The Internet’s Biggest Google Whores

The following is a list of the Internet’s eight biggest Google AdSense publishers. The information was compiled from interviews and articles found on the Internet. Whenever possible, I list the source of the information.

I apologize in advance if I missed anyone on the list. If you make more than the people listed, please send me proof of your Google AdSense earnings and I will add you on the next time the list is updated. This is a list of individual site owners – people just like you and me. Big corporate AdSense publishers like AOL are excluded.

1: Markus Frind: – $300,000 per month

Markus Frind is a local Vancouverite who is turning the online dating world upside down. His site, is the biggest free dating site on the Internet. receives up to 500 million page views per month and make over $10,000 per day for Markus, who runs the site from home.

You think a site this big would be staffed by a hundred people but the only employee that Markus has is his girlfriend, who helps to answer the emails. Markus coded Plenty of Fish all by himself. The site is lean and mean and requires only four servers to handle all that traffic.

Doubts about Makus’s Google earnings were silenced when he posted this $900,000 check from Google. According to Markus’s blog entry, the check represented two months of AdSense earnings.

2: Kevin Rose: – $250,000 per month

Kevin Rose started Digg in December of 2004 with just $1000. Today Digg is one of the biggest news sites on the Net, with over 400,000 members and over 200 million page views per month. According to this article from Business week, Digg will make $3 million this year from a combination of Google AdSense and Federated Media ads. Unfortunately, only Mr. Rose and his accountants knows how much came from Google and how much came from Federated Media. I can try to take a guess based on the number of times I have seen a Federated Media ad vs. a Google ad on Digg but, being in Canada, it’s almost 100% Google ads.

Whatever Google’s share of Digg’s $250,000 per month in ad revenues may be, one thing is for sure, it is not small.

3: Jeremy Schoemaker – $140,000 per month


If ever anyone can be considered an Internet marketing superstar, ShoeMoney would be near the top of the list. Jeremy Schoemaker is a search engine marketer who knows how to take advantage of both Google AdSense and AdWords. In the above photo, you see him with the biggest Google AdSense check he has ever received from Google. The income was earned back in the month of August 2005. Since then Mr. Schoemaker has moved to wire transfers. No doubt, he got tired to dealing with the bank tellers when trying to deposit $100K plus checks every month.

Unlike the other Google whores on this list, ShoeMoney, as he likes to be call, does not own just one site. He makes his enormous Google checks using hundreds of sites and thousands of domains.

4: Jason Calacanis: Weblogs, Inc. – $120,000 per month

Before Jason Calacanis sold Weblogs, Inc to AOL for $25 million, he got the network of blogs making over $4,000 a day from Google AdSense. So impressive was his AdSense performance that Google used Weblogs for a case study.

Now that AOL controls Weblogs, you can bet it is making a lot more than a measly $120,000 a month.

5: David Miles Jr. & Kato Leonard – $100,000 per month

According to this Washington Post article, David Miles Jr. and Kato Leonard, claims they make $100,000 a month from their site,, which gives away designs that people can use on MySpace.

The only problem with the revenue figure is it is not 100% AdSense. Free Web Layouts use other advertising networks in addition to Google. However, with a claimed $100,000 per month in revenues, I am fairly confident that the AdSense portion is higher than our next Google whore.

6: Tim Carter: – $30,000 per month

Tim Carter is a licensed master plumber and carpenter with his own radio show. He also makes frequent television appearances. He founded in 1995, The primary focus has been catering to an avid following of fellow builders on the site. According to the Google case study, Mr. Carter did such a good job tweaking the Google ads on his site that it now makes $30,000 a month.

Tim’s AdSense revenues now average $1400 a day and growing. Overall, Carter is enthusiastic about AdSense: it allows him to focus on content development, and gives him built-in tools to measure ad performance and make changes to maximize revenues. “People come to me for help,” says Carter. “They get what they need from my columns and advice – and also from ads delivered by AdSense.”

7: Joel Comm – $24,000 per month

Joel Comm is get rich quick guru. He wrote the best selling e-book, What Google Never Told You About Making Money with AdSense. The e-book, along with the website that promotes it has a screen shot of Mr. Comm AdSense earning from November 19, 2005 to December 15, 2005. Whether or not Mr. Comm still makes this much from Google is anybody’s guess.

8: Shawn Hogan – $10,000 per month

Back in January of 2005 the New York Times had an article about AdSense, featuring Shawn Hogan, founder of DigitalPoint. The article states that Mr. Hogan makes $10,000 per month from Google AdSense using a very unique revenue sharing model.

