The Honest Truth About Making Money Blogging

Is it possible to make good money as a blogger? Many think it is impossible but I know that is not the case. My friend David Risley has put out a new video today that clearly explains why some bloggers make a ton of money while others make nothing.

David is a pro-blogger who has been making a six-figure income at it since 2004. Like me, David started with a technology blog and expanded from there. He knows his stuff, and he doesn’t beat around the bush as to how to do it. In his Wealth Gap video, David talks about things like:

  • Why do SOME people make good money while many others don’t?
  • Do marketers make more money because they are scammers?
  • How can you turn your blog into a funnel which generates an income?
  • What is the blunt, honest truth about the business of blogging? (or any business for that matter)

I think you’ll like it. No opt-in is required to view the video. Just click the play button and enjoy.

Wealth Gap Video

David Risley Wealth Gap Video

16 thoughts on “The Honest Truth About Making Money Blogging”

  1. David is a someone I look up too as a blogger, because he made his money blogging long before he joined the ‘make money blogging’ scene!

    1. Oh joy, another make money blogging course is up for sale, what’s new?

      1. fas says:

        So whats wrong? Everyone wants to make money.

        1. Diabetis says:

          He is implying that you can learn that for free if you will search for it.

  2. Ms. Freeman says:

    That was a pretty well put together video. I am pleased to see that David addressed the bloggers selling dreams and that making money blogging truly does take sweat equity.

    I see where the funnel method can work and will start implementing that into my blogging strategy.

  3. This video was well worth the watch! Thank you!

  4. Krish says:

    Thanx for the video john.You are always providing the resources to get succeeded in every step of blogging.Thanx to david for presenting a nice video & telling the fact that making Money online needs some work to be done & that can’t happen over night.


  5. S Ahsan says:

    I like Davids writing,, he does real good with his blog posts.. been checking them out for a while now

  6. I am willing to learn all there is to know. Some things will work and some won’t for me, but at least with videos and tutorials such as this I can gai all the knowledge I need to make an informed desicion on what works for me.

  7. Proson says:

    Hi John I do make money by selling products and services. I use blog as communication channel which pre-sells affiliate programs like yours. So I don’t often write articles myself but syndicate articles from other bloggers.


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    1. why not if its work for you

  8. Bidet says:

    This is a really good video. Thanks for sharing it.

  9. Making money online not like you think… but it is not an impossible thing..
    We can get it..with hard effort and never give up mind!!..

  10. John Onam says:

    Even if I don’t watch a video, I still believe that making money with blogs is real because even John Chow and the likes are my witnesses and mentors.

  11. Great video

    I am a slow learner – so I will be watching it again

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