourself with positive influences.

    1. Baker says:

      Hello d3so. Yes, the law of attraction is powerful. It really is all just an energy thing.

      1. There is a movie about the law of attraction.It is great.

          1. Baker says:

            Another great book, for people to read is Think and Grow Rich a Napoleon Hill Classic, talks about the positive mental attitude and belief systems that is at the foundation of success.

          2. d3so says:

            Think and Grow Rich is a marvelous books. Definitely worth a read and is a must to put yourself in the right mindset.

        1. d3so says:

          What’s the movie called?

          1. Nigel Chua says:

            Think it’s called The Secret

    2. PPC Ian says:

      D3so, well said! I couldn’t agree more!

  5. Hi Kevin,

    There is a lot to what you are writing. Things work that way and there is no explanation for it.

    You’d be surprised at how many things that have been taken for granted and thought of as completely understood and logically explained weren’t.

    For examle electro magnetic waves. It was known that if you do a particlular thing they will result at different frequencies. As far as a detailed explanation about what transmits the energy over vast distances hardly any is available.

    It’s just observation of cause and effect the same way as in your law of attraction subject.

    1. Baker says:

      Awesome. One o the things really is for people to experience on their own, that allows them to see it for what it really is, versus just writing it off as something to “out there.” Have a awesome day.

      1. To have an open mind to possibilities is crucial. Once the mind closes off it blinds itself and keeps replaying what has been in a loop not allowing anything new in.

  6. Bella says:

    Whether or not you believe in the “Law of Attraction” you can certainly believe that positive thinking and behavior will yield positive results.

    1. Baker says:

      Yes. We become what we think about.

      1. d3so says:

        What you really become is obsessed.

        1. Becoming obsessed can be a hindrance because it kind of limits the mind and prevents one from seeing clearly.

  7. jason says:

    It’s something where the relationship exists because of the effort put into the blog, without making it look like work. People aren’t as conversational if they think you’ve tirelessly put something together, but it has to be cohesive and relateable.

  8. Yeah obviously the law of attraction does work !

    1. Baker says:

      Yes. Indeed in my experience it has. Hope you have a wonderful weekend ahead!

      1. It has worked most of the time for me too with some glitches once in a while which is called adversity.

        That may be part of the equation.

        Looking forward to the weekend. Everybody have a good one.

  9. Sounds great. Law of Attraction.
    Great post kevin. Good Job.
    Thanks for sharing.


    1. Baker says:

      My pleasure Dev. Have an aweseome weekend ahead.

  10. TODHD says:

    To make the law of attraction really work, it is important to know the market that you want to target

    1. Baker says:

      Nice point. Glad you found some value in this post though.

  11. Excellent article, Kevin, I agree you need to know what you want in order to be able to get it, SY

    1. Baker says:

      Yes. Having the intentons in place, that come from your values in life, allows the manifestation to begin to happen for you in flow with the universe.

  12. When you have the experience of someone ringing you when you are thinking of them it is only coincidence. maybe i don´t have much of an existential mind.

    1. It can be only coincidence sometimes but perhaps not in every case. Not everything in life is a coincidence though. We do have a power to choose in most cases.

  13. Dean Saliba says:

    Very interesting post. I agree with what another commenter said when they said that willing something to happen won’t make it happen, you need to work your socks off to make it happen.

    1. d3so says:

      Sometimes you don’t need to work your socks off. You just need to work smart.

  14. Ah John says:

    Interesting point! I would say I agree to 85% of it…

    1. d3so says:

      Why only 85%?
      what happened to the other 15%?

      1. Good point not exactly sure.

        1. Baker says:

          The law of attraction can also be looked as a pure belief in what you are doing, so with the positive thoughts, it allows you to take inspired action in the direction of your desires. A lot of it is trusting your place in the universe and going with the flow.

  15. I used to think that this was just so much bull%&#t,but after trying it out it works. Maybe concentrating on your goal in a positive manner will put you in the mindset to take positive action.Maybe it influences the powers that be.Maybe a little of both. It’s something to think about and consider in any case.

