The Internet Marketing Hero’s Journey

We are a week into the new year, and that means it’s time to evaluate that ‘New Years’ Resolutions. In my opinion, new year is one of the few times throughout the year where people believe that they can be a Hero. That they can become a better version of themselves.

The problem is we don’t really feel that we indeed are a Hero, and so our confused brains quickly make us stray back to our ordinary, unfulfilled selves. Our goals go something like this:

  • Day 1: Yay! I’m gonna lose weight, get in shape, and quit my job!
  • Day 7: Erm… I’m gonna stick with this! But there sure are a lot of distractions in my way.
  • Day 18: OK! Next week I’m gonna get back on track! No more mucking around here!
  • Day 31: You know what!? My life wasn’t so bad after all. Why go against the grain when I can just get by like everybody else… I’ll accept that truth until next year around this same time.

Now your journey, your path to improve your life may sound a little bit different, but it’s super important to BELIEVE that
you CAN change your life for the better. That’s the first step to real lasting change.

Path To Real Lasting Change

Famous author Joseph Campbell speaks of The Hero’s Journey, and that almost every success in culture, the movies, and in our own lives follows this same type of journey to get to where they are.

The sad part is that most people stay stuck at the first stage of the Hero’s Journey: the Ordinary World.


And in the ordinary world, it’s boring, it’s mundane, and it’s the sharp contrast to where the Hero eventually winds up. The ordinary, boring world is…

  • Luke’s farm in Star Wars.
  • It’s Dorothy’s farm in The Wizard of Oz.
  • It’s Clark Kent’s farm in Superman.
  • It’s Frodo’s shire in Lord of the Rings.

If you live in a farm, it seems you’re bound for greatness! However, for us, the ordinary world is…

  • It’s our desk.
  • It’s checking our emails.
  • It’s our j-o-b.
  • It’s our couch.
  • It’s the food we eat that makes us feel like crap.
  • It’s our friends and family that wants us to remain ‘comfortable’.

Most people just accept this as their way of life. They swallow their current reality as the only one that’s possible for them. It’s normal. Most will ALWAYS do this.


It’s doesn’t have to be that way for you. Wherever you are right now is your starting point. Your own Hero’s Journey. Your shire. It’s your own ‘Ordinary World’ even as chaotic as it may be. But if you’re reading this blog post right now, it means you WANT to change. You want better. Congrats! You’re a step further ahead than most!

What You Need To Start Your Hero’s Journey

Hilly Road

Spend some real time charting out your Hero’s Journey for 2014. Exactly what you want, things you want to change, and chunk down exactly HOW you can do it with little bite-sized steps. And then do this…

Get Committed!

Accept no option but to accept the journey and start down it’s path. Get committed 110%. Downright have a ‘Insatiable Craving’ to change your life and get it done. Expect setbacks and challenges as all true hero’s have. Deal with them and don’t give up even when you feel like it. You’ll always come through the other side stronger and a better human being.

Learn what your Kryptonite is. Maybe it’s buying products, checking emails non-stop… whatever it is, identify your Kryptonite and avoid it like the plague. And know this…

I Believe In You

I know you’ve got it in you. And I know that this year can be YOUR YEAR if you accept the challenge. Here’s to you becoming a Hero in 2014 and beyond. There’s no turning back now. Start your journey.

25 thoughts on “The Internet Marketing Hero’s Journey”

  1. Deeno says:

    Great Post John,

    We all need to strength to keep to our goals.

  2. Ryley Kade says:

    Great post John

    I think a lot of people fail, because they only see New Years as the right time to start improving themselves. Every single day we are alive is a new chance to improve our lives. We need to stay dedicated to what we are trying to achieve and we need to believe in ourselves. Everyday is the right time to start taking action.

  3. Ronaldo says:

    Thanks for that, John!

    This post couldn’t have come in a better time. I have actually started my journey last week after following this and other blogs for years without taking any action.

    Funny how I knew about Campbell and the concept of the Hero’s Journey but could never make the link between that and an internet marketing journey. Yet, it’s so obvious!

    Good luck to all who make the decision to start.

  4. David Hunter says:

    Good find with “The Hero’s Journey” diagram.

    Notice that it’s a CIRCLE. If you don’t make it the first time you can always go around and try again. Never give up!

  5. Adnan Ramzan says:

    Hey John

    Awesome Post. The journey is so true and this is something many people end up doing . They always set a goal in the first week of January and fail by the end of January and then wait till next year to set another goal. Anyway great post and you have an amazing blog.

  6. Sunday says:

    Thanks John! Your post is motivating. Its time to really start the Hero’s Journey. What needs to be done is to get align with things, events, and people that will help us in this journey. It won’t be easy but it is POSSIBLE!

