The Email of the Week

I get many emails everyday. Most are pretty tame and boring. However, once in a while, a real gem will land in my inbox. I’m calling this Email from Dan Waggoner the Email of the week but I think it has a good shot at being the email of the year.

Hi John,

I am writing you to ask for a favor. I just wrote my first eBook titled “A Peasant’s Guide To Internet Marketing” 10 Powerful Steps for the New Business Website Owner.

I was wondering if you would be willing to read it and maybe write a short endorsement if you like it. I want to put a few very strong endorsements on the sales page to help sell the book.

I don’t have a huge following yet like you and some of the other guys as I am a relatively new Internet Marketer, however I believe the book to be of solid quality.

It may not help your audience because they might be a little advanced for it but I would be more than happy to pay you as an affiliate as well if you like it. It’s going to sell for $19.95US.

The book is 34 full length pages long in PDF format. If you get some time, let me know if you are interested and I will send you a copy. I would be very grateful and would owe you big time.


Dan Waggoner

So, let me get this straight. You’re new to Internet Marketing but you wrote an eBook on how to do Internet Marketing? What’s more, you want to sell a 34 page (no doubt double space with 24pt font) PDF for $20? Good luck with that!

If you truly understood Internet marketing, you wouldn’t have worded your email the way you did. And you would have included the eBook in your email instead of asking me to email you back for a copy. I recommend you stick to writing about things you actually have knowledge of instead of trying to be something you’re not.

I would love to hear how you would reply to Dan. Please do so in the comments.

99 thoughts on “The Email of the Week”

  1. RichardM says:

    Gotta love those messages.

    So John can you do all the work and make all my money for me while I site back and rack it in!! LOL

    1. Ryan McLean says:

      Haha yeh you have gotta love these messages. I can love them because I used to be one of the smucks writing them.

      Glad I have stepped away from that.

      You asked us what our reply would be, but I wouldn’t even bother replying to this person, I would just click SPAM.

      What did you do John?

  2. At least he’s trying! Most losers will spend all their money on books like this, and never do anything at all!

    Maybe because most of the crap is written by guys like this? I dunno….

    1. Yeah, i second you for that. At least he trying.

  3. Juako says:

    34 pages full of affiliate links probably πŸ™‚

  4. carl says:

    You have to give the guy a little credit for at least making the effort… LOL

    1. Yes he gave the credit by writing about him at here and giving us opportunity to talk about him and praise him for his try.

      If he is reading this than you get the success on catching John’s attention.

    2. You gotta hand it to the guy for trying. I respect him way more than the total BS “The Arbitrager – Sex, Drugs and Lazy Internet Millionaires” crap a few posts ago.

        1. H says:

          I second that as well. It was a pure waste of time.

    3. Tran Harry says:

      I agree with those who said give the guy a little credit.

      It’s hard to be the small fish, but when it turns around they’ll often times remember who helped them get there.

      Most people in this world won’t even take effort to ask.

  5. Holly Hopper says:

    Maybe instead of asking for an endorsement from you he should take a page from your book and give his ebook away free in order to start building a name, reputation and email list. Gotta build up the trust before people start wanting to throw money at you.

    1. Lee Ka Hoong says:

      Besides of these, having a blog which has certain numbers of follower is very important, this shows that he is really good in his field.

  6. Lee Ka Hoong says:

    Dan, you’re asking a big guy to promote your product, if you’re not good in your field then your ebook wouldn’t be that good, I believe that no one is going to promote your product though.

    I believe that John won’t take the offer even though you order a sponsored review. How do you think John? πŸ˜‰

    1. even for a lot of money? πŸ˜‰

      1. Lee Ka Hoong says:

        I have no idea then, perhaps John will take or he wouldn’t.

        John, how do you think? πŸ˜‰

  7. Ricky says:

    If I was him I would write: New e-book my first 6 months of success and failure as a new Internet marketing by applying every trick possible


    Critical advice that every new internet marketer should know during their first 6 months

    With those titles in mind … I’m sure the e-book can be a killer… and it won’t act as a guru

    1. carl green says:

      I agree Ricky. A better approach would have been to discuss it from a learning approach instead of a teaching one. For example, I’m build a start-up which involves web entrepreneurs and interenet marketers. I’m blogging ever move to teach users how I ‘m building a start-up from the ground up.

