The Financial Tsunami Is Coming, Ready To Surf?

The world of online marketing took it in the shorts this past few years, just like the rest of the world. Sure there are sectors where things went well, but just take a look at the parties and sponsorships at the big internet events, and you will see what I mean.

It’s time to get a fresh credit check, check your bank balance, and get ready to jump in the game with both feet.

Luckily I am really tapped in to what is going on, and am able to participate in some of the areas that are killing it better than ever right now.

Over time there have been some great ways to make money online.

I had a conversation with Bruce Clay the other day, about how in the mid 90’s with the very first search engine, he figured out the algorythim, and literally would write a page he wanted to rank, would submit it to the search engines, and then his page would instantly show up number one. He couldn’t keep up with the client demand.

Then you have Scott Richter and George Avery and their crew, selling pagers online out of the back of their other business in the mid 90’s at what was possibly the worlds first ecommerce.

Then in the early 2000’s, the first $100 I spent on Overture paid ads, which later became Yahoo paid search, I made $20,000 off of it.

Enter Harrison Gervitz, the wonder kid now at Eagle Web Assets, who literally invented facebook advertising for affiliate marketers who just killed it with facebook ads for years, before I even knew what they were, when he was 15 and lived at home. I consider Harrison an old veteran, and technically he still isn’t allowed into affiliate summit because he isn’t 21 yet.

Then more recently, I am embarrassed to be part of the same industry, millionaires were made in months of guys selling Acai online with recurring rebilling of the customers that the customers were not even aware of.

At this moment, only the very smart, and the very connected are making significant money online, but I am going to warn you. Success is coming again. It always comes in waves.

If you have been playing the game the past few years, improving your skills, and learning the basics, how to build an email list, running paid ads, a little SEO, making landing pages etc. then your time is about to come. For those who know these skills well, and are connected the time has come.

The economy will improve, new opportunities will come up, they always do.

So what do you need to get ready?

  1. Get your skill set tight. – Learn the basics, html, paid ads, landing pages, facebook marketing, writing sales copy, and if you are super bright how to code.
  2. Get your finances tight. Did a short sale on the house, screwed up with your credit cards? Suck it up, and get a new credit check and see where you are at. When things start to get good, you will need other peoples money to scale it up.
  3. When you work it out, be ready to ramp it up with a company like my buddy Matt’s where if your advertising is working, they have loads o’ affiliate money.
  4. Then get back to the grindstone and work hard. The 2 minute workweek? Bull S%#&t! In today’s economy, you better be smart, work hard, and then wait for the great opportunities to present themselves.

dk is an internet marketer and is also a prominent finance blogger.