Google pays Digital Point about $10,000 a month, depending on how many people view or click on those ads, said Shawn D. Hogan, the owner and chief technology officer of Digital Point.

Mr. Hogan said he started the revenue-sharing approach in 2004 “as kind of a marketing gimmick.”

“But everyone seemed to think it was a cool idea,” he said. “I saw a lot of other sites doing the same thing maybe six months later.”

DigitalPoint have grown a lot since that article and while Mr. Hogun would not say anything, the DigitalPoint forum members speculate that he is making at least twice that amount now.

278 thoughts on “The Internet’s Biggest Google Whores”

  1. Miha says:

    Andrew Leyden of receives nearly a million hits and makes around $30,000 to $40,000 per year.

    David Miles Jr. and Kato Leonard, owners, say they make $100,000 a month from a site that provides ready made web design templates for MySpace social-networking pages.

  2. Steven says:

    Nice compilation!

    Seems that most of them are having just one main site for the income, which I think is a bit risky because if goes down in SE such as Google or Yahoo, there goes your paycheck.

    However for Shoemoney, “hundreds of sites and thousands of domains”? How can he managed to do that?

    Go for ninth spot, John!

    1. popo says:

      There are some sites that will never drop out of the rankings because they are far too important like in terms of the number of, and influential links they have. So, for them, its not risky at all.

  3. Ben says:

    Shawn Hogan makes at least $15,000/month, he has even said it on the DP forum, but that is just from Adsense sharing. He makes much more through other things

  4. John Chow says:

    It is true. Most of the really big AdSense publishers make their income with one site. However one doesn’t really have to worry about what you’re talking about (dropping down in SE).

    This post should explain it:

  5. mcp says:

    I know a few people who reached the 5000 – 7000 range and fell down to 500 in two months.

    They either
    1. didn’t know exactly what made them successful the first time.
    2. relied on the search engins and lived to regret it.

    So don’t rely on the search engines.

  6. Carl says:

    Yeah! This is what the internet is all about! MAKE MOENY! If you buy a domain, build a website, all you have to do is wait! The money will come ROLLING in! You know why? Because IT’S A BONANZA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Vik says:

    Great post John. This is just one of the reasons why I check your blog every morning at work. I hope our IT people don’t put a block on your URL. LOL.

  8. Matt says:

    Nice list John!

  9. Thomas Czaszynski says:

    John can you put me on the list as #9?? i make about 10 a day.

    But really, those are the only guys who talk about their income. Theres lot more people making 100k a month but don’t want to share that among the community.

  10. Michael says:

    Well I use AdSense and I have not seen a dime. Maby you can check out my blog and tell me what is going wrong.

  11. I do not believe that Markus Frind makes as much as he says he does. Shoemoney is for real as is Kevin Rose (obviously). I just don’t trust this PlentyofFish guy. Great post!

  12. Matthew says:

    I’m drooling. Thanks for the list. It gives me inspiration to not give up on adsense.

  13. kzos says:

    No mention of Max Goldberg from Here’s proof he makes more through Google than #8 on this list.

    And he’s been feautred in Wired and other major publications…while nobody’s ever heard of most of these people!

    But it’s great that krose is making money through Google, and I think he’s better classified as a “drunk” than a “whore” 😛

  14. Aaron Jay says:

    Wow, only a measly $120,000 a month? How is he gonna eat, lol. But seriously that is something else. I get a lot of hits and so far my earnings are rather miniscule by comparison.

  15. SEO Articles says:

    Keep in mind that these sites need to pay expenses too. 10k a month sounds like a lot, and it’s a good income for one person. But when you have to pay for staff, servers, bandwidth, etc etc it can end up being no more profitable than any other business.

  16. kay says:

    i personally now 5 people making over 30k a month….

    1. Brett says:

      What do they do to get so much traffic.

  17. Karn Griffen says:

    I have made over $4.83 in just two months with my blog! I estimate I am #1,234,567 on the list.

  18. dan says:

    Steve Pavlina makes $10,000/month, so he might be in the running for spot #9.

  19. Andrew says:

    Ya Canada

  20. Ivan Minic says:

    I’m pretty sure this is very incorrect.. 10k a month isn’t much money .. I mean this should be very exclusive list…

  21. Robert says:

    I’ve had a website up for months, chock full of content and havent even broken $80. Can’t get google to index my site.

  22. Marc Echols says:

    How about Joel Comm and other gurus? They don’t get to the top 8?

  23. Dustin Jones says:

    These people are good at what they do. Simple as that. Its just like anything else. I’m sure they have spent countless hours producing content, coding, and optimizing. You get what you put in.

