The Number One Reason for My Internet Success

One of My Most Asked Question

Adam Doolittle recently sent me an email claiming that I control 18.08% of the publishing market for earning money online. How this was calculated, I am not sure. Adam asked me what I attribute most of my success to. This is a question that I get asked a lot but surprisingly, I have never written a blog post about it because I’m not sure how many people will actually understand the answer. The number one reason for my Internet success is…

My wife.

Wasn’t the answer you were expecting, was it? Well it’s true and I’m going to tell you why. You can be the most knowledgeable person in the world about blogging and Internet marketing but if you don’t have the support of your wife or significant other, it’s really really hard to be a success at anything.

Behind Every Successful Man is a Woman

I was doing OK before I met Sarah. However, I didn’t hit big time until she came into my life. No, she wasn’t some Internet guru or superstar blogger. She knew nothing about that stuff. What she did offer was a positive family environment and unwaivering support for whatever it was that I wanted to do. She was my number one cheerleader and inspired me to levels I never dreamed possible. You will be amazed at the things you can do when you have a truly supportive wife or girlfriend backing you.

Get Your Relationships In Order

Blogging is about relationships. If you have a negative relationship with your readers, the blog is not going to succeed. However, if you have a negative relationship with your significant other, your blog’s success is the last of your worries. If you truly want to be successful, have a successful relationship with your wife/girlfriend first. The rest will fall into place.

For those who are single, and there are a lot of you, take heart. You have a better chance at building a successful blog than most couples because you don’t have to deal with any of the negative crap that seems to fall onto many relationships. However, the chance of you beating a couple who are in sync with each other is very slim. But don’t worry. Successful people don’t remain single for long.

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  1. Tokio says:

    Wife, huh? Didn’t see that one coming. But I guess it makes sense, having someone to support you can help push you to succeed.
    She obviously did a very good job of supporting you~

    1. Does your daughter support you as much as your wife does, John? πŸ˜›

      1. She has her own blog. I’m sure she’s plotting her daddy’s downfall and her rise to fame as we speak.

        1. Shaun Carter says:

          Now that is something I can’t wait to see… Sally Chow taking over the Internet by the age of 2!

        2. Will says:

          wait i thought john chow’s kid was like only a few months(maybe years) old lol. who was that little kid i saw in those previous videos? No way can that baby blog lol.

          1. Michael Kwan says:

            You can check out Sally’s blog here:

            You’d actually be amazed at how different Sally and John happen to be. For starters, Sally actually likes pandas!

          2. Will says:

            of course! which girl doesn’t like pandas?

          3. Pete says:

            I’m waiting for Sally to start monetizing her blog ^_^

    2. It is indeed of great support. When I first started I was living with my brother and he would make jokes about my dreams and making a living online. Okey things changed and he calmed down (but we share the same blood, so I imagined he would never really calm down). Surprise things began to be much better when I started living with my GF and with her support (and you can’t imagine the support I get everytime I promise her that if I reach a certain amount for the current month she gets a present, in some way I incentive her to incentive me with support, heh).

      A good sensed post (but I think the merit of you being successful is the food as well :P)

  2. Shawn Knight says:

    Great post. When I was married, my wife tolerated at best… she didn’t like the time I needed to invest in it, but liked when a check would arrive in the mail.

    It ended up not working out and what would you know… last year was the most successful for the site… ever. Life works in mysterious ways.

    1. Shaun Carter says:

      So are you saying in your case your wife was holding back the potential of the site?

      I think that points to the fact that it needs to be the right companion… not just any.

      1. Shawn Knight says:

        Exactly. I knew the site had potential but I could never get there because I wasn’t “allowed” to invest the time it took.

        Oh well, things are better now πŸ™‚

        1. Shaun Carter says:

          Glad to hear things worked out for the better.

  3. My wife supports me 100% all the way and I’ve got to say it’s a great help. In the early days the fact that she had a “steady” well paid job meant that I could afford to take the risks I needed to build to where I am now. I just hope that one day I can pay her back by giving her the quality of life that I think she would really like. Until then we just plod along very much in love.

  4. CatherineL says:

    John – this is so true. As soon as I traded my husband for a better one, I was far more successful.

    1. RacerX says:

      CathL – You were always sucessful, they just got out of the way so others could notice!

  5. Greg C. says:

    I think I recall Shoemoney saying pretty much the same thing- that he had been trying to make money in various businesses for a long time but when he married his wife things went to another level ( It probably helps that his wife is a doctor and his in-laws have made loans,etc).

