The Secrets To Getting Blog Comments

A blog is a two way communication tool between the blogger and his readers. However, for most bloggers, their blogs are a one way street. They write the blog posts but for some reason, nobody ever comments. Does this sound like your blog? Want to change it so there are comments after comments whenever you write a new blog post? Then my new eBook, The Secrets To Getting Blog Comments, is for you!

The Secrets To Getting Blog Comments was originally offered only to buyers of my Standout Comments WordPress plugin. By itself, the eBook would sell for $47 but I’m going to give it to you for free! The Secrets To Getting Blog Comments will teach you the tricks and techniques I used to generate over 50 comments per blog post. That’s over 168,000 blog comments!

To get your own copy of The Secrets To Getting Blog Comment, all you have to is download my last eBook, The Ultimate Blog Profit Model, which is also free and explains how I make $500,000 a year from blogging. You do want to learn that, right?

If you’ve already downloaded the Ultimate Blog Profit Model, then you should have already received an email from me with the download link for The Secrets To Getting Blog Comments. If you haven’t got your copy of The Ultimate Blog Profit Model yet, then go sign up and get both eBooks now.

You really can’t lose with this deal. It won’t cost you anything and just for downloading the eBooks, you’ll be entered into a draw to win an Apple iPad! The draw will be held in the first week of July. Good luck!

Blog Profit ModelUltimate Blog Profit Model

Download The Ultimate Blog Profit Model and The Secrets To Getting Blog Comments

64 thoughts on “The Secrets To Getting Blog Comments”

  1. Awesome John. I’ve found that commenting on other blogs is a great way to generate exposure and comments on your own blog.

    However, some people get upset if you go overboard!

    1. PPC Ian says:

      I agree with Jeremy! I’m looking forward to reading your eBook, John!

    2. Addy Kho says:

      cant agree more with you

    3. I’m sure John will disclose some “evil” ways of getting people to comment on your blog…link bait and what not…

      1. Lee Ka Hoong says:

        I believe that this is just part of it, John will write more strategies and share with us in his ebook, awaiting for the next batch of ebook. 😉


    4. Commenting is a great source for traffic to flow to your own site, especially if it is in the same niche as your own blog.

      I believe most people get annoyed because of the fact the bloggers leavings comments may just be saying something like “great post, keep up the great work” instead of adding value to the article that has been written.

    5. I definitely agree with you 🙂

      1. Bang Bang and Bang …

        Rain of awesome books …. let me get wet 🙂

    6. Salesfist says:

      As long as the comments are constructive it should never be a problem.

  2. John, you keep giving value after value, that’s how you are getting so many comments!

    Just look, another value provided by you for FREE!

    1. Is there really any other way to do it 🙂

    2. Anyone that reads his blog must admit he gives some great items away that are completely free.

      This of course converts into a nice subscription base for John.

    3. I agree. It’s lovely that he’s providing us with these 🙂

      1. Many time great and tasty foods although only in videos 🙂

  3. d3so says:

    I bet I could figure out the content in this guide 😉
    you think I should review this guide as well?
    I’ll be reading it 2mrw
    thanks for sharing!

    1. Yeah definitely read it. It’s a lovely guide 🙂

      1. John should announce your blog as official review blog.

  4. You are really productive lately with providing free material! Just downloaded your book and reading it, SY

    1. Right? It’s just lovely that he’s giving away all these awsome guides for free! 🙂

      1. Yes John is really working hard on his next project – Blog Profit Camp

        Soon you will see a membership for this camp. 🙂

        He is smart marketer … no doubt about this.

        1. Lee Ka Hoong says:

          That sounds cool! This is my first time hear about John’s next project – Blog Profit Camp. Can’t wait to see the launch.

          No doubt, the membership site would get a lot of response from blogger fellows on the net as John has huge followship.

          Stay tuned. 😉

          1. His aggressive ebook is showing that he will launch this project soon.

  5. A great post, it is always difficult with a new blog to get recognized. I am starting to seed and hopefully the seeds will grow.

    1. Just keep adding the content fertilizers, content water and content sun.

      And I am sure your blog will grow.

  6. that’s great work john you fellows helping us (newbie) a lot much appreciated keep it up

  7. iYingHang says:

    I just love this eBook and I finally know how to face negative comments.

  8. Soares says:

    Hi Jhon,

    thanks for another great ebook full of tips.


  9. Marco says:

    John most of the comments on your blog posts are from the same small group of people, all just commenting to get exposure for their own blogs/websites.

    I bet 98% of your readers never comment at all!

    1. John Chow says:

      I think it’s closer to 99%

      1. Lol, that are the ones John really likes, because instead of leaving critical comments they sign up for things, click ads, buy stuff etc. 😉 SY

        1. d3so says:

          haha true and the ones that leave comments are either criticizing, kissing ass, or link building.