  8. Kind of mean of you I would say πŸ™‚ You see new bloggers every single day offering their “lists”. You should do something about that too!


  9. Joshua says:

    Dear Dan,

    I’ve read your book and have decided to make you a full-time partner in my site, sharing 50% of my monthly income from the blog.

    In order to take advantage of this partnership deal, you must send a cashier’s cheque in the amount of $22,500USD, most of which you will be reimbursed for at a later date, along with your share of the blog income profits.

    The only other requirement is that you show proof of having a ‘clue’.

    Let me know when you can complete this offer.

    Yours sincerely,

    John Chow

    1. Bwahahahahahahahahaaaaah! That is the perfect reply to a rather naive email. Shame, the poor guy will most propably never live this down, but I do hope he takes a positve lesson out of this experience and doesn’t go and leap off a cliff somewhere!

  10. Hey Johnny
    Well a pretty good message. One thing that makes me think that that guy is a pretty good internet marketer is that he was successful in catching your attention and he also got his book listed without even giving you a free copy.

    1. Exactly my thought also, I wonder how many visitors it brings to his blog? With the info given in your post and his rather unique book title it took me seconds to find his blog. I’ll keep an eye on him, this guy has potential, SY

  11. I would cut the goof some slack but then again I’m John Sullivan and not John Chow LOL πŸ™‚
    It can’t be no worse then the crap I read that is your featured post. BUT Kim Roach’s was worth reading and I actually checked out her site a little better and it was all good stuff.
    But I do agree he should of went the FREE route if he did would of helped him then ?
    We can always find fault like do you come to my do follow blog and thank me for all the stumbles ? NO I would think a pro would do that since it takes one sec πŸ™‚
    Whether you make 40k or 4 dollars a month Bloggers should all help each other Just saying πŸ˜‰
    Have a great weekend everyone I know I will πŸ™‚ thanks
    Stumbled LOL πŸ™‚

  12. Ms. Freeman says:

    WOW! Was this post really necessary John? If you were so put off by this person’s request why would you post the email they sent you? Only to embarrass them? Clearly you are making a supposed fortune here why would you purposely thrash the hopes and dreams of this fledgling blogger? They are of no threat to your revenue share.

    What’s the deal dude?

      1. OMG!!! There are some interesting creatures out there. They definitely aren’t shy nor ashamed of trying! An Audi TT for a 16-year old is just ridiculous. I can not actually believe the gall of that kid!!!!

        1. You should keep an eye on him … his desire and his willing to get that one any how is really remarkable.

          Just he need a right direction.

        2. I wonder what that kid is now doing, did you ever followed up on him? Might be now one of the top internet marketers, lol, SY

    1. I think it has more to do with the audacity of trying to sell a “how to” book on something they admit they don’t know “how to” do.

      Plus it’s fun to humiliate idiots.

    2. Honestly, It is hard not to want to bash on the guy. He is asking for a huge favor from someone who he doesn’t even know.

      In fact, he probably doesn’t even read this blog. If he did, he would know that John does reviews, no endorsements, and they are expensive.

      If he knew what he was doing he would have written a badass guest post. That would definitely drive traffic to his product or whatever.

      He isn’t squashing the dreams of someone who is actually trying.. he’s telling what might as well be a scam artist that he’s being stupid in a no stupid zone.

  13. Kalvster says:

    It amuses me that so many people do this.

  14. Bob says:

    John Chow’s just trying to maintain his bad boy evil image πŸ™‚

    Why else would he waste his time belittling others. He must get thousands of dumb requests of people wanting his help for free or things handed to them on a silver plate. Guess that can be expected when you have a large blog about making money that attempts to teach others to do the same. I know the emails must get REALLY annoying. Still, no need to belittle the guy. Tell him to get back to work, become a success, and then write an ebook. Work, work, work. Work harder than anyone else…

    I still remember a post from several years ago where John said he would try an experiment with starting a blog (as a no namer like the rest of us) and try and earn 3-5k a month online. I know it was only a test… but I wonder how long it would take and how he would do without his brand and followers?? Maybe he is still trying and it is just taking a while? John, any update on this test?

    Don’t get me wrong, John’s da man! Love you dude!

    I hate people who don’t do the work and want it handed to them as much as the next guy! WORK HARD people!!! So, I understand where John is coming from… very frustrating!

