The Evolution of Casual Gaming and MLM


Remember last year when internet gambling was effectively banned in the United States? This was a big hit to online casinos and lotteries, because they lost access to a market of over 200 million people. eLottery of the UK was one of these companies. They combined the concept of a lottery with multi-level marketing, but with this ban, they could no longer operate in the States. The management team didn’t go down without a fight, however. Instead, they came up with a product that skirts right around this issue altogether. That product is project e-play (

Building the Hype

When you visit the “Evolution is Coming” website, it doesn’t look like a lottery. If it wasn’t for the big bold font, I wouldn’t think that it was a way to make money online either. With dark backgrounds and a flaming red logo, it looks more like a site designed for hardcore gamers like Fatal1ty. But that’s not what e-play is about. Not exactly, anyways.

The bullet points are all about building hype. It tells you that the Internet is the world’s fastest-growing marketplace and invites you to “discover a market growing four times faster than the Internet.” It also creates a sense of urgency with a ticking clock, reminding you that registration to this insider information will close on July 14 (because the product launches on the 15th). What it doesn’t tell you is what exactly you’ll be doing to make these loads of money. Don’t worry, I dug and I found out.


Online Gaming + MLM = Massive Profit?

e-play works in almost exactly the same way as the eLottery described above. With eLottery, you subscribe to a weekly lottery that costs 5 British pounds (they’re based out of the UK). This would be almost the same as playing any other national lottery. The multi-level marketing part of the picture comes in when you refer other users to the service, as you reap in a 20% commission. Deeper levels give you 2-5% commission. In this way, if you recruit five users directly, you essentially play the lottery for free. Any new members beyond this five, and you generate residual income.

The key difference between e-play and the eLottery is that winning the latter completely depends on chance. The residual income isn’t based on chance, but winning the jackpot is. So, it’s gambling. With e-play, it is based on games of skill. From what I can gather, these are a variety of flash-based casual games similar to Bejeweled and the John Chow Kick Ass Game. You challenge other players and the top scorers win the dough. Because it’s based on skill, this makes e-play legal internationally. This is how the developers got around the legal issue.

Registration is Far Too Convoluted

In order to gain access to this “insider information”, I had to jump through several hoops and it was frustrating. Whereas signing up with any other company — like an ad network, for example — usually only takes a simple sign-up form, I had to get a guest login, register on the main page (couldn’t do it without a guest login), and then confirm that I wanted full access (in the email I received). And then the digging began: there were at least three videos to watch.

All in all, I received four emails; the whole thing could have been accomplished in one step. What exactly was the point of the guest login? Another part that bothered me was when I registered, it was obligatory to check the “please keep me updated with eVo information and alerts via email” box.

Here’s the Preview Information

The Evolution is Coming website is basically locked unless you’re logged into the system. You only have access to the homepage and the page to buy tickets to their launch event. Too bad the homepage tells you nothing about the product, requiring you to register to see anything else.


Thankfully for you, because you’re a reader of John Chow dot Com, I got the direct links to the 16-page PDFs that describe the whole shi-bang: Here are the lo-res and hi-res versions. They’ve also got a blog, but it’s basically useless.

Apparently eLottery was a fairly big success, because people that were going to play the lottery anyways got on board, expecting to play for free and earn some residual income. I know for a fact that the casual gaming industry is growing very quickly, so the e-play evolution might have a pretty good chance at success. They’ve taken an excellent first step, building buzz by ordering a review on John Chow dot Com.

From what I can gather, this is not a get rich quick scheme, despite all the tell-tale signs. You should also remember that you have to keep paying in to stay involved (I’m not sure how much, but if it’s similar to eLottery, then it’ll be around 5 GBP a week). The videos and homepage are one big sales pitch, but realistically, the residual income will be supplementary at best. That is, unless you win the jackpot (or you’re John Chow).

The Evolution is Coming.

38 thoughts on “The Evolution of Casual Gaming and MLM”

  1. I want to hit it big with Mega Millions… Nice to see you still guest posting Michael!

  2. ๐Ÿ˜ What good can come out of this? Looks like a pretty good scam to me.