    1. d3so says:

      I glad to see that your views have changed based on the results you’ve experienced.

      1. That shows an open mind and a mind like that can learn and change.

    2. Baker says:

      You are right, what it really is at the end of the day is just having that right mindset. Yes, work towards your goals, but don’t discredit the thought energy that is producing the success on a more energy based level as well.

  16. I agree with what another commenter said when they said that willing something to happen won’t make it happen,

  17. Haha John do you know all the secret laws of attraction???

    1. Andrew says:

      Haha, there is always somebody that thinks a guest post is written by John.

      1. True my mistake, so many guest posts hard to distinguish what is John and what is guest.

        1. Baker says:

          It is okay. =)

    2. Baker says:

      I wrote this post as a guest post for John Chow, yes I have been studying and applying the secret laws of attraction for 5 years now with success. =)

  18. GM says:

    Thinking positive and working towards your goal makes the law of attraction unbreakable.

    1. Baker says:

      Yes. Positive thinking and inspired action towards ones goals makes the law of attraction unbreakable, and a powerful force to achieve ones aims in life.

  19. i’m all for thinking positive and the laws of attraction but i have to say some people not saying the guest poster but some people have turned this ‘secret’ thing into a cult following.

    some people are just a little too hard core about it for me but to each his own i guess

  20. Andrew says:

    A simple technique to get started is to plant a question in your mind and then go about your daily business until the answer pops up in your mind sometime later i.e. you put your subconscious mind to work on it.

    1. Baker says:

      Good simple techinque. It really is about keeping it very simple, and from ones on personal experience seeing what works well for them. In my experience, what I choose to focus on expands.

  21. I’m sorry, but this whole topic is just a little too hokey for me to deal with. People actually believe this?!?

  22. I was visualizing and open to a negative review about the Secret but all that materialized was this positive post.

  23. Eric says:

    When I consider the Law of Attraction, I relate it to Karma, or the more “American” saying “What comes around goes around.”

    If you realize you’re creating your own life by acting in a positive way, then that positivity will attract positive people and positivity in your life and business.

    The Law of Attraction works in the reverse of the laws of physic which state opposites attract.

    I think it’s this way because it’s based on intrinsic “feelings” of positive visualization. In other words, you see it in your mind’s eye, and you act on that. That in turn has an effect in the real world and on the people you come into contact with. Back to basic physics “cause and effect”.

    New Agers call it “being in tune with the universe”, Martial Artists call it “Chi”. Native Amaerican’s call it “Mother Nature”. It’s about balance and harmony. It’s about life itself, and energy. It’s about positive energy attracting positivity into your life.

    More simply. It’s all about attitude!

    Just my opinion…

    1. Things that resonate at the same vibrational frequency will be drawn towards each other. Positivity draws positivity, and pondering on the dark and negative will make it take notice of you.

  24. MacSage says:

    The simple lesson here:

    Have a goal. Visual the goal. Live the goal with all your heart and mind.

  25. Was it Henry Ford who said “If you think you can, then you can and if you think you can’t then you can’t”?

    1. Baker says:

      Yeah I believe the quote was.

      “If you think you can do a thing or think you can’t do a thing, you’re right.”

      -Henry Ford

  26. Would love to read this post in peace … may be at 2:00 AM 🙂

  27. Law of Attraction is definitely real. I’ve tested it many times in my life and have researched it a lot.

    As you say, it isn’t “hocus pocus” and no you’re not going to materialize a Ferrari out of thin air just by thinking about it, but when you really understand LoA some of the things that you can attract do come about in a rather magical way.

  28. This one is showing that you are quite happy …

    I live a very blessed life. I have abundance, I write about topics I’m passionate about, laugh often, and find the most amazing things in the smallest things in life.

    1. These are exceedingly simple words, but ones that really mean a lot and sums up exactly where the author is at in his life. Who could ask for better? Amen to that, brother!These a

  29. I never understand anything which related to word LAW … lollzz

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