  7. Awesome post John! You have inspired me many times over the years with what you have have achieved.

    I love to read creative posts that are a bit different from the usual internet marketing blog posts. Lots of nice analogies and comparisons in here too.

    I like the idea of being on a hero’s journey. I haven’t really broken down my plans for 2014 in too much detail yet so I guess I should before it’s forgotten about.

    For the people who are easily distracted or overwhelmed and think they can’t make this IM work I’d say the first thing they should do is pick ONE single proven method to follow, something that is 100% known to work, so for example blogging and building a list to sell affiliate products, product creation, selling a service or whatever it is and NOT some “brand new system” offering untold riches that may or may not work.

    Once they have a method they want to follow get to work on it following a proven plan. Reverse engineer someone who is already successful who did similar if need be.

    Look at what is causing them to lose focus or motivation and eliminate them. Even simple things can make a huge difference. For example I have always had trouble getting out of bed in the morning so what I do is put my alarm at the other side of the room so I have to get out of bed to turn it off.

    When you’re out of bed it’s much easier to stay out of bed than it is to get out of it initially.

    For a while I’d get out of bed but then sit down on the sofa and fall asleep there or sit around for ages not doing anything.

    To solve that problem I block the sofa with my coffee table so I can’t sit down on it. It worked. Now I just head straight to the shower and get ready for a day of ‘work’ online.

    I used to have trouble with being distracted by Facebook, blogs and forums so I use a Chrome plugin called ‘Stay Focused’ and blocked them all. Problem solved. Now I just work on my online projects instead.

    These probably seem like silly or minor things but they’ve made huge differences to my productivity and motivation and how much work I get done.

    Look at what causes you problems and take small steps to eliminate or change them. It’s not HARD to make IM work it just takes some focus and motivation and to stay focused and motivated often you just have to make small changes to your day to day life.

    Anyway my ‘basic’ plan for 2014 is to continue creating high quality content and delivering massive value to my readers, driving targeted traffic, testing everything and building my list over at

    Hopefully one day I’ve got a blog as epic and well known as johnchow,com, gives me something to aim for!

  8. sabahan says:

    Hey John,

    I really love to read your blog. This year targer is to get higher income from blogging.

  9. I. C. Daniel says:

    I’m gonna succeed this 2014!

    Thanks for motivating article J. C.! You rock! 😛

  10. Hello John,

    This is the finest post I have read in the new year…and I can find myself agreeing with every line you’ve written. You see, positive change begins to take place in a human being when he believes he deserves better and is committed to making sure that until he gets that better, he would not rest.

    I believe in you too!


  11. faisal says:

    Always starts with optimism..

  12. NP says:

    Happy New Year, John.
    Seem like I found a lot of Kryptonite. I will try to avoid those though.
    Thank you for the post. I thought you saw my goal … lol.

  13. Wess Stewart says:

    Great post!

    I’m going to make 2014 my b…est year yet.

    I was going to say something totally different there…haha.

  14. collins says:

    Great Post here John,
    Love to read from as always and hope to make this year the best ever.
    Thanks for the great Insight.

  15. Mike says:

    Great post John!!!

  16. Dave Braddon says:

    As always John great post and one that really hit the spot for me in 2014. I am really committed to being the Hero this year. I sure hope I don’t end up at day 31 like last year!!


  17. Danny says:

    What a great post, specially when you were talking about moods in First day, 7th day and… It really happened to me many times. I always believe, the best way to be successful is stay on track and do one thing at once, get it done completely and try to scale it to the best.
    Thanks John.

  18. Hi,

    Thank you for providing this awesome list for the journey of online marketing The best thing to do is sticking with it. Creating a schedule and following it.

  19. mallan says:

    Nice review John Chow. I tell you, I’m loving your blog more each day. I definitely will be featuring you in a blog post very soon.

  20. Iphon says:

    An excellent post, John. Your words motivate me to struggle in this year. My life is my adventure and surely, I’ll move from my ‘comfortable seat’.
    I love your post. Thank you John.

  21. Lee Cole says:

    Hey John! I never actually thought of Joseph Campbell in terms of new years resolutions. But, actually it all makes sense!

  22. metz says:

    Everybody can be a hero John! And great words! Believing in your capacity or in yourself first is a must to do. Thanks fro this very inspirational and motivating post you have here for us. Now is the time to get committed and step forward.

    I found this post shared on, the Internet marketing social site, and I “kingged” it and left this comment.

  23. Ulrike says:

    Thanks for his post. It was very inspirational and motivating form me. I am come back to rad more.

  24. dialuz says:

    it is motivate article,i am really motivate by this this article you get sprite and can do everything in the world.Thank you

  25. Sam says:

    Image itself speaks thousand words. almost everyone is falling in this cycle and very less people achieve the 4th stage. To the point and i hope everyone has understood the value what author wants to say.

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