Book Review – The Hidden Treasure In Your Website

The Hidden Treasure In Your Website (available in paperback and Kindle edition) is a new book written by Tomer Treves, the Chief Marketing Officer for Infolinks. The book is the first professional guide to monetizing your website or blog with in-text advertising and is highly recommended to everyone who wants to make more money from their sites.

When I talked to Tomer at Blog World in New York, he told me the reason for the title is because in-text advertising really unlocks the hidden treasure in your website. In-text ads are those double underline ads you see on this blog. They look like a link and the ad shows when you hover over it. The nice thing about in-text ads is that it allows you to make money without taking up or replacing any current ad space. It’s like getting free money!

I was an early adapter to in-text advertising because I didn’t want to solely rely on AdSense. Google allows in-text ads to run along side AdSense ads. For publishers, blogs and webmasters who are looking to diversifying their ad partners, in-text advertising is far and away the best accompaniment to Google AdSense.

Ideal for bloggers and website owners, The Hidden Treasure In Your Website tells you how In-Text ads can help you monetize your content. You will discover the many advantages of In-Text ads, and learn how to integrate and optimize them to extract maximum income. Some of the book’s highlights include:

  • The best ways to make links visually appealing
  • How to determine where to put In-Text ads and where to turn them off
  • How to choose the best In-Text ad network
  • understand the interrelations between In-Text ads and Google Adsense
  • How to apply In-Text ads to content in languages other than English

Comes with a $1,000 Coupon

Included with The Hidden Treasure In Your Website is another treasure: a $1,000 coupon from Infolinks. If you follow the advice in the book and integrate in-text ads, Infolinks will double your first month’s earnings up to $1,000. Naturally, there’e s a catch. You have to use Infolinks as your in-text service provider. I don’t have a problem with that, since I run Infolinks already and they’ve proven to be a great money maker for me.

I wrote an Infolinks optimization guide back in November, and many bloggers used it to increase their in-text earnings. The Hidden Treasure In Your Website will help you kick it up to another level. If you run, or are thinking of running, in-text advertising on your blog, then I recommend picking up a copy of Tomer’s book. The Hidden Treasure In Your Website is available now at in both paperback and Kindle edition.

36 thoughts on “Book Review – The Hidden Treasure In Your Website”

  1. fazal mayar says:

    a 1,000$ coupon from infolinks? that seems like a huge deal.

    1. PPC Ian says:

      That $1,000 is really cool. They will double your earnings up to $1,000 for the first month, so it’s not quite a coupon, but a really cool incentive.

      1. Agreed.. its really encouraging.

      2. SportsNub says:

        Hmm…that’s a cool thing! 🙂

    2. SportsNub says:

      Yeah, surely it is a very huge deal. Will have to check it out!

  2. Were always looking for ways to grow our bottom line and I might just pick up the book and see what in store.

    “Black Seo Guy “Signing Off”

    1. PPC Ian says:

      Agreed. It’s always great to grow your website’s bottom line.

    2. SportsNub says:

      Yep, the book seems to be something much more interesting.

  3. Erwin Miradi says:

    For an established website infolinks could one big source of income. But for those who still need more traffic, infolinks is kinda like distractions for the visitors.

    1. PPC Ian says:

      I agree. I have not tried Inoflinks, but it’s on my list. My only worry is about SEO. What if the presence of Infolinks somehow hurt your SEO in the future?

      1. Erwin Miradi says:

        Yeah. Actually I’ve tried infolinks in one of my blog. The blog was too young.. And instead of getting nice income from infolinks, I only get sky high bounce rate.

    2. SportsNub says:

      Agreed. It always happens with new sites.

  4. Virtual Tour says:

    Looks like a pretty awesome book, does he have it in audiobook?

    1. John Chow says:

      No audio book at this time.

      1. Audio book is not yet popular. But however this is really a good area and they should capitalise it.

        1. SportsNub says:

          They would be making plans for it, am sure about that!

  5. Skye Diaz says:

    Interesting book, but even more interesting is the $1000 coupon! I will have to check it out!

    1. SportsNub says:

      Yeah, that’s a mouth-watering deal!

  6. Infolinks is great. I hope this book will helps all infolinks publishers to earn more.

    1. SportsNub says:

      It will surely, I think so.

  7. Tammy says:

    Hey John, this is Tammy from Infolinks. Thanks for sharing this insightful review of Tomer’s new book, “The Hidden Treasure in Your Website” with your readers! If anyone wants to learn more about Infolinks, please don’t hesitate to contact us at [email protected].

    Happy blogging,


    1. SportsNub says:

      That’s nice to see you here offering help. I am surely going to check this thing out!

    2. Erwin Miradi says:

      You guys surely keeping an eye on your incoming links. Anyway, thanks for the info.

  8. Certainly infolinks are quite aggressive in promoting their brand.

    They also promoted African Safari and that was a big point of talk in blog world.

  9. Infolinks finds the best way to promote there products

  10. wow, $1000 coupon from Infolinks? How could we get that?

    William Lee

  11. Yogesh Patel says:

    Infolinks earning is very very bad now. Real thing to worry about. I am thinking to remove their ads and looking for alternative, does any one know?

  12. Gift Ideas says:

    That is very nice info about Infolinks coupon. It is really great opportunity to gain $1000.

  13. i have not tried with infolinks but presently am working with kontera its look nice for me

  14. fas says:

    I thought reviewing books is the hidden treasure, LOL.

  15. drezebella says:

    in text advertising does not work for me john… a lot of my reader does not like the intrusive action of this ads… maybe sticking to adsense is the best choice for me now…

  16. website itself an treasure for us but we should use them in right way

  17. Thanks for the guidance of monetizing the website

  18. Essays says:

    As an advertiser, I would like to know that, do in-text ads helps in SEO? I mean, will they creat one way link back to my site?

  19. Amani says:

    Really! it is better than adsense?

  20. who2india says:

    Looks a great book, I think would have to check it out.

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