The Second Coming of Adrian Keys

Adrian Keys is the founder of Reva Financial Corporation and the head honcho at Jollyjo, a blog around “The Second Coming” theme. What is that the second coming? That’s what this review is going to explain.

What is The Second Coming?

While Christians refer to the second coming as the return of Jesus Christ, Jollyjo’s second coming isn’t quite so dramatic. However, it isn’t dull either. The Jollyjo Second Coming blog is filled with stories of people suffering a great lost and what they did to overcome it. The stories are very moving and inspirational. Every blogging entrepreneur will be able to find great benefits in them. If you have a second coming story, Adrian would love to hear it.

We are particularly excited about the second coming theme and extend an open invitation to everyone share in “second coming” experiences as it relates relating to web 2.0, sports, religion, politics, people and life…An invitation to share in experiences or rebirth, renewals…of second comings…and oh yes…a little rambling here and there.

If you’re feeling down on your luck, then reading a few of these second coming posts will put the spark back in life:

While second comings may be the theme of Jollyjo, the blog does have many other topics for blogger trying to make it in this blog eat blog world. Most of the posts on Jollyjo are submitted by other people, which is a good thing because it add multiple viewpoints and is less work for Adrian. I would personally be worry for Adrian if he wrote all the second coming posts. That would be like the TV series 24. There’s no way anyone can have that many bad days in their life.

Have We Got Affiliate Deals For You!

The Jollyjo navigation tabs offers what appears to be different sections of the site. However, upon closer inspection, you’ll find that many of the sections are affiliate pages. With the way Jollyjo is laid out, I pretty sure affiliate deals make Adrian more money than the Google AdSense ads. Beginner affiliate marketers will want to study Jollyjo’s setup. There’s stuff to be learn from it.

My Second Coming Story

Since we’re on the subject of second comings, I figure I would share mine. If you have a second coming story, feel free to share it in the comments. If it’s really good, I might post it on the blog. Anyway, here’s my story.

After the Internet crashed in 2001, things were looking really bad for me. I have gotten used to a lifestyle where money was easy to come by. Now, it was next to nothing. Nearly all my friends who ran tech sites have gone under and I lost contact with them because they went on to do other stuff. I felt very much alone during that time. At one point, I even consider getting a job. If you know my feelings on a job, then you know that was bordering on desperation.

How did I came out it? Why did I survived when so many crashed with the Internet? It wasn’t anything that I did specifically. It was all attitude. I could have looked at my situation and did the old feel sorry for John Chow bit, or I could remember the meaning of the word responsibility. In any situation we are faced with, we have the ability to choose our response.

When you really dig deep and look at the things that are keeping you from where you want to be, you’ll find that it’s not the economy, the market, other people, or your neighbor’s dog. It’s the person staring at you in the mirror. Failures are always looking for outside conditions to blame their situation on because they don’t want to accept responsibility. If you’re a person who accepts responsibility, not even a crashing Internet can stand in your way.

Win A John Chow Review

Adrian told me that as part of this review, he will also be ordering another review for a lucky reader. Check out the Jollyjo blog for more information.

34 thoughts on “The Second Coming of Adrian Keys”

  1. Michael Talk says:

    He is jolly generous to offer a free John Chow dot come review!

    1. Shaun Carter says:

      Offering free John Chow reviews seems to be the trend lately. I wonder how effective it has been for those using that promotion technique.

      1. Steve! says:

        I think its pretty effective. John Chow review = traffic

        1. Michael Talk says:

          But too many reviews will reduce the usefulness of the reviews. I think twice a week is more than enough.

          1. I highly doubt it. It’s almost impossible to tell a review post from a normal post aside from the fact that JC says it’s a review.

  2. 3cpxbro says:

    I hear you re 2001 tech bubble bursting. Stocks like Nortel, JDS Uniphase, Sierra Wireless, Ciena, Commerce One – other than Nortel, I still have most of them. They’re way down still, but my second coming might be in gold and CO2 sequestration stocks. Check out .
    I’ve dabbled in IM the last couple years and it’s tough but I do see a light. I can’t remember how I stumbled onto this site, but reading John’s ebook, I felt a certain kinship with his story as I’m also in Vancouver and I was there at Comdex post 9/11 , when the security was as tight as John described. Maybe I’ll catch you at CES.