    On a personal level I have been experiencing the same thing. I have always experienced the opposite where a relationship was a real dream-killer. I am probably behind 3-4 years in my financial development because of one of those.

  6. Definitely wasn’t the answer I was expecting, but it makes perfect sense. Wonder if Ben Cook from Blogging Experiment will be successful. He has a girl to back him up πŸ˜‰

  7. Very true post. Never let a biatch ruin you or rule you. It’s like John Chow said, I got 99 problems and a nagging wife ain’t one…

  8. I try to get the people in my life involved in what i do and do it with me. There is always that one thing that people enjoy and are really good at. Why not set them up a little blog or website and let them share their knowledge. I take care of the web and marketing and such and they just write about what they know.

  9. Webomatica says:

    Interesting – I also think having a SO can help as a check and balance. As in, bouncing ideas for posts off someone who will tell you an honest opinion.

  10. Behind Every Successful Man is a Woman :mrgreen:
    Totally agree!

  11. Let me also point out that “Behind Every UNSUCCESSFUL Man is a Woman” There are many combinations that create success, but for everyone there are thousands that create the opposite…

  12. Rhys says:

    So, what attracted Sarah to Millionaire John Chow? πŸ˜‰

    (With apologies to Mrs. Merton)

  13. I think it was your evil ways, and your wife just made you more evil. πŸ‘Ώ πŸ‘Ώ πŸ‘Ώ

  14. I wouldn’t agree that you need a supportive spouse or partner to be successful. I think that’s complete rubbish, It’s up to you.

    Maybe some do, but I certainly wouldn’t agree that’s true.

    I also don’t believe that little overblown mantra “behind every successful man…”

    I can name tons of not only successful entrepreneurs but also successful men in general who didn’t even have a dedicated girlfriend or partner when they hit their success point.

    I think this answer is a nice answer but a bit cheesy and centemental for my liking. I would put more on your success being down to you learning more, having nice timing and understanding of your niche and having the guts to see things through. Also time and effort.

    1. Joshua says:

      Everyone has their own version of what ‘success’ means to them.

      Saying that, I still think most people’s definitions would include wonderful, supportive friends and family.

      Obviously you can have success without it (and many do), but good luck working better than you would if you were in a great relationship!

      1. Terry Tay says:

        Yes Joshua,
        Success can be more than just money. It can be relationship, friends, or even being able to support your favorite charity organization.

  15. TripTheLady says:

    I have to agree 100% :mrgreen:

    My husband has been great while I work on my blog each and every night after working 9 hours at my day job. I couldn’t do it as easily without his support. Nice post.

  16. bennyong says:

    The support structure is always important. Well done Sarah & John!

  17. Will says:

    That’s funny because I read so many comments about how a gf or wife hold’s people back. The main reason for this is because they just don’t understand that the internet can make you money. I guess you just got lucky and found someone that understands.

  18. Tha Guru says:

    you are absolutly right. most important is to have a good relationship, so you can focus on business and donΒ΄t have to worry about home. but we should not forget to show how much we need our partner from time to time a most important of all to share everything.

  19. Honest Ed says:

    I don’t understand John…I don’t see the eHarmony affiliate link…

  20. Alvin Phang says:

    I think the surprising thing about your blog and the tips and unique stories you like to share on your blog. I run a blog myself and I can totally relate to what you have just said.

    Support from loved ones are pretty important I must say, although I am single but my motivation to keep on blogging is because of my parents and also my passion in the business..

    To many blogging is like a diary and many people have started blogs just because they want to make a quick buck.. but as John would know you seriously need to be passionate about blogging and not just write for just to make money online =)

  21. Chris says:

    I totally agree. My wife has always been super supportive, and it’s more helpful than most people can imagine. Lately shes been moving into taking a more active role in the studio helping with billing and support, all the stuff that the developers struggle to fit into the schedule. It’s just awesome.

  22. That’s great that you honor your wife for being the biggest part of your success. My wife is also very supportive of my blogging and what I do online. I couldn’t do it without her:

  23. “Successful people don’t remain single for long.”

    That’s so true, but those that aren’t married have to watch out for gold diggers. Heck, I suppose if you’re married you have to watch out for them too.

  24. Mike Huang says:

    Interesting post, great read of the day I might say. Keep up the good work!


  25. Excellent post, John!!

    “You will be amazed at the things you can do when you have a truly supportive wife or girlfriend backing you.”

