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I received a request from Jason Green to review his new free course being offered at The course is focused on helping website owners get more out of their visitors by diversifying revenue streams and tweaking existing sources of revenue. So many website owners become lost in using only one or two sources of income (for example just using Google AdSense). Jason’s free course aims to help people to start expanding their horizons on how to really diversify and maximize their income.

The Site Salary website looks like a sale page for an eBook but it really isn’t (at least not yet). This is because the book is not finished. The only thing the page is offering is the free mini course on diversifying site income. All you need to do to receive the material is sign up for it by entering your name and email address. After confirming your email, you’ll receive the ten lessons over the next two weeks. Fortunately for me, Jason sent me all the courses so I could review it without waiting. However, before I did that, I signed up for the course like a normal reader to see what kind of backend deal Jason was offering.

The Money Pig Offers the LTO

Upon signing up for the Site Salary step-by-step mini course, you’re presented with a “Limited Time Offer.”

I’m allowing a handful of aspiring individuals to join me in the private Assault Group to start transforming your online business and build up your success.

I’ve never done this before.. EVER, but I’m certainly not mucking around! Because this is the very first time I’ve done this I know I need to build up my reputation and as a result I’m being overwhlemingly generous.

The offer allows you to be part of Jason’s “Assault Group” and create moneymaking websites together. You will also get a pre-release version of the SiteSalary Guidebook that those ten free courses are based on. No doubt the final ebook will include examples from sites the Assault Group builds. To sweeten the offer and make sure you can’t say no, Jason will include six free bonus offers, one of which is a free 30 minute one-on-one phone consultation with the man himself. Jason claims he charges $300 an hour for phone consulting, which is an incredible rate for someone who admits he needs to build his reputation.

The cost to join the Assault Group is $47.97 plus $15 a month thereafter. I’ll leave it up to you to decide if there is enough value in that. Jason does offer a 30 day money back guarantee. To me, it seems like the Assault Group is serving two purposes. One, it’s a moneymaker because of the recurring membership fee. Two, the group could be used as material for the yet to be published SiteSalary guide book. Nothing like having people pay to be part of a book that will make you money. Then again, if everyone in the group creates a site making $100 a day (the group goal) I doubt anyone will care if Jason makes money off their case studies.

How Are Those Ten Courses?

The entire premise for Jason’s mini course and upcoming eBook is most websites don’t maximize their revenue and as a result make very little each month. Jason starts the first lesson by asking you to make a list of all the ways you can make money with your site. In later lessons, Jason lists some real life case studies and the methods he uses to monetize his sites.

The lessons are very short and can be read in less than two minutes. If they were a blog post, I would have put all ten lessons on one post. However, if Jason did that, he wouldn’t be able to remind you to join his Assault Group. The information is solid and worth it for a beginner. Advance marketers will find nothing new but may wish to sign up anyway to see how Jason is running his business model.

The business model Jason has chosen to pursue is an interesting one. Not only is he trying to make money off an unfinished product, but he’s charging people to help him finish the product. The score some evil points in my book! 😈

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  1. Hey this seems to be a pretty good Idea! If Jason is an ambitious guy and has got a good plan am sure this can work pretty well. I was thinking of doing something similar but it wasnt related to Making Money online, it was related to online networking for bloggers.
    I would certainly like to give this a try!
    I am sure this would be a good learning experience! 🙂

  2. Jason Green says:

    Thanks for the review John.

    Just to clarify the Assault Group is not an unfinished product and it is only available for a few days – after that the chance to join will be gone forever (but the free course will remain).

    It is not an incomplete product but a very personal coaching group where I’ll let a small group work with me as I create a brand new successful site which I am starting on Monday.

    I’ll be posting every step (including videos of what I’m doing) to show people exactly how I make a profitable site – private members are being encouraged to do exactly the same as me (but in their own niche).

    This allows all members to follow my successful strategy and our fates will be tied together as we follow the same method. $100 is just a beginning benchmark – I plan to take the site much further than that.

    I do intend to use the success stories as case studies in my eBook when it is released next year, and also get as much feedback as possible on what people need to learn, and the best way to teach them that. That way it can be as good as it possibly can be.

