The Roof, The Roof, The Roof is on Fire!

Breaking news – Both Justin and Shawn Knight just paged me on IM saying that the Monte Carlo Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas is on fire. Right after getting the message, I tuned the TV onto CNN and sure enough, the building is on fire.

The first thing that entered my mind was, I hope that no one gets hurt. So far, there has been no reports of injuries and it looks like firefighters are starting to get the fire under control. The second thing that entered my mind was this would be a good time to make a blog post using the title, “The Roof, The Roof, The Roof is on Fire!” 😈

The hotel has more than 3,000 rooms, including 211 penthouse suites, and conference rooms. The more expensive rooms are on the top floors. The hotel was built in 1996 for $344 million. In the many times I have been to Vegas, I have never stayed or been inside the Monte Carlo.


33 thoughts on “The Roof, The Roof, The Roof is on Fire!”

  1. rick says:

    :mrgreen: what an appropriate title for this post, but I really hope nobody gets hurt

    1. Kabatology says:

      A more appropriate tittle would be – Just want to keep it turning or Filling in my blank spaces.

  2. .
    It’s a set up like the World Trade center. No, it’s probably a legit accident. Some party just gets out of hand and boom, lit cigarette falls into the hot tub of gas. Who knows? 😕

    1. Neil Duckett says:

      Some diverse conclusions there ?!

    2. Hyder says:

      It was actually just some welders this time…

      1. Shaun Carter says:

        When this was first reported I figured a high roller in the penthouse got a little crazy and set the place on fire.

        1. Because high rollers are just crazy like that right? Lol. 😀

  3. That’s crazy. I’m watching it right now.

  4. Thats a bit harsh on a $344 Million building 😮

    Hopefully no one will get hurt.

  5. There fire is out now and there’s no report of injuries. It may have started due to welders working on the roof. Still don’t know.

  6. Ricardo says:

    Jump.. jump.. jump arround!

  7. Glad to see the fire has been contained! ❗ ❗

  8. Amazing nobody got hurt, looks like a big fire

  9. Life is such a fragile thing, when we lose someone it’s everyone who loved them that hurts most for a long long time. I hope nobody got hurt.

    The building can be rebuilt…

  10. That’s huge! Hopefully no casualties 🙂

  11. Zach says:

    Fox News reports no one is injured! Good News…but where will all those people stay tonight?

  12. Amy says:

    We don’t need no water let the….thanks, now i’m going to be singing that alllll day and then some 😀 I do hope no one gets hurt though!

  13. Frugal Dad says:

    What a blatant attempt at drawing search engine traffic…brilliant! Seriously, I’m with you on wishing no one is injured. Fortunately, it looks to be isolated to the top few floors of the structure, making an evac easier.

  14. Good thing you weren’t at a vegas party there John.

  15. I tried calling the Monte Carlo while the fire was taking place, but they didn’t answer their phone. What kinda crappy service is that? 👿 jk, but I did call them without getting a response. I wanted to ask some in-depth questions on behalf of the John Chow readers. :mrgreen:

  16. And thus marks the 6th completely useless post in a row…. or is it 7th, I can’t remember. John, I know I’ve complained before but the signal to noise ratio is lookin pretty rough again lately. 🙄

  17. Kabatology says:

    What do I call this article em – “filling in the blanks spaces” 😮

  18. zedomax says:

    I stayed there once, Monte Carlo is the worst hotel to stay at anyways, I hope they build a new one. :p

  19. Stephen says:

    John! I told you that the myth about Pandas living on the top floor was only a myth! 😈

  20. Mark Barbon says:

    lol nice title you got going there. I was actually in an office doing my income tax and I saw the news early today. When I came here I saw that you had a post about it hehe. Thank God nobody got injured.

  21. Many years ago I watched the movie ‘Showgirls’. It showed the two women walking around the Forum at Caesars and then eating at one of my favorite restaurants from California, Market City Caffe. I didn’t know there was one here in Las Vegas so I was jazzed to find that out. I wandered a whole afternoon through the Forum Shops to find it, but never did. Then one day I was in the Monte Carlo and lo and behold there it was.

    The food wasn’t as good as I had remembered it. I probably built it up too much in my head.

    I’m sure that the casino will be imploded and rebuilt. It’s a common thing here.

  22. PatriceA says:

    Hi John,
    This is I think, the very first time I ever posted on your blog but i just HAD to tell you i’m your biggest fan. Period.
    One more post like this and I make a donation. :mrgreen:

  23. caplondon says:

    Small fire on a big building!! No one was injured and the money did not burn!!! Just another day in Vegas!!!!

  24. Mike Huang says:

    Talk about a huge Rambling John 😉


  25. Joshua says:

    From the CNN article:

    “The cause of the fire was unknown. Welders had been working on the roof.”

    Not to point fingers… 🙄

  26. Will says:

    for some reason I thought of johnchow when I first heard this story.

  27. Chip says:

    Is this Chow News web site?

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