The Girly Drink

As you may recall from previous posts about my trip to E3, Stephen went all week wanting to only consume “manly drinks” and go on “manly rides”. We all know what happen with the Triple Zombie and the near heart attack he had from riding Superman. Well, it seems Stephen had enough and ordered something a little less manly the next day.

When they say milk does a body good, I don’t think they were referring to a milk shake.

6 thoughts on “The Girly Drink”

  1. Tyler says:


    Hey, Stephen sure seemed happy while eating.. and looks like he likes Ketchup.. πŸ™‚

    Hehe, he looks like a little kid all excited to be eating at McDonalds… look at his hands and how excited he is haha πŸ˜›

  2. Stephen says:

    At least it wasn’t a Chi Chi! We all witnessed how much John whined and whined about no Chi Chi at the MS Canada Party. He even tried to get us to order one for him because he didn’t want to do it himself. He kept asking all night, but of course, friends don’t let friends drink Chi Chi’s, unless they order them up themselves.

    A real man orders his own sissy drinks, sissy! LOL!

  3. Lorenzo says:

    Hahaha, it’s hilarious how you guys react to each other! lol!

  4. Vik says:

    Strawberry milkshake, oh wow, that too in public, oh God, I stand speechless!

  5. Sharon says:

    The chi chi goes right in with the girly smirnoff drinks…..

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