    1. Brilliances says:

      The website hurts my eyes. I hate sales pages like that. Sign up now..! Offer closes tonight! You will be a millionaire after you click here! blah blah blah

      1. GA says:

        YOu know what, I agree I don’t like it either. What’s more it is out of character with eLottery.

        However, have a look at the downloadable report. That’s written the way a report should be written… like an investors guide.

    2. It may have some legitimacy to it, but the process is just too…much, I agree with Michael.

      1. GA says:

        As a eLottery member I was automatically registered… Sorry to hear it was more difficult for you.

        Believe it or not I think it is aimed at stopping people randomly entering peoples email addresses into the prospector so as to try to eliminate spam as you have to actually confirm that you want to receive the emails….

  3. Lucy P says:

    I am a member of eLottery, it is fantastic!! I have been playing the lottery free for months and I won several big prizes.

    I cannot wait for this new opportunity to launch I trust this company very much and I know it will be a great success.

    Damn, I wish I’d have thought about getting a John Chow Review!

  4. GA says:

    I can assure anybody that this is not a scam. eLottery in a very successful company around the world, except USA and that is because of that gambling law.

    This new opportunity combines skill games, with social network and MLM. 3 of the fastest growing internet markets.

    Two things, anybody who thinks Agloco is a good idea should definately understand the potential of this too and Secondly ‘First-Mover-Advantage’ will help you to maximise your income. It doesn’t cost you anything to pre-register, so I think you should all go for it! You can then invite other people to pre-register under you to.

    The launch is on July 15th and unlike Agloco, this opportunity is READY TO LAUNCH!!

    1. Joshua says:

      You wouldn’t happen to work for the company would you?

      And I don’t know if you want to be throwing your name in with Agloco just yet (though this would be the blog to do it in…)!!

      1. GA says:

        I do not work for the company but because I can see the potential I am an affiliate.

        The reason I mentioned Agloco was because people can see the potential but so far that MLM has been a let down (I do think it will be good one day though.) and took a very long time to launch. With this opportunity there’s great potential too and it will launch on the stated date.

        I am also an eLottery affiliate. I play the UK and euro draws for free, make extra money and have had a couple of big wins. My biggest win and I will state that I was very lucky, was $6000.

  5. Tory says:

    I am a member of eLottery. It’s a great company. It has made me a lot of money ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. Ashxx says:

    I have never seen online lotterys before.. Good thing too because I would have abused them

  7. Mike Zak says:

    Yet another MLM hype in which little people will make thousands, while all the other will spend lots of money and gain nothing at all.

    1. GA says:

      MLM is what you make it. If you work hard you can make big bucks!

      If you can recruit other people who work hard then you make crazy money!!

      eLottery has a great reputation in the UK and even if you only refer a few people you get to play the biggest lotteries in the world for free.

  8. Casey says:

    The site looks pretty interesting.

  9. IMgiver says:

    From your post.
    “The videos and homepage are one big sales pitch, but realistically, the residual income will be supplementary at best.”

    Hardly a raving endorsement.

    So why does the link in your post appear to be an affiliate link to the product?

    If that is an affiliate link, shouldn’t you make that clear in your post?

    1. GA says:

      Nothing wrong with supplementary income ๐Ÿ˜†

      I wish I had more supplementary income :mrgreen:

      And why does it matter that it is somebodies affiliate link.

  10. Geoff says:

    Very interesting indeed.

  11. dotnetnuke says:

    I hate gambling. ๐Ÿ‘ฟ

    1. I hate losing LOL, but sure, I’m not a big fan of gambling myself.

  12. GA says:

    Some people say making money is all about gambling.

    1. I think that “gambling” is just a metaphor in this case; life [and all its aspects] IS a gamble because you never know for sure if you’re going to win or lose.

