The Software System Is LIVE!

The Software System by Trey Smith is live and you can sign up here. Here’s a recap on what Trey’s new course offers:

  1. This is a five coaching program.
  2. You’ll learn directly from Trey (and he will be making a new software app with you)
  3. He will be doing 2 hour-long Q&A calls every week.
  4. You’ll be able to talk, discuss and message other members.
  5. You will get access to Trey’s personal programmers.
  6. Trey will be doing a live event for the first 400 who gets in.
  7. This will be a limited membership.

My Software System Bonus

If you purchase The Software System via my link you will receive the following bonuses for FREE:

  • My Blog Profit Camp coaching course – $597 value
  • Review on of your software – $500 value
  • Solo mailing of your software to my list – $1,500 value

That’s over $2,500 of value! Here’s the kicker:

Even if you get a refund on The Software System, my Blog Profit Camp coaching course is YOURS TO KEEP!

You can claim the review and solo mailing after the 30 day refund period. My blog is read by over 100,000 readers and my mailing list has over 100,000 names. You work with Trey and his personal programmers to create your software and I will help you promote it to over 200,000 people. Imagine the money making opportunity this opens up for you!

Order The Software System, forward me the receipt and I will give you instant access to my 12 week Blog Profit Camp coaching course. My coaching course will teach you step by step how to create a big money making blog in just 12 weeks. Again, even if you refund The Software System, Blog Profit Camp is yours to keep.

Click Here To Order The Software System

53 thoughts on “The Software System Is LIVE!”

  1. If I only had the time and money to do this I wouldn’t even hesitate. If you put some effort in this and have a good idea to start with you could be setting yourself up for a great future.
    Watching the video right now even thoug I will not buy it. 😛

    Good luck to everyone who’s purchasing this! =)
    It would be awesome to read your success stories if you make it.

    1. d3so says:

      Valid testimonials after people purchase a course would be extremely helpful to those who are interested.

      1. how you are going to identify whether this valid testimonial or not ?

        1. Internetsalsa says:

          U can’t…Its just like infomercials that you see on TV.

        2. A general disclosure is fine.

        3. Its all very subjective…not sure what to think of these “systems”

  2. Dino Vedo says:

    Great bonuses if someone buys it from you! Hopefully someone will bite 😉

    1. d3so says:

      I might just take it up. But I feel that this might be another waste of time course 😛

        1. I would agree with d3so…that’s my feeling as well.

      1. Abhik says:

        Well, there are so many ebooks available on how to create iphone app..
        I just wanna see what’s the hype about. What Terry has that others don’t.

        1. Yea, I do wonder if this is any better than a lot of the stuff already out there.

          1. doubt it…same content and repackaged is my hunch…but that’s just me 🙂

    2. Extra bonuses are always great. That’s how affiliates make the monies.

      1. Neon SRT4 says:

        Yeah, i agree with you. Extra bonuses are a gift for affiliates to make more money.

  3. Great bonuses as I have mentioned yesterday. I am thinking about getting it but my current budget is so so. I hope your bonus will make lots of people buy.

    1. d3so says:

      Maybe we can split the cost and do a group buy?

      1. Abhik says:

        Well, that’s a nice idea. But I am not sure if that’s allowed.

        1. I will consider it guys… but we dont even know each others but we can always talk. This is a great bonus.

      2. LOL…nice try, but i highly doubt they’d do that…that’s a loss in sales bud!

  4. PPC Ian says:

    Seems like an awesome program. I would be really curious to hear how it goes for those that sign up! Perhaps a case study would make a great guest post on John Chow. 🙂

    1. A case study is a great idea…especially for those skeptics like me

  5. ikki says:

    nice tips john

  6. Abhik says:

    John.. Again, the link isn’t working for me..

      1. Abhik says:

        Oh yes!! It is working now.
        Let me see the video and decide.


        1. where one link doesn’t work, there is always one that does…good work John 🙂

  7. How is it ?

    I would love to see a review of it before even thing of trying it out

    John can you review it

    1. John can’t review if he hasn’t tried it out. I doubt he has tried it so far but if he does, I’m sure he can write a review. This is more of a friendship promotion, not a review.

      1. Just a matter of time before the review come out…

        1. I cant wait for the review

          And see how it works

  8. Neon SRT4 says:

    Awesome program. I am waiting for your Review John.

    1. Internetsalsa says:

      Why do you need a review from John when he is posting/mentioning about this program several times. He just want you to get it. Don’t you get it? 🙂
      My advice….don’t jump into it unless you really feel comfortable….

      1. Looks like many of your visitors are snagging your logo and using it for avatars john…lol…you should have a contest on the most original or something…

        1. iYingHang says:

          It’s the default avatar if you don’t have one pal lol.

      2. Neon SRT4 says:

        Why, we should not jump? It will be comfortable for all reviews from john.

  9. Ethan Semmel says:

    Apparently this high ticket – high profile launch is not doing very well, and it’s not the only one. Another very recent one did not do well either.

    I received an email today that gave hard numbers. If you really want it of course, this isn’t meant to discourage you from using John’s bonus. The bad launch numbers really have nothing to do with the quality of the product.

    1. Ye, I suppose it’s all up to the one buying the product. First you need a good idea for an app, then you need an even better way to market it and last but not least you need to engage the users so that you can make even more long term money with it.


    2. That would be my guess as well…especially by how many people are pushing it like crazy!!!

    3. Well even i heard about it

      The product is not doing well

      I just hope its not true

  10. Get software course, Create an app, Make money!

  11. fas says:

    Looks like everyone is promoting this, tons of mails.

  12. I can’t tell you how many emails i’ve gotten from DIFFERENT website owners promoting this…i just about unsubscribed to all of them…lol

    1. It’s generally the case when there is a product launch. You will receive the same offer from the different marketers due to joint ventures.

  13. I think it’s a great resource to have if you have good idea for your own software such as SEO or Internet Marketing Automation. I am in software industry and a lot of developers make good profit out of mobile or web apps.

  14. Michael says:

    It looked like something I was interested in but then a saw the price… I would have been hooked if it had one less zero.

  15. Hey John did you beat Schoemaker??

    1. Neon SRT4 says:

      No, Shoemaker is really indeed a big site Man. John has to try little bit more to earn more than him.

  16. I don’t think Terry has something special. He is just using many top affiliates like john and shoemoney to promote his product. I bet he gives them around 50% of the total price which is a great incentive for top affiliate marketers with huge mailing lists 🙂

  17. It looks like excellent Program. It is looking like, John will beat shoemaker.

  18. anitha says:

    Great that software will help you in all the way i think

  19. singer divya says:

    thanks for the software system, any review about this.

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