The Real John Chow

Bob Buskirk has made a post showing the real John Chow (I guess there is a unreal John Chow out there). The post is a trip down memory lane. From the time he first paged me on IM to our first live meeting at the 2006 Consumer Electronics Show.

After helping me signup for Adsense and helping me place ads I realized what ThinkComputers could become. With the help of John I really went full steam with ThinkComputers and ended up going to the 2006 CES in Las Vegas. I had never been to a trade show before let alone met any of my sponsors. I met John at the first press event. You can pick him out of the crowd anywhere, a 6 foot tall Asian guy! John invited me to his party at the MGM skylofts.

Bob’s post is a pretty good read. Seeing other succeed at this Internet money making game is one of my goals. It’s one of the reasons I have this blog. Bob summed up the real John Chow with this photo.


54 thoughts on “The Real John Chow”

  1. Marc says:

    That’s the weirdest picture of you I’ve ever seen John 😮 I’m insanely curious as to what that chain on your neck has hanging on it 🙂

    1. Haha yeah! Looks like some bling if you ask me.

    2. I’m sure John has a bunch of weird pictures he could share with us 😉

    3. Dj Flush says:

      Ditto 🙂

      Very True

    4. John Chow says:

      The chain around my neck is the Killer K. We have a whole bunch of them given away at the party.

      1. Grace says:

        Oh. A Killer K. 😕

    5. I laughed my ass off at that one btw. great thing is you still have our respect it seems. amazing.

    6. LOL. I can’t stop laughing. WTH! I can’t imagine John Chow looking like that… but now…

      oh well.

      1. Entrepreneur says:

        I like your hair band, John. 😀

        1. Man keep pics that like to yourself 😆

  2. Grace says:

    You look very enjoyable in the picture! And I guess there is a fake John Chow sneaking around somewhere? 😉

  3. ricdes says:

    Ok I guess we’re 2 now. I like Smirnoff Ice as well. 😈

    1. ricdes says:

      sorry for the double post. but – john – you still havent told us what car you drive 😉

  4. Jacob says:

    One two many Smirnoffs and John Chow wears a hair piece… 😈

    1. Ali says:

      One more and I heard he does belly dancing…

      1. Entrepreneur says:

        I really don’t want to hear what happens one more after the belly dancing 🙂

  5. Oh wow, John, I must say this look — the glow stick hair band, the bottle of smirnoff, and some of that bling around your neck — looks good on you, man. That’s the greatest thing about being John Chow…he goes out, has fun like us ordinary folks, and he STILL gets our respect. 😆

    1. Grace says:

      So that’s what John Chow looks like when he’s partying. 😉

  6. gosh, john, you’re scaring me!

  7. Mubin says:

    John Chow, I have seen some pics of you and man almost all of them are shiny shirts. Whats the deal?

    1. Ali says:

      He likes the bling with his bling

  8. Mubin says:

    Seems like a BIG “K”

    1. yup, your right. It’s the logo for the Killer NIC. They put the big K on their NIC, to act like a heatsink. The Killer NIC goes for like $200, hence the big bling.

  9. Cool man! Nice excerpt, but wow… Weird night partying or what? lol. 😛

    -Sam from

  10. Sabrina says:

    That’s funny because after about six of those I’m usually thinkin’ I can open them with my teeth too 😆

    1. ricdes says:

      afaik its already opened 😉 😛

  11. koko says:

    John you ask for 400$ for a review!!!
    Who do you think you are man?
    A few months ago nobody knew you!And you come now and ask 400 bucks to write 200 words?!?!?
    I work 15 days,8 hours per day to make 400 $!
    People are dying out there because they don’t have nothing to eat!
    So,chill out man!Who the **** do you think you are?

    1. John Chow says:

      I’m John Chow! 😈

      1. Jacob says:

        He’s John Chow and as far as I know, doesn’t he also donate the earnings of this blog to charity? I thought that’s what I heard somewhere.

    2. Ed Lau says:

      If there’s demand, John’s there to supply it.

      And if you’re making $3.33 an hour, you need to get yourself a new job.

    3. you’re just bitter dude. there are ways to get rich and you know.. staying on a work or on your employer is not the right way. It will always be… 1. Entrepreneurship 2. Sticking to the right people.

    4. Entrepreneur says:

      Who do you think you are koko?

  12. john looks like a drunk frat boy…! 😆

  13. Reminds me of drunk George Bush Jr 👿

  14. Chris M says:

    It’s really fantastic to see the real John for a change. I hope the party rocked! 🙂

    1. Entrepreneur says:

      Well it looks like John had a blast, at least! 🙂

  15. Chicago 2016 says:

    Ha, it certainly looks like it rocked.

  16. Bob Buskirk says:

    glad you liked my article John

  17. uncle sha says:

    is that a press pass around your neck, or some bling bling John?

    1. John Chow says:

      It’s a bling bling “Killer K”

  18. will the real john chow please stand up

  19. Some people still can’t stand the idea of John being rich, evil, yet kind to his fellow men.

  20. no cheap custom. they’re just bitter and envy. I myself am envy but I know why John Chow is rich and if he can do… everyone can.

    1. That was what I meant the first time, VD. From all the comments I’ve read on John Chow dot com over the past few months, it’s pretty obvious that a lot of people are envious of John’s success. There’s no reason to get all nasty about it though, right? We all come here to learn and pick up a few pointers from the Man. 😎

  21. Chicago 2016 says:

    Still, Smirnoff Ice??

  22. 🙂 Are eating a bottle?

  23. He can sing, he can work in his bathrobe, he can pretty much do anything; I wouldn’t be surprised if he did bite the tip of the bottle off.

  24. John chow 👿 “the bottle opener” hah…ya he can do anything..

  25. Tyler Dewitt says:

    Wow nice picture, LOL

  26. Chicago 2016 says:

    It’s a good thing you switched over to beer. 😆

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