  13. kelly says:

    Gambling is sad! I have seen and read how alot of people lose alot of money in Korea and here in America. It preys on old people too much. I dont mind they limit the amount gambled. Some people lose alot money. Here is an article about it:


  14. shaun says:

    I never gamble lol I always loose my money. I dont know if i like this it kind of looks like a scam to me. I wouldn’t trust them.

    1. tory says:

      I read the report and it sounds like fun to me.

      It’s not so much gambling THAT WAS BANNED by the amercian government.

      It is about SKILL games.

      So I could play you at a game and if I win I get some money.

      I really like the idea!

      In fact when it launches I want to play John Chow at a game!!

      (Let’s see John make even more money now LOL)

  15. Lucy P says:

    I wish I was this guy:

    “In just 72 hours, 119 people had already pre-registered through Mr Pโ€™s eVo site!
    That equates to a potential $16,640.38 USD for Mr P in just 3 DAYS! Even better, those 119 people have sponsored other people in turn, which has resulted in a total of 2,693 people joining his team!

    How is this possible? Simple: Mr P used the telephone to talk with his contacts from around the world, and he used the โ€œtell a friendโ€ feature that you can find in your eVo site to alert everyone he knows; and they have done the same. ”

    Taken from the eVo blog…

  16. Sofcore says:

    Of course, I’m not an expert on what is a scam and what is not but this does smell a little fishy to me.

    I would stay away from it.

    By the way, good post Mr. Kwan.


    1. Lucy P says:

      I understand why people are naturally sceptical about home based businesses but this company has been around for 5 years! It is a successful company. It isn’t a scam!!


      1. GA says:

        Hi Guys,

        eLottery has 150,000 members worldwide. It is even registered with the UK lotteries council.

        This company is 100% legitimate.

        Can you make money? Yes you can, it has a very generous referral scheme and those of you who like network marketing, MLM and residual income will quickly realise that getting in on this pre-launch will put you in an excellent position to make good money.

        Can you lose money? As with any business you can lose money. If you spend money on useless advertising (not like advertising on JohnChow) you wont get a great return.

        I have personally made good money with eLottery and I am very excited about this opportunity too.

        I seriously think that with eLottery, ePlay and hopefully Agloco, I will be making a serious residual income.

  17. Nick says:

    Wow look at all the positive comments by anonymous users.

    1. Michael Kwan says:

      Yeah, that’s very strange. Let’s see if “tory”s theory holds up

      1. Michael Kwan says:

        Apparently it does hold up. Strange.

  18. tory says:

    Users only become anonymous if they don’t enter a URI.

    In fact John maybe you should sort that out…

    1. tory says:

      See what I mean.

  19. tory says:

    HMM, that wasn’t supposed to happen… If you put into the URI Johns picture comes up.

    The point I was trying to make was not that, but that people are only anonymouse if they don’t enter a URI and I suspect a lot of readers don’t have their own website/blog yet even though they read JC.

  20. dotnetnuke says:

    Anyone wanna play 1 min fast chess game with me?
    Anyone want to take that gamble ๐Ÿ™‚

  21. Andrew says:

    So I signed to take a look and now I’m getting tons of UK lottery junk email. Funny about that.


  22. I’m an e-lottery affiliate, have been for over 4 years. This company has been around for over 5 years, since April 2002. They’ve always paid out on time, every 4 weeks and have paid over 10 million GB pounds to affiliates.

    They’ve spent 2 years developing this new product which is an online games and entertainment platform. They had some serious interest in what they were doing from Sony and Microsoft at the Game Developers Conference in San Francisco in March this year.

    The site requires a Guest ID because it is a pre-prelaunch site and designed for existing affiliates to invite people who may be interested in joining the business. Once it’s launched, anyone will be able to play. For a link with a Guest ID, click my name above.

    This is a huge opportunity to get a “first mover” advantage and be part of this growth sector ahead of Sony, Microsoft, Sky, Virgin and others – do you think they will share there revenue with affiliates?

    As another poster has pointed out, it cost you nothing to register to find out more. Yes you will receive a series of emails about eVolution and e-lottery but each email will contain a working unsubscribe link, you can click it if you don’t like what you see.

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