The Motive Network Introduces Advent 2.0

John Chow dot Com has a new advertiser on board, so I’ve been asked to write a post introducing all of you to The Motive Network, by Motive Interactive. The main reason why they’d like to attract your attention is that this CPA-based network has recently rolled out the beta version of its new Advent 2.0 ad system.

This update is supposed to bring all sorts of wonderful things to both publishers and advertisers. Let’s have a look at what Motive Interactive has to offer.

Affiliate Network Empowering Publishers

You may have noticed in recent years that the online advertising model of choice is shifting toward affiliate networks. This is because advertisers can get the most bang for their buck and publishers have the potential to make the most amount of money.

Taking a look at the key features behind The Motive Network, you’ll find that this performance-based ad network easily stands up against other similar networks.

Among the notable features are some of the highest payouts in the industry, a reliable payment schedule (as often as every 7 days for qualified publishers), Host and Post offers, advanced tracking and reporting, SID and AID tracking, multiple ad formats, and superior customer service.

A Revised Dashboard for Improved Performance

The official name of this affiliate marketing solution is quite the mouthful. If you must know, it is officially called The Motive Network – powered by Advent 2.0. With this latter half of the name, you get a new dashboard and updated features.

Motive says that this is a “best in class web 2.0 interface” and you can easily see that it is much more robust than some of its competitors. There’s a lot of information there for you to digest, including at-a-glance information about each of the offers and access to quality reporting.

To get a better sense of what you can expect from this CPA affiliate network, you can watch the video demo below.

Sample Offers and Advertisers

The Motive Network prides itself in providing some of the most lucrative affiliate deals on the Internet. It is said to have the “top performing highest paying offers” and they really put their money where their mouth is. If you find the same offer with a higher payout on another network, Motive says that it will beat it. Considering how much overlap you get between networks, this is a definite plus.

You can organize the various offers by checking them all out, seeing the newest offers, or limiting to the hot offers. There is also an area where you can see the affiliate offers that are exclusive to The Motive Network. For any of these, you can simply click on it and the comprehensive information for that offer will be displayed right in the list. Click on it again to collapse.

Some of the newest offers on The Motive Network include one for property investment in the UK, one for car insurance quotes, and one for getting women out of debt. The property investment deal pays $26 on a first page submit.

Lifetime Referral Commission

When you consider some of the other affiliate networks out there, not all of them have referral programs. Those that do may only pay you for the first 30 days of a new account. That’s not the case with The Motive Network.

For each new publisher that you refer to this affiliate network, you earn a very impressive 5.5% commission on their gross earnings each and every month. This is a lifetime commission structure, assuming that the publisher continues to generate earnings without a lapse of greater than 12 months. If they stay active, you keep getting paid.

There’s also a rewards system that encourages affiliate to keep earning and earning more. The reward payout starts at 1% and ramps up to 2% as you move up the tiers. You get a $10 reward when you reach $1,000 in a single month. If you can manage to earn $1.25 million in a month, there’s a $25,000 bonus payment waiting for you.

The Motive Network Motivated to Make You Money

With a guarantee of high payouts, an efficient publisher support system, and a powerful user interface, The Motive Network – Powered by Advent 2.0 is a good option for any affiliate marketer. Check them out and be prepared to make some serious cash.