    Dustin Jones

  24. showbiz says:

    all I can say is


  25. ATB says:

    It would be interesting to see how much PROFIT these people make. For example, Jason Calacanis has to pay all of his bloggers. As somebody who often gets cash for posting on tech-recipes, I know that can be expensive!

    This fact makes PlentyOfFish even more impressive (no matter how slimey that site may seem).


  26. No name says:

    Hey guys,

    I’ll keep this anonymous, but I fall in (easily) between numbers 5 and 6.

    Your list is extremely incomplete – there are a lot more people like me.

  27. Michael says:

    Good article, even if it isn’t complete. I know Steve Pavlina and the guy from (Darren Rowse) should have made this list.

  28. wissam says:

    Wow, great list keep up the good work .

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  30. Patrick says:

    Very nice list, thanks for sharing.

  31. The eternal verity of the Formular C.O.T.I. is what they are all using to stupefy the web audience. That formular would work for anyone that stritcly follows the its principles.


    Congrats to the leaders and fore-runners.

  32. @Marc Echols,
    Joel Comm is on #7 spot and am proud he is my mentor.

    you’re very correst, the list is by no means comprehensive. Earning $5,000 to $10,000 per month is fast becoming the average for many expert publishers. I would not be surprised if over 200+ publishers are in this bracket.

    Sharon of dogbreedinfo(dot)com was also a case study used by, she is above the 25,000 dollar income solely from one site!

  33. @Karn Griffen and Robert,
    don’t despair, visit the expert sites that John Chow listed for us here and see how the gurus lay-out and optimized their adsense blocks.

    Secondly, you have no right to complain yet until your traffic is significant. Can’t you see the terrific traffic and page views that the gurus’ sites magnetised? You can’t have that level of traffic and not experience an explosion in your adsense income.

  34. mehdi says:

    I don’t think that 10 000 $ is a lot of money, I think that the list needs to be completed, good job thinks

  35. Adler says:

    Well — I like to know who hosted all this good stuff. Goodness, templates from various sources, Google doesn’t like my code, I can’t get it to fit things. Meanwhile — these guys are my new Gods. I think a lot of people are scrambling.


  36. Shawn Hogan says:

    I know 10 people off the top of my head that would be top 5 on that list.

    My little $10,000ish (heh) a month isn’t really anything in the big picture. I certainly don’t put up sites for AdSense. It’s more like, “Gee, I have an existing page that I guess I could put AdSense on it.” I wouldn’t change anything I do (at all) if AdSense was terminated tomorrow.

    Now if I could just be a AdSense Premium publisher…….. 😉

  37. Randolph Penna says:

    i visted these sites that had links posted and supposedly make so much money. most of them are crap. its not the sites or the content, its the traffic. without the traffic, these sites are horse crap. seems like they find thier target and suck them in. works good.

  38. Nice list. Too bad we don’t know how much the others make from this, “the ones in the shadows”. I could bet that many of these guys would leave your list if all the big earners would come out.

  39. Znaj says:

    go work, you lazy bums

  40. K says:

    How can a cheque for $900,000 for two months earnings lead you to conclude that he earns $300,000 per month?

  41. PK says:

    Actually, this is peanuts money. Don’t get me wrong, I’d like to be earning it, but if these are the TOP EARNING GUYS in their industry, then it’s a poor earning industry.

    Most medium-sized investment banks would have a whole bunch of people earning more than any of these guys, for example.

  42. I run my website from home, and I make on average $10,000 a month and I’m not even sure how I do it with my site!?

  43. Jon Waraas says:

    the real money makers stay in the shadows….


  44. Keith says:

    That’s wonderful…. I’m not even sure if I am capable of doing something like that for myself….

  45. James White says:

    Great post!

    I wonder how many of these people declare it to the tax man 🙂

    I seem to make anywhere between $1 and $10 a day. Its really variable, but at least it pays my hosting.

  46. Dawn says:

    Great post John! I’ve had my site up for a little more than a year now and I’m finally getting my first $100.00 check from Google! I like to read about others making it big with Adsense, it keeps me going. We need all the $$$ we can earn to keep the site up and running. Hosting costs alot! 🙂

    Dawn – Where Stepparents Come to Vent

  47. Matt says:

    I’m in the same position as James above me at the moment! Hoping to expand everything over the next few months so that I can afford a dedicated server.

  48. PsychoDude says:

    Nice compilation you got there, and damn what an amounts. Probably everybody here would wish they would be getting turned out the same amounts of Google, or hell even 1/10th of it :D. I guess the secret behind succes is not that easily to unravel though :P.