    I don’t think that’s evil 🙂



    1. Jason Green says:

      “Jason claims he charges $300 an hour for phone consulting, which is an incredible rate for someone who admits he needs to build his reputation.”
      That’s what I charge on a local level. I’ve advised on a few internet projects (mostly government run). I don’t do it often but when I do that is what I charge.

      I have yet to offer phone consultation on an international “internet” level.

      1. It’s things like this that make absolutely no sense. $100/day per website and $300/hour per consulting, yet you charge $15 per month? Why not focus on more consulting and more websites? Anyone can see that a couple orders at $15/month is petty change compared to what you claim to make.

        1. After all, math helps to get us a clue 😛

        2. Jason Green says:

          As I said I am making a new niche website anyway – I’m just letting others follow my strategies step-by-step by providing videos & tutorials on everything I do.

          For me the time investment is relatively low and at the end of it I will have xx number of successful case studies from members who make $100 a day or more, as well as a proven step-by-step guide.

          Yes $15 is ridiculously cheap, but I’m doing it to build a reputation and prepared to work at a short term loss (in terms of comparative hourly earnings from doing something else) to build my reputation.

          Also, I have some business-2-business/online marketing services & products planned for 2008 and having a number of successful case studies from previous clients will strengthen my reputation when it is time to launch those. I’m looking beyond the end of my nose with this project.

          There’s another reason I’m doing it…

          I think it is going to be really good fun and I enjoy teaching! :mrgreen: The people that have joined so far appear to be a really committed group and I’m going to have a very warm feeling when they all start becoming successful!

          All the best!

          Jason Green

          1. I don’t know if I buy it. Sounds like you’re talking your reputation up more than anything. The phrase, “Fake it til you make it” comes to mind. The least you could have done was hired a professional graphic/web designer.

          2. Jason Green says:

            I’m not talking my reputation up – I’m a newcomer to the arena of helping people to make money online – nobody knows who I am so I don’t have a reputation to talk up.

            I’m going to build my reputation up by being committed to making sure my members get to their $100 day goal at the very minimum by allowing them to follow the strategies I have used to make a handful of very profitable sites.

            All I have to say to your skepticism is just wait for the success stories.

        3. You can only talk on the phone so many hours a day. While you can have a huge amount of people making you $15 a month…

          It’s smarter to go wide like Jason is doing and make a lot more money in the long run.

        4. MoneyNing says:

          I also doubt the $300/hour claim but I would say that this model is not inappropriate even if the numbers stay the same because you can definitely get 20x more people to pay $15 per month than the initial $300/hour.

  3. Danny Tsang says:

    Looks like a very interesting concept. I’m wondering though, if you can create a site that makes $100+ each month, and supposedly many in the assault group will be able to follow the same methods and do the same, then why not just keep creating websites that produce $100+ a month? Why teach it to people and saturate your techniques and niches for $15 a month? I don’t know I’m just thinking thats what I would do lol.

    Cool concept though best of luck to you. By the way Jason evil isn’t exactly a bad thing here. :mrgreen:

    1. Danny Tsang says:

      opps I meant $100/day not month..Even sweeter.

    2. Jason Green says:

      I’m not making website, after website, after website.

      I make one website with the aim to dominate a single niche. This requires focus and time.

      I’m making my site anyway – and I share with the group exactly what I do to make this site through step by step tutorials and videos.

      Members need to imitate what they learn but in their OWN niche.

    3. Because the internet is huge…

  4. Phamen says:

    Thanks for the information you give us. I’ve just visited Site Salary to see how it is.

  5. chinaboy says:

    John Chow, you should open a course like this! I bet more peole will come to you! Even you charge more.

    1. Israel says:

      yep. theres a ton of things chow should be doing…

      1. Blackysky says:

        Or maybe he already doing alot at the same time……

        1. I am sure John is doing a lot of things we haven’t seen yet! I expect John to keep moving up the revenue ladder!

      2. MoneyNing says:

        He doesn’t need to. He should focus his energy on that TTZ media because it can be very fruitful.

        This teaching scheme takes WAY too much time for him considering what he makes with the time he spends 🙂

    2. PinoyTech says:

      Yes. That would be a great idea.

