The Real Real John Chow

Bob Buskirk may have shown you the real John Chow but I’m going to show you the real real John Chow. This video, taken at the library, shows a side of me that very few people will see.

Yes, I am the only dad in a sea of mothers (and some grand moms). I guess all the other dads have to work. One of the advantages of being a Dot Com Mogul.

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  1. SEO Forums says:

    Shows the real John Chow for sure. Long writeup but great non the less an dit makes me feel like i know you a little more john 😉

    1. Wow, that’s amazing man. John Chow RULES! 😯

    2. Wow, that should inspire us more to be dot com moguls!

    3. nah.. that’s not the real John Chow.. that’s just his feminine side.

    4. Entrepreneur says:

      What it shows is that John is a good father 🙂

      1. msdanielle says:

        i totally agree. here in LA when i see a dad taking care of his child by himself, i pretty much stop and stare in amazement. it’s not often that i see that — but i don’t know about anyone else. i think it’s great 😀 i did notice that he was the only dad in the pictures on sally’s site 🙂 if making this money allows him to spend more time with Sally then there’s nothing evil about him at all…

      2. yes, and I think that is the most important thing a man can be!

  2. Nate W. says:

    WOW is the only way I can describe that video.

    1. Ali says:

      but it’s fun to do whatever you want with your kids whenever you want when you’re livelihood comes from the Internet and not Accounting on the 6th floor.

      1. Entrepreneur says:

        Yes, it definately gives you the freedom to spend more time with your children.

  3. Willster says:

    Aww is definitely right 🙂

  4. Wes Mahler says:

    Ah thats it, so thats how we make money on the internet!! lol 🙂

  5. Tom LeDree says:

    That is so cute! You look like such a great dad John 🙂

    1. Entrepreneur says:

      Apparently, John isn’t that evil afterall! 🙂

      1. He is evil with others than theirs kids! have you ever seen a crocodile mom taking its kids with those giant jaws?, and minutes later hunting a cow with the same jaws? 🙂

  6. Lol,^^^ Wes! He’s desperate man! What a dream that would be to be able to have that much free time, and be able to always be available to your family, and still make a 6 figure income.

    Hopping to live the dream too 😈 ,

    -Sam from

  7. Greg Stratz says:

    Ha Ha what a classic…

  8. John you are definitely a mogul and a great father.

  9. Ali says:

    I’m the same, I work at home.

    After I drop my boy of at kindergarten I go over to the grocery store and pick up a few things. The other shoppers are usually grandma’s (buying bread and cigarettes) and old men.

    I’m the only one in the shop at that time that is not a retirement or pension plan.

  10. ian says:

    That must be the greatest reward of being a dot com mogul.

  11. blogdinero says:

    Quiero llorar 😉

  12. Bob says:

    So what do you do with a crying baby early in the morning?

  13. wow, you’re a great dad, but john, i thought you lived in Canada?

    1. Entrepreneur says:

      He does live in Canada, British Columbia to be precise 🙂

  14. Brendan says:

    Poor kids. Having to listen to all those songs.

    1. Marc says:

      It’s ok, they’ll grow out of it 😉

      1. Eric says:

        Na, i think they’re all scarred for life

  15. Nick says:

    Very cool John

  16. Ha, now thats awesome!

    Should be proud of yourself.

  17. Techie Buzz says:

    Great John, I really liked the way you made the baby clap.

    Cheers to you man. You rock.

  18. Louiss says:

    Well, great father and blogger! This what our guys should learn from john chow! Thanks !

    1. Entrepreneur says:

      Yes, it seems John could give advice about being a good father as well as making money online 😀

  19. Al Davies says:

    Man that got me all misty eyed. Moments like those are priceless. That was somethin special

  20. James says:

    Cool John!
    I would guess your also the most famous parent in the room. Have you ever thought about it that way?

    1. Entrepreneur says:

      I bet you no one else in that room knows 🙂

      1. John Chow says:

        I think you’re right. 🙂

  21. Money Maker says:

    yeah hi5 dude … for me family always comes first

    I’ll drop ‘everything’ for them

  22. James says:

    Haha too cute

  23. aw how sweet 🙂

  24. Kevin says:

    good video. how often do you go to that?

    1. John Chow says:

      Every Tuesday is baby day at the library.

  25. Great! That’s wat freedom at wok is for 🙂

  26. Oh man, I could’ve never imagined you could do all this. I mean how can it be; Wow John, nice video. I’m still amazed and laughing at the same time.