    I can’t agree with that statement any more, my friend! I must say, however, that living in Los Angeles makes is really difficult to find a really loving and supporting gal who is actually decent looking πŸ˜›

    Seriously, girls in So. Cal. are just too crazy! Perhaps I should move to Canada πŸ˜‰

  26. Pete says:

    GREAT POST! It is definitely important to remember what are the most important things in life, and make sure they are not accidentally set aside for something less important.

  27. Mark Barbon says:

    Great tip you got there, I can def take use of it.

  28. Andy Beal says:

    This might be my first comment here, but I 100% agree with you John. I’d have nothing without the support of my wife, she rocks! She’s my wise counsel, my motivation, and my biggest fan.

  29. Curtis Gray says:

    Yeah, I’d say that I have to agree with this post about 1000%. My fiance supporting me is probably the number one reason I have been able to keep my head up when the times were rough. Thank God for making women.

  30. alanj878 says:

    john chow is he sweetes internet marketer out there I bet his wife is crying tears of joy

  31. John Chow, any relationship to Olivia Chow MP from Toronto?

  32. John…great inspirational post! I love this stuff! I’m in the same situation as you. Ever since I got married, bought a house ($335K) and had a kid (Rocco RenΓ©) I have become so focused and determined to become the number 1 blogger in the world. The Wayne Gretzky of Blogging. Unforunately, I am about 1 or 2 years away from my goal…..but with my family behind me every step of the way…watch out…Darrin, Shoemoney and John Chow…or is it John Cow?? Thanks again for this AWESOME POST!

  33. Charles says:

    I agree with you John. This is so true. A good relationship compliments success. πŸ™‚

  34. Mr. Javo says:

    Aaawwww that was so cute πŸ˜€ , but certainly is very truth, everybody needs someone holding you back.

  35. oci says:

    Is John not got anything more to blog about?
    Just wondering if his pen is running dry or has he lost the magic wand?

    Ofcourse we all know that for the married ‘ the woman/man is behind their success!!!

    Common John, what more have you got???

  36. Jovan says:

    Its as true as it gets, the closest one to you matters most, everything after that is cake

  37. Gary Lee says:

    what’s success without people to share it with?

  38. Maria says:

    Nice post. I guess it is also safe to say that every successful blog by a wife is a husband πŸ™‚

  39. deejay says:

    you’ve got it right, john! πŸ™‚

  40. deejay says:

    great husband!

  41. Jim Karter says:

    Hi John,
    I don’t know why it seems, but it seems that you had a recent fight with you wife.. is that blog post for her?:D

  42. Mirjam says:

    Hi John,
    love this post, and not what I expected when I read the title, but it really touched me. I do believe a base of support can influence big time!

  43. Dear John,
    Very very well spoken. When I first came across your blog many months back, you often give me the impression that you only blog some money making techniques. However your post about the wife, is something really open my eyes. You are showing the other side of you. Believe it or not, those words from you often remind readers to stop and look back. Sincere from my heart, I would like to say thank you.

  44. Neyma Jahan says:

    My wife doesn’t speak a word of English, but is fully supportive in what I do. She brings me tea and crackers to get through the day and doesn’t complain when I stay up till 4 in the morning banging on the keyboard. She understands that me banging on the keyboard causes money to appear out the ATM machine and respects and supports my work. Good to hear you are in a similar boat

  45. joe says:

    ha, i know many wives and girlfriends that will be very happy about this post πŸ™‚

  46. Terry Tay says:

    Hey John,
    That’s probably what we call our driving force or conquering force. I have learn from this man call Jack Zufelt (I suggest anyone of you to go read about him) that we all have a conquering force from within. Something that will proper you to succeed in a certain area no matter what it takes. And for you John it’s obvious your wife is your reason for you to conquer all your challenges. I happy to see this post and of cause I have a wonderful girlfriend that’s behind me. πŸ™‚
    Thanks for sharing.

  47. Hmm, I signed up for Adam’s rss feed, but never got a confirmation email from Feedburner. I guess I’ll sign up again.

  48. WannaSmile says:

    John Chow, you are a smart man to realize that having a good woman helps in life;) And giving her kudos online…very smart!

  49. Todd Austin says:

    I totally agree here, John. Without my wife’s unwaivering support, I wouldn’t be doing what I love and making a good living from it.

  50. “The number one reason for my Internet success is…
    My wife.”

    I think this is so sweet! A lot of times the supportive wife in the background is overlooked. Most supportive spouses are there for you on your good days and bad days… cheering you on and lifting you up when you need it.

  51. Behind Every Successful Man is a Woman. Yes it is correct and just like behind every successful woman there is a man also. Because both of them are coincidence.

