The Futurelooks Bright For Stephen Fung

Tonight Sarah and I went to The Keg with Stephen Fung. The Keg Steakhouse & Bar was founded over 30 years ago in North Vancouver. Today, The Keg has more than 90 locations across North America. Recently, the chain started franchising to expand. I’m not sure if that’s such a good idea but that’s their business so I won’t question it.

Going to the Keg use to be a weekly thing for me. It was something I look forward to doing every Sunday with a good friend of mine, who is in India at the moment with his wife. Since he left, dining at the Keg has been a more sporadic affair. Sarah and I were actually here on Valentine’s Day but the line up was 1 and half hour long so we went somewhere else instead.

I had my usual NY Strip. It’s my favorite of all The Keg steaks. Steven had the house special – some prime rib dish. Sarah had the Filet Mignon, not because it was the tenderest steak, but because it was the smallest – Keg steaks are pretty big. While the steaks are big, the prices are not. That’s what makes The Keg so great. Dinner for the three of us came in at just $120.00 with drinks. Trying doing that at Gotham!

During dinner, we talked about Stephen’s upcoming retirement from the work a day life. Stephen owns two sites, Futurelooks and Laptop Lifestyle, and they’ve grown to a point where Stephen doesn’t have to work anymore. This is the ultimate goal all Google Whores tries to achieve. Stephen plans to leave his job this May to join me in LA for E3 Expo. After that, we’ll be heading back to Vancouver for a couple weeks before jetting across the ocean to Taipei for my yearly trip to the Far East.

After retirement, Stephen’s next goal is to become a Dot Com Mogul. As Deng would say, “To get rich is glorious.”

2 thoughts on “The Futurelooks Bright For Stephen Fung”

  1. Carl says:

    Man Stephen, getting up in the afternoon, and taking entire weeks off whenever you feel like it is gonna take some getting used to! 😉

    Just try to stay active – I became quite sedentiary, especially over the winter. Joining a gym as soon as you retire might be a good idea!

  2. Rosie says:

    Good for Stephen and Futurelooks!!

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