The Reviews Are In – Blogging with John Chow Kicks Ass!

Blogging with John Chow went live last night and the first three reviews are in. This product kicks some major butt! Here’s a sampling of what is being said about it.

OMG he’s stolen my heart. He does what I believe in. Nothing scumbaggy. Oh I lurve. THIS section is why so many people have blogs that FLOP. Do it like he says and it WON’T flop.
Tiffany Dow

It would probably take you 3 or 4 days of non stop reading to go through all the content properly but the action plan and references can be reviewed later when needed. Unfortunately, the content cannot be downloaded on an eBook for viewing on your tablet or phone. You can’t copy and paste text either. This is something that all courses have to do due to piracy and unauthorised sharing though I think it’s a shame as it means you need to view all content on the website itself.
Kevin Muldoon

But again you have to actually use the product for it to be effective for you. This is why I love the 30 day action plan. When you get this product it will help ensure that you actually consume it and are not completely frustrated just being given a ton of info.

Blogging with John Chow came about when I was thinking of updating my best selling eBook, Make Money Online with John Chow dot Com. While much of the content in that eBook is still valid, a lot has also changed. Blogging with John Chow brings everything completely up to date and adds my proven 4-step formula to successful blogging.

Click the image below to watch the video on what Blogging with John Chow is all about.

If you posted a review of Blogging with John Chow, let me know in the comment and I’ll give you some link love in a future review post.

27 thoughts on “The Reviews Are In – Blogging with John Chow Kicks Ass!”

  1. Steve says:

    Really excited that this is now available. I can’t wait to start putting it to work on my blogs!

  2. Erwin says:

    Hi everyone,

    nice to hear that this course is awesome and after reading this testimonilas you just want to buy it.

    Thank you for this and how would your rate my blog:

    All the best and see you on top.

  3. I highly recommend new bloggers check this course out. It covers everything you need. There’s not many pro bloggers who give an insight into how they make their money online.

  4. Raul says:

    Hey John great product, I have a website reviewing your product if you want to help me with the link ill love it

  5. Rahul says:

    How do I even leave a review? I am going through the course at a fast pace and loving it…

  6. Brad says:

    Half way through it right now. Like what I’ve read so far.

  7. Nicole says:

    This is definitely what every blogger needs no matter what level. I have a blog and I didn’t realize the important things missing until I started reading. Follow John’s advice and instructions and your blog will definitely be on the path to success.

  8. Vikas says:

    I will definitely try it.

  9. Sounds interesting. But, there is no such thing as a formula to success. Every individual is different and so is every blog.

    1. ZK says:

      The formula to success is HARD WORK… John and other bloggers can vouch for that 🙂

  10. J says:

    I did a google search and saw one reviewer had said that you have 2 up sells. My question is can you elaborate on what these are and if I can’t get them initially, what about later?

    1. John Chow says:

      The upsells are entirely optional. The first is a “Done for you affiliate blogs” for the people who just wants it all done for them. Some will, some wont’. The 2nd is an outsource module that show how to automate the entire blogging process.

  11. Nicole says:

    Hey John,
    Enjoying blogging with you! Working on that page that you mention is very important to have done on the blog that most bloggers leave out. Before getting your product, I didn’t realize the impact and importance of this page! Plan is to have this page complete by the beginning of next week (12/9/12) so feel free to let me know what you think about that page!
    Thanks, John!

  12. ZK says:

    Awesome blueprint for new bloggers and a lot of techniques for advance online marketers..You can’t go wrong with John Chow

  13. Girisha says:


    Thanks for your Interest to help New Beginners in Blogging section, I just want info, Am from India, Can this Work from India,

    Doing many tricks and hardwork, i have not earned single penny, 3 yrs waste in understanding concept.

    1. It can work even if you are from another planet. I too am from India, from the past one year I have been following John’s tricks and tips and getting success. I have a free e book too.

  14. faisal says:

    Nice to see John Chow’s latest product worth a buy.

  15. I have to promote this to my list people are more responsive when they see the experienced pro’s leading the effort.

    Yo John, What made you finally decide to get involved directly in this way?

    Awesome idea I don’t think anyone else is out there doing this.

  16. Whitney says:

    This sounds so dope I can’t wait to get my hands on it, I was excited to see if it was as good as it was hyped up to be and now I believe it is from what people are sayin 🙂

  17. Hamza says:

    Hi John, it’s great to hear that and I also wrote a review that you can check here if you want
    Best Regards.

  18. Love the program so far, I purchased last night and on module 5 now. Here is my review of the product: I can say that this product is NOT just a load of BS!

    I would HIGHLY suggest getting this!

    Brad Shifflett
    “Just a Load Of BS”

  19. Jason Rogers says:

    Wow!! This is great! Your product is great The course is selling well and the refunds are low as expected. Just wanted to say thank you for giving me some link juice to my blogging with you review.

    Have a great day man.


  20. omar bilal says:

    Just loving it, Wow John Chow, Thankyou!!!

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