    But, John, you’re a bigger man than this post. You should focus on helping those willing to put in the hard work. Inspire others (your audience) to get to work and stop buying ebooks or expecting some special secret sauce that is the key to riches…

    Create a contest or goal setting event… or take a few lucky people (you should select just those you know can be big due to specialized knowledge in a variety of industries) and take them under your wings and mentor them… Would make for an awesome blog series and we could watch you create other success stories…. Taking regular joes, who aren’t afraid of A LOT OF HARD WORK, and turning them into very successful people might be one helluva rewarding thing to do. It would be an awesome read.

    Oh, btw, The Tech Zone could use some TLC and you could probably launch a proper internet television show or at least video taped (CNET style) reviews of tech hardware. You could be HUUUUGGGEEEEEEERRRR than you are. Hire some expert techies and redesign the UI. Building that site into a MEGA MEGA site would be AWESOME reading on the blog. I know you don’t need to… Still, this is just the beginning of the internet/tv merging…. wait 10-15 years and when things mature we will all wish we started TODAY. Gary Vaynerchuk is just the beginning of the internet tv celebrities….

    At the end of the day I guess you have to decide what it is you want to spend your time doing. What is your next big project? I’d love to read about it!

  15. I think I’ve read that same e-mail on a website that provides draft pitch letters.

  16. Lam N says:

    Now this has just finished my crappy day with endless laughter!

    I cannot believe what i just read, i just cant believe this guy even had the audacity to consider sending you a request like that.

    I’m a business owner but when it comes to the internet side of business and blogging, i too am a newbie, i call myself the new kid on the blog. I recently just launched a new blog myself and i must admit i have e-mailed you to seek advice but nothing compared to this elite request.

    I don’t think i would have posted it, i may of written an article relating to it but i would of spent time replying to this guy and give him a response to his request which would probably contain what you said above.

    Hmmm im considering to send you a second email now, i might change my request and get a response this time. hhihihi =) j/k

    Thank you John for sharing a great laugh.

    p-s- i think the email i sent you is in your bin now but if you have any advice for my new blog please share it with me whether it be bad or good


  17. Mystery says:

    John, I would have replied back to him politely pointing out all of his mistakes…

    But I wouldn’t have included his name in my post.

    Another thing, although he might be new to the internet marketing world, he may not have personally written the ebook. He may have hired other knowledgeable marketers to write him one.

    He seems confident that the quality is solid, though it is more targeted to newbies apparently… give him a chance.. maybe he isn’t aiming at branding his name as an expert… rather just providing good content in exchange for some money.

    Just maybe give him a few tips on how to be more professional next time, so as not to affect your endorsement for his product πŸ˜‰

  18. Dave Doolin says:

    Well, he has the subject matter for a new ebook: “How getting tooled by John Chow made me millions on the internet.” Or whatever. A smart bear would get some traction out of this. I’m tempted to send something myself!

  19. John says:

    I agree. This wasn’t necessary at all!

    I have to admit, it wasn’t to bright to ask this.However, this is one of those things you should laugh at between a small group of friends. I don’t believe it was to professional of you to do something like this. You just dropped to his level by bashing him publicly. Least you could have done was change the the writer’s name. That way the person can learn from it without having his reputation screwed up by someone he looked up to.

    Good job John.

    BTW if the writer is reading this, follow John’s free eBook and make your eBook free.

  20. Joe says:

    John, half the people on your site and most people on DP and Warrior Forums all they do is pump ebooks.

    It’s no better than the “how to make money online” blogs from people who do not make money online.

  21. I think Dan surely success if you agree be his affiliate John. He know your power and want to use it. πŸ˜€

  22. John you shattered his confidence and hence we lost a rising star … lolzz

    A link of his ebook will give some hits through this post … πŸ˜‰ and if you will did that tonnes of ebook will land on your email immediately.

  23. Dear John,
    While his email came across as stupid, your reply came as arrogant and belittling.

    No one’s perfect. Lol!

    1. Your comment is direct from heart πŸ™‚

  24. Mike CJ says:

    That was a bit cruel and unnecessary, John. It would have been so much more elegant to have replied to him, pointing out his many errors, and then to have written this post without naming him, to the benefit of your readers.

    Responsibility goes hand in hand with authority.