  27. An efficacious dot com mogul a couple of hours a day, serious party boy by night, and a loving husband and father 24/7 — just shows how truly well-rounded you are, John. Oh, and FEARLESS, too, for having the guts to show your soft side like that.

    1. Entrepreneur says:

      And attend a group of all women and grandmothers 🙂

      1. Yeah, just shows that John is VERY secure about his sexuality — way to go, Dad!

  28. Carrie says:

    I like that version of the “real” John Chow much better. A cute baby will always get my attention faster than a picture of a drunk guy with another bottle in his hand.

    Having been to my share of conventions, we can always spot the newbs – they’re the ones all flush and red-faced, carrying a bottle or can and looking like they just fell off of the “WOW Man, am I really here with free beer??” bus. I know you’re this “mogul” and all, but honestly – watch the image. You could be turning away incredible business deals from across the room and never know it.

    1. John Chow says:

      “WOW Man, am I really here with free beer??” doesn’t really apply because that picture was taken from my party. Everyone else got free drinks. :mrgreen:

    2. Kevin says:

      Carrie, i really dont think that taking a free beer will harm any business opportunities for you. Quite a lot of big deals in the world are done over a pint or on the golf course. Clearly, if your taking the free beer and just getting drunk you will not make any great deals but having the free beer and just being social isn’t going to harm any deals.

      I just dont think that you can sterotype someone with a beer at a convention because theyre having a beer.

      theres more to life than work :mrgreen:

  29. ricardo says:

    is that your new dot com mogul apprentice 🙂

    gratulations for beeing a father!

  30. Wes Mahler says:

    Looks like Johnchow was the only father in the room..

    And the other husbands at work? :), money isn’t about the money, its the time and freedom it can provide you

  31. Ha, its nice to see that the Mogul has a personal side as well. Great video… gave me a few chuckles.

  32. Wolf Stone says:

    Did i see you singing in that video John??

    1. John Chow says:

      Yep, I was singing too. 😯

      1. LOL is there anything you CAN’T do, John? 😆

          1. Entrepreneur says:

            I wonder what John’s vocal range is like? :mrgreen:

          2. John Chow says:

            I use to break dance in high school. I was actually pretty good at it. You should have seen my moon walk. 😈

  33. Wow.. You fly the baby! :mrgreen:

  34. Killing bloggers with cuteness one post at a time, eh John?

  35. Matt James says:

    That really warms my cockles! 🙂

  36. cute John. definitely shows a different side of you. Since most of the time, you’re evil and evil. LOL. Definitely a feminine side.

  37. If baby Sally could talk, I’m sure she’d say how proud she is to have John as a father. I mean, a sweet dot com mogul for a dad??? 🙂

  38. Jenny says:

    i think i heard them singing, rowie, rowie, rowie, … brother john, brother john… 😛

  39. Mike says:

    Ummmm did anyone else notice that almost every person in the room is Asian? I mean isnt this supposed to be a public library in Canada???

    Im happy that Canada has many different cultures, and I think that Canadians are proud of our multi-cultural make-up but mmmm this might as well be Hong Kong.

    Anyway its just an observation but I have seen other community’s in Canada that are like this and I kind of wonder if this is a good trend…

    1. John Chow says:

      That library was in Richmond. It might as well be Hong Kong.

      1. some of our grand grand fathers colonized their land before and now it’s payback time

  40. Steve Yu says:

    an example to all daddy outside

  41. John you are ausumn…you juggle multiple roles very well !!! Mike made a great point….exactly what i was thinking. Now i know what you mean by Richmond drivers:) its like Markham in Toronto…!
    are you like a celebrity in Richmond ? 😛

  42. John says:

    Heyyy cool man,
    looks like u r most excited by Bob’s post 😉

  43. John this is the only thing I may envy from you, to have more time with my little girl!
    Congratulations for being a good father!

  44. You remembered me my father, he did not work at home but, I don’t know how, he always have time for me, and for my activities!

  45. Mike says:

    Thanks for the reply John. I’ve been to Richmond a few times as I have a few Chinese friends who live out there.

  46. The real John chow :D..nobody will ever know what goes on in that brain 👿

  47. green says:

    Did you feel alone there 🙁

  48. keep livin my dream

  49. Chicago 2016 says:

    Bring on the baby as a guest blogger!

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