  3. 3cpxbro says:

    Again that avatar is following me.

  4. Very funny, “…I even consider getting a job…”. 😀

  5. Contest Beat says:

    The crash was a massive opportunity – wish I was there

  6. Thanks for the pep talk John. Sometimes we all need to stop and take a deep breath and realize that we can make it happen. So we need to POR (press on regardless)

  7. Some people say that the only difference between rich people and poor is that the rich got lucky…but it’s not luck when they can replicate their success ten times over.

    You made it because you had the guts to do what others wouldn’t.

  8. Etienne Teo says:

    It was nice of adrian to order another review to give away.

    1. It would be nicer if he gave even more details about it.

  9. That’s so true. 99 percent of people never want to find fault in themselves.

  10. Gary R. Hess says:

    Went to the site and couldn’t find anything on a chance to get the JohnChow review 😕

    1. Same here. Clever ploy to maximize traffic?

  11. Adrian Keys says:


    It’s John’s fault for being too efficient. I expected the review but didn’t realise he would have posted so quickly.

    I will definitely post and hopefully get John to make an announcement. Thanks for looking and keep checking!

  12. Jesus Christ is returning? No wonder christians are so hopeful.

    Free reviews are cool. :mrgreen:

  13. Andrew says:

    I’m going through one of those tough moments right now but I think it’s a second chance for me. John, I have to say that I think your blog is getting better. The past few weeks I’ve been disappointed with the posts but lately you are really giving out some great advice. Thanks!


    P.S. I couldn’t find anything about the free review either. ❓

  14. Prija says:

    Happy 10 year.. Looks like the term Blog has reached it’s 10 year birthday from when it was coined.

  15. Adrian Keys says:

    “P.S. I couldn’t find anything about the free review either”.

    Sorry about the details on the free review guys, as I said JC posted a little earlier than I expected but will certain have up by this weekend.

  16. aishwarya says:

    I went to the site and could not find the review

  17. Sharon P. says:

    I love Adrian Key’s website I enjoy reading the second coming articles and especially like the book reviews (who has time to read books anymore?) It’s inspiring to read stories about people who overcome difficult times in their lives.

  18. David says:

    I don’t see any second coming stories! Well, I posted one on my blog when it was just moving out of first gear. It’s too long to post in this little box so if you want to read it I guess you will need to go here..
    This is cool, right? I did see the author saying to relate your own story here?

  19. Great review! Man that’s the ticket, not to give up when things are down. Get up, stand up and go on. Create your second coming. Excellent!

  20. steve dowripple says:

    Second coming? I had one last night mainly to the barnyard porn I was watching. 😉

  21. Nice site…luckily I’ve never had any great loss…yet 😐

    1. Etienne Teo says:

      That is one nice site, great.

  22. BillyWarhol says:

    Rock On Adrian!
    U are a True Dotcom Mogul my Friend!
    ;)) 😀

  23. Next time I write about The Feminine Mistake (how stay at home moms risk losing everything when they choose family over career,) I’ll be sure to refer to Jollyjo’s Second Coming.

    I was raised in a family that risked security for entrepreneurial ventures. So, when I lost everything as a college student, I just kept on going. One semester my tuition money was taken by a burglar. That provoked my transferred to Columbia University. At Columbia, I lost everything in a dorm fire one year and I lost an entire semester’s records another. Both tragedies prompted personal growth and opened up new opportunities.

    Always, a loss is a door to another, often more rewarding, path.

  24. Adrian Keys says:

    Thanks to everyone for reading and for the comments, flattering and otherwise although I barely saw any of the latter 😆

    Good news too…the details as to how the free John Chow review can be won has now been posted.

  25. Good stuff, John. Sounds like an interesting blog. I’ll check it out.

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