  25. All of this taught me many good lessons, one of this is think twice before mailing something to John, the other is never ask a great blogger to promote a small product and the last lesson is never give out your real name to some great media figure.
    Nothing personal John!!

  26. Melvin says:

    I thought this one is really an interesting email.. LOLs.. But yea you’re right John and its almost like he instantly killed his chances..

  27. Jimmy says:

    The following quote has been taken from Terry Dean’s site which i accidentally stumbled upon –
    “Well Known Internet Marketing Gurus Treat You Like A Sucker Playing At The Craps Table – But It’s Not Just Your Money, It’s Your Hopes And Dreams They’re Screwing With!” .

  28. First of all, most of the flock here is assuming the book teaches people how to make money. What if it just goes through the basics of setting up affiliate programs, ads, and creating products?

    I’ve seen far worse examples in my own inbox, but I still wouldn’t belittle them; certainly not publicly.

    He didn’t ask John to email his list over it…he simply asked for an endorsement. Probably should have sent the book in the email, but that’s minor.

    I applaud him for taking action.

  29. EarningStep says:

    nice try man… i love it , sure he have a real brave to mail great marketer like you john .

  30. I agree props to the guy for trying – albeit a massive fail.

    I would have replied with this –


    “Nice try, sorry but I cant help and you should go pick up the book by Napoleon Hill – How to Win Friends and influence people. I think it will help you


    and for the record – i didn’t think you were mean an condescending. I thought your reaction was honest and to the point. I like that about you – 0 transparency. Maybe you could have changed his name – but whatever.

  31. John,
    The more I think about it, the more I think that you owe the guy an apology for the way you have treated him. Sometimes, people do silly things, but that is a human trait and is forgivable. Please apologize to the guy, whether it be publicly or in a private email. I think it’s the right thing to do.


    1. I’d have to agree. Just because the guy may be a noobie, that’s no reason to publically embarass him. I think you should apologize to him.

    2. Kieran says:

      I also have to agree. How childish is this… I hope that wasn’t his real name you used in your post.

      Embarrassing someone who is taking initiative and trying to do something.

      I had some respect for John, but I think that’s gone now.

      Times must be hard if this is all you have to post about.

  32. D.P. says:


    No offense, John, but I don’t understand why this email is notch above the other email messages that you receive. As a third party person in this scenario, it seems like Dan idolizes you and your work, which is why he was asking for your opinion.

    While it is true that he made some mistakes, I don’t think that he deserved to be humiliated.

    People make mistakes, especially when they are just starting out. This would probably be a good time to recall how you started out yourself. You may be smarter than Dan and did not make a monumental mistake like he did, but you were not a born expert in your field and I believe that it took a lot of hard work and effort to get to where you are now. So, the least you could have done is cut the guy some slack and done something worth his respect.

    Dan clearly respects you which is why he asked for your opinion and just like the other comments here, it would have been best if you would have made an action that is worth that respect.

    Dan, don’t mind all the negative comments out there. Yes, what happened here is pretty embarrassing, but use it as your motivation to do better.

  33. John Pope says:

    Amazing guy, he broke the first rule of building yourself as an authority on web: write about stuff you know πŸ™‚

  34. Dan Waggoner says:

    Hi John,

    Well that was a great post. I will now see if you also have the audacity to post my comment on your blog as well.

    The first thing I should say is thanks for the free advertising. Your a better guy than I suspected!

    The second thing I want to say is that I had no idea that you followed my blog. My last post must have hurt your feelings! I kind of feel like a big shot now with the great John Chow reading my blog!

    Finally, the last thing I want to say is this. My sending you that request is not much different in my eyes than you sending me, a person you don’t even know, a request to help your daughter win a prize in school.

    Like you said in your blog post. Good luck with that!

    Best Wishes

    1. Harry says:

      LOLOLOLOLOL I didn’t see this reply!!! A big shot. Ha. Omg seriously wtf are you smoking. You need to get that thinking out of your head. There are no “big shots”, just people making $ or not making $. The people underground are the ones really making the money.

      I agree with Chow, how can you charge $20 for something you know precisely dick about.

  35. fas says:

    You can reply by saying, I would endorse the book if you really make money online by starting a blog on that?

