The Elevate Blueprint – Joel Comm’s 7 Keys to Success

The best piece of business advice I ever got came from Joel Comm. I consider Joel a friend and a mentor. These days, Joel is well ahead of the pack. In the last year he’s had the #1 book on Twitter with Twitter Power. He also had the #1 Paid iPhone App for 3 Weeks and generated millions with membership sites. He’s even appeared on the Daily Show and created his own online reality show. In just six years, Joel has gone from an eBook about AdSnse to building a multi-million dollar internet business with over 30 employees.

I’m sure quite a few of you have seen Joel speak at Internet Marketing seminars over the years. And if you have, you know another of Joel’s projects has people begging him for access even before its launch (hint, it involves mobile marketing). What you might not know is that he and his team held their own exclusive “Elevate” seminar last Fall.

In this exclusive event, Joel and his staff shared exactly how they make millions both online and offline. Elevate’s 18 Modules are specifically designed to make your business soar to new levels. Tickets to Elevate sold for up to $5,000!

Of course, being an Internet marketer Joel recorded the entire event. And now he’s giving away access to the first Elevate presentation absolutely free!

If you’d like to learn how Joel built his multi-million dollar online empire, make sure you watch Joel’s 7 Keys to Success Presentation. The video will only be up for a few days. I urge you to watch it as soon as possible. Knowing Joel you’re going to want to have a notepad next to you because there’s so much take action material. Enjoy!


The Elevate Blueprint – Joel Comm’s 7 Keys to Success

20 thoughts on “The Elevate Blueprint – Joel Comm’s 7 Keys to Success”

  1. Joe says:

    Joe’s 1 key to success:

    1. Don’t build crap sites like a digitalpoint noob.

    1. I think the term ‘digitalpoint noob’ is quite ignorant. Not everyone over there is an actual noob. There are plenty of people, like me, registered there who don’t post much making $xx,xxx a week.

  2. VEry true , Dont build a Crap like Digital point. Where there are no rules and you will be kicked any time, False work and racist stuff every where – I am from Pakistan and i was banned Just cz i am A pakistani and i am kicking many content writers with the help of my team and i am getting all orders – Shame on Shawn

  3. I watched the video last night, and it is long. Yet it is worthwhile.

    I found that I was mostly falling into line with his 7 keys to success, which was nice to hear.

  4. fas says:

    That has lots of info in there. Where are all the people gone today?

  5. EarningStep says:

    nice, i know that joel is one of the best or maybe the most successful adsense publisher . i didn’t he is a great marketer too

    1. He’s not that great, trust. Mostly hype and smoke and mirrors. He’s more of a front-man. There are plenty of other people behind him doing most of the work.

  6. hospitalera says:

    I make sure to watch it! SY

  7. hospitalera says:

    The link is not working properly for me, it goes to and starts to play, for a second or so, to play the video from there. Then the page refreshes automatically and shows me the 404 page from Google. I tried and it works fine, so the mistake must be caused by your re-direction / cloaking. SY

  8. I was expecting to see the 7 videos for free, but instead I was offered a free trial for a product that was supposed to be free 😉

  9. Joel Comm is a cool guy, it was fun to see him on Daily Show.

  10. If Joel’s tutorials are really worth it, then I will wait to see John Chow a millionaire first! 😛

    1. John Chow says:

      But I already am a millionaire.

      1. EarningStep says:

        shinny car , big house , own huge network , what next …. a plane maybe… lol

      2. Phil says:

        1-0 for the moment. Anything else ?

  11. Liz says:

    I was at a book store last weekend and saw a whole display of books about Internet marketing, Twitter, new social media and how to use it in business, etc. I was buying children’s books and had little time, so I didn’t stop to browse. Maybe this weekend. I really enjoy stuff like this, how to increase your business, do something different to make your life better/more successful. I have been looking at a number of web sites and books, including my latest find: Natural Success Principles by Jack Hatfield. This is NOT an Internet site, but a book — there’s still room for those, at least in my world! He took a near-tragedy — the premature birth of his daughter and her subsequent fight to live and prosper — and realized we, all of us, have incredible abilities within us. So he sets out these “natural” principles and came up with teachings for us all. And no, you don’t get success by magic: you have to take responsibility, you have to work (there’s a concept!), you have to make changes if necessary. I like it because it DOES stress that success isn’t magic, but the result of using our own abilities.

    And I hope John Chow gets more millions soon…

  12. john carlton says:

    Joel is someone to aspire to.. Hopefully my journey starts here with my own blog to success

  13. Well we would love to hear what advice you got from Joel Com

  14. I am pleased that Joel has shared his secrets … Excellent video ….

  15. I am always in search of education material like this. This is how, we learn how to improve our business more.

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