The Millionaire Operating System

Many people have tried to make money on the Internet and they have failed for any number of reasons. Maybe they bought into a system and it didn’t work out for them. Maybe they got disheartened by the lack of success early on and quit early. Maybe they didn’t have someone guiding them through the process and teaching them the right way to do things.

You don’t want to fail. You want to succeed. And that’s what The Millionaire Operating System is supposed to deliver. Over the course of today’s review, we’ll have a look at this comprehensive system and the people behind it. And no, it has nothing to do with replacing Windows or Mac OS.

What Is The Millionaire Operating System?

It is an online business system that is meant to equip you with all the tools and guidance that you need to be a successful entrepreneur on the Internet.


Not only is it an Internet marketing system designed to help you capture leads, funnel and filter these leads, and sell the right kind of product mix to these potential customers, but the Millionaire OS is also an online training system. You can get started with right away, earning while you are learning.

When you become a member of the Millionaire OS, you get automatic enrollment in 8 key affiliate programs, a full 180-day curriculum on Internet marketing, direct coaching (including one-on-one time), access to a professional sales staff, a complete website system, and access to a traffic co-op.

Who Are These Guys?

So, why is it called the Millionaire Operating System? Well, the “Inner Circle” who founded this project all happen to be very successful Internet entrepreneurs in their own right, earning seven figures of income from the web.


When you go to the main landing page for MOS, you are treated to a video with Jeff Lerner that explains his story and how MOS works. Jeff is ranked as one of the Top 500 Home Business Entrepreneurs in the world.

The other co-founders have different kinds of expertise and experience, but they all say they have experienced substantial success online. The Inner Circle also includes copywriter Mike Antoni, traffic guru Jashin Howell, sales expert Jeremy Miner, conversion specialist Dave Nayavich and others. These are the guys who are going to act as your personal mentors.

How Is This Different From Other Systems?

One of the key differentiating factors that separates the Millionaire OS from other seemingly similar systems is that it integrates a fair bit of training with a comprehensive online business system. You get one-on-one coaching to guide you along the way, as well as the various training modules that help move “members’ business forward day by day.”

The MOS marketing system is also meant to be utterly complete, including five key factors or components of any successful online business: traffic, funnel, filter, follow-up and product lines. They help you generate the traffic, they automatically funnel the leads to build a trust relationship with visitors, they automatically filter the traffic to find the most qualified leads, and they actually help you generate the sales by leveraging the right follow-up and products.

The other key difference? Not everyone can sign up. It’s not that it’s a limited time offer; it’s that they offer limited membership.

Why Do I Have to Apply?

So yes, you have to apply to join the Millionaire OS community. Just as they funnel and filter the money-making traffic, they also do the same with the applicants. They want to ensure that the “right kind of people” with the right kind of mindset are joining so that they can ensure your success.


The application package is $29.95 and comes with some bonus material. If after the application and interview process they decide you’re not a good fit, they’ll refund the fee. It took some digging around, but it seems that the MOS membership fee itself is $297 one-time and then $199 per month. And they guarantee that you’ll turn a profit in your first year.


15 thoughts on “The Millionaire Operating System”

  1. Sound interesting Michael,

    Most people quit because they believe the path to success will follow the one they have thought up in their mind.

    When they get started and realize that you actually have to consistently take action then they make excuses and quit.

    As they say winners never quit and quitters never win.

    1. Ed says:

      You should check out what the BBB Arizona, as well as the Online BBB have in the way of complaints and note what and if MOS has responded.

    2. Ed says:

      When I attempted to access the link above, The Millionaire Operating System , what appeared was a REPEATED ATTACK PAGE Advisory from Google:Site is listed as suspicious-visiting this web site may harm your computer. Google reported testing the site 5 times over the last 90 days, 5
      pages resulted in malicious software being downloaded and installed WITHOUT USER CONSENT. THE LAST DATE GOOGLE VISITED THIS SITE was on 2013-01-20.”

  2. adam says:

    Hey John this looks like a very good system. Do you use this your self? do you agree that this will turn a profit?

  3. sapna says:

    Hi John

    I am here for the first time.
    I went through some of the posts and you are doing a great job.
    What I believe is you are doing everything very consistently and that is the really the reason for your success, don’t you think so?

    Regarding the course, I never know whether this will be good for me or not, until I try it.


    1. Sean Sommer says:

      Hi Sapna,
      I just wanted to inform you that I have spoken to many on the phone that really speak highly of this. I have been involved with many things that make promises and never live up to what they say. I can assure you that there are R E A L people here in MOS that are really interested in making sure that you are successful in making money. After you try this out, I am sure you will be happy and excited to know that your information is awesome and the fact that real people will coach you.

      Take care,


  4. Whitney says:

    This looks very thorough..most coaching programs really under deliver and it’s a bunch of rehashed stuff.

  5. Florin says:

    Online money are the future. We all try to make passive income.

  6. faisal says:

    Interesting OS indeed. Lets see how it works.

  7. shnomaan says:

    Well, I guess i will follow your command.

  8. Robert says:

    Hey John, I’ve just signed up MOS and I’m been assigned to a personal coach! I’m pretty excited about this!

    Thanks for the great recommendation!


  9. Marco says:

    So if Jeff Lerner has a ‘Millionaire Operating System’, why doesn’t he just use it instead of selling an information training product/service? The answer is probably because he makes his money from 100’s of people paying him $199 per month (plus $29.99 info pack, plus $297 joining fee).

  10. Bob says:

    Sounds like a nothing more than a $25 a month training program but they are asking $200. Email me at [email protected] and I will send you links to the other programs. Do a little homework before you commit $2700. The other programs have real people making big money and they prove it.

  11. Robert says:

    I guess every online business systems has its pros and cons, which cater to different target audience. This MOS has a very high commission potential which is attractive, aren’t we all in the same boat making money online?

  12. David Noel says:

    If they are soo awesome then why do they keep calling me to offer their “coaching” even after 5 times of calling and asking to be removed from their list–Another Slimy company and I notice that your “Review” is just like everyone else (how original to have a canned review which speaks VOLUMES about the quality of the review) You won’t post this even though I have asked 5 times with a “customer service” rep to be removed (each time assuring me that it has been done). Harassing Marketing calls calls into question the integrity of the content of the information and the character of the leadership that allows it to continue.

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