  49. Prashant says:

    So John, when are ya planning to catch you with them? 🙂

  50. Neale says:

    Thanks Great Article

  51. Sam Gibson says:

    Seems like a good enough reason to turn on AdSense to me.

    Now, how do we get Blogger to get past that stupid 0% updating issue that so many people have?

    Tell me here:

  52. milo says:

    Interesting post, now what is the secret behind the success?

  53. We are currently making about 1000$ per month on our free dating site through Adsense. This is a very inspirational article. Now I know we can do much more.


  54. Sonia says:

    Shoemoneymaker has got a sexy mouth 🙂

  55. Jon says:

    What the hell… I thought internet marketing was dead?! 😉

  56. madonna says:

    Hmm.. well well – very nice list
    I can be number 8 i don’t have to be first 😉

  57. Jay says:

    Great article! Opened my eyes to how the little guys can help make up some of our expenses… thanks 🙂

  58. nuevojefe says:

    “How can a cheque for $900,000 for two months earnings lead you to conclude that he earns $300,000 per month?”

    Canadian dollars.

    And as Shawn said, there are plenty out there who would displace folks on this list.

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  60. Wow, I’m earning about 20K/month, and my site is not in english. 😉

    Now I wonder what’ll gonna happen when the “adsense” program of Microsoft start with full engines. Will the “pay per click” be raisen by Google or we’ll hava to migrate to the new system to earn more money?

  61. w3bmaster says:

    Hmm i think only Shawn has a good site and usefull and Shoemoney has a good business for exemple plentyoffish seems stupid for me like other “succeses” on the net like myspace , onemilliondolarpage etc

    So i’m trying some stupid site to see if it proves my theory :


  62. Andreas Bard says:

    Nice list, thank you for that.

    Some of these guys I did know about, but not really the big amounts. Kind of inspirining, but as somebody mentioned above I hope they do not solely rely on Adsense it can drop quite much in a small amount of time.

    // Andreas Bard

  63. D.O. says:

    A very good advertisement for AdSense itself. 🙂

  64. gnt says:

    Isn’t revealing your earnings of adsense against their TOIs??!!

  65. John Chow says:

    Revealing your earnings is not against the TOS. You are not allowed to reveal your click information, but you can reveal how much you were paid and how many page views you get.

  66. ruijie says:

    How about friendster? I see all the pages contain the adsense…

  67. Tim says:

    Thats a nice list. But i think in the 10.000$/month Adsense region are a lot of sites and most of them we would never suspect for that.

  68. Kay says:


    My mum gives me ten pound a month to limit my internet access to only ten hours a night.

    I am an earner.

  69. Justin says:

    Definitely content, and sometimes just being quick on the draw are what really affect your ad earnings. When the tsunami occurred I quickly had some videos linked, and it didn’t even take a whole lot of hits before my ad revenue increased substantially. And I’m talking around a 1000% increase.

  70. Being new to AdSense, I was familiar with some of these people but that is a very interesting list. As was mentioned, I am sure there are many more that haven’t disclosed their earnings but this adds to the motivation of using AdSense as there is proof it can be done.

    My site with AdSense is new and the earnings pale in comparison to anyone on this list but it is inspiring. My site is about free help to get out of debt, so maybe if I can earn this kind of money with AdSense then I can eliminate my mortgage too! 🙂

  71. James Smith says:

    What a dream i was excited about earning $60 from my own site i would like to someday get a check this big.

    Good on you all for your well rewarded work.

  72. Sharon says:

    Okay, that’s it. I’m dumping Lemmy. Are any of these man still single? 🙂

  73. Tom says:

    Very interesting post. This article is proof for me that AdSense can be a great income source. I think, best is to keep going with good web project, work hard on adverts optimisation and never look back. Soon or later money will come from adverts. 🙂

  74. Nabeel says:

    Well it’s not that easy to earn money with adsense and I mean big bucks. High traffic? well .. high traffic can hurt your adsense performance too .. if users don’t click the ads. If you get dugg at digg .. then according to a recent study .. diggers go through ad blindness .. and the google adsense is calculated based on the impressions and clicks. So if one has many many impressions and no clicks .. your 50 click will produce less money that it would have without so many impressions.

    The best thing to do is to drive not that tech savy people to ur website or blog .. they are the ones most likely to get confused and click on an advertisement.


  75. Mike says:

    I read somewhere that makes about $50 000 per month. Is it possible ?

  76. Amish Shah says:

    I personally earn over 120K a month in AdSense. I have hit a hidden niche that many people have not discovered yet. More information can be reached at my blog.

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  78. juliano dias says:

    muito bom ter essas informações. tá de parabens

  79. Joao says:

    mando bem!!
    ta maluco…………………..

