The Snugg iPad Executive Case Review

The Snugg Executive case cover for the iPad is one the best iPad cases I have ever used. Available in 14 colors, the Snugg not only looks great, but is highly functional as well.

The Snugg has extra storage for those who use their iPad on the road, or for people who like to keep everything in one place. The case offers three card pockets which will fit your bank cards, business cards and travel cards. There is an extra pocket that allows you to fit any papers or maybe even prompt cards in if you use your iPad for presentations.


There’s also an included stylus loop (stylus not included), so you always know where your stylus is. When you don’t need the loop, it tucks easily and quickly away behind your tablet, without affecting the fit of the case and ensuring it stays out of the way and can’t be seen. A really nice feature is the automatic sleep/wake cover that folds into a two-position stand. With the Snugg, you can stand your iPad up in the perfect position for FaceTime, or change the angle and the position it for typing out emails or internet browsing.



The Snugg PU leather was selected as an exterior material as it provides a tough, resilient and easy clean surround with protection as a priority. It’s Lifetime Guaranteed and comes with the Snugg Promise of fit, craftsmanship and quality materials. The design, specific for the iPad, has cut outs for both cameras, speaker, buttons, USB and headphone ports, and an elasticated strap for your hand, which provides a comfortable hold while reading. The interior is lined with soft, nubuck material to prevent scratches and an internal Velcro tab to increase and maintain the perfect fit.

The best feature of the Snugg is its price. You expect to pay up $80 for a case of this quality. However, the Snugg is available direct from for only $44.99. If you don’t need the auto wake/sleep feature, you can get the case for only $35.99. The Snugg is available for all iPad models, so whether you have the original 1, or the latest iPad Air, there’s a Snugg to fit you. I’ll be ordering another one for my new Retina iPad Mini.




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  3. Hmm Nice case John. Is this stylish case available for other android phones or just Ipad

    1. John Chow says:

      Check out to see all the cases they offer.

  4. Edson Hale says:

    Its multipurpose benefits shows as if its a magic case. I think it will serve all carrying needs of those who are closely related to any digital field.

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