  52. Hallo says:

    “Behind Every Successful Man is a Woman” and behind that Woman His Wife!! πŸ˜†

  53. Alan Johnson says:

    John, I couldn’t agree more. I couldn’t even imagine life without my wife and children, family is simply something which deserves the top spot on everyone’s priority list.

    Best wishes,

    Alan Johnson

  54. Gerri says:

    You are correct Mr. Chow. This has to be the best piece of advice I have seen you put up. I have so much love, admiration and respect for my wife. She supports me in everything I do in life and I have been able to achieve so many things that I would have otherwise thought possible. I owe her so so so much.

  55. rodel says:

    shox! just broke with up with my GF today.. she was the sole reason why i blogged tsk tsk tsk.. now i need to look for a new inspiration (gf).. 😈

  56. Chip says:

    You are right. Having a happy, stable and quiet relationship means a lot. You have time to think about how to make money online to provide for your wife. And the kids to come.

    Moreover, if she understands you, you are in the seventh heaven. And write, write, write, write…

  57. XFX says:

    Sounds like codswallop to me. πŸ˜•

  58. I must admit that my husbands support helps me too with my blogging quest. He helps to boost my self-confidence and is always grateful for all extra income I am bringing into the household even if it is just a few dollars.

  59. Rob West says:

    Hey John,
    You are right on the money when it comes to having a good woman behind ya. We are going on year 17 and it is better than ever now. My wife is totally behind me and my blog. I love it when successful people say thing like you did. Keep it up. πŸ™‚

  60. maheshexp says:

    That’s a cool post. I’m glad that your wife is a big motivation for you. I’m Sure every successful blogger will have one of the reason for the success as their partner.

  61. I have to agree with you if your personal life is not settled and happy. Anything else that you do in life is greatly affected by that situation. I went through losing a girlfriend and not being happy for a long period of time and basically destroyed my work. I’ve since met someone new who supports what i’m doing and working for and my success is starting to come back and i’m moving forward successfully again.

  62. Katie says:

    Great Article πŸ™‚ So glad your wife is supportive for you and cheers you on. Everyone needs that. Not all people are supportive of others. My husband is not always supportive. But here and there he is. I just keep doing my best anyways and when he is supportive it’s really nice and makes me feel good! πŸ˜›


    1. Don’t worry Katie, with divorce rates rising, just hide the loot you might be making and find a supportive guy πŸ‘Ώ i just posted a follow up to this type of post that (shoe and john did).

  63. Katie says:

    I love my Husband. I’m not going to leave him or divorce him cause he’s not perfect. I was just saying that he is not 100% always supportive but it doesn’t keep me back from writing and wanting to be successful. I just do my best anyways. There are days he is supportive and wants to help me with my blog and there are days he is not sure of my success. When I start showing the money it will be more believable and I’m sure he will be more supportive. I’m not perfect too. When I married him he was not perfect. He was himself and that’s why I married him. I love him for him. Ok enough of my rambling. My point is he does support me here and there and I love him even when he doesn’t support my dreams. I just know when I start to become successful he will be really happy with what I’m doing! πŸ˜›


    1. That is how I am with my friends. Until they prove success I do not support them and hardly talk to them. They have to reach a certain level to gain respect. Generally speaking the ladies I run love me whenever, but they really like it when I don’t hit them. Hopefully the sarcasm tags show up, fingers crossed. Anyhow, I am just f’n with ya.

  64. Pete says:

    Oh so true. I’m also lucky to have my fiancee support me 100% on my work with the World War II history website . No venture can be successful without a significant other as support!

    1. untrue. much can be done without others. it is the negative you do not need. if you are vulnerable because of others you are setting yourself up.

      1. Pete says:

        Maybe I should rephrase.

        Ventures can be successful without the support of a significant other, but without someone to share the success, the successful venture just isn’t as enjoyable.

        1. i am only playing πŸ‘Ώ advocate. But there will always be people there to celebrate success. Do you mean to share the journey? Anyhow I like the site and thumbed it… Do you have a list of all the events on a timeline where you can mouse over to get more detail?

        2. Pete says:

          The journey, the success… both, you know? I’m lucky to have my fiancee with me as I build up the site, and if it ever become as profitable as John Chow’s, I want to share that success with her ^_^

          Hey thanks for bookmarking my site. What kind of time line do you have in mind? If you’d like, feel free to send me a message through the site and we can talk… you’re the first ww2 enthusiast I have met on this site yet!

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