  80. pondlife says:

    Absolutely inspiring! I was thinking of giving up until I read this. Thanks!

  81. Scott says:

    //So far I’ve made $8.06 in 2 months on my site: now I can finally afford that toy Ferrari I’ve always wanted!

  82. Stew Houston says:

    Great article..

    I just don’t understand how Plenty of Fish makes THAT much money!

  83. tony marc says:

    o porque e como juntar tamto assim de dinheiro
    em apenas dois meses ???

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  85. Carlo Rubio says:

    Your list is cool… but very incomplete. Me and 2 of my best friends each make close to $100K a month with AdSense. We are having a competition to see who can have the best year. I am presently in second place by only a small percentage, but I plan to make that up before the years out.

    I also know at least 2 other guys that are making over a half million each per month, and I am guessing there are guys making over a million a month.

  86. Bill says:

    They could divide that money…


  87. Eddy says:

    These people are totally inspirational.
    It just goes to show that the little guys
    can make it.

  88. chouette says:

    Impressionnant !
    But how ? 😉

  89. should be up there.
    Huge site with the ads heavily placed in the middle of every page.


  90. emon3y says:

    wow.. big money .. i hope i can make like that 6 month from now

  91. Hudibaba says:

    Really, a very motivating article. Need to work hard to earn such a huge pay.

  92. Tennis for Dummies $150,– per Month

  93. Joris says:

    Very, very motivating 🙂 Too bad my weblog is in Dutch and will never attract millions of visitors…

  94. Sérgio says:


  95. Tatiana says:

    Thanks for the nice article but as many
    said before me – the list is incomplete and
    people earning bellow the $50.000 shouldn’t
    be even included.
    As there are many more earning between
    $500.000 to $100.000 and prefer to keep
    it for themselves.
    Don’t take me wrong though, I’d be glad
    with 10% of it a month

  96. marble2 says:

    John great compilation here. I’m sure there are plenty of other six figure earners monthly, and with all the response to your post hopefully they’ll be included in your next update. It would be great if you have one willing party who shares their progress from startup to six figures and any insights they picked up along the way.

  97. Mike says:

    No body answer me.

    Is it possible that makes about $50000 per month ?

  98. John Chow says:

    Mike – Yes it is possible. Just get enough traffic. It’s really simple. Just if you were making $100 a month on the page with 20,000 page views, just increase the page view to 1 million page views per month and you’ll be making $50K. 🙂

  99. Jason says:

    WOW great article. I would love for my site to get anywhere close to that. Right now im at 40.00 a month…hahaha with

    I guess I should start working on when i get a chance……I would love to make 300000 a month….
    Again great article….I bookmarked your page.

  100. Dena says:

    I made about $10 in the past 2 months….. on this blog:
    Thanks for the list though. It’s encouraging to see that it’s POSSIBLE!!

  101. Dave says:

    We’re all in the same boat with adsense but soon someone will come out with the infomercial

  102. MJ says:

    on 26 Sep 2006 at 12:27 pm Robert

    I’ve had a website up for months, chock full of content and havent even broken $80. Can’t get google to index my site.

  103. Frank Visnaw says:

    Great post! Made me call our tech guy and found that our company website generates over $80K per month in ad dollars.

  104. DrO says:

    Yes! Good article! WAw

  105. SlyRay says:

    Hello John. I’m that guy that posted this article on my blog without your ermission. I’ve put a link to you, but as i see – it is not the way I had to do that.

    Please sorry. I removed article from my site.

  106. John Chow says:

    Thank you SlyRay – Your posting on “How do you manage your blog?” was done correctly. You told your readers about it and you link to the full article. That is the accepted way of doing it. Posting the entire article is a copyright violation even if you link to the source.

    Thank you again for removing it.

  107. SlyRay says:

    John you don’t need to thank me – that was my fault. Sorry again!

  108. I had a look at and I don’t see how he does it. I would think ads would be all over his site, but it’s not the way. Guess I’m going to have to take some time off and realy study this guy.


  109. ipanks says:

    wooowww…that’s first word from me. how you do that? i wish i can earning some bucks like you.
    btw, nice to meet you in here. GBU

  110. Sprung Media says:

    I happen to know for a fact that the publisher of and the publisher of is NOT making more that $10,000 per month. They make much less.

  111. Gerben says:


    I figure that’s te cloe of the site.

    Not to much Adsense and not all around the place.

    Just using it on the most popular pages.

    Normally such a site would be filled with ads so you don’t know where to click.

    Otherwise, I also have some Adsense accounts and at some of them i create a ctr of 10%.