  36. Mr. Waggoner:
    Please take a writing course at a local community college. You may learn about run-on sentences.

  37. Kimberly says:

    Wow. I gotta tell ya, I feel kind of sorry for this guy. To be called out by John Chow in such a public way — ouch!! OK, lesson learned. So if I were him, I’d start a blog, and the title of my first post would be, “The day I got my balls handed to me by John Chow,” and then discuss everything I’d learned from the experience, and how I moved forward and used it as a springboard to ultimate success, etc.

  38. Joe says:

    it is a little bit smug to humiliate a potential client in public. But I guess when you are as big, powerful and successful as Mr. Chow, you can do that. Beware before sending Mr. Chow any emails. You could be the next guy to be ridiculed in public.

    Mr. Chow, I have a word of advice. There are those who have been knocked down on their ass, but even more than eventually will be knocked down on their ass. Or, to quote Gen George S Patton, “All victory is fleeting.”

  39. Mystery says:

    Don’t know why, but I find it hard to believe that John was really annoyed by the email and so didn’t bother to list the guy’s name in public….

    For some reason, I believe it was a good attempt to steer some debate πŸ˜‰

    Does Dan Waggoner really exist?
    I hope not!

    1. He does, a few seconds with good ole Google and you find his blog and ebook! BTW, I think this guy has potential! SY
      *off now to write an hilarious email to John that will get me the same amount of exposure Dan got*

  40. Harry says:

    You guys are such pussies. Oh no someone got ridiculed in public how harsh. I think it’s funny, I don’t care. If I got ridiculed in public like this I’d quit bitching and come out fighting. It happens we all make mistakes, we all act like dicks. If you’re gonna be in the public spotlight accept it and STFU.

    For all the people giving him credit for trying, seriously wtf. You guys must be sitting around doing nothing because I could produce a better product than his $20 garbage in a day or two. Thing is I actually want to produce something of value that I’d be proud to release.

    1. How do you know it’s garbage? Have you read it?

    2. John says:

      And who are you? Seems like you’re nothing more then an arrogant jerk.

      1. Harry says:

        I’m actually pretty down to earth face to face. Yeah I’m probably an arrogant jerk online somewhat. Yep I am nobody. Although I don’t really give a damn if I am somebody or not. Being an internet celebrity doesn’t change anything about you. In fact I enjoy being able to dick around and not grow up and just enjoy myself and wake up and just do whatever I want to.

        The main issue I have with people applauding his attempts at trying as if it’s something no one else would dare think about is the vast number of idiots doing the exact same thing. Those people applauding his attempts are they not trying themselves? You need to step outside the box and get some creativity, because you’re in a competitive market.

        You called John harsh for posting this email but it’s one of the reasons he made the progress he did, he’s not afraid to think in opposite directions to everyone else and take risks with money & ideas.

  41. Samuel says:

    Can’t blame dude really. He took action. Maybe in the wrong way. He will learn from it and do it differently next time. That’s how you grow.

    1. Yeah, we grow from our own mistake, usually.

  42. videostar says:

    I think everything is developing quite natural.All the events are just events coming one after another.Maybe they carry great potential for Dan.

  43. He`s a real Space Cadet!

  44. satrap says:

    i want to give the guy credit for trying, but at the same time it is sad that we became such money lovers that we do anything to make a buck, even if that means lying to others and selling them information that we never even tried ourselves and now telling other buying this will help you make millions of dollars. i mean i haven’t red his report so i don’t know if he is honest and telling in his report that “hey i am not making money this way but i know it works for other ” or something along that line, or he (like many other so called marketers) just telling lies left and right.

    i know we all need money to pay out bills and live comfortably but i wish we all could sometimes stop and think for a second how mcuh we are sacrificing all in order to make more money which will never be enough.

    and i don’t think it was nice to publish his name though, but again it could be a nicky.
    just my opinion.

  45. Evony says:

    I think this guy is certainly ahead of the average blog-king wannabe.

    Yup, he took action. Yup, he has a book written and Yup he has managed to get attention from the Chow man.

    Most folks won’t get past first base, they dream then never take action.

    Finally, I get frustrated when the likes of JC take aim at the little guy starting out.

    I remember a few years back when I kicked off my first basic blog, the likes of Tyler Cruz frowned their noses with reviews and really didn’t offer much advice.

    Guys like the one just wrote this ebook need advice and guidance, not a slap in the face.

    Hang in there lil’ buddy.

  46. Dean Saliba says:

    $19.95 for a 34 page ebook? Good lord!

