The Number 1 Way To Make Money Has Returned To And Will Remain At $24.95

I’ve received the following email from Kelvin over at The Number 1 Way To Make Money Online. It seems the creators of Build A Niche Store (BANS) has decided to bring the price of their money making guide, known as N1WAY, back to its $24.95 grand opening price. And they’re even offering to refund the difference to anyone who paid the $44.95 post opening price. That’s not something you see done everyday!

You can so tell that The Number 1 Way To Make Money Online is following the test everything and keep testing model of making money online. Here’s the email with instructions on how to get a refund on the difference if you’re one of the 112 who paid $44.95 for The Number 1 Way To Make Money Online.

It’s been a crazy few days and we’ve largely been overwhelmed by the response to our new guide.

As we know and you’ll know the internet is full of poor products sold at over-valued prices – which sell and only sell – because of exceptionally aggressive marketing tactics. We’ve now been doing this long enough and believe in our abilities enough to break from this path – to invert it.

Starting with N1WAY – we want it to be the best entry / intermediate level access point to learning how to make money using the internet and we want it to be available at the lowest price in the market. Better products at lower prices – that’s what we’re going to do to “make money online”.

N1WAY will therefore continue to be sold as a 100+ page printable blueprint to making money through content driven websites for $24.95. If you are one of the 112 people that have bought N1WAY since the price rise (ie you paid $44.95) please reply to this email with your:

  • Full Name
  • Your N1WAY Access Key
  • Your PayPal Account Details

And you will receive a rebate of $20 within the next 48 hours. Our apologies for the change but after thinking it all through – both what we’re doing now and what we’re planning to do in the future – we feel it is the right decision and hence one we must make.

If you missed on The Number 1 Way To Make Money Online when it was at $24.95 and then didn’t buy it when it went up to $44.95, here’s your second chance. Personally, I would have raised the price even more because the information being taught is worth far more than what they’re charging. After all, $24.95 is less than the cost of DB burger!

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27 thoughts on “The Number 1 Way To Make Money Has Returned To And Will Remain At $24.95”

  1. John,
    Do you know how long they plan to offer this reduced rate? I am still working through the Shoemoney material and would like to order this once done. Thanks

    1. John Chow says:

      They plan to keep it at $24.95 for the foreseeable future.

      1. Make money says:

        This sounds great. BTW, BANS used to work great but I don’t see the same as of now. They suck in the search engines.

        1. That’s what I’ve heard too. Perhaps you can improve on that with a good linking campaign for your BANS site?

  2. Thanks for letting us know about the reduced price. I’m a new and motivated young blogger and want to use anything that would help me to make money online.

    1. @$24.95 its a sheer luxury.

  3. Just like for other things, research first before jumping in. I guess I’ll do some background check first 😉

  4. Thanks for letting us know!

  5. WP Themes says:

    I’m just one of those people who buy these courses and never read them. I think I have done it 3 or 4 times already.

    I think most people are like me.

  6. game-girl says:

    It is very pleasant to learn that the price goes down.Now more people can afford the course.

    1. Make money says:

      It’s a sure plan to quadruple their sales. But, I had this thing in my watch list for a while and I’m definitely going for it!

  7. There is so many options out there that I will have to weigh all the situations before I pick which one to buy. Thanks for the update though John.

  8. That’s a unique and brave thing to do. I think it takes a special “team” to put the price down. Kudos to Kelvin.


    1. John Chow says:

      I don’t think it’s hard to put a price down, but to refund everyone who paid the old price. Now, that’s something else.

  9. That is good. It seems the guys realized they made a mistake.

    ***John chow, it seems google has lifted the ban on your site for the keyword make money online. I searched on google for make money online and you were on the bottom of the last page.

  10. Dean Saliba says:

    $25? If I have some spare cash at the end of the month I might just buy this.

  11. Earningstep says:

    great price . i will not think twice to buy it

  12. This is something very interesting, i have never seen somebody refunding difference money to those who bought the system at higher price.

  13. Eric Tan says:

    New low Price! It’s admirable for someone to refund the difference from the initial price… it must be really worth it.

  14. fas says:

    Now this is something. Very few can do this. Returning money to people who paid more. Super stuff.

  15. Lee Ka Hoong says:

    The seller is so kind as I never saw someone who earned the money and would refund the money to the buyer (unless the product is having problem).
    Anyway, it’s a worth buying product. Gonna take a look. 🙂


  16. Ghostwriter says:

    Haven’t heard a company do that before. Good news for buyers.

  17. Custom Essay says:

    I tried to find out, what SEO friendly options provided in the BANS stores. But not able to find something useful. It seems that, we can create a very good looking and user friendly store, but we need options like, discretion and keyword tag to make our store search engine friendly. Prices are affordable as well.

  18. Hey, I bought it. Finding it to be a great asset for some1 like me who wants to get into affiliate marketing! Kudos to the team who made the site. and thank you john for letting me know about this!

  19. matt says:

    Marketing 101
    You lower your price when you product doesn’t sell. If this product was selling at $44 bucks they wouldn’t lower the price

  20. juan says:

    John, you do a great job but I think this is a trap.
    They always know (John: you too?) the complete history: we anounce that price is going to up; then, people runs and buy the book; after this, we anounce the back to the initial point; we are happy to sell at 24.95 and, in adittion, we have press and we are heroes!
    As a seller, thank you for the lesson!
    As a consumer, I don’t like it. This action and some condescending comments here goes against the John´s lessons and produce me a lost of confidence in him. I’m thinking to unsuscribe me from the John’s newsletter.
    It’s a pleasure to collaborate with this discussion below.
    Sorry by my imperfect english.

  21. I heard some not so good things about BANS, but since I haven’t tried the product I’m in no position to judge. It’s usually all in the execution anyway. Cr-p in, cr-p out.

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