    When you’ve got 500 Mln. pageviews a month and u use only the best performing pages, you can easily generate 10 Mln. adsense clicks a Month.

    Now you know how he does it…you don’t have to take time off…..Hm…can’t I send you a bill for free advice?


  112. Ian says:

    Traffic, yeah, that’s the ticket. Easier said than done, these days. Anyone have any secrets for quick traffic they want to share? 🙂 Other than get on the front page of digg…

  113. Paulo says:

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  114. Nikolai says:

    This is very impressive. Actually, I am not surprised.. as long as you have chosen the right niche and get a decent traffic from the SEs or have built your own community, it is quite possible to generate those amounts.

  115. Gerben says:


    While you post.

    Consider using for using the best Title of you’re post.

    I do it in Holland and it really works out fine.

    Also use for outbound links target=”blank” so user will come back to you’re own site.

    And the last one I will post over here.

    Read for the best places for you’re adsense.

    So…..anybody I can send an invoice to?

  116. I have a website called “Find A Date”

    I currently am a partner (one of many)with a larger dating site. Due to tme limitations I currently do little to no advertising for Find A Date so only earn 500-1,000 a month, the traffic is mostly from type ins. Find A Date has earned up to 5,000 per month spending 1,500 a month in advertising using adwords.

    My question is:

    Would it be better for me to perhaps use the domain, build a date site directory type site using adsense on it rather than the current relationship I have with the larger company?

    Any thoughts or comments?

  117. Alex says:

    Hei brother that is 2005 check , now google change a alot , is not easy like last time

  118. Resulted congratulations for the excellent one in the GOOGLE, here in Brazil I also use this system, that I consider of better resulted.


    Fernando Araujo

  119. adsense says:

    Can I translate this nice article into Chinese and post it on my website

  120. John Chow says:

    adsense – You may only do so if you give me full credit and provide a link back to my blog.

    This permission is granted to only. No one else has permission to copy or translate my article.

  121. jay says:

    I ran a social network in 2003 (back when Myspace had 50,000 members). I was getting 1 million page views a day and was making $6,000 in adsense per month…. And then Google went public and our earnings dropped to under $700 with the same content and the same number of clicks. After hearing from other publishers at the time, it sounded like Google changed their payouts and I have since discontiued using them.

  122. I’d like to see the adsense/adwords ratios for some of these sites.

    It is easy to make $10k on adsense – spend $100k on adwords.

  123. Nikolai says:

    Hi Jay,

    I do beleive that with your traffic you can make much more than $700/month LOL. My site is making me that amount but it only gets around 1000 uniques/day.

    Good luck to us all.

  124. danaiou says:

    This is very impressive. Actually, I am not surprised.. as long as you have chosen the right niche and get a decent traffic from the SEs or have built your own community, it is quite possible to generate those amounts.

  125. Joris says:

    Looks like has been hacked by Turkish hackers…

  126. Jeff says:

    I’m surprised Google is not more involved with these guys. Seems like they send a check and that’s it. eBay on the other hand actively promotes and embraces their community of power sellers.

  127. TOFUmonkey says:

    hey, this is great stuffs!

    makes us drool with envy and rekindles the fire within to whoosh ahead and to earn those huge cheques monthly!

    Ming Chern
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    I went and ordered Joel Comm’s newest Adsense templates as a result of seeing that much money CAN be made.
    Thanks for advertising this list!!

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    Hopefully will be up on that list soon

  130. Reggie says:

    I was happy to start with my

    BUT, vow..great post and certainly inspired me to do something special

  131. fred says:

    I question the income from some of these on the list. On there is simply not any diversity of ads that would seems enticing to click. The site has a very narrow theme that does not cover many ad markets. I think traffic does not always equal money – there needs to be a viable market for advertisers and a market for related products and services. Some free myspace graphics site can’t possible offer many ads that could lure away visitors. The dating website – seriously – adsense is site topic relevant right? How would a dating site make money off ads – are people clicking on ads for pay date sites? If that kind of money is rollin in, then the site sure doesn’t reflect it. Maybe spurge on a logo?

    A lot of money can be made online, but I think some people are bullshitters that like the idea that they can throw out numbers or show one check and get “filty rich” status. One check doesn’t mean crap. Revenue comes and goes. I’d have to see online bank statements in person to believe any numbers, then remove operating costs from profits.

    What shocks me more is the hordes of people working 5 hrs a day on websites or blogs that make 100 bucks a month. That is insane.

