The Secrets To Traffic Generation

Many businesses and bloggers in general have realized the traffic that can be generated for their website through consistent and specific blog postings. When someone can create a consistent stream of interesting blogs, you will also create a stream of visitors to your site. There are a few basic tips to help generate the constant streams of traffic that you are wanting.

First of all, use social networking sites to your benefit. Sites such as Twitter and Facebook can be see as nothing more than free marketing. By sharing all of your posts, or snippets of information that will catch the reader’s attention, will persuade them to click over to your site and read what more you have to say. Millions of people use these social networks on a daily basis, and devote hours of their day to browsing links and articles that their friends post – get your posts in this rotation!


Find a balance between quality and quantity – meaning this, writing three blogs a day that no one finds interesting will only generate traffic for a short amount of time. Posting very interesting blog posts once a month will also only generate traffic for a short amount of time. Create posts on a regular basis (for some this is daily, for others it may only be 3-4 times per week), but make sure the posts are quality posts as well, keep your readers interested and hooked, while at the same time making them want more – so they come back tomorrow for it!

Don’t be afraid of linking to other websites. You may be hesitant of this idea because it leads readers to a different website, however if they know they can count on your blog posts to lead them to items they find interesting, your blog will be the first place they look for recommendations. Another perk to this is that if you link often enough, it is likely that the site you are linking to will notice and want to sponsor or advertise on your blog, thus creating another medium of income for you.

Using keywords or phrases in your blog posts is important. Keep in mind that what you are putting your posts may be exactly what someone is searching for from their search engine. This is another place where finding a balance between quality and quantity is important. Do not flood your posts with so many keywords/phrases that it doesn’t read smoothly. Make sure to include keywords wherever possible without allowing it to alter your writing voice and take away from whatever points you are trying to make in your post.

Basically, keep your posts interesting, relevant to your particular niche, consistently posted and use keywords and phrases and you will have a higher chance at a successful blog than those that don’t!

22 thoughts on “The Secrets To Traffic Generation”

  1. I. C. Daniel says:

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  2. Great Article. I am a New Blogger. Your All Tips is Really Nice and Helpful. Thank you very much for Sharing.

  3. saba-money says:

    Money is the second god for man . No one can enjoy without money, if you want a lots of money from online, you can follow easy instruction.

  4. Hi John,

    I agree with all you say. Regular blogging is the way to go in conjunction with regular participation in your social media sites.

    It is about promoting yourself, as you do, so that quality articles are associated with your brand.

  5. Nice post.Traffic is the backbone of any online business.I have been trying hard to generate traffic for my site.

  6. robertzevs says:

    interesting site is just 3 months old and my traffic is terrible low.I will try this approach.

  7. David Black says:

    You’ve hit the nail on the head – consistency is the key. You don’t need to kill yourself trying to break any publishing records, just keep steadily adding content.
    Posting good quality content on a consistent basis builds a loyal following – leave long gaps and people soon move on – there’s always someone new doing the business.
    Let’s face it, we’re not exactly short on choice on the web.

  8. faisal says:

    Quantity over quality has always worked.

  9. Hello John,

    These are the basics…while an experienced blogger may already know this, it may just save a newbie! I am looking forward to a version experienced probloggers can benefit from too.


  10. Akporugo says:

    You are right sir. Quality post and consistency is the key to a blog.

  11. Hung says:

    These are the basics…while an experienced blogger may already know this, it may just save a newbie! I am looking forward to a version experienced probloggers can benefit from too.

  12. Have something good to offer on a consistent basis and people will be back for more on a consistent basis. Always good to stop by and see what has to say!

  13. We all know that quality over quantity, it also applies to blog articles etc. Write good and interesting articles with good keywords in the title to get more traffic.

  14. Shaun says:

    Hi John,
    I’m definitely going to try to get leads from the social networks. Thanks for the tip. 🙂

  15. SURAJ SINGH says:

    Hellow John, Its a nice post. No doubt using facebook, twiiter and various other social networking websites boost our traffic. Infact SMO is very much important along with quality content. I had generated huge initial traffiic at beginning.

  16. Matt C says:

    Great post, John! I will definitely remember these secrets, Thanks for sharing.

  17. Chris says:

    Thanks for the post John. My problem is being disciplined enough to put out content. I am a “set it and forgot it” kind of guy.

  18. Great post John! Am going to work on writing more interesting posts and also try to be consistent enough. Thanks for sharing.

  19. Mathew James says:

    Thanks for the post John. For 2014, I would have to agree that THE way to get traffic is through quality writing which provides a genuine service to its readers. I am currently working on a number of sites and generating free traffic from writing high quality articles and blogs.

  20. Rav says:

    Hi John,

    Im a new blogger starting out in the MMO niche. Firstly Thank You! This article is very helpful however i have a question.
    I understand consistency is the key and i aim to post once a week minimum on my blog with around 2-3 blog comments daily on successful, targeted blogs in order to raise awareness of my brand and my blog.
    But how often would you recommend posting any type of sales posts? Be it affiliates, products etc… and then would you use the same method of traffic generation for this?

    I hope this is not too much of a newbie question, i am trying to consume as much knowledge as possible and would love any tips and advice not only on this question but about my blog:

    Much Love guys,

  21. Ray says:

    Great Idea, using social media sites is a great way to find new information and topics to blog about.

  22. Devin Bisanz says:

    I was hoping you were going to say, “The secrets to traffic generation- pay a few dollars and get thousands of targeted visitors starting right now!”

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