  6. Jason says:

    Interesting. I’m getting ready to start my own blog this weekend. I just might have to get in on this. By the way, John, I just got done reading your ebook. I’ve been reading your blog now for a few months but never took the time to subscribe to the newsletter. Honestly, I expected a lot of beating around the bush and upselling, but you were very straightforward and honest. You gave me a lot of great ideas to get started. Thanks a lot.

  7. Hhhmmm. Looks like another guru is teaching his making money secrets. I signed up to the newsletter to look at his techniques and see if I get some knowledge in this.

  8. Yes. one more guru. They are beginning to come out of our ears. Just like in real life, followers keep switching from one guru to another, bloggers too seem to be doing this. All the gurus succeed one way or the other and some followers become mini gurus and eventually just disappear.

  9. alzack says:

    Another type of JohnChow University material…I mean it can be taught by everybody and Jason Green can be one of the professor. Ain’t it…? 😈

  10. Etienne Teo says:

    A neat site and a good concept. I guess it is a worthy site to join.

  11. Are you getting consulting on a personal level? If not, I think someone needs to find out what Digital Point is.

    1. PinoyTech says:

      Huh? You mean the forums?

  12. Patrick says:

    Interesting concept. Signed up for the newsletter! So we shall see how good Jason is! Don’t know if I’ll pay anything yet!

    1. Jason Green says:

      Thanks Patrick 😎

      Glad to have you as a subscriber. Enjoy the course 😀

      1. Jason, if nothing else you are creating controversy! We all know that it is good to have people talking about us whether it is good or badd. All attention is good attention. Good Luck! I will sign up as well.

  13. Israel says:

    oh yet another genius will show us the way…. to millions and no more 9 to 5.

    ugh. its the same all over.

    1. Israel, I think you should sign up and ask Jason to “show me the money!” Hey, maybe you and I are genius’ as well!

  14. Blackysky says:

    What about the John Chow institute … I can already picture this lool ahaha

    another guru … oh well there is no secret to make money online… good timing,great niche and hard work ….oh god maybe I should be a guru now 😯 😀 👿 I will sign up to see what all this is all about

  15. Shams says:

    ‘John Chow University Material’ – Yaaaa 😛

    1. Etienne Teo says:

      Don’t they start with teritary first?

  16. Mike Huang says:

    Dropping so much money on a reviewme, but not getting a site corrected. I don’t know what to think here.


  17. That was nice of you John reviewing for free. When you gonna review my site 🙂

    1. Joshua says:

      What makes you think he reviewed it for free?

    2. MoneyNing says:

      I don’t think it was for free either 🙂

    3. PinoyTech says:

      I highly doubt that if was free

    4. Jason Green says:

      No it wasn’t free – I paid the standard price.

      Since John has done very well using a diverse variety of income streams on his site (and completely ditch adsense) I thought he would be a great choice to get some quality feedback and create a bit of buzz.

  18. svakanda says:

    Hey Jason that sounds pretty cool. Good luck to you, I’ll admit I’m tempted to join with you and see what this is about, but I don’t think I have the time.

  19. The course sounds interesting though I am only signing up for the business model examination 😉

  20. Rome says:

    University Material. left 😯

  21. Does anybody really sign up for these paid services? There is so much free information available on the it really necessary to pay for it?

    1. Jason Green says:

      Yes they do. I’ve bought a few in my time and learned a lot from them. In fact many have changed the way I run my business.

      It is common sense that many successful people won’t go shouting their tactics on their blog and forums, they might give you a taste but never show you the whole picture. Most often if you want quality information you have to pay for it.

      In fact being reluctant to buy some of these products and use free information held me back when I first started. Here’s why:

      Ones I have read and recommend are:
      SEOBook – A MUST read for beginners
      PayPerClickFormula – For anyone wanting to learn PPC
      ButterFlyMarketingManuscript – A must for anyone involved in selling affiliate products or selling their own products

  22. Binh Nguyen says:

    Well, well, if I’m certain my email isn’t going to the spammers I may sign up to see if it’s true.

    1. Jason Green says:

      No I won’t sell your email address, pass it on or anything like that. I hate spam as much as the next guy.

      You can also unsubscribe from the list at any time.

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