  132. TOFUmonkey says:

    i always thought SEO plays a great part of it?
    at least we don’t need to pay adwords money to drive traffic to our site.

    i still really suck at SEO.

    any ideas/reviews at

  133. Brilliant, thanks for sharing! I’m not there yet, but hope to be in the not too distant future 🙂

  134. Miguel Angel says:

    No, no me busqueis entre los más pagados. Mi web no se encuentra entre ellas. Tan sólo es una página de venta de fincas rurales en Castellon

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  136. Chrispy says:

    Nice List! – Oh to be just a cent behind them!.

  137. im goin to make that much in 3 months..
    im confident!

  138. anna says:

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  139. girish says:

    I am amazed. The best number I could make with adsense is about $200 per month … too bad.
    I am cetainly excited and motivated after reading this.
    GREAT POST..!!

  140. I m new in adsense but i think good post.

  141. Word Farmers says:

    Looks like we all have a bit of catching up to do!

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    My husband and I made $32,000 for September 2006 and will make $42,000 for October’s check. I wish we could add ourselves to your list because that would be pretty neat, but we are concerned about my husband’s ex-wife knowing exactly how much we make. We pay her plenty as it is.

    We have wanted to get out there and be a part of the Adsense community for a few years now. We know we have something special here and could give some great tips and advice, maybe sell some ebooks. I believe strongly in stating your intention if you want to acheive anything so I will say here that I want this money issue to clear up in the very near future so that we can “come out” (lol) and tell the world how well we’re doing. It would get a ton of local attention as well as Internet mentions, giving us more traffic, of course.

    By the way, I’m sure everyone knows this, but the Google checks can be easily scanned and edited in a graphics program. We do that for visualization purposes. The one I am using now for visualization says “1 million”. If you want to get rich, learn about mind power and visualization and use it. Read any success books and they will all tell you that. It works. Good luck to you all. You’ll hear from us again in the future when we are able to be more open about our income.

    Thanks for building this list. It’s very interesting and inspiring.

  145. Jon says:

    I believe the huge profit of plentyoffish is not just primarily on visitors from the sites. “Dating” advertisements pay high.

    High CTRs and High CPC. That’s plenty 🙂

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  147. lankakolla says:


    Ive been in adsense for the last 5 months, but still i couldn’t even get to $20. It’s been a pretty bad experience so far 🙁 Can some expert give me some advice on how to increase my revenue?

    Thanks in advance


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  150. kostas says:

    I made only $30-$40 a month form adsense

  151. I made my first money, hahaha, finally, $1.41! WOOOOHOOO. Only $299,998.59 to go!

    Thanks for the article.


  152. Vinay says:

    Can’t believe such money can be made with Adsense and related tools. I am new to blogging and would be more than happy if I can earn my 1 month broadband charges ($40)in; say 3 months time. I blog mainly on Indian astrology, a not-so paying subject I presume!


  153. The Joel Comm guy is a big scam. I bought his $97 ebook on Adsense and it was utterly disgusting – he basically compiled information from Google’s blog and help pages, including the “heat map”, and compiled it into a friggin ebook!

    I’m guessing (intelligently) that the guy makes money by doing what sploggers do – hire cheap labor, create a huge number of web sites on a varying number of topics, publish Adsense ads, and drive traffic to the sites using a number of black- and white-hat techniques.

    I’m still on his mailing list just to see what the guy’s upto – and this guy pimps each and every product the “guru” crowd puts out. Stay away from Joel Comm.

    – Ravi Jayagopal

  154. Lewis says:

    that list is bull. people make much more than that trust me. i am new to the ad sense community after my father introduced me to a 26 year old, ex electrician now earning 105,000 usd a month from hes websites (he owns around 25. hes not on the list so obviously a lot more wouldnt be

  155. Merv Skilton says:

    How come Jeremy Shoemaker doesn’t actually have any Google Adsense on his page but has a big Google cheque?

    Regards Merv @

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  157. John,

    This post and your other big-money post on the hi-tech urinal have really motivated me to try and make some unusual posts in future – I had no idea one fairly straight-forward but unique article could generate so much traffic!

    Thanks for the fascinating posts 🙂


  158. Sams says:

    I just started using adsense a month ago and I make around 200 dollars a day with a 25% cpr. My method of driving traffic is wild but it works.

  159. Hi

    I never realised you could make so much money from adsense. This is quite remarkable really. However, I am sure when I read the terms and conditions of Adsense it states that you should not / cannot publish how much you earn using it. I hope these people are aware of this, as if this is the case, Google could cancel their accounts. But then, I guess if some people are making 100,000 dollars a month, Google must be making a fair packet themselves. And if the Adwords clients are gettign extra traffic, then everyone, as they say, is a winner !

