The Roadmap To Become A Blogger

Yaro Starak and Gideon Shalwick from have finally released their highly anticipated new report. It’s called “The Roadmap To Become A Blogger” or simply “The Roadmap.”

If you’re new to blogging and still trying to figure out what exactly you’re supposed to be doing with your blog, this Roadmap will put you on the right track. The Roadmap report covers two key concepts:

  1. The step-by-step “formula” that Yaro Starak used to create his amazingly successful blog.
  2. Thirteen X-Factor strategies that you can implement immediately to put your blog into superdrive.

Teaming up with Gideon Shalwick, Yaro’s been able to leverage his knowledge with Gideon’s clear and easy-to-follow presentation skills, and knowledge of social media and upcoming online trends. I have read the Roadmap and I can tell you it’s well worth the read. Best of all, it’s free so there’s no reason not to download it.

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Download The Roadmap To Become A Blogger

66 thoughts on “The Roadmap To Become A Blogger”

  1. andy says:

    I have subscribed to this. Hopefully I can get some useful tips out of this reading. Thanks

    1. Yaro doesn’t put out crap content…I haven’t checked this out, but my guess is it is good if it’s like his other informational products. Best of luck with the material.


      1. Trevor says:

        Yaro is awesome. He’s one of my most favorite blogger!

        1. Has anyone signed up with yaro. I think that it runs for about 500.00. Also, does anyone have any thoughts about what would be better, heading to blog world expo or signing up for one of these mentorships?

    2. blackysky says:

      How to become a blogger… the title sounds strange… it’s like learn how to write your personal life… maybe how to promote a blog or make money out of a blog but not how to become a blogger…. Something is wrong in this title… anyway my personal opinion.

      1. I disagree. You’d be surprised at how many people don’t really know what being a blogger is.

        1. Absolutely nothing new was mentioned. But wait, what is this “X-FACTOR” we were promised? Add videos and pictures to your blog – because thats what the “new school” bloggers are doing. Ohhhh. Use social media sites. Mmmmmmhmmm.

  2. Hey this roadmap thing looks interesting 🙂

  3. Pheak.T says:

    looks interesting, why not since it’s free

  4. Darren says:

    Subscribed myself. Looks good and has some useful info in the report.

  5. Yaro says:

    Thanks for the mention John. I hope those that take the time to read the Roadmap benefit from it and more importantly, start playing around with some of the X-Factor techniques.


    1. Steitiyeh says:

      Thanks Yaro for the release, already downloaded it and started reading it 🙂

    2. michael says:

      thanks for the info

    3. Yaro,
      I’m sorry to harp on about this, see comment below to Gideon…

      “Thanks for the mention John” – shouldn’t you be more open and thank John for promoting, not mentioning the product?

      and as for saying “and more importantly, start playing around with some of the X-Factor techniques.”

      don’t you really want to say, I hope you sign up to the paid product due to be announced in a few days now that we have your email address to promote it to…

      Internet marketing like this while clever is what gives internet marketers a bad name.

      1. Are you serious about the way he thanked John? What a petty thing to pick apart.

      2. Li Weng says:

        Dude stop over-analyzing.

      3. David Turnbull says:

        “Internet marketing like this while clever is what gives internet marketers a bad name.”

        This isn’t “internet marketing”, this is just marketing. The practice of building a list and then selling products to that list isn’t some new concept nor does it give anyone a “bad name”. It’s just a very common and reliable form of marketing.

        1. Thank you. I guess someone isn’t much of an expert as they’d like to believe.

        2. Li Weng says:

          Exactly. It all comes down to value exchange. It’s the same whether online or offline. No difference in the key concept.

      4. Yaro says:

        Well sure, I’m thankful for those things too from a business point of view, but we’re not doing this only because of that.

        If you think giving away great valuable free content and then offering an option to join a paid program if you want to is giving Internet marketing a bad name, then you haven’t read the report.

        I understand why you say that because there are plenty of lousy free reports that are purely sales pitch for the product. I don’t think that’s the case with ours, but other people will decide that for us – and the report is getting very good feedback so far, so it looks promising.

        This is not a hard sell, this is a content based promotion that provides value. If we don’t do that, then the report doesn’t spread and then those business outcomes don’t come either. But yes, I’m not denying that there is a business motivation driving this post too – that’s what you should expect about from a blog about making money online.

        1. Li Weng says:

          Sure Yaro. Agree with you 100%. It’s a business here not a charity. There’s no such thing as free lunch. People can’t expect to receive valuable information for free without even having to do the minuscule task of putting an email.

  6. Yaro was the first blog I ever read, and he does an amazing job! I’m sure this new venture is going to be a great success!

  7. DollarDevil says:

    Looks like some great material I’ll have to cover in the next few days. Regards.

