The Digg Effect

Digital Grabber got its first Digg today for this article. For those who don’t know, is one of the big three news sites. Getting a story on the Digg front page means a lot of traffic and we all know, traffic equals money.

The above graph was taken at 10:30PM. As you can see, the Digg came at around 5:00PM and jumped traffic 20 times above normal! The site should finish the day with 25,000 page views, which will be a new record. How does this translate to revenue? Not that great I’m afraid. Let me explain.

The first problem is the Digg was done to an article and not a review. This created problems with targeting ads for it. As hard as I tried, TTZ Media Network simply did not have a 60″ subwoofer among its list of products. So no targeted TTZ Media banner was ran except for the 160 sky that shows random hardware. Google did a fair job targeting the article by showing subwoofer ads. However, this is an article about a 60″ subwoofer, the only one of its kind and not for sale anywhere. Most peole reading this article are reading out of curiosity instead of really looking for a sub. As a result, the Google AdSense click rate was way off what it normally is. The site will still enjoy its best Google day ever because of the sheer number of visitors.

To get around low CPC rate, you should always try to mix in some CPM ads with the CPC. This is where Vibrant Media IntelliTXT comes in. Now before you tell me IntelliTXT is CPC and not CPM, you’re right, IntelliTXT is CPC … for normal publishers. However, I’m anything but normal. Not only do I have a flat CPM rate but I can limit the number of links and change link color away from that ugly green. The nice thing about running a CPM ad is you don’t have to worry about the ads being clicked on; the ad just has to load. And the IntelliTXT links loaded enough times today to make it the number 1 money maker.

My estimate is that this Digg will make Digital Grabber $125.00, which will be a new daily record. As Diggs go, this one wasn’t worth as much as some of the past Diggs. Had the Digg been made to Digital Grabber’s router review, it would have made over $500.00 easy. But we take what we can get, right?

2 thoughts on “The Digg Effect”

  1. Steve Gill says:

    Congrats on getting Dugg, and thanks for posting a case study here and in Part II. I’ve been FARK’d but not Dugg – hopefully I’ll put something together that’ll make it there soon.

    As you’ve indicated, massive traffic booms can be tough to make money from and you’re fortunate to have a CPM profit source. That’s gotta be one of the best ways to earn some cash when receiving a ton of (potentially) generic traffic and lookie-loos.

    I’ve also read someplace that popping on an online dating site affiliate banner can earn a few bucks, since that’s something that can appeal to the general public and have a decent affiliate program. (i.e. they will even pay if someone clicks thru and signs up for a free membership)

    Not the most fantastic option, but something worth considering for others who are scrambling to capitalize on a sudden flood of traffic.

  2. Steve Gill says:

    Addendum – One place I read about using online dating site banners was in an exchange of comments between me and someone else on your blog here(!). LOL
    I completely forgot where I saw it until now… but the point still stands. 🙂

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