The Streets of Shanghai

Ever wonder what a typical day in Shanghai is like? This video will give you an idea. Shanghai is a city where the old is clashing with the new. On the same street, you will see brand new Mercedes Benzs driving next to rusted out bicycles. Some parts of Shanghai look very much like old China. Then there are areas like Pudong, which looks like a city far into the future.

In the video below, I took a tour of the Grand Gateway Plaza, checked out the plasma billboards leading to the subway, did a walk about on a main Shanghai street and ended up at an outdoor dance party. One thing for sure, life in Shanghai not dull.

37 thoughts on “The Streets of Shanghai”

  1. Louis says:

    Shanghai is really buzzing with activities.

    Are you having fun over there?

  2. China guide says:

    the Grand Gateway Plaza was just besides the place where i had worked for. John, a short suggestion, could you next time take a video about young people’s life in Shanghai? cheers.

    1. I personally thought he did a good job! Loved the impromptu dance off lol!!

  3. Ecko says:

    Unfortunately, my Flash is lower than Flash 9.
    Commenting first, downloading Flash 9, then I could see the video. It must be a nice video. πŸ™‚

    1. fas says:

      Same issues here I guess. Not working fine with firefox.

    2. Akmal Wardak says:

      its not a must to comment before watching the video…. its okay if your comment appears below a few other comments…… chill

  4. Salwa says:

    The city looks great John. I am planning on going to China sometime this year and your video just made me want to go there like now!

    1. i am heading there next week – thanks for the preview ..

  5. Be sure to do some similar videos when you get to GuangZhou!

  6. that was a really good video about the city. Thanks for sharing John!

  7. Great video John, you could grab a lawn chair and sit next to that intersection and probably get famous on youtube just filming people getting hit. That’s how it looks anyway.

    I had trouble seeing the video at first, it “pops” above everything else but the “free ebook” pops above the video control area and the fade in signup screen from aweber renders the screen useless, it’s covered by the video that I can start. It took me a minute to close the stuff, lol. thought you’d want to know.

  8. Haha, great video John! Brings back some really good memories of my times there. You see older folks dance like that a lot in China. I used to see that in just about every city I went to in China. The young people go to the clubs though. πŸ™‚

  9. Lee Ka Hoong says:

    ooo..shanghai street is crowded with cars..I think HongKong will be the same situation like in the video clip but HongKong street should be full of passenger but not cars. πŸ˜€
    My country got the same situation, traffic jam like hell. =.=”

  10. Tran Harry says:

    Just watching the first 30 seconds of that video I get a real sense of hierarchy there, people who are new rich with cars while the poorer have peddle bikes, and there are scooters in between.

    Not bad for a society which doesn’t believe in over borrowing. Not like here in America, where you will see some 20 year old kids that work at McDonalds driving an IS300 with an iPhone.

    I never been back to China, but it really looks like a lot has changed since my parents days.

    PS. It must be really easy to fill that 6 story mall up with goods, since most of the stuff is probably made by China.

    And LOL at the last two guys on the left dancing what looks like some strange coal hopping move.

    1. Jake Stone says:

      Hi Tran, you are right about Chinese shunning away from borrowing money. Hard work has accumulated lot of riches to China. Actually they have been working so hard that they also managed to invest into American securities so that 20 year old kids can have cheap loans for IS300 and iPhone not to forget MacBooks… Truly amazing feat from Chinese. Everybody, we better start learning the language…

  11. Lawrence says:

    Ever sinced I watched the movie Red Corner, starring Richard Gere, as one man against China’s “system”…China has scared me.

    Is that all just movies, or does China’s government really function like that – w/ a strong dictatorship, and some corruption?

    1. John Chow says:

      It depends on what parts of China you’re at. A city like Shanghai is as capitalist as say New York city. I feel no big brother looking over me.

    2. Jake Stone says:

      Hi Lawrence, you should probably watch more Chinese movies that should rid you of your fear of unknown. Better yet, find yourself a nice Chinese friend.

  12. Tyler Cruz says:

    Nice video, but I must say I’m disappointed I didn’t see a John Chow joining in on the dancing!

  13. Melody says:

    [email protected] the family on the scooter….america is too fat for that to work..

  14. Shanghai is a nice place to visit but not for stay…definitely not for me! I hate big city!

  15. It’s more North American then I may have guessed. Complete controlled chaos like NYC.

  16. Kent says:

    haha…that looks very familiar to me. I was born in shanghai and lived their most of my life time. πŸ™‚

    One thing I hate the most is I am scared driving there.

    1. Jake Stone says:

      People have no respect or knowledge of traffic rules, that’s for sure. White devil like me is double challenged in traffic as everybody wants to show of some weird “traffic moves”. Very quickly I settled for taxi and soon after experiencing Chinese taxi, I settled for public mass transportation.

  17. diabetic man says:

    thanks for video…..feel like life in shanghay

  18. I would be scared stiff driving along the streets of Shanghai that’s for sure. It looks frightening. Your video editing skill is pretty good and loved the intro music.

    Peter Lee

  19. mr nice guy says:

    China is now one of the fastest developing countries of the world. Nice video JOhn.

  20. I could never guess that Shanghay its more like NYC than a regular china town in the movies. Seems some sort of Hong Kong.

  21. Been to Shanghai a few times. Loved it there. But like all big cities, when you blow your nose, you get black soot mixed with your green.

  22. I like how wide the roads are. Driving on narrow roads is a pain in the ass.

  23. well…..still many bicycle on the street, little town but very busy in business activity in asia

  24. Awesome city, I dream to visit it one day.

  25. Alexandru says:

    Its a great city.
    Curious how the weekend nichts are there

  26. Well this one is the perfect example when old met with new and both are working together to make china more better place to live.

    Nice to see two aspect of China

  27. Andrew says:

    That last part with the people dancing was really interesting. Who was supplying the music? If it really was spontaneous I couldn’t imagine it happening here in the US. I guess they were letting their hair down on a blustery evening.

    Andrew’s last blog post: What is the Kicklight Revolution?

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