    Rodney, by this time next year we’re be millionaires !



  160. gottabkd says:

    This is it is truly inspiring
    An interesting list and many good points.

    Good luck to everyone… .
    Till next time

  161. Gary says:

    I believe Marcus owner of is making that much due to the amount of traffic he has on his site on an hourly basis. Let’s say he is getting 20 million page views per day. Divide that by 24 hours and then that number by 60 minutes in an hour. And you come out with about 13,800 people viewing his site every minute of every hour of the day. That’s amazing. Then let’s say he gets a small 1% CTR. 138 people clicking on ads per minute is most incredible. Ant that’s at 1%. Great site with a remarkable concept.


  162. Seth says:

    Well… do you really think that Google would cancel their biggest accounts? I think it is an art. These guys show that you do not have to be a multinational to get a good online business and I think there will be many more to come in the future.

  163. Eliza says:

    Hi John, congrats on the list and thanks for this list, it is very inspirational. I don’t make much, in fact only in the last two months did I really start making anything and that’s only because I joined Momgadget. I find it funny that everyone here is commenting on how $10,000 a month isn’t much. Send it my way if ya don’t want it, I guarantee I can find many uses for it. Keep up the GREAT work John. I found your site by the mention of mine and have been reading your site ever since.

  164. Rich Jerk says:

    The websites which make money with Google Adsense, really do generate lot’s of money. I have a website and it’s not getting accepted in the Google adsense program. Someone please help

  165. Seth says:

    Google probably does not like sites which handle about fast money making. One tip I CAN give you is to make a other site in which you will get a account and when you finally have a account you can add the code to the site you just showed.

    One warning though: IF your sites does violate the rules of Google then it can cause a “account-ban”

    Goog luck.

  166. Marv says:

    Does anyone know how much hi5 and myspace easrn from adsense?

  167. Moses says:

    I have started a blog
    and i have applied for Adsense and i am waiting for approval.
    I want to see whether its true that i can earn $10.
    I am from Africa.Do they have restrictions.

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  176. Great Post…… Amazing how people make money… Welcome to the new flat world where people are clicking all the way to their bank accounts..


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    Great post. These kind of posts makes you to stay online 24/7 and build websites…

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    hope i can be in the top 10 list too

  179. Andrea says:

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  180. ankur says:

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    really appreciated, lot of hard work required to reach there.

  181. Bishnu says:

    I am also making $1000 per month

  182. Jeff says:

    Shoemoney is listed at $140,000 a month.
    He is shown holding a check for just over $132,000 and the capsule on him denotes that: “In the above photo, you see him with the biggest Google AdSense check he has ever received from Google. ”

    Well, if $132,00 is the BIGGEST one, what makes us think he earns MORE than that each month…?

  183. Brendan says:

    WOW WOW and WOW for a third time.

    That is a lot of Mouladh (IS THAT HOW YOU SPELL IT)

    900k every month. Imagine what you could do with 900 k.

    I wonder though how much the worlds most visited websites would make.

    100million visitors every day.

  184. Paula says:

    Great post. Very inspirational.

  185. A 100k a month from Google? Sounds too good to be true. I read a post on that said only 5% of bloggers are in this category. I suggest diversifying revenue streams becasue these guys are few and far between.

  186. Vinny S says:

    I think it isnt as easy as it once was to make money using adsense. It a game of sheer numbers. How easy is it for a blogger to get 500 million page views a month to reach to the level of some of the bigger fish is anyone guess

  187. manu says:

    hi,does adsense help your site in google ranking

  188. Wow its me says:

    Hopefully soon I will be up there in that list…Im a quarter of the way there…woohooo…

  189. Evelyn says:

    Hi John, Is it really true people make all that money from blogs, please enlighten me on this.

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  191. Troy says:

    Wow! Maybe I need to start a blog. I have had Google adsense on my site for the last year and have yet to break the $50 mark.

  192. The list drops off pretty quickly.
    It looks like you have to hit a home-run
    just to make $10K.

    Though when you look at the time spent it
    still can be profitable.

    I just spent a couple of hours tweaking
    my ads after reading an article and added
    $5-6 per day. All things remaining constant
    that is $1,500 more for the year.

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  196. mister scruff says:

    note how plentyoffish is very sparse with the ads – they arent in your face. in other words, user content is king on that site. no wonder his traffic levels are enormous.

  197. Bryan Baker says:

    You should be on this list soon John…

  198. Queentorrent says:

    The best money I have made on Adsense was on pages having to do with specific high value advertising. For instance, I am working in the automotive category now, the pay is really good. A couple years ago I was writing political articles and the pay sucked.

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