The Easiest Way To Make a Squeeze Page

For my current promotion of the Home Business Summit, I’m using a great service call LeadPages to generate all the sales and landing pages. This is by far the easiest way to create a squeeze page, landing page, sales page, email capture page, etc. With Lead Pages, you can have a page up and running and less than five minutes. It really is that simple to use.

LeadPages is a SAAS (Software As A Service) product. They can host the pages for you, or you can publish them on your own site. LeadPages integrates fully with WordPress. What I’ve been doing is having LeadPages host the landing page and then sending traffic to it via a masked redirect.


The above email capture page for the Home Business Summit was created in about three minutes. The LeadPages interface makes it super easy to add custom titles, headlines, copy, and video. The system integrates with all major email marketing providers, like Aweber. LeadPages has a ton of professional looking templates to choose from. From a simple squeeze page to a long sales page, LeadPages has a template for it.

With LeadPages, I’ve been able to create new landing pages pretty much on the fly. This has allowed me to test and tweak multiple landing pages to find the high converting one. The video below shows how easy LeadPages is to use.

Integrating Facebook with LeadPages

Want to put a landing page inside your Facebook fan page? LeadPages can do that too!

LeadPages cost $37 per month, and it’s worth every penny. The hot deal is the Pro plan at $197 a year. That saves you over 50% off the monthly price, and gives you access to a really good landing page course. If you wish to test out LeadPages, they offer a 30 day money back guarantee.

For serious Internet marketers, LeadPages is a must have tool.

Lead Pages – The Easiest Way To Make a High Converting Landing Page

21 thoughts on “The Easiest Way To Make a Squeeze Page”

  1. I like the look of this software. I’ve been using other squeeze page themes and plugins in the past but can never find one that does exactly what I want it to do. Being a non coder means this might be just what I need.

  2. I had been meaning to purchase Optimize Press for the last couple of years and always ended up getting distracted. The blogging platform I use with The Six Figure Mentors provides me with endless ways to make squeeze pages but I’m always on the look out for new stuff.

  3. Ujjwal says:

    Great Information @John, I will give a try!

  4. I. C. Daniel says:

    Indeed great service. Best regards from I. C. Daniel

  5. Abhishek says:

    Tried many softwares for squeeze page but this looks promising and I am gonna try this for sure

  6. Edson Hale says:

    great product that really works if it is applied with a vision to exploit it for your ultimate blogging success

  7. Francis says:

    Great! Gonna try it.

  8. Ryan J says:

    I’ve used free squeeze page templates, but you have to spend quite a bit of time to customize them. This looks like a good solution to customizing sales pages rapidly.

  9. Gugulethu says:

    Looks like everything is made easy with that software and user friendly for a none coder like me 😀 Many Thnx for sharing John I think this is really worth checking out, it’s very versatile!


  10. Thomas Arillotta says:

    $37 a month seems a little steep for me for now. I’m going to investigate designing my own. But I will admit, the squeeze page is one of the most valuable and effective tools out there IF you are already set up. I’m not for now so I have to watch my pennies!

  11. Abhik says:

    Looks like a good product, but I prefer to design my squeeze/landing pages myself.
    $37 a month isn’t cheap and I expected a lot more from this price tag.

  12. faisal says:

    That looks super easy to do.

  13. Whitney says:

    Creating squeeze pages is really fun..the copy can be daunting but it’s still really fun and any tool that makes it easier is a winner in my book!

  14. Joel says:

    Great product which works whether it’s applied acquiring an image to take full advantage of it for that ultimate blogging success

  15. Ola says:

    I made a squeeze page in as a WordPress theme some back for a friend. It was easy. Just a style.css, a index.php and a functions.php file was required as far as I can remember. Later I added a page.php file, but WordPress will default to index.php if page.php or single.php is missing. So now one can write in WordPress editor and add a subscribe form widget in a layer in the content.

    Also WordPress is great for it’s huge collection of free and paid plugins.

    And that you can easily update both core files, plugins and the standard themes from WP.orgs repository. A plugin can even auto update it for you.

  16. jony says:

    awesome.. tank’s 🙂

  17. Tony Nguyen says:

    I am considering btw this product with the other called Squeeze Page Generator created by Leon Klepfish.

    It is really difficult to make a decision, however I like the interface and facebook integrating of Lead Pages.

    Thank you very much for your sharing, John Chow.

  18. Troy says:

    Looks pretty solid- I might have to try it out! Besides the landing page course and the price savings, is there much of a difference between the monthly version and the Pro plan?

    1. John Chow says:

      No difference at all in terms of features. Just the course and money savings.

  19. I was looking for an easier way to create squeeze pages.

    Thank you!

    Richard Takemura

  20. kyle says:

    hi great article, any tips for my site im getting traffic and want to build a higher conversion rate.

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