          1. Seems we understand each other well 😉 SY

          2. Lol yeah seems we got a good understanding 😀

      2. At least you don’t deny it.

    2. Who could you possibly be referring to…hmmmm (d3so??)….hahaha, just kidding bud…you da man!

      1. It takes one to know one 😉 SY

  10. Thanks for these free ebooks i’ve learned quite a bit! knowledge is power 🙂

  11. I like how your blog posts seem to come out just as I’m researching different topics.

    On at least 5 different occasions I’ve started my day researching or trying to learn more on a subject, when all of a sudden I’ll get an email from you on that very topic.

    Appreciate it! 🙂

  12. Yup, got the email for it. I’ll probably add it to my collection shortly..

  13. Brian Lee says:

    John, this site is fantastic, excellent job! Loved your ebook “The Ultimate Blog Profit Model”. Very well written with valuable info.

  14. Pen and ink drawings says:

    Thanks for even more great content. One trick I use for comments is ending a post with a question. Seems to always make it a lot easier for people to comment.

    1. Asking questions at the end of a post is a great idea. One thing is the fact at the end of the post your reader is looking for something to do and now you give them the option to be interactive and put in their own two cents.

  15. Puneet says:

    My blog gets over 1500+ visitors daily. But the no. of comments are very less, around 4 to 8 comments.

  16. I started reading this John and I must say it is well put together and would encourage others to jump aboard and enjoy this great eBook.

    As well, It’s very simple and comfortable to read for all levels of bloggers.

  17. I guess it’s too hard for me to get comments on my first blog this time but you did a good trick. Thanks for the ebook.. i should learn a lot from it.

  18. kumo says:

    No doubt lots of comments are good for a blog. My problem with blog comments are spammers. 49 out of 50 comments are spam. Further more nowadays those spam comments looks almost the same as the regular normal comment. Sometimes I even delete some comments that are actually plain simple honest comment.

    1. Captcha helps with fighting spam, if the text of the comment is valuable, but you don’t want to link to the site the commentator links to, just take the url out. SY

  19. I look forward to reading this ! thanks john

  20. as jeff johnson would say : “rock solid content.” Anyone who does’nt profit from the way you move the free line…..
    is leaving their brain….and their future…..on the table.

  21. Nice to see that you are promoting Blog Profit camp in concrete way.

    Would love to see your plans about this.

  22. Rahul says:

    I know the secret. People want to earn money.

  23. Dan Lew says:

    Comments are the key to any blog, no comments means your blog is not of interest!

  24. hipo says:

    John Chow … I think it’s time you taught us all the sciences and the key to success. I thought it would be very meaningful for us all. I must say honestly if you are really great. please teach me how to follow your footsteps. I almost do not anymore because of the spirit of the articles that I have made very few comments. I wait for your kindness sir John.

  25. Nice post John. Getting readers to put up comments to your blog is a great way to help each other out when it comes to exposure. A reader will put a valuable comment with a link to his website, and the blog owner will benefit as well. Make sure to interact with the reader’s comments to truly value your audiences.

    Keep it up John.



  26. Law says:

    Hey John. Added this comment just to credit you for these informative ebooks that you’ve offered for free. Thanks!

  27. Technologies says:

    Hi John, I know a little bit of it, can you please post other detail so that I can learn more..


  28. John Chow! Thanks for writing this two ebooks (The Ultimate Blog Profits Model and The Secrets To Getting Blog Comments) God… i was so excited after reading these books at home. And now i know how to get people comment on my posts, how to handle negative comments and also what the ultimate blog profits model is all about.

    Please… Check Out! Thank you.

  29. Lee Ka Hoong says:

    That’s a great deal! I’ve just downloaded both of the ebooks and I’m going to heavily promote to get more referrals! 🙂


  30. Nikhil says:

    Thanks for the ebook. It has really make me understand what I need to do. Also, I was skeptical about the kind of information you would be providing in the book, but after reading it, it actually made sense. Thanks a lot man.

    I am working on developing my blog and this will be of great help.

  31. i want to say thanks so much for the ebook and awesome post by the way.

  32. Ary says:

    Your ebooks are very useful, I thank you for sharing them for FREE with us. I am applying most of the things that you write in them.

  33. cj says:

    never thought there are ways to do this…hehe…
    very interesting… let’s see if I can get at least 1 comment for my type of picture blog….hmmm…

  34. Vijay says:

    John, Getting comments in the blog is a good thing for bloggers, but getting 85% of spam comments is bad thing for bloggers. Now this is happening in the real blogging world. So i hope i will get the answer to stop those spam comments for my blogs. I have downloaded the ebooks, after reading a will come back here again.

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