The Last Comdex Party


This is a follow up to my In The Beginning post, which details how I got started in web publishing. I’ve been going through my hard drive and came across an old video from my 2003 Comdex party in Las Vegas.

I hosted my first Comdex party in 2002 and in doing so, became the first and only tech site to ever host a private party during a major trade show. The 2002 party was held at the Venetian hotel but I wanted to go fancier for 2003. So we rented the penthouse at the very top floor of the number one hotel in Las Vegas at the time; the Bellagio.

The 3,100 square feet penthouse offered the ideal setting for a Comdex party. The view of the Las Vegas strip at night was simply amazing. Also there was nothing to block our view of the Bellagio water show that happened every hour. I learned a lot from the previous party. The number one thing to do; disconnect the phones so nobody could call China at your expense!

We had about 200 people show up at the party. Everyone commented that it was a better party than 2002. Everyone also commented on the view from the Bellagio hotel. I saw more than a few people pull up a chair next to the windows just to stare out into the Las Vegas strip.

Sadly, 2003 would mark the end of Comdex – it went into bankruptcy after the show and never recovered. I have found memories of the 2003 Comdex. Many fellow tech site owners were there including Stephen Fung and Carl Nelson. Carl took a bunch of videos for me. I’m sure mentioning the word “Hooter Shooter” will bring back many memories for him. Here’s a video from the last Comdex party.

12 thoughts on “The Last Comdex Party”

  1. Nomar says:

    WOW, What a great hotel, And you must had a GREAT view around the city.

    Great !!

  2. Gdog says:

    Wow, pretty nice penthouse…how much was the final tab??

  3. Nice venue!

    FYI, I think you’ve linked instead of , its currently going to a parked domain page.

  4. Ed Lau says:

    Don’t forget I was there! I’m right in the middle of the room…although I don’t quite remember that night all that clearly. We did a LOT of shots…

  5. siong1987 says:

    it should be instead of The link is something wrong. it links to a parking page.

  6. vik says:

    Damn John. How come I wasn’t invited to this party??? I think someone owes me a drink, and no, not Smirnoff 🙂

  7. vik says:

    By the way, just watched the video. Wayyyyy too many dudes at this party. In your next party, you should work on the ratio 😉

  8. ian says:

    Heh, if you think there are too many dudes at that party, you should have seen the “So you wanna be a porn star” launch party I went to a couple of years ago, as a side-distraction from CES. Total and complete sausage-fest.

  9. Cameron Wilmot says:


  10. Lynx says:

    @ ian

    I take it they didnt recruite you then, or is it ‘ian 10 inch’ now?

  11. John Chow says:

    vik – That is the problem with these trade shows – too many guys! In later parties, I hired some girls to work the room. 🙂

  12. Hey you forgot to thank your writers :O hehehe. Really looking forward to this year’s CES!

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