The Secrets To Getting Blog Comments – Part 2

Comment Your Way To The Top

Leaving comments on other people’s blog is a good way to not only get the blog owners to notice you (and maybe comment on your blog), it can also be a good source of traffic because blog readers will notice you as well.

You don’t have be as prolific as some of the top commentators who comment on my blog but being part of a blog community brings many advantages. Here are a few ways to get maximum benefit out of commenting on other blogs.

Be The First To Comment

If you’re after traffic, then be the first to comment. Blog readers rarely read comments after the first ten so the chance of you receiving any traffic benefit if your comment is near the bottom is very slim.

I remember telling Ed Lau of to be the first to comment on Digg stories that matched his blog posts. Ed would sneak in a link to his related post in the comments of a front page Digg story and the resulting traffic was better than if he had submitted a Digg story that didn’t make the front page.

Here’s another example. My friend Carl Nelson got a front page Digg to his tech site and someone made a comment that his RSS button was very big. I made a reply that said, “That’s not a big RSS button. THIS is a big RSS button!” That reply sent almost 500 Digg readers to check out the button.

Go After The Big Blogs

Technorati has a list of the top 100 blogs on the Net. These blogs get a ton of traffic and they all have comment systems. The key is not to spam those blogs with a ton of comments. All you need is to be among the first 10 or so to make a comment to the latest post. It’s best to go after big blogs with topics that are related to yours. Make a nice thought provoking comment and there’s a good chance readers will check out your blog.

Look For Blogs With Top Commentators List

If you’re going to be active in a blog, you should be rewarded for it. After all, you are helping to drive traffic and keep the blog active.

The top commentators list is the way I reward bloggers for helping to maintain an active community. This WordPress plugin lists the commentators with the highest comment count over the past ten days (it can be set for whatever time period you like). The link does not have a nofollow tag so the commentators gets full SEO benefit as well.

When commenting on a blog with a top commentators list, you may not want to use your name. Instead, you may want to use a keyword that you want to target and rank for. Chances are, you’re already number 1 on Google for your name so target another keyword. Getting on a top commentators list can bring you some nice targeted traffic but the SEO benefits is generally greater. Along the same SEO line, you can look for blogs that have removed nofollow from their comment system. You can find a list of “DoFollow” blogs at

86 thoughts on “The Secrets To Getting Blog Comments – Part 2”

  1. Andy says:

    Hey John – looks like I won the race and made the first comment! Ha! You are right on about how you can generate good buzz/traffic through smart and quality commenting on other blogs. It is a win-win situation in my opinion: the blog you comment on shows activity, which helps them out and you get traffic to your site, which helps you out!

    Good stuff!

    1. @Andy: yeah Andi, exactly once. I have to follow many blogs with RSS feeds to subscribe to them to know the latest developments from the blog. for simplicity sometimes I use Google Alert.

      1. Good comments can add value to a blog post, sometimes I have found the comments to be more interesting and informative than the post itself.

        1. Abhik says:

          Indeed!! There are some comments I have seen where the commenter proved the blogger wrong.
          It’s fun to read those posts and comments.

          1. Abhik you are talking about…….?
            Interested to know with explanation ……

        2. @sam you’re right good comments are really engaging

        3. Yes Good Comments are value added to any blog post…there are some points that author does not includes and commentator can include that…

          1. Gift Ideas says:

            Nice comments here. Thanks for commenting.

    2. PPC Ian says:

      Nice work getting the first comment! 🙂 getting the first comment on John Chow dot Com requires dedication (and a bit of luck).

      1. d3so says:

        It takes persistence or you can setup a system that will immediately notify you once a post has been published.

        1. Abhik says:

          I prefer to do it manually by checking this blog time to time.:)
          In fact, I was the first commenter for quite a handy number of posts.

      2. I think luck is the main think.

      3. Yes first commentator on any blog always got an edge over others…

    3. Mode says:

      Congra Andy- You are the lucky one indeed.

    4. As a parenthesis to be among the first 10 comments if you are late, are to replay one of the first comments. 🙂

  2. Raymond says:

    Hey John,

    Thanks for the tip. A bit funny, I just read the other day that commenting on other blogs would be a waste of time haha. Now I’m confused!

    Well your tip seems to make seems so I’ll give it a try!

    1. Raymond says:

      … that should have been, “make sense” :-).

    2. Graham Lutz says:

      commenting on other blogs is a waste of time if you’re not doing it consciously and intentionally, focusing on getting the best “bang for your commenting buck”

      pay attention to the amount and type of traffic you’re getting and focus your time accordingly.

  3. Nettgründer says:

    Thanks for sharing this good tips John 🙂

    1. Abhik says:

      John always shares good tips 😀

    2. yeah.. this is a nice share.

    3. Yeah these are really nice tips … thats an owesum and informative topic…

  4. Haru says:

    hei nice info john…
    honestly, i always using this tricks to drive traffic to my blog 🙂 its really a goog tricks

    1. Haru says:

      sorry i got misspelling there.. its not goog but good.. 😛

  5. Mode says:

    Hey John, Your article is really informative. I am having a habit of commenting on high traffic blogs and in return my blog traffic has been growing day by day. Amazing right?

    1. PPC Ian says:

      That is awesome to hear! The strategy really does work. I too have had solid results from blog comment strategy.

      1. Abhik says:

        Ian, do you comment on dofollow blogs only?

    2. I also get traffic by commenting but it’s not many.

      1. Yes comments traffic is limited but commenting at more blogs brings more traffic..

  6. You are right Jhon. A comment can increase traffic. But it should be superb. I also like your top 100 blog commenting. Nice information. Thanks for share.