  8. Thanks Jonh! Looks interesting, I m going to check it out first!

  9. Terry Krysak says:

    Yaros ebooks are great, just downloaded it, and I can’t wait to read it.

    1. There was only one type on it. Thats a feat in itself.

  10. This is a great report for new and even seasoned bloggers.

  11. Blog Help says:

    The roadmap looks pretty promising. I remember seeing it listed somewhere the other day. I am going to download it and see what it’s all about.

  12. Thanks John! Will download the information and also pass it on to others that are just jumping on the blogging bandwagon.

  13. Looks like it’s worth downloading. I’m going to read it when I have the time.

  14. John, I was wondering why you were using affiliate links to promote this free product but now realise that it is an upsell product so you make your money from anyone that signs up under you but converts to the paid product in a few days…
    clever or evil???

      1. I’m stuck on clever…

  15. Hi John

    Thanks for the mention of The Roadmap. Yaro and I put in a lot of effort to make the report as useful and practical as we could.

    I really hope that it will help a lot of new and perhaps existing bloggers out there!

    Talk soon!

    Gideon Shalwick
    Co-author of The Roadmap To Become A Blogger

    1. rather than saying
      “I really hope that it will help a lot of new and perhaps existing bloggers out there!”
      dont you mean
      I really hope that that these bloggers will sign up for the paid service so I can make lots of cash?

      1. Hi X-Factor Blog

        Thanks for your comment.

        There’s no requirement that people sign up for the paid service. But of course, there will be more advanced information inside the membership site for those who are interested in taking things to the next level.

        I like you’re blog by the way 🙂

        Gideon Shalwick

        1. Hi Gideon,
          Thanks for the kind words on the blog, It’s only 2 months old & has had almost 250,000 pageviews in the last month, it’s seasonal traffic as the show only goes on for 3 months, but I am pretty happy…
          I know I can double that for next years show & maybe your report will help…
          I was really just commenting on the upsell nature of this post without it being mentioned anywhere…

          1. Hi X-Factor Blog

            WOW! 250,000 page views in a month ROCK!

            You’re obviously doing something right to get that number of views.

            Well done!

            Gideon Shalwick

  16. How to be a blogger – Write about something you’re passionate about every day.

    1. Li Weng says:

      Does it have to be every day…

  17. d3m0nb0y says:

    mm. Looks like a good tutorial. Gonna follow it. Thanks man.

  18. Now that John Chow & ProBlogger are promoting this, I’m sure we will see many others promoting it over the next few days.
    I’d love to see Yaro state who produced the most paid sign-ups in a months time.
    Would make for great reading in another report…

  19. Let’s see here you create a free report with useful information, capture names and email addresses when people download the report and then promote your paid and or affiliate products to those people. Sounds like list building 101 to me, I was taught that was one of the basic principles of IM, sooooooo…what’s the problem. Anyway, kudos to Yaro and Gideon for putting the info on blast for those of us who appreciate the help.


    1. You should read it before you call it “useful”. Half the asskisses who posted about it being “useful” have not and will not ever read it.

  20. Looks like a good tutorial. Gonna follow it.

  21. wow great stuff, have it downloaded and starting to read

  22. make150aday says:

    i doubt anyone will make some $$$ except Yaro, John and Gideon.

    1. Sounds like this is coming from someone who is hardly making any money. Such a downer.

    2. Li Weng says:

      ever heard of something called affiliate marketing?

  23. subscribed hopefully its good

  24. Looks good! Yaro is a good guy and really knows his stuff!

  25. Takumi86 says:

    wow even yaro is here. Great tips, thanks for sharing it with us. A great help for the nobbies

  26. Pete says:

    Nothing in this road map is Earth-shatteringly-new, but somewhat useful as a refresher nevertheless; feels like it’s rehashing a lot of the same stuff I’ve been seeing on the web in the last few years. Good work nevertheless.

  27. There are just too much information to take in on this blogging business. It seems that there is more and more blogger, may be in a short period of time, the answer to the question “what is you career?”, there probably be an option : Blogger.

  28. tivitune says:

    ehm..i think, its depend on some individual. If some of you want to be a full time blogger, that person need to work a lots to gain respect and earn enough money always.

  29. Thanks for the report, but as one said above I am also doubt yaro and john is only going to make $$$.

  30. Downloaded the book but still haven’t read it. Probably gonna make a good bed time story.

  31. Good information. Thanks!

  32. Yaro is good and the book appears to be worth downloadin – shall check it out anyway – thanks dude

  33. wow..already download it and it is worth reading

  34. Azmi says:

    This is nice, yet there is no one “road map” to become a blogger. Each person has their own methods to become a successful blogger. Since everyone writes differently, everyone has their own ways to be successful.

  35. Abner Fan says:

    I downloaded it,thanks!

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