The Jump Pack Story – How I Made $40,000 with a Mobile Game

Jump Pack is a mobile game available for both Android and iOS devices. It was created by my friend Trey Smith, who is simply crushing it with video games for mobile devices. Jump Pack has been downloaded over a million times (the game free so go try it out) and the game has made Trey over $40,000 in only eight months. Trey’s mobile gaming business is making over $700 per day.

When Trey was making Jump Pack, he documented the entire process in a series of videos. These videos have been put together into a DVD that you can get for free ($5.95 shipping). The Jump Pack Story is a fascinating documentary because Trey has no coding skills what-so-ever. The story shows how Trey comes up with the game idea, how he found the programers to write the codes, and how he marketed the game in the Android and iTunes app stores.

Anyone who has seen the power of Angry Birds (they recently turned down a $2.25 BILLION offer from Zynga!) knows there’s a ton of money to be made in mobile gaming. What most don’t know is how inexpensive it is to create a mobile game. The Jump Pack Story takes you behind the scene to show you exactly how to create and market your own mobile game. Trey has a limited number of DVDs available, so go grab your copy now!

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