    1. Yes offcourse comment can increase a sites traffic..but they must be relevant…

  7. Mary says:

    Great post! I had no idea about the do and do not follow, even though I use wordpress, I just never gave it any thought. I just read the info on the Do Follow Blog List and am so excited to learn something new! Thanks once again for the useful info!

  8. nick says:

    thats great! now i know where to comment on ha! thanks for the tips.

    1. Abhik says:

      Mmmm!! English please.

      1. Which language are he/she using.

      2. Translation of that phrase is via Google translator is “Good Support”

    2. Thats Chinese language used by that person…

  9. Graham Lutz says:

    Most people just go post on any old blog hoping to get traffic – You need to look at your analytics and see which blogs are sending you the most (and the best) traffic then focus on those blogs.

    Spend time crafting some useful comments and reply to others comments thoughtfully. You can make friends and get lots of traffic.

    1. PPC Ian says:

      Great point! I can say from experience that John Chow dot com is a great blog to comment on. I have gotten a lot of loyal readers by commentating here. 🙂

      1. Abhik says: sends me like 5~6 visitors per day.

        1. Today i am one of them.

  10. Using your keyword(s) instead of your name or with your name is certainly for SEO benefit but I always had a feeling that blog owners do not really like that as it makes them think like you have some alterior motive and you are not really commenting because you have a comment to make but because you just want the link. Well, I did it now and added my keywords as you so nicely suggested but otherwise I would have felt bit guilty for doing so.

  11. Hey John, I have really been enjoying your post about getting blog comments. I am 28 days into a challenge to make $1,000,000 in 365 days. I now you do not know me, but I would be honored if you would do a guest post on my blog.

    Thanks for all the useful information you share here.


  12. coulda made the first ten maybe next time

  13. Hey to all i am new to this informative community,this is my first entry here,
    Any way i am feeling quite well i really enjoy reading most part of the article.

    1. So you are welcome to ..we hope that you will enjoy that community…

  14. Thanks for the sharing…..

  15. PPC Ian says:

    Awesome post! Commentating has been a great source of direct traffic to my blog. Also, it’s just plain fun being part of the discussion. 🙂

    1. Yes commenting is a good way to discuss anything…

  16. Off to another blog to comment on. Bye 🙂

  17. thank you for approved this comment John. You made very good review about this topic

  18. Sadia Komal says:

    Great idea to find high PR blogs

  19. Amily says:

    good point! learned a lot from you! Thanks!

    1. This blog is really great dude to learn something new.

  20. I’m looking for ways to drive more traffic to my new blog, so that top 100 list on Technorati will defintely be targeted. Unfortunately I’m the 29th commentator on this post, so maybe next time I might just be the first.

    1. @Thaigo you really need to be alert and predict next posting

  21. I read all the comments if I find that the article is interesting, even if there are 100 comments, you never know when you find something new ..

    1. Yes that’s good hobbit to read the comments along with any blog post…

  22. fas says:

    Problem is that most blogs nowadays have disqus.

    1. They are not more than 20%.

    2. You can also Get link to your site from Disqus..

  23. Abhik says:

    Good post John..
    If I land on blog post from search engines, I normally comment on that. That’s really a good way to communicate with the blog owner and other readers.

  24. Very nice tips. Well I think without top commentator plugin no one will comment your blog with consistently.

    1. Abhik says:

      Almost none of the high traffic blogs (except JohnChow of course) uses that plugin and they are getting tons of comments each day.

      1. Abhik

        I am talking about consistency of single commentator.. I enjoy the race between ZK and Kevin Kimes here for the top commentator..

    2. Yes Top commenter plugins drive peoples to comment on a blog..

  25. Ooo! I’ve been using blog comments as a way to drive traffic for years, but this post definitely introduced me to some tips I had never thought of before. Cool!

  26. Erwin Miradi says:

    Be the first to comment on this one is my intention.. But I guess I’m a little bit late, right?

    1. @Erwin i was second in the latest post hope to be first in the next post

  27. Ariel says:

    You are right on about how you can generate good buzz/traffic through smart and quality commenting on other blogs. It is a win-win situation in my opinion too.

  28. Winnie says:

    Hi John,
    I am a newbie in internet marketing and commenting has been the most challenging tasks I discovered and purposed to make part of my daily routine.
    Thanks for the tips

  29. Michael says:

    Great ideas – John. I just recently added a Top Commentator widget to my blog as well. Now I just need to focus on commenting more on other big blogs and hopefully get noticed! I’ll keep at it and hopefully start to get some decent traffic to my blog from my comments.

  30. Green Pro says:

    Thanks for sharing this secrets… It’s very useful post. 🙂

  31. Thanks for sharing the tips am really looking forward for blog commenting and the tips really helps… Going off to technorati to find some blogs 🙂

  32. All the posts about secrets of comments are very interesting..

  33. Forex News says:

    Most people just go post on any old blog hoping to get traffic – You need to look at your analytics and see which blogs are sending you the most (and the best) traffic then focus on those blogs.

    1. @Forex news thanks, that’s useful

  34. Forex News says:

    As a parenthesis to be among the first 10 comments if you are late, are to replay one of the first comments.

  35. blog comment strategy are normally following by all which give more benefits for keyword promotion

  36. Doing blog comments will give credits in serp movements

  37. You can capture a lot of benefits by being first commenter for any post…

  38. I use the Iphone boxcar app to get a notice for a new blog post. As soon as it is posted, I go there and be among the first posters. People are more likely to check out your site. When a post has 200 comments, it doesn’t make a difference if you post yet another comment.

  39. Gift Ideas says:

    The more traffic by commenting also increase the indexing of site.

  40. Technary says:

    Commenting first is surely a good task. But it was great to hear that 500 people checked your comment “Thats not a big RSS button” Which i liked the most! 😀

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