The Secret Formula to Cheap Targeted Web Traffic

The Internet offers a world of potential for making money online, but it can also be a confusing and frustrating place. It doesn’t matter if you find a great affiliate offer to promote if you can’t figure out how to get targeted traffic that converts well and is cost-effective.

One system that generates over $100,000 in revenues for at least one individual is the program behind Success with Anthony, which serves as the subject of today’s review. It’s a comprehensive solution for getting hundreds of thousands of visitors to your website without needing a massive advertising budget.

Getting Highly Targeted Traffic for Pennies

Anthony Morrison is the man behind the system and he started eight years ago while still in college. Today, he is earning over $100,000 a month utilizing custom software and a unique strategy for getting highly targeted traffic on a very small budget.


This is all discussed through an extensive video that is posted on the site. He goes through a little bit of his back history before telling you about how you can get all this traffic on the cheap. It is a little frustrating that you don’t really have any control over the video — it just autoplays and there’s no ability to fast-forward through any of it — particularly since Anthony keeps talking about things that he’ll get to “in a moment.”

The long and the short of it is that he has devised a way to exploit the existing search traffic on YouTube to his benefit. He says that, with his system in place, when a visitor clicks on a video link in a YouTube search results page, they are immediately shown a relevant landing page where you can collect e-mail submits for an affiliate offer. He uses an iPad offer as an example, but he never explains how that landing page automatically appears. We’re left guessing and I suppose that’s part of the pitch for the program.

This Is Not a Five-Minute Video

When you go to that main page, there is a text box below the video that reads, “This free 5 minute video presentation is extremely time sensitive.” However, the video is far longer than five minutes and, as mentioned above, there’s no way of knowing that since you cannot fast forward or see the total running time. All said, the video was about 30 minutes long.


This frustrates me as a web user. He goes through providing “proof” that he is the real deal by way of showing his six-figure affiliate payment cheques and how he has appeared on major media outlets. He also goes through his software, shown above, and how it is used to scrape relevant YouTube URLs where you can promote a corresponding affiliate offer. Anthony also does the math for how you could be earning over $20,000 a month yourself using his system.

At the end of the video, though, we still don’t know how to do it aside from buying into his system to find out. At least he has a 365-day money back guarantee.

Added Bonus from Gavin Stephenson

When buy into the program, you get several components, including live training with Anthony Morrison on his “Penny Google Traffic” system. There’s also a bootcamp and some other tutorials.


As an extra bonus, if you sign up through this link, Internet marketing expert Gavin Stephenson is going to throw in his own personal group coaching program for 60 days. This is only for the first 50 buyers and he says that his coaching program normally sells for $4997.

How Much Does It Cost?

Anthony says that he could charge thousands of dollars for what he is offering, but by watching that video and going through that page, you get an “instant cash rebate” of $933. That brings your cost down to $67. Alternatively, you can go with two payments of $49.


Remember that you get that extra bonus from Gavin Stephenson too. I remain skeptical about the whole thing, however. The video presentation was frustrating and filled with spelling, capitalization and grammatical errors. The video made a magical leap of faith from clicking on a result in a YouTube search to ending up on a landing page, without explaining how that works. To be fair, though, maybe the system does work and with a money-back guarantee, plus a $100 promise from Anthony himself, it might be worth a shot.

Go ahead and watch the video and decide for yourself.