    1. Brad says:

      lol i’ve bought a 3- page ebook for $9.95 –
      and it was actually worth it.

  47. Uttoran Sen says:

    emails like such really sucks, but tell me honestly if he had paid a review charge, would you still have criticized this badly?

    and really looks unprofessional when you put the name of the sender of the email at the bottom of the email when you publish it publicly….

  48. Vini says:

    You know everybody has got to start somewhere! Maybe to Chow and us he’s no expert but to some mom and pop in idaho selling potato skin art out of their basement he looks like a freaking Jeremy Shoemaker.

    I would respond simply “I commend your effort, but you are targeting the wrong crowd by contacting me, maybe try some j.v.’s who have a list with a more green dem. and give them a taste for free”

    Good luck my friend

  49. Vince Cianci says:

    Personally I wouldn’t have come from it with the angle you did John. I think you really made fun of this guy who seems like he was giving his idea a fair crack and is in the process of developing his knowledge and skills and leaned towards you as a person he thinks is an authority on the subject matter.

    He came to you asking your opinion and advice and you’ve destroyed him before he even got a chance.

    Think about your first days as an Internet Marketer. You Weren’t making $40+K a month and you probably asked opinions and endorsements from people you knew in the industry who clearly knew more than you and had been around longer than you.

    Its a case of student looking for teacher and he’s come to you asking for your feedback and you’ve embarrassed the shit out of him. A simple NO THANKS email reply back to him would have been more of a respectful thing and would have taken you all of 5 seconds to do.

    In fact I would have given credit to this guy because hes taken action towards his goal, his making something happen, his started somewhere and will get better as he goes. It could be his first book.

    I bet most of the people who commented on this post have never attempted to write an ebook on any subject, I admit right here I have not either but I give Dan credit for trying even if it doesn’t meet your standards or seal of approval. He could have went about it a better way but he did it the way he knew how and with what resources he had.

    Give him a break and don’t publicly humiliate someone who is just having a honest go and creating something he believes to be special.

    I also don’t think it was worthy of it’s own post but I guess it got many peoples attention.


  50. brvolution says:


    is it one of the paid-review article?

    did this Dan pay you to do this?
    surely now curiosity is built …and there’s a possibility that few days from now when Dan introduced himself and his blog, people will jump to his blog, even just to check how lame it is…and if the blog really turn to be a good one, people might buy his eBook…cool…reverse psychology…

    1. Yeah, it surely big hit. πŸ˜€

  51. I think his email does provide us with a great lesson. Provide value to others before asking for something in return. Although, we could’ve learned the lesson without knowing his name. Welcome to the Simon Cowell school of critics!

    Anyway, perhaps John gets so many requests that this just happens to the straw that broke the camel’s back?

    I also think that there is a learning curve and we all make mistakes when creating a blogging footprint for ourselves. I hope Dan chalks this up as a lesson learned and continues to forge ahead. IMO, he’s done a lot more than 90% of bloggers out there already just by producing a document, even if he made a flub along the way.

  52. Mel says:

    Humility is a good thing JC and sometimes you may want to think about that before you make fun of someone– you have to realize that you weren’t always this way too and you had to start from ground zero too. instead of squashing/ ridiculing the guy, you could have at least replied with a short no thank you or some pointers with what he did wrong — instead of posting it up on the web.

    being famous is one thing, having the respect from others and respecting others is another. coming from poor humble beginnings, I am very surprised that you are acting this way. you are trying to act like a pompous arrogant big head like Mike Arrington rather than a down to earth nice guy like Darren Rowse.

    like the saying goes “Be nice to people on your way up because you meet them on your way down”

  53. I recently did read your free ebook and I do recall you stating within your first pages that people who do not try and do not put things in action were “Losers”. You told us in your ebook to give it a try. Dont sit back and not do anything about it, and put your plans in action.

    This guy did. He is probably going to make money off this ebook by selling it on some forums, such as DP, because people buy anything there, however you could have easily declined his offer.

    I liked following your blog, however this is not one of the posts I would have like to have read.

  54. Not fair John.
    At least the guy tried….Its better than The Arbitrager – Sex, Drugs and Lazy Internet Millionaires” crap

    1. Why are you defending a scam artist (Dan)? The FTC had to put laws in place because scammer were getting false endorsements causing people to spend tons of money on bogus products.

      John’s endorsement would get people to buy it. Period.

      John exposed a guy for what he is, and you’re telling John he is not fair? The FTC had to make laws so people would be fair and do what John did.

      Sure, there wasn’t much marketing information in The Arbitrager report, but at least (at this point) he is just exposing scams and not taking people’s money.

      Think about it… Seriously…

  55. I can’t believe the number of “at least he tried” comments people have left. He DIDN’T TRY. That’s the point John was making.

    He didn’t read. He didn’t research. He didn’t build relationships. He doesn’t even know John’s site (if he did, he would have known John doesn’t just “endorse” things, and he would have known John charges for 100% honest reviews).

    This guy is a sleaze. Would you say “at least he tried” if someone came up to your wife (or significant other) and asked to seem with her (or him)? You’d think he was a tool and want to knock his lights out.

    John has worked hard to build this community, build a reputation of promoting quality products, or at least giving honest reviews.

    This guy was asking John not only to promote a product that he couldn’t back in 100 years, but he was asking him to do it for FREE.

    He didn’t try. If you think that… sigh…

  56. Zee says:

    This guy has courage. Too bad it was kind of off-pitch, I would say.

    And to make things worse, his email got published here, humiliated in some sense, when one can easily ignore or reply in private.

    Ever heard of this prophecy-phrase “cover ones mistakes, and GOD will cover yours”.

    Good day, everyone!

  57. Zee says:

    On a separate note…

    John probably purposely posted it here to give the guy even more fighting spirit to succeed.

    Like what I posted on my facebook recently… “The harder I fall. The higher I’ll bounce.” I hope Dan picks this up on a positive note.

    Right, JC?

  58. Justin L says:

    I gotta say, why on earth didn’t he simply attach a copy with the email? It makes no sense, if I was promoting my e-Book (which is free), I’d simply attach a copy with every email I send.

  59. Thomas S says:

    This is one of the most arrogant posts I have ever read in my entire life. Your attitude towards Dan is completely out of order. You’ve judged him based on one email asking for help.

    Yes the majority of people reading this blog probably think you are god-like and will suck up to every post you write, but ironically 95% of them probably have yet to make a penny online.

    Seriously, for a guy who makes his money through shameless self-promotion and monetizing everything that is physically possible on a blog you have a pretty horrible attitude and an outright arrogance that angers me.

    Also, even if you do want to play God, do not use someone’s real name to humiliate him in public.

    You won’t post this and if you do, you are more of a man than I thought.

    Anyway, off to Dan’s blog to have a read

  60. videostar says:

    I think Dan will achieve his goals, he is blessed!

  61. Zee says:

    I really think JC has good intentions in doing so. I just started a blog, and the very first thing is to create discussion points about his free ebook. I hope this post did not bring his popularity down. Unless he purposely wants to.. πŸ™‚

  62. Adam Baird says:

    As ridiculous as this email was, I don’t think its appropriate to hang the guy out to dry like that.

    He’s making an honest effort. Just delete the email and move on. Or at least don’t include his name.

  63. Adam Baird says:

    Also to the person calling Dan a scam artist here:

    I don’t think he’s a scammer at all. He’s actually trying to get the endorsement rather than just making one up. His ebook probably isn’t all that great, but that doesn’t make him a scam artist. Plenty of honest folks produce crappy products.

  64. Rahil says:


    I thought you guys know what u are talkin about. Why the hell john is pissed on this particular email? Let me assure you he must be getting such emails everyday..Its a gimmick just to stir up things a lil bit.

    There is no one called DAN and He has never written any god damn ebook!!

    John just trying to live up to his bad guy image creating controversies and issues by himself!!

  65. Rahil says:

    ModernDayPeasants dot com is his blog…lol
    finally i searched him!

    Check out his about me page.

    Now we know who he is…wow kinda wierd!! Well..he got the publicity he wanted…isnt it…just had to direct all the negave force towards a positive one…and maybe this could be the best thing ever happened to him..provided Dan knows what he is doing…HEHHE

    Anyway John..whats the “Point” making his email public..?? And now i am thinking why the hell i searched the guy out and then I MADE IT PUBLIC…

    HUH the world is evil

  66. videostar says:

    I wonder if the situation will develop into a lucky